Shy Guy Turns Into Lustful Devil – Part 1 (Hot Neighbour Amyra)

I was in my state’s capital city for competitive exam preparation. I chose a rental apartment on the outskirts of town because it was both affordable and ideal for my studies.

Three months later and on a Sunday afternoon, I noticed the apartment’s society secretary there with a man in his forties. His clothing and manner of communication clearly indicated his religious conservatism. He looked at a flat right next to mine and booked it right away, so I now have a new neighbor.

The next morning, as I was rushing through the corridor because I was already late for class, a girl from that nearby flat appeared. I came to a complete stop to avoid colliding with her, and we both stood facing each other. She was dressed modestly in a green blazer with a black top underneath and blue denim. Nonetheless, she dressed in a perfect blend of modernity and religious traditionalism.

My brain stopped thinking about anything else when I stared at her face as her beautiful eyes had gotten me captive in them. She immediately moved away from me and began walking toward the lift. I hurriedly followed her there and we got in together. While we were there, I had a brief conversation with her in which we got a quick introduction to each other.

She presented herself as Amyra Khan (first name slightly changed to hide her real identity), and she had moved into her elder brother Mohsin’s (again, name changed) flat only the night before and she had taken admission at a well-known private deemed university to pursue fashion designing course.

Our lift ride was over by the end of this brief conversation and I rode my bike to my coaching center while she drove her car to her university. That day her aristocratic modesty drew me to her and I tried to talk to her every chance I got. But it was too difficult to go beyond the typical morning and evening greetings as she was not an easily approachable girl. This continued my wait.

It was around midnight a few weeks later. I was on my way back from my friend’s house. When I arrived at the apartment, I discovered that the elevator was damaged, so I had to take the stairs. It was already late at night, so I was confident that all of my neighbors had a restful night.

I removed my shirt and walked shirtless without hesitation because I was heavily sweating. But when I got to my floor, there was a special surprise for me. Amyra Khan, the same girl, was standing at her door, this time in a night suit and she was scrolling on the phone. We made instant eye contact, and I was taken aback to see her without a hijab.

Her beauty was exceptional. She had a fair complexion and was a perfectly shaped girl in her mid-twenties. That nightgown accentuated the shape of her well-defined breasts, chubby ass, and thick thighs. That sight could have driven any man insane with desire for her, and I was no exception.

I discovered she was staring at my naked athletic chest without blinking as if she’d never seen a man before! But as soon as she realized I was watching her, she went inside and shut the door. It was strange behavior to shut the door in my face. But she was a conservative girl, and staring at an unknown half-naked man in the middle of the night might be viewed as unholy in her value system.

Then I got into my flat and went to the bathroom for a quick bath. But the image of Amyra staring at my muscles made me feel romantic. When I awoke the next morning, my cock was a full-sized morning wood. When Amyra’s face flashed through my mind, the 7.5-inches tool was pointing up with all of its glory. I felt awkward about having such vile thoughts for a nice girl, but my mind was totally obsessed with her gorgeousness.

Soon, I was fantasizing about how I and Amyra could cuddle while we were both naked. My desire of becoming physically closer to Amyra kept growing after that day. But I had no idea how to do so because she was a quiet girl and I was wholly unaware of her social media accounts. So I kept waiting for a chance to come my way.

Once I was crossing by her room, I heard her feebly weeping. Her flat’s door was slightly open, and I noticed her brother Mohsin yelling at her. I couldn’t help but intervene when I saw the beautiful girl in tears. I firmly knocked at the door and interrupted Mohsin. He became absolutely enraged when he realized me suddenly inside his house. But, as a good neighbor, I politely requested him to get calm down and desist from yelling at Amyra.

Mohsin did not listen and pushed me out of his flat. It was a huge insult, and I was fuming with rage before leaving his place.

When I returned from my classes in the evening, I was still annoyed by Mohsin’s insult. At the time, I received a direct message request from an anonymous Instagram account. I accepted it and the person from the other side texted, “I am sorry about what happened with you in the morning.”

It flabbergasted me and I needed to know who the person was. “I am Amyra, your neighbor,” said the next text, much to my surprise.

My rage faded as I became fascinated by her chat. I thanked her for her generosity and asked how she found my account and why she was chatting with me using a fake ID. Then she said something extremely disturbing to me. Her brother Mohsin had pressured her to delete her social media accounts and severed contact with friends from other faiths. So she was communicating with her friends through a fake profile, and she had already searched my account but had never really dared to message me before that night.

Her words underlined her anguish, so I soothed her by shifting the conversation to a more friendly tone. She talked to me a few times after that night, but only when her brother was not present in the house or was sleeping.

