Son Seduces His Vulnerable Mom – Part 1

Hi friends, please support me as I am here with a new story of a son who is a sex addict. Let me start the story.

My name is Arun and I live with my parents Sruthi and Hari, and Meena my elder sister. My father and mom had their marriage planned by their parents. They had a beautiful life until I was born.

There were several problems faced in our family after my birth. My father was running his business and it went into a huge loss and had to sell all the assets to get the debt paid. We were left with a couple of houses. We stayed in one and the other was rented.

Our family was running with the rent received from the other house. My dad Hari does not like me as he feels I was the reason who brought the fate of business loss and sufferings to the family. I did not go to school as my father did not care much about me, however, my sister studied well in her college.

My routine was to stay home all the time and watch over the household needs. I spent my time in our home browsing the internet watching TV and sleeping most of the time.

My dad became a drunkard after the business loss and his appearance, health everything was lost. He came home always drunk and fought with mom, sister, and me. He never cared about us. I also roamed around the street and had some friends from childhood.

I had a friend named Imran, who was bright in his studies. We played cricket and roamed around the woods when he had long leaves. I also visited his place and played video games when he had long leaves.

One day, we were playing games in his house and then we went upstairs to his room. He was just lying on the bed and I was sitting beside him. He had a personal desktop and he was playing some songs and we were listening to them. He had some porn CDs, so we locked the door and watched the porn. I was so fascinated seeing the porn. I became fond of porn movies and started to browse porn whenever I surf the internet in my home.

Slowly, I started watching incest sex videos and was shocked to see son fucking his mother. I saw a lot of movies related to it. Then I masturbated imagining the movie content.

It was a weekend, and I went to Imran’s house. While playing the video games, I started to inform him of the content I saw on the internet. He was shocked to hear that. Then we stopped playing, went upstairs, and locked the door. I started to play some videos and he was also carried away to see such content.

Later we were discussing it and we heard a knock on the door. It was Imran’s mom who gave us tea. We drank it and I started to go home.

I reached home and knocked on the door and my mom opened the door. I said to mom “Hi” and went inside and sat on the sofa. I was watching TV and it was almost 9:30 pm. Then my dad came and banged on the door. He was drunk to the core and he lost balance while coming inside. He fell with a thud and was in great pain and started to yell. My mom lifted him and made him sit at the dining table.

Then mom served him food and asked him to eat. He had a mouth full and spat the food on the ground and yelled at Mom saying the food tasted like shit. Then he slapped her multiple times saying she couldn’t even cook tasty food. I tried to stop him but he kicked me on my stomach and he threw the plate and went to his room. I had severe pain in my stomach and just went and sat on the sofa.

It was almost 11:00 pm, I got up from the sofa and went in search of Mom to see what she was doing. She was just standing near the sink and was weeping and tears were flowing. I called her and she did not react and was thinking about the incident. Then I told her not to worry and go to sleep, but she was still crying.

I just placed my hands on her shoulder and she did not react. Then I tried to turn her so that she could see me in the process. I held her waist and turned her and tears were flowing on her red cheeks from the slap of my father. I quickly realized that I was holding her waist and mom did not scold me as it was intimate. I slowly progressed and tried by consoling her that he was a drunkard and not to take seriously with his words.

Then I slowly placed my hands on her cheeks and wiped the tears. She looked like an angel. She was fair and slim and a bit taller than me. I asked her to go to sleep and now she said she did not get sleep.

I slowly hugged her and my face was right between my mother’s breasts. I felt the melons on my face which was soft and started to get hard. I saw her face so close and said –

Me: Mom, come on. Cheer up and sleep.

She looked upset. I held her hands and walked toward the sofa. I made her sit and I sat on the ground placing my head on her lap so that I could talk to her. I was slowly caressing her legs.

Me: You are a beautiful woman and father does not even know how to take care of you, as you take care of him and us well.

Saying this, I slowly placed my right hand on her thighs and caressed her slowly. She was still weeping and tears were flowing from her eyes. I told her to forget it and go to sleep. But she was just sitting there.

I then got up and hugged her while she was sitting and kissed her cheeks once saying to sleep peacefully. I slowly leaned on her and she leaned on the sofa. Her saree slid slightly from her shoulder. I gently kissed mom’s cheeks and started to kiss her multiple times and slowly started to kiss her neck and hugged her. This time, I was on her as she was sitting. It was hard and this was my first experience. I told her to go to bed and I would come and check in the next 10 minutes.

Then I quickly ran to my room, went inside the bathroom and started to shag thinking about the porn video and mom! I came out and sat on the bed and was thinking about what to do. My mind was full of dirty thoughts about my mom. I somehow touched her and now she was depressed and maybe I could use this opportunity to touch her more.

I quickly thought of a plan. I went out and mom was still sitting on the sofa. I went near her and called her to sleep.

She said: You go and sleep.

I sat near her and said: I am there for you and I will never let father hurt her anymore.

