Skinny Desi Indian Housewives In USA Fucked – Part 1

Hi all, myself Bala an IT engineer currently working in NJ, USA. I am a normal built person with a 6-inch long and 3-inch thick dick.

Without any delay, let’s get into the story that happened recently. After submitting my last story, I was not expecting any feedback or calls for sex. One day, I got a chat request from Naina. We had a very slow interaction in the beginning. I wasn’t sure if she want to have sex with me or just writing for feedback or just a fake person pretending to be a lady.

Anyways, I took a chance and we chatted for a few days like normal stuff and got to know each other. One day, I asked for a pic of her and waited for half a day and didn’t get any reply. I thought it was a fake person and tried to ignore the chat.

The next day when I was at work and had some free time, I just went to Google chat without any expectations. I had a message waiting along with a picture. In the picture, this beautiful 37-year-old desi housewife was wearing a black saree with loose curly hair and some light makeup.

From looking at the pic, I realized the woman in the pic was a classy lady. But I still had doubts as it could just be a picture downloaded from the internet. With that suspicion in the back of my mind, I continued to chat. But I couldn’t resist and asked if the pic was real and asked for a video call. She agreed to it.

It was a Saturday morning around 11. I was sitting in my car and started video-calling her. I was like, no, she is not going to answer. But she answered it and there was a beautiful woman in pajamas sitting on a couch and drinking coffee. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was even more beautiful without any make-up and even skinnier than in the saree.

I praised her beauty and got along well and chatted for a few minutes and hung up. Our chats became regular and one day, I asked her, “What is it that you seek from these conversations?”

She didn’t answer and kept skipping the topic every time I brought it up. So I assumed this sexy desi housewife might be interested in having sex with me but feeling shy to tell to me.

Then I openly said, “I want to fuck you hard and rough in all holes.” She didn’t say anything, so I took that as a passive yes and went talking dirty boldly.

After a while, she agreed to meet me but not without giving me some trouble. I suggested a place near me as I couldn’t host at my place for some reason. She suggested an even better hotel in NYC with the Hudson River view in midtown.

So I booked the room for the date and we agreed to meet. After making the reservations, I suggested Tamana to bring a friend or her husband if she was comfortable with it. She showed me another picture of her friend Naina. Naina was a friend of her same age with beautiful curves. Her lips were so sexy and like a bow. I was really attracted to Naina’s lips. Man, they were such beautiful soft lips anyone would like to kiss and suck those lips forever and ever.

I suggested that Tania bring Naina along with her. She said she will try and I persuaded her to create a group chat with Naina. Soon, we became good friends and were getting along well.

The planned day came and the plan was to meet at the hotel. Tamana and Naina were coming from Seattle to NYC. I went to the hotel and checked in afternoon as I requested an early check-in.

I was waiting for them to show up. My heart started beating fast with all the excitement. After some 30 minutes, I received a call from Tamana and I went to receive and bring them to the room.

We met in the lobby, I was really shocked to see these two beauties. Tamana and Naina were two beautiful women. They were waiting in the lobby, sitting on the couch. They were very classy and elegant.

We greeted each other and started to walk to our suite room. Let me tell you about the suite room, it comes with a mini-bar and jacuzzi but was very pricy. But it was worth it to pay for these beautiful women.

Soon after we entered the room, we started talking about how the journey was and other stuff. I checked the minibar and poured 3 glasses of whiskey for all 3 of us. We gulped it bottoms up. Naina wanted to take a shower badly and excused herself to take shower.

I and Tamana were facing each other. I slowly started moving close to her to keep the conversation going. Tamana kept talking but it was not getting into my head because I was really horny after seeing those desi women and my dick had become hard.

I stepped away and fixed another glass for each of us. We did bottoms up again, this time a small drop of whiskey got away from her mouth and was stuck at the corner in between her lips. I went close to her and licked it. She was surprised by it. I was not sure what came over me. She was shocked and asked for another pour of whiskey. I fixed a glass and handed it over to her. She drank it again in one go but this time, there was no drop left.

I wanted to kiss her so I took advantage like the last time and went close to lick it again. But she stopped me and said, “What are you doing?”

I said I don’t want to let the sweetest whiskey drop fall from your mouth and started kissing her lips slowly and sucking them. After a couple of minutes, she started responding too and before we knew it, we were fighting with our tongues and exchanging saliva.

Then I moved my hands to her boobs and measured them, they were big 34D. I started pressing her boobs and slowly moved my hand inside her top over the bra. She was wearing a lace bra from the touch of it.

I kept kissing her and put my hand inside her bra and moved toward her nipples. I felt her nipple getting hard. I pinched it with my two fingers and she moaned in my mouth. I took it as a sign and kept pressing her boobs hard. Every time I squeezed her nipples, the hot desi Indian housewife moaned in my mouth.

I finally broke the kiss and asked her to remove the top, which she removed. As soon as she removed her top, my eyes glued to her cleavage which was very white. It was like a valley between two mountains.

I went straight to her cleavage and kissed there. Slowly, I moved to her nipples and started giving small bites over the lace bra, making it wet with my saliva.

I did not bother to ask her and removed the shoulder straps and moved her bra down and started sucking those nipples and giving small bites in between. Every time I bit her nipple, she made a small noise as if she was breathing through her mouth and pressing my head more toward her boobs. All this time, we were doing it while standing.