Within a few weeks, our chat turned into a pleasant online friendship. And then we began texting each other almost every late night for the next two months. Till this night, our chat box was full of memes and gossip, and then I began flirting with her. She flirted back as my skills were sufficient to keep her captivated. We were conversing like couples, with me often making flirty remarks about her figure and she was loving it.

Then I moved one more step forward and mused about my neighbour girl’s sexual interests. She stayed quiet for a couple of moments before replying that she was preparing her mind to accept her fate, as her family had planned her marriage with a Dubai-based 40-year-old businessman after she finished her education.

I was just thinking about how somebody could make such a horrific marriage decision for such a beautiful princess, as she broke the silence with an exciting question.

“Gf hai (Do you have a gf)?” Amyra texted.

Me: No.

Then she sent a bunch of “LoL” emojis as if she was ridiculing my manhood!

Amyra inquired once more, “18+ to ho naa (You are 18+ right)?”

“20 with 7.5”, I replied audaciously.

Amyra responded to my reply, and her next words were indeed a game-changer for me.

Amyra: 7.5! Takleef karoge dikhane ki? (Can you show me?)

I was floating on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe what I was viewing at the time. And I was about to give my cock pic when a truly evil thought came to me.

“Pehle aap apni koi hot pic send kariye (Send me a hot pic of yours first).”

(How shameless of me to tacitly request her nakedness!)

Amyra paused a moment before replying, “Tum chaahte ho ki main tumhe us tarah ke pics du jab mere bhaijaan bagal ke kamre mein so rahe ho (You want me to send that type of pictures when my brother is sleeping in the room next to mine)?”

(She accompanied this text with a wink and a smile emoji.)

“Agar 7.5 ko dekhna hai, to aapko apni ek pic to dikhani padegi,” I said. (If you want to see that 7.5 inches, then you have to show me a pic of yours.)

The next few minutes went in dead silence as I became anxious, and then my notification bell rang.

Oh my gosh! Amyra had sent me a video of herself naked in her titties. She was tickling her left nipple and saying my name while videoing that clip.

Amyra: Dekh lo (watch me). hame zindagi bhar yaad rakhoge (you’ll remember me your whole life).

My cock erupted fully, and I unclothed my lower body. Without further hesitation, I sent a few nude pics of myself, as well as close-ups of my monster.

“Umm kaafi bada hai,” (Hmm, it’s huge), Amyra replied.

“Hath mein kab pakdogi (When you’ll hold it)?” I retorted wittily.

Amyra: Vicky ji, pagal ho gaye ho (Vicky ji, have you gone mad)? Ye sab, main kyu karu (Why should I do all this)?”

I was getting kinkier with every passing second, and her reaction seemed to be a mix of seduction and challenge to me.

“Dekhta hu ki aap kab tak khud ko mujhse bacha sakti ho (let me see, how long you’ll save yourself from me)!” I responded with a devil emoji.

Amyra: Kosish kar lo (You can try). Hamare darmiyan kuch nahi hoga (Nothing will happen between us).”

She was replying with funny emojis, which made it clear that she was trying to seduce me to take a chance on her. Then I plainly texted, “Good night” and ended the conversation with a firm resolve to bring Amyra to my cock at any expense.

I skipped class the next day and planned my next move. I knew Amyra was interested, but I needed to determine how to make it happen in reality. Finally, I had such a thought.

It was midnight, and at 12 am I rang Amyra’s doorbell. Mohsin opened the door and rudely questioned about my visit. Then I passed him a coke bottle and told him it was my birthday and that if he accepts the coke, it would be a delight for me.

Mohsin gave me a weird look and began drinking it right away. He asked me to leave as soon as he finished the small bottle and closed his door.

I waited 15 minutes before knocking again. Amyra opened the door this time. She was in a pink velvet night suit and had all grins and thrills on her face when she questioned, “Birthday hai aur tumne bataya bhi nahi (It’s your birthday and you didn’t inform me)?”

But I pushed her aside and did enter her flat without bothering to say anything. Then I walked straight up to Mohsin’s room, and Amyra trailed behind me like a lost child. I saw Mohsin was sound asleep and Amyra was not too far behind me. I did turn around and gripped Amyra by her hands, caught her in my arms, and tried to kiss her.

Amyra: Kya kar rahe ho, Vicky? (What are you doing, Vicky?) Chhodho mujhe (Leave me). Mere bhai jaag jayenge to tumhe jaan se maar dalenge (My brother will kill you if he wakes up).

