Shy south Indian wife and her cuckold husband – Part 2

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So, after Shalini’s husband Deepak came home, we started to talk for some time. I think it was around 3 pm, Deepak started to make a move and he asked me to take his wife to the bedroom. He said he would come inside later, so I went inside the bedroom.

After some time, Shalini came inside wearing a saree. I was shocked to see her in a saree. She was looking like a bombshell. It was a green saree and I asked her to sit down and she did as I said. Then I went near her and started to kiss her lips and we continued our kiss. Our kiss went very deep and I made her lie down on the bed and removed her saree. Now I could see her boobs in a blouse. Damn! What a view it was!

I started to smooch her neck and also started to press her boobs. After that, I removed her blouse. Now she was only in her red bra and petticoat. My dick was rock hard while seeing her like that and I continued to press her boobs and kiss her.

Then I started to remove her petticoat. She was wearing black panty. I started to lick her pussy over her panty and finally removed the panty also. Then I started to lick this south Indian wife’s pussy. Her pussy was clean-shaven. I enjoyed her pussy and her cum was flowing in my mouth. Then I just looked at her. I was damn sure she was having a heavenly feeling. Her eyes were closed. She was biting her lips and holding my hair and pushing my head towards her pussy.

Just then, Deepak knocked on the door. I said, “Come in, Deepak”. He came in with an ice cream box. I was surprised to see that.

He handed it over to me and asked me to use it on his wife’s pussy. I don’t know what happened to me, my dick got erected like a hard rock! I applied some ice cream to her pussy and started to eat her pussy like there was no tomorrow. At the same time, I saw Deepak. He was enjoying seeing her wife’s face and her expressions.

He sat on a chair and watched the show and rubbed his dick underpants. He started to masturbate while seeing her wife’s pussy being licked by me. After some time, he went outside. I think he cummed at that time!

I removed my t-shirt and pants and now I was only wearing my inner. After that, I started to remove this sexy south Indian married woman’s bra. Her nipples were hard and I was sure she was turned on to the next level. I removed my inner and asked her to suck my dick.

At first, she hesitated. Then she honestly said: I don’t know how to do it.

I said: Just suck it.

I took my dick in hand and asked her to hold it. She started to suck my dick. At first, she did as I instructed, and then she started to enjoy and sucked my dick deeply for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, I called Deepak and asked for a condom. He came inside and gave me the packet. He sat on the chair and started enjoying his drink, while I put the condom on. After that, I started to insert my dick in her pussy. Shalini closed her eyes and then I slowly started fucking her. I could hear her soft moaning and then I increased the pace. Now I could hear her moaning heavily. On the other side, the cuck husband Deepak was enjoying seeing his wife getting fucked.

I asked her to come on top of me and she did as I said. Now, we were fucking in a cowgirl position. She rode me very well and she started to move front and back. Fuck, I was having so much pleasure. After some time, I leaned forward and hugged her.

We both were now sitting facing each other while my dick was still inside her. Then I started to fuck her by pushing her toward me and kissing her at the same time. I was banging her for more than 40 minutes now. Then I made her lie down again and started to fuck her facing her while sucking her boobs.

I was about to cum after almost 1 hour of fucking a woman like Shalini. I finally cummed and took my dick out of her pussy. We both were exhausted now. Then I saw Deepak had cummed there by masturbating again. He asked us to rest and he went out now.

I and Shalini hugged each other. She looked at me and smiled, and I kissed her on her lips. After some time, she slept and I went to the bathroom, got fresh and came outside. It was around 6 pm. Deepak gave me some coffee and I drank it while talking with him. He explained how he enjoyed it and had a conversation with me. He said I and Shalini could be in the bedroom tonight as he would sleep on the sofa.

After some time, Shalini got up and prepared dinner for us. Now, we were ready for the night session and Deepak said –

Deepak: If you want, you don’t have to use a condom.

I smiled and said ok.

Then he said: I have some more fantasies to fulfill.

I asked about that and he said that he had chocolate ice cream and honey to use and asked me to use those while I lick her. I agreed to that

Later, we three went to the bedroom, and I started to kiss her while eating chocolate. We both enjoyed that kiss with the chocolate. I then pressed the south Indian bhabhi’s boobs while she was on the bed. Slowly, I removed her nightie.

Shalini was not wearing any inner. Her boobs were hanging and I started to suck her boobs by applying ice cream on them. I was enjoying it very much.

I went near her pussy and applied honey on her pussy and started to lick. Her cum was flowing down. I licked her pussy for some time and now she started to suck my dick by applying ice cream on it. Damn, that felt very good. I held her head and started to push my dick inside her mouth. She sucked my dick for more than 15 minutes.

Then I started to insert my dick in her pussy and started to fuck her full phase. She was moaning and Deepak was watching us while I was fucking her.

I fucked Shalini for more than an hour in different positions and finally cummed on her stomach. This time, I didn’t wear any condoms, so I felt full pleasure and enjoyed her. She wiped her stomach with a cloth and we both were laying by hugging.

Then Deepak said he was sleepy, so he went to sleep. I got up and wore my shirt and went outside and asked Deepak if he wanted, then he could sleep inside and I could sleep on the sofa. But he refused and asked me to sleep inside with Shalini.

I said, ‘ok’ and went inside.

I saw Shalini coming out of the bathroom. She smiled at me and gave me some water. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her and we lied down on the bed naked. We kissed for some time and Shalini started feeling sleepy. It was midnight, so we slept naked and the next day I had to take a bus in the morning.

So, the next day morning, we woke up at 8. Shalini woke me up with a smile and I went to the bathroom. She took a bath and came and got dressed up.

When Shalini came inside, she had already took a bath and was wearing a nightie. I pulled her toward me and started to kiss her and press her boobs. After about 10 minutes, she stopped me and said, “It’s 9 o’clock”. My bus was at 10, so we both went to the hall and I saw Deepak sitting on the sofa. He invited me to have breakfast, so we had breakfast and Deepak said he would drop me at the bus point.

Then I went inside to take my bag. I saw Shalini coming behind me and I hugged her and kissed her. I said bye to her and then I and Deepak got out of the house.

While going to the bus stop, we had a little conversation about our next meeting. In the next part, I will explain what happened in the next meeting and where everything happened. Stay tuned and keep supporting.

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