Sirisha’s erotic interview for the PA post

Hi, this is Pratap. I am here with another story after Sirisha Reddy’s seduction. Let’s get into the story directly without wasting time.

On the morning of a beautiful day, I got a call from my friend Sam. I received his call, and he said, “Pratap, today my wife is coming to your company for an interview.”

“What! Sirisha is coming here?” I said with joy.

“Oh, wait for a little. I know that you have your eye on my wife,” he said with his intense voice.

Yes, what he said is right. My dick stands to salute her beauty. I love fucking her.

“Hello, hello…” Sam is shouting in the call

“Yes, yes,” I said

“Pratap, I want you to play with her and I want to watch that whole play. By the way, she doesn’t know that you have eyes on her assets. She doesn’t know that you are the boss there,” Sam said firmly.

“OK, Sam, while playing, if you feel anything uncomfortable. Please let me know, OK?” I said. “Sure, Pratap!” he replied.

Our HR Nisha already conducted a written test for them. I freshened up and went to my company in time. I checked all the details about the interviews. And I found Sirisha’s name on my personal assistant candidate’s list. So, I wanted to test her sluttiness.

She is very good at written tests. And she passed the test. I said, “Nisha! Keep Sirisha as the last name to come for the interview.” She nodded yes with her head.

I did the interviews with all the remaining candidates. Then I called Nisha and said, “The interview for this woman must be dick-hardening. I want to watch her live.”

Nisha went to Sirisha and said, “Sirisha, you are the final one to attend the interview. You have already passed the written test, so you need to hear and remember the instructions carefully. Now we will blindfold you, and some of us will remove your dress and make you nude.”

“What?” Sirisha shouted. Nasha caressed her and said, “All of the remaining members also went through the same tests. Personnel assistant is an asset for a company as well as your boss. So, they will check all the aspects before recruiting you.”

Test 2

“You will enter a room in which many people will be there nude as you. Some of them are male, and some are not. But everyone is blindfolded, roaming around. They may do anything to you, like they may touch you, kiss you and even fuck you. But you have to participate like a slut. And you can do anything to them. You will be blindfolded with a VR headset. The only thing is you should not do anything that will hurt them physically or cause bleeding.” Are you ready?” Nisha asked Sirisha.

Sirisha nodded his head in OK. Meanwhile, I prepared a video call for Sam. “Now, some of our people will come to you and undress you. Wear this headset now.” Nisha informed Sirisha.

Nisha wore a headset and stood in front of the room door. Nisha signalled me to take charge. I opened the room doors and switched on her headset as she could see many people sitting there nude (VR video). I pushed her from behind to move and closed the door.

In actuality, there is no one inside the room. But I want to make her feel like she is getting undressed in front of many people. Sam is looking at us in excitement. I started undressing her, kissing her shoulder. Firstly, she moved away, but I feel like she is trying to be normal.

So I pulled her again onto me and kissed her neck. I slid my hands into her pallu and started squeezing her tits. I started sucking her ear lobes, and Nisha removed her earrings. I came sucking her shoulder, and I unpinned her pallu. Her pallu fell, disclosing her 36c-sized fleshy cleavage.

That made my dick so hard. She turned herself towards me and tried to kiss me. But the headset made her fail to take my lips. Then I sat on my knees and started kissing her belly and her navel area. Then she is pulling me onto her navel by sliding her fingers into my hair.

I kissed her navel and pulled her saree folds. At once, her whole saree fell on the floor. I started kissing her navel area, holding her petticoat by sliding both my hands into the petticoat. They went directly into her panty. “Aah, ooh,” were the moans coming out of her mouth with a loud noise.

Sam took his dick out and was rubbing it with his own hands. I turned her around towards the camera through which her hubby was looking at her. And pulled her petticoat nada. Her petticoat fell on the floor. Then I made her sit on her knees and placed my dick at her lips.

She immediately took my dick into her mouth and started sucking. Sam started stroking his dick as she was moving her lips over my dick. I slid my fingers into her hair and started moving it, looking at Sam’s eyes. His eyes are asking me to choke her breath.