She was attempting to flee from me, making her big melons juggle over my pectoral muscles, and I was thoroughly enjoying her helpless resistance to my grip on her body.

Me: Maine usse neend ki goli de di hai (I’ve given him a sleeping pill). Ab wo 8 ghante tak aise hi pada rahega (Now he will be like this for 8 hours).

(I had mixed sleeping pills into that coke and knew it’ll work for certain long hours giving me sufficient time to fuck his hot sister.)

She was still attempting to get rid of me, and my huge bulge was brushing against her thighs above her nightgown while she was absolutely petrified and couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t say anything except holding her intimately in my arms. Amyra was locked in the arms of a four year younger guy while viewing her brother sleep like a dead corpse.

Then I crammed her closer to my chest, and her rebellion gradually faded. I grabbed her ass cheeks and bit her ear lobe and said, “Aaj raat aap main aapko apni biwi banane wala hu (I’ll make you my wife tonight).”

Amyra blushed and cuddled into my chest while hugging me tightly after hearing this. I got her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom, where I threw her on the mattress.

Me: Aapne bola tha Kosish kar ke dekh lo, hamare darmiyan kuch nahi hoga (You told me to try, and nothing will happen between us). Ab aap khud ko kaise bachaogi mujhse (Now how will you escape from me)?

Amyra smiled at me as she ran her fingers across the bedsheet.

Then she said: Main haar gayi, tum jeet gaye (I lost, you won). Aaj raat to tumse bachne ka koi raasta hi nahi hai (There is no way to escape from you tonight).

Her flirtatious words and alluring expressions loaded my sexual beast mode. Then I drew her up and kissed her on the lips. Amyra began smooching me back as our tongues rolled up around one another and our saliva mingled.

I was giving her a french kiss while sucking her tongue and saliva into my mouth. In the meantime, I grabbed her left boob and gently pressed it. As I did feel the warmth of her soft breast over my palm, I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra under there.

After about ten minutes of smooching, I stood up and completely naked myself. I wasn’t wearing stockings, so as soon as my pant fell to the floor, my monster hopped out in full size, the same monster Amyra had taken an interest in seeing in our previous night’s chat. Amyra’s face lit up as she bit her lower lip while lustily glancing at my cock.

Then I pulled her top through her arms and made her sit topless ahead of me as I inched closer. Aaahhhh… Her milky white boobs begged for my touch even as she attempted to conceal them from me.

I then moved my hand and massaged her boobs, and she started becoming hornier with little gasps. As I pressed her melons tighter, she ran her fingers over my throbbing cock and grabbed the 7.5-inch blackish-brown tool with both hands. She grinned up at me and craftily said, “Ab tum dekho main iske sath kya karti hu (Now you see what I do with this).”

My hot neighbour girl began licking my precum as she said this. Her lilting tongue movement over the red and wet tip of my cock was making my heartbeat race, and she enhanced my pleasure by shallowing more than half of my erection. Amyra began sucking me passionately using all of her force, owing to the enormous size of my tool.

Her tongue licked the lengths and widths of my cock, drenching it with her warm saliva, while her soft palms cupped my balls and compressed them nicely. She was sucking me like a real pro, and I was pressing her boobs with my right hand while my left hand caressed her bare upper back.

Amyra’s enthusiastic blowjob was forcing me toward an orgasm, so I pulled her head on my cock, locked her face between my thighs, and thrust my entire erection into her mouth, my balls crashing on her face and my cock going deep into her throat, and I picked my full speed in her mouth.

The throat fucking went on for about fifteen min with Amyra offering muffed moans. “Amyra… Aaahh you lusty bitch…” I moaned her name grumpily and pulled out my almost-squirting cock, spraying my thick semen all over her face. Her innocent face had been entirely conquered by the heavy load of my love shots.

Amyra was continually looking at me while licking my fresh semen that was layered on her lips, and my cum on her forehead, red lips, and nose was a feast to my eyes.

Then I made her stand, wiped her face with a towel, and pushed her onto the mattress. I slowly unfastened the string of her night suit and pulled it away making the girl lying on the bed with just in her black panty. Her thick, fair-skinned thighs lured me to devour them as I slung her left leg over my shoulder and began nibbling on her thigh.

Amyra moaned in glee as her soft thighs were crushed between my teeth and I did it several times, one thigh after another, leaving plenty of teeth marks all over her fleshy legs. I licked her legs from toe to inner thighs until I reached for her wet panty. I moved my face over it slowly and kissed the fabric which excited Amyra to grip my head with both hands while tensely anticipating my next move.