Then I made her sit on the bed and kneeled down to suck her boobs directly. I was sucking and kneading her breasts like dough. I made her lie down and went back to her lips and smooched again. Now I was kissing all over her face and I was on her right side lying on the bed and kissing all over her face. I slowly went to her ears. My hot breath over her ears made her horny and I also liked to kiss and suck her ears and earlobes. It always worked like a magic on sensitive women.

I was sucking her ears and making her even hornier than she was. While doing all this, I was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples. Then I moved my hand over her leggings, right over the pussy, and kind of sensed that it became bet. I said to her, “You are really horny, and seems like you want a rough pounding.”

She didn’t respond but kept quiet. I didn’t bother or care to ask and inserted my hand in her leggings and started to rub over her panties and feel the pussy. After a few seconds, I really felt a wet patch on her panty. I moved her panty from the side and touched it with my fingers and she jerked a bit.

I continued sucking her ears, earlobes, and neckline from right to left and left to right while playing with her pussy and rubbing my fingers over her pussy. I was running my middle finger along the length of her pussy and felt the warmth.

Now I understood the desi housewife was in a lot of heat and inserted one finger in her pussy and started doing to-and-fro motion at the entrance of her hole. Slowly, I inserted one finger in her pussy and fucked her with my fingers and went back to kissing her lips.

She held my head and started kissing me back. I increased my pace of finger penetration and also did tongue fighting with a kiss. I inserted my pointing finger along with my middle finger and it went in smoothly because her pussy was already wet. She didn’t feel any discomfort. I took it as a sign and finger-fucked her while playing with her tongue.

Our tongues kept overlapping and touching each other for dominance. I increased my finger penetration speed without telling her and now she started to moan loudly in my mouth. I broke the kiss and finger fucked her fast and rough without any mercy. I could feel her G-spot with my middle finger. Every time I touched her G-spot, she was arching back and moaned loudly.

I kept finger fucking her and pressing her boobs hard until she released a huge load of white discharge in her pussy while holding the sheets really hard with her hands and making my fingers look as if they were taken from inside a maida just mixed with water.

I removed my fingers and started licking my fingers. They were a bit salty. I let her catch her breath and then went on my knees again to check her pussy. A small white discharge was coming out of her pulsating pussy hole. I couldn’t resist anymore and started licking her discharge with my tongue and then into my mouth.

After cleaning out all that was coming out of her pussy hole, I kept kissing her pussy and started eating her pussy while she was resting on the bed with her feet over my shoulders. I kept licking, eating and giving small bites in between, and finally, I inserted my tongue in her pussy and started tongue-fucking the desi housewife.

She had just released a huge load but I also wanted to hear her moan loudly and release in my mouth directly this time. So I went back to licking the pussy along the vertical lips and made my way down to the bottom of her pussy.

I gave a kiss between her pussy and ass hole and noticed she jerked a bit. Slowly, I started sucking her pussy from top to bottom right before her ass hole. Sometimes in between, I even go further down to her ass hole.

After a few seconds, I spread her ass cheeks and inserted my tongue in her ass hole. She gave a small moan and jerked. I took it as a positive sign and kept doing it until she got into the mood again. She fucked my mouth while she held my head almost as if she was pushing a vibrator in her ass hole herself.

Now she started moaning loudly and I went back to her pussy hole by spreading her lips and licking her pussy interior. She held my head and did it herself and came inside my mouth directly with a huge moan.

After that, I stood up as my knees were paining from the continuous licking. I could also use a drink because she released a huge load directly in my mouth and I swallowed it. A minor discomfort in my throat, so I fixed a drink for myself and poured another for Tamana. But she refused to drink anymore and stated that she might fall asleep because of the drinks and the feeling to relax after cumming so much.

So I suggested her give me a blowjob to not fall asleep. She got on her knees quickly and started pulling my pants and undies together. (As I mentioned earlier, I have a 6-inch dick. I would not say I have a large dick or fuck for hours like some people. I will keep the story real and narrate how it happened.)

She looked at my semi-erect penis and said, “It is not that big.”

I told her it will be hard once she start to suck and asked her to suck it slowly. She started with kisses and was doing it as if she was giving a handjob. She was sucking the head sometimes.

I quickly grabbed my phone and put on a blowjob porn video to show her how I wanted it. She asked me not to cum in her mouth and I agreed to that.

The slutty Indian housewife started doing it just like in the video, licking along the length of the dick and giving kisses in a circular motion around the dick. As she started doing it, my dick became hard and my foreskin started to release my penis head as if it was a mushroom growing out of the land.

I held her head and kept fucking her mouth. The warmth in her mouth made me excited and I was close to climax. It had always been my fantasy to release in the mouth while fucking the mouth. I was doing it so fast as if I was masturbating myself but deep-throat fucking her.

I almost reached climax and still kept doing it. When I was really close to ejaculating, I inserted deep for one last time and cum started coming out. I shot 2 or 3 drops in her throat but then I removed it quickly and gave a cum-facial to Tamana.

Will the desi housewife Tamana get mad or what did she do after that? How did I fuck the two beauties in the shower and anal fucked Naina in the shower! That is a story for next time.

Please note that except for names, everything else is true in my story. I would really appreciate feedback and possible couples, or unsatisfied females looking for a bull experience. Please reach out to me at [email protected]