Short Stories: Kavi Chithi – Part 1

As a family, we don’t travel much to visit our relatives. It has been almost three years since we all gathered to meet each other. Last winter, my parents and I decided to swing by my grandmother’s house on a weekend to meet our relatives. They had gathered to welcome my cousin’s newborn.

My grandparents had three daughters, my mother being the middle one. My cousin, Nithi, had given birth to her first child. She is 25 years old and is the only child/daughter of my mother’s eldest sister. I call her Kavya Periyama. She is 52 years old.

My mother’s younger sister is Kavi Chithi, who is 40. I had almost forgotten how pretty she was. Kavi and her husband decided not to have kids. But they have always enjoyed spending time with my cousin and me. I hadn’t met them since I started college.

My name is Krish, and I am a 20-year-old good-looking boy with an unassuming personality. It was a full house at my grandmother’s that weekend. Everyone had a lot to catch up on. While everyone was busy talking, I went to take an afternoon nap in my late grandfather’s study room.

When I woke up a few hours later, I saw my Chithi reading a book on the floor beside the bed. I had occupied much of the space on the bed. She was sitting with her knees bent. Her nighty was lifted to the knee, exposing her thighs and panties.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and couldn’t take my eyes off it. My dick became hard. Her legs were fully shaved up to her crotch. Her pink panty was fully visible. I checked her out for about two minutes straight. I guessed she had a 36-32-36 figure. She had a light brown skin tone.

Her mangalsutra was resting well against her big boobs over the nighty. Her face had sweat beads over her forehead. I had switched off the fan before I went to bed. That was a sexy sight. The area covering her armpits was wet due to the sweat. I became very horny looking at her.

She looked up and saw me looking at her. I casually commented in a sleepy voice that she was pretty. She smiled and went back to focusing on her novel, not realizing she was exposed down there. I told her to switch on the A/C and gave her space to sit on the bed.

She moved up and covered her legs under my blanket, and continued to read. I waited until my erection softened, then went to the kitchen to have dinner. I had slept for four hours and was the last one to eat. I was hanging out with my relatives until everyone decided to hit the bed at about 10 pm.

My uncle, Kavi Chithi’s husband, slept in his room. I went back to the bed. Chithi was feeling drowsy and falling asleep. She was determined to finish the book but struggled to keep her eyes open. I told her I wanted to switch off the lights and that she could lie down here.

She immediately covered herself with the blanket and slept facing the other side. She was waiting for someone to tell her to sleep. After an hour of watching a movie on my phone, I sensed I could use this opportunity to touch my sleeping Chithi. She had a faint snore that gave me confidence.

I started to feel her body over the nighty. I put my hands over her buttocks and tried to squeeze the night into her ass crack. She moved a bit and turned to face me, still fully asleep. I put my hands inside the nighty from the top to feel her boobs.

At this point, I was fully hard, and there was no stopping me. I lifted her nighty to feel her thighs. I couldn’t let it go. I rubbed over her panties. She felt the discomfort and woke up. She wasn’t aware of what I was doing. She went to the bathroom and came back to the bed.

She saw me awake and started chit-chatting with me. I am not sure how this topic came up. But I told her I’ve never had a girlfriend but trying to find someone. I shared the fact that I am only looking for something casual. She was judgmental and began complaining about the kids nowadays.

I casually told her I wanted to experience lovemaking and was not interested in commitments. She went into full advise mode but also was curious to understand my perspective.

Kavi: Dei, do you think making love without loving is possible?

Krish: Good question. I don’t know. Never experienced it. We’ll call it sex and not lovemaking if that makes you happy.

Kavi: You are just horny.

Krish: I know. (laugh)

Kavi: At least you are smart and know what you want. Just be upfront with whoever you are going to date.

Krish: Chithi, can you tell me about your experiences?

Kavi: I don’t want to talk about my crushes and dates with you (laughs)

Krish: No, about your experiences having sex.

Chithi became serious for a second and then entertained my inquisitiveness.

Chithi: Dei, I don’t want to share my experiences with you. You’ll enjoy it when you do. That’s all I can say.

Krish: I’m fully erect just talking about this with you.

Chithi: Wow, you are brave to talk like this or just plain stupid.

Krish: Please entertain me. Say something.

Chithi: I’m going to bed. Your uncle must be wondering. I’ll leave you alone with your thoughts.

Krish: Please stay. I could learn a thing or two from you.

Chithi: Dei, I don’t have anything to say that’ll be useful to you.

Krish: Just tell me what excites you about sex.

Chithi: God, you are such an adamant baby. I like the foreplay, kissing, and touching before the sex. Sex is great when I’m fully turned on.

Krish: Wow, I’m so hard now. Your cleavage is turning me on.

She looked down and saw half her breasts were exposed, and her bra line was fully visible. She was aware she didn’t have her bra on and adjusted her nightly to cover her chest area fully.

Krish: Please let me touch it.

Chithi: What? NO!

Krish: Please…

I immediately put my hand on her nighty and pulled it down. I could see up to her nipples and tried to sneak my hand under the nighty.

Chithi: Dei, what are you doing?

Krish: I’m begging you, please. Just once, and we’ll forget everything that happened.

Chithi: I can’t. Please don’t force me. This is wrong, da.

Krish: I’ll see your boobs once and move on. We probably won’t meet for years after tonight.

I was insisting, and she couldn’t resist me anymore. She was silent for a minute. With a worried look on her face, she nodded.

Chithi: Just once. I’ll lift my nighty. Take a quick peek. Just don’t tell anyone.

Krish: Yes, just 60 seconds.

Chithi: Okay.

She slowly lifted her nighty, exposing her full body. I was staring at her breasts for at least 30 seconds. She had her eyes closed and looked away. I slowly moved my hand closer and pinched her nipples. She immediately resisted.

I forced it again and started moving her nipples up and down rapidly with my index fingers. She resisted and moaned. Juices were flowing from my dick. She started to pull her nighty down, but my hand was blocking her from doing so. She left out another moan.

Chithi: Dei, leave me. I can’t do this… ahhh!

Continued in Part 2.