I pushed my dick to her throat and started choking her breath. She got choked and taped over my thigh. I release her to get some breath and push her. I made her suck my dick.

Meanwhile, Nisha came behind her and slid her finger into Sirisha’s panty and started fingering her pussy. “Uff, aah,” Sirisha is screaming like hell. Sam is stroking his dick more and more hard, looking at his slutty wife sucking my dick.

I held her by her hair and made her stand. Nisha pulled Sirisha’s panty and started fingering with her two fingers. I was pressing Sirisha’s tits over her blouse. I turned her towards the camera and was unhooking every hook, pressing her tits. Sirisha is moaning like hell.

“Have you ever tasted your pussy?” I asked Sirisha. She replied with “No.” I signalled Nisha to make her taste. Nisha got some of Sirisha’s pussy juice with her fingers and placed them on Sirisha’s lips. She sucked them as well.

Then she started saying, “Fuck me. I don’t know who you are, but fuck me!” I pulled her blouse off and made her sit over my dick, holding her in my hands and started fucking. It’s hard to push my dick fully into her pussy in one go, as it is just right enough.

I started pushing slowly in one go, then a second. After about 8 times, my unsuccessful pushing went in. Every time I push it in, she jumps up as a jerk because she couldn’t take that whole black dick in.

After the 10th push of my dick into her pussy Sam sprayed a layer of cum over his cam. We could not see his face. I started with the slow phase and increased after every push of my dick. Her sounds also. She started like moans, and they slowly became screams.

The whole room was filled with her moans. I fucked her holding in that position for about 15 mins. Meanwhile, Nisha unhooked Sirisha’s bra. Then I made her lie on the couch as a bitch. I pushed my dick again into her pussy to fuck her in a doggy position.

First, I started fucking holding her hair, then her navel. Her ass looks like an inverted love symbol. That made my dick more and harder. Then, I started controlling her by holding her pointed nipples. I love them. As I said earlier, she has a handful of melons.

And those are bouncing like hell. After fucking her for about 7 minutes in doggy. She cum over my dick. And then she stopped enjoying it. Nisha came there and started sucking my dick. After about 3 minutes, she made me enter Sirisha again and fuck her.

I lifted her onto me and sat on a stool just in front of a mirror. I made her up and down over my dick. For about 5 minutes, I cum in her pussy. I left her there nude and informed Nisha to make her available over the lunch table as a guest was coming. She smiled at me and said OK.

Test 3

Nisha said, “You will be served as food to your boss and his guest.”

“Oh god, now? Sirisha replied. “Yes,” Nisha said.

Nisha made Sirisha lie over the dining table and placed all varieties of food over Sirisha’s bare body. Like her pussy filled with chocolate and her navel with ice cream. Her tits were covered with vada filled with coconut chutney over her nipples.

She invited me as well as my guest. My guest is none other than Sam. Sam and I came into the dining hall, where we had Sirisha over the dining table. Sam was surprised, looking at her wife nude with food over her body. Then Nisha slowly removed Sirisha’s VR headset.

Then I held her by her shoulders and pulled her towards me. I said, “Sam if you suck that chocolate fully out of her pussy, I will appoint her as my PA. And after that, she will be my asset.”

After listening to the word Sam, she opened her eyes and tried to see who it was. But to her surprise, my hardened dick readily went into her mouth. My mouth was eating these wadas over her tits, sucking and biting.

Sam started sucking all the chocolate along with my cum in her pussy. I must say he is not a pro at sucking, but he tried his best. He just made her moan a little. I placed Nisha to eat ice cream over her body. After about 15 minutes of eating, the items were fully empty.

Nisha made Sirisha sit and said to get cleaned. Sirisha was looking at her hubby. She felt fear and anger. Nisha helped her to clean Sirisha herself. I handed over her clothes and made her wear them in front of us. I welcomed my PA with a long kiss.

Sirisha looked confused. “Your hubby is my friend. Would you like to join?” She accepted my offer by kissing me in return.

“Buddy, she is your slut from today onwards,” Sam said. Looking at his wife.

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