Son catches his mother cheating and fucks her – Part 1

Hi everyone, this is Rahul. My age is 20 years. About my family. There are three members in our family, my dad Rajesh aged 48 years (he is a businessman). Now, coming to my mom. Her name is Uma and she is 41 years old.

Uma is 5 feet tall. She looks like south Indian actress Nithya Menon with huge boobs. My mom’s boobs are 36d and her ass size is 42″. So, she looks like a mature woman. My mom Uma is very strict and she works as a teacher in one of the private schools. One day, my mom called me in the evening.

Mom: Come and pick me up at 8 pm.

I told my mom: Ok, I will come.

The school was 5 km from my home. So I started my journey at 7 pm. Surprisingly, there was no traffic that day on the road. I reached the school by 7:30. Then I went inside the school and there was no one in school.

I was searching for my mom, but all the lights were off. Only one room’s light was on and I went near that room. It was the principal’s room. I started hearing the sound of, “Aah haa fuck me Subbu”. It was my mom’s voice! She was screaming.

Mom: My son will come in half an hour. Fuck me fast!

They fucked until 7:45 pm. Then I called my mom.

I said to her: I am at the school gate.

Then I asked her: Can I come inside?

She said: No, wait for 10 minutes. I am coming.

My mom was telling the principal: See, my son has arrived at school. You’ve removed all my clothes. Now I have to wear a saree and tie my hair.

Then the principal said: You tie your hair, and I will put on the saree.

They got ready within 10 minutes. Then I ran near the gate. I was shocked after listening to those things. Soon, my mom came to me with a smile and we went home.

Later I went to my room and I masturbated two times thinking how they both fucked. After a few days passed, I wanted to fuck that bitch, but I was so afraid of her and unable to make a move. One day, it was the weekend. She was at home and it was afternoon.

My mom went to a bath and came back wearing a black saree and with her hair loose. She had long hair. Then we both had lunch together. My dad was out of town. I thought this was a good time to fuck my cheating mom. We were in the hall watching TV together. Then I told her –

Me: Mom, you look so beautiful today in this saree.

Then my mom replied to me: What do you want to say? I will buy one for you also.

Then I replied to her: I want to ask you one question, will you answer me?

She said: Yes.

Me: Are you cheating on, dad?

She replied to me: No! Why are you asking me this question?

And then again I asked her the same question. She said no again. Then I told my mom everything I knew and asked her –

Me: Mom, what were you and the principal doing that day?

She came near me with fear in her eyes and said: Please don’t tell your dad about this. He will kill me. Whatever you want, I will buy it for you.

Then I asked her how it started.

She said: One evening at around 6, it was raining heavily outside. All the teachers and students had left. I was waiting for the cab, but there was no cab coming. Then the principal came near me.

Principal: What happened, Uma? Why are you not going home?

I said: I am waiting for the cab, sir.

Then he said: In this rain, no cab will come. Wait, I will drop you.

I said: Ok, sir.

We both started walking toward the car, but the car was in the playground. We needed to go there, so we both went in the rain near the car. I was completely wet and then we got inside the car.

He started driving. Then he asked about you and your dad. I told him about you and your dad. Your dad was out of town at that time. Then you called me and said you won’t come home that night and will stay at your friend’s home.

Then he asked me: Why don’t you come to my home? When the rain stops, I will drop you at your home. It’s tough to go to your home as it is far.

Then I said: Ok.

After that, we both went to his home. He was single at his home. His wife had gone to the USA to stay with his sons. Then he brought me a towel and clothes, to which I said-

Mom: No need for clothes. I will go home in some time. I am ok with these already worn clothes.

Then we talked casually. it was almost 9 pm, and still, the rain was heavy. Then he told me to stay in his house. I told him –

Mom: If anyone comes to know about this, what will they think about us?

He gave me his wife’s nighty to change the dress. It looked like a heroine’s dress. I wore that with a bra. Watching me in nighty, the principal told me –

Principal: Why are you wearing a wet bra? Remove that also. We both only are here. Feel free in front of me.

I removed my bra. After that, he started cooking for me.

I said: Wait, sir, I will cook for you.

Then we had our dinner. We sat on the balcony talking with each other casually. Then all of sudden there was a thunder that came so loud. He came and hugged me tightly. In that mood, I did not say any words.

Later we went inside and started watching tv together. Then there was a lip kiss scene that came on the tv. All of a sudden, we kissed each other non-stop for a few minutes. Just then, your dad called and I talked with him.

After completing my talk with your dad, Subbu (principal) came and hugged me. I was in the mood and couldn’t say no. He started kissing me and pressing my boobs. He removed my nighty and I was completely naked in front of him.

He then pushed me to bed and started licking my boobs. He went on and soon, he was licking my pussy. Meanwhile, I removed his lungi. He had a big dick. I was shocked with that size even at the age of 55. I started sucking his dick non-stop for 10 minutes.

Then the principal inserted his dick into my pussy and fucked me for 15-20 minutes in doggy style. After that, he asked me –

Principal: Can I cum inside you?

I said: Yes.

After having sex for about 20 minutes, we started kissing each other. Then I told him –

Mom: This was the best sex I have ever had.

Then he asked me: Don’t your husband fuck you?

I said: Once in a week, he fucks me. Please do not tell this to anyone.

He replied to me: It will be in between us only. Do not worry.

Later he had sex tablets and fucked me for 2 hours. This is how it started. The next day, I wore his wife’s saree and went to school. In the evening, he said –

Principal: I will drop you.

I said: Ok.

Then he called me to his room after all left.

He said: Can we have sex?

I said: Some other day. I haven’t gone home for 2 days. People will doubt me.

Then he said: Just 30 minutes, babe. We will complete it fast.

Then he removed all my clothes and opened my hair and started kissing me. Later he sat in his chair and asked me to suck his cock. I sucked his cock for 20 minutes. Later I sat at his table and he started fucking me for almost 30 minutes.

It was getting late, but I could not say no to him. The principal fucked me for 2 hours non-stop. Later, I came home. This is all that happened. I told you everything that happened. Please do not tell your dad.

Then she asked me: What do you want?

I said: I want to have sex with you.

She said: No, this is not possible.

Then I said: Then I will tell dad about him.

She said: Ok, give me some time.

I said: Ok.

The story will continue in the next part.