Now I started to put my hands on her shoulders and started to console her. She was sitting upright and slowly, I pulled her toward me to lay on my shoulders. She slowly leaned on me and my hands were behind her. Again I asked her to get up and she was not in the mood.

Next I started to grip her and my one hand was on her underarm. I placed my other hand on her waist and tried to make her stand, but she was stubborn! So I got up and held both her hands and pulled her, and finally, she stood up. I quickly hugged her and said –

Me: Everything will be ok, come sleep.

I walked her into my room. I made her sit on my bed and locked the door. I sat beside her and slowly slid my right hand on her waist inside her saree gap and held her waist.

Me: Come mom, now sleep here. And do not cry.

I switched off the light as there were two switches, one near the bed and the other near the door. It was pitch dark. I slowly kissed her forehead and told her to sleep now. Then I moved to the bed deeper and she was still sitting wiping her tears. I held her hands from behind and pulled her. She fell on my chest and her legs were hanging down from the bed. I placed my arm around her and we both were lying watching the ceiling.

I wrapped my arms around her and I was holding my hands which were right on her boobs. I was in heave as the room was dark and my mom was not resisting my touches. Then I slowly wiped her tears and kissed her neck from behind. She started to talk that she had devoted herself a lot to this family by serving chores and still, she was getting beatings.

I kissed her cheeks and consoled her that she was the best woman in the world. She turned towards me and hugged me saying, “Arun, life is so unfair.”

I hugged her and my chest was pressing against hers, and my heartbeat was rising. I was caressing her back and I could feel her bra strap. It was almost an hour and I was not able to sleep at all.

I slowly moved away and placed her head on the bed. I was in joy that the things that happened were really fascinating. Then I removed my t-shirt to be on my bare chest and removed my underwear and back in my boxers. I again lied down near her and slowly placed my hand on her, as she was lying sideways. I also laid on my side and my face was near her face.

Slowly, I started to get my arms under her and she was in deep sleep. She then moved a bit as there was discomfort. I quickly slid my hands under her. Now my left hand was under her rib. I slowly started to pull her toward me and she just laid back on her back, facing the ceiling.

My hand was stuck under her. I was a bit disappointed as I was unable to cuddle her. I lied down there like that for 15 minutes and was groping my balls. Then I thought to play in some way. So I slowly put my legs on her thighs and put my hands on her. I was still for 5 minutes so that she did not get disturbed. I started to move my legs on hers. I moved her saree from her shoulders so that her blouse would be exposed. I was unable to believe that this was happening.

I then moved my hands slowly until my palm was on her breast. I was able to feel her breath inhale and exhale. Then I started to grip my mom’s boobs with very minimal force. I was rock hard. I lowered my boxers and my penis was out and I was moving my hands over her breasts.

After that, I tried to feel her belly and moved my hands lower to her belly. I was caressing her belly and slightly my mom started to move. Then I quickly pulled her toward me and mom was on her side and very close to me. I put my legs on her as my penis was on her crouch.

I then started to slowly pull her more toward me and she was too close to me that her breasts were touching my chest. I smelled and kissed her neck. She started mumbling about something. I was frightened. I was trying to dry hump my mom slowly and it was almost early in the morning. I again pulled my shorts up and just hugged her and slept with a grand feast.

It was almost noon when I woke up and I was alone in my bed. I was thinking of the last night incident and I was hard again. So I quickly unloaded in my bathroom and wanted to check on my mom. I quickly brushed and freshened up and in the same boxer, I went out.

Mom was in the kitchen cooking. I quietly went to the kitchen and called her. She looked at me and I could see her face was still sad. I asked her where that stupid dad was. Mom said he had gone out in the morning and sister had gone to college. She asked me to eat something as I was empty since morning.

I went behind her and hugged her. My hands were almost supporting her breast and those landed on my hands. I was getting hard again.

Me: Mom, you are working hard for us. Let me help you a little.

I asked her for the help she wanted and helped her in the kitchen. She kept on holding her neck in between. I thought she had neck pain. I did notice that and thought of giving a massage. So I went to my room and browsed for a neck massage and saw some videos. I came out and found mom had finished her cooking and was cleaning the kitchen.

Then I said: Mom, come, let me give you a message.

She said she was ok, but I said I noticed that she was constantly holding her neck when she was cooking. I held her hands and brought her to the sofa and asked her to sit. I brought some oil with me. Then I sat on the sofa and I asked her to lay on my lap. She sat and leaned on me.

Mom was wearing a nightie and I was able to see her cleavage. I first started to pressure her shoulders from her neck. She was reading a magazine while I was massaging. Slowly, I massaged her neck and while moving my hand I was over her bra strap. I kept on massaging her and was also viewing her cleavage.

I was massaging her for half an hour. Then I slowly poured the oil near her neck and some oil was flowing to her breast. I applied the oil on her neck and also moved my hands below her neck and applied the flowing oil above her breast.

I was getting heated. Then I asked mom to sit upright and put pressure on her back shoulder. She was pleased with my pressure and then she said that was enough for now. So I got a hint that I could do it afterward.

I will continue the story in the next part.