Knowing the hottie girl was getting desperate, I swiftly removed her panty, and then there was this extremely conservative girl who was always covering herself without allowing anyone to see even the smallest bit of her skin was laying naked on my bed.

Then I widened her legs, and her pink pearl already was wet with secretions. I placed two fingers over her dripping slit and pushed them inside gradually. Amyra moaned in lust as I began to finger her. My fingers slid in and out of her, and she trembled in pleasure.

Amyra began to create noise: Aaahhhh… Vicky… Kya kar rahe ho (What are you doing)! You are so amazing!

I leaned in and began pressing and holding her big tits. My right hand was squeezing her titties while my left was strumming her pussy. Amyra, who was enjoying my vigorous finger fucking, said, “Eat me, Vicky… ”

I went down on her after extracting my fingers from her pussy. Then I placed my head properly over her girlhood and suddenly pressed my tongue inside. I was expeditiously slurping and tonguing her pussy when Amyra wrapped her legs around my neck and submerged my face in her crotch.

Her virgin slit was smelling and tasting delicious, and I devoured her like a hungry beast devours his prey. I sucked her several minutes before Amyra did cum in my mouth, groaning severely as if I had sucked her soul out of her body. Her legs loosened and she let my head go free after her fluids had totally gushed into my mouth.

Then I stood up, washed my mouth, and looked over there at Amyra, who was laying on my bed. She shrunk in shyness, and I wickedly gazed at her naked body as my erected monster signaled its intention to hunt Amyra’s virgin hole.

I leaned over the bed and grabbed Amyra’s toes. Then I drew her nearer and spread her legs wide open. It gave me goosebumps because I was so close to my sexual fantasy. Amyra shut her eyes as she realized she was going to lose her virginity as I lustfully gazed at her.

In the missionary position, I positioned my body over hers, and the neighbour girl completely surrendered to me. I parted her hair and began kissing her neck, occasionally biting her and making Amyra moan in sweet suffering. I was kissing her neck, squeezing her boobs, and moving my wet cock through her pubic hairs around her vaginal hole.

Amyra mused feebly: Kitna tadpaoge apni begum ko (How much you tease your wife)! Ab dalo bhi (Please put it in).

“Itna marr rahi ho mujhse chudne ke liye (Are you that much dying to get fucked)!”, I moaned into her ear.

Hearing her pleading, I gripped her hands above her head and shoved my cock into her pussy. I was slow and gentle at first, but then I drilled my hard length deep into her. Virgin Amyra could not take the pain of being fucked by a big cock as she screamed, “Aahh Mujhe maar daaloge kya (Do you want to kill me)!”

Her scream bolstered my desire to fuck her tougher, and I began hammering her. Amyra’s intense screams turned into ecstatic moans as she clutched me close to her, allowing my cock complete access to fuck her.

Amyra’s body was shaking with each thrust, and she began groaning, “Aaahhh… hhh… Aur tez chodo… Aur zyada…”

I increased the pace and teased her conservative character by saying

“Tumhari Jawani ko lootne mein bahut maza aa raha hai meri Amyra (It’s really fun looting your youth)”.

By then Amyra had become my private whore as she moaned seductively, “Tum aaj poora loot lo mujhe (Rob me fully today)”

I could feel my body preparing for the orgasm after 10 minutes of vigorous fucking inside her. I accelerated for the next 5 minutes until I flooded her pussy with my warm cream while biting her lips and squeezing her biggie boobs that brought her to her orgasm as well. And I stayed over her post our orgasmic pleasure with my cock still inside her.

I was tenderly kissing her, and we were both sweating profusely. Then I withdrew my limp cock and separated my body from her. I was sleeping beside her, and it had been more than an hour since we began our sex game.

Then I looked at her and asked what else she needed from me.

Amyra lovingly mused, “Tonight you have filled me with your love and I wish I could marry you, but my family..”

(She was trying to show how much she wanted me but her regressive family was adamant about marrying her to an uncle age man.)

“Nikaah ke baad bhi tumhare jism pe pehla haq Mera hi rahega,” I said wittily while squeezing her boobs.

(I’ll remain the first owner of your body even after your marriage also.)

Amyra burst out laughing as she realized I was asking her to be in a sexual relationship with me even after she got married the person of her family’s selection. I laughed too and pulled her over to me and we cuddled and kissed for more than half an hour.

Then we realized Mohsin could wake up anytime. So Amyra hurriedly stood up, got dressed, and left my room with a smile, indicating her sexual satisfaction with me that night.

After that night, Amyra and I remained neighbors for the next 10 good months. And I enjoyed her body in my bed seven times in the period before she went back to her family. There they married her and finally, she flew to Dubai with her husband.

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