Sexy Workshop Employee Ragini

Hi friends, this is Neville. Long back, I had posted my encounters with two friends Mohini and Nandita.

After having good memories, Nandita went back to Canada and Mohini also shifted to Punjab with her husband, as her husband changed his job and got a better opportunity. Not much in contact these days, but I still remember the time spent with them and really I was missing them.

During these days after Corona, the lifestyle has changed for almost all of us. I have been busy with my work in a manufacturing unit, where I have about 25 to 30 females working and about 10 males working.

Usually, at salary time, the ladies always ask for the loans and which I use to sanction without any hesitations and they use to get the same deducted every month. A few of them were very good-looking and out of them, one was Ragini. She had a perfect body as one would need. I had been admiring her since she joined.

One day, this sexy workshop employee of mine came for salary. After taking the salary, she asked me for a big amount of loan, which was not possible for me to sanction. I totally refused her. Then she started crying and saying that her husband was not working properly. He lost his job after Corona and was sitting idly at home. He used to take out all his frustrations on her by beating her hard and asked her money for alcohol.

She then showed me her arm, which she had earlier covered with her dupatta, which was having beltmark injuries. I was shocked to see the redness on her hand. She said this was what she was getting when she refused to give him money for Alcohol. She said her husband had made her life difficult.

I told her it was not possible to give her that much loan, as there were other staff also. So she said she would not let anyone know about this and she would keep it secret if I gave her the amount.

Then an idea came in my mind. She was desperately in need of money. Look-wise she was very good and many times, I had fantasized about her. So I thought to give it a try.

So I said: See, if I give you that amount, how will you pay me back? As the amount is so big and it will take about more than a year to clear up.

She then said: I will not leave the job sir, don’t worry. I am ready to do any work given by you.

Then I told her: See, the company would not be in a position to help you out, as the salary sheet and loan statements have to be submitted in accounts and it has to be audited. I am ready to help you with my personal savings. But what will I get in return, as it would be a personal favor?

She just looked at me. Then I told her –

Me: If you can understand what I am talking about, then your problem will be solved and you will not have to suffer daily.

I called her near me, held her hands and said: You are young and good-looking. If you agree to sleep with me, I will see that you get the amount you need.

At first, she made a shocked face and then looked down. I was still holding her hand. Then she looked toward me and said –

She: But here there are other ladies too, and if someone comes to know about this, my life will be ruined.

I said: Not to worry, I will give some company-related outdoor work to you, and then we’ll decide where to meet. And then we can have fun. So no one will come to know about it. And at the first meeting, I will give you the amount.

To this, she agreed and said: Thank you, sir.

I then embraced my married workshop employee in my arms and kissed her lips and her cheeks and moved my hands on her very soft boobs. She was just looking in my eyes. I told her that I would give her the best of satisfaction. On this, she said she needed satisfaction as her husband just penetrates her and within no time, he would go to sleep, leaving her unsatisfied. She left, giving me a happy smile.

The next morning, I came and said that some field work was there and I have to send a female worker for this. And when I told this to all, I was just standing near Ragini.

Then she said: Sir, if you let me do that outdoor fieldwork, I will not give a reason to complain.

She was replying the way I taught her. Then I called her into my cabin, made her sit on my lap, kissed her, and told her to reach the hotel which was about 15 km away from my workshop. I also gave her a taxi fare and told her to be there in 45 minutes and that I would check in at that hotel and give her the room number. And then she can come directly to that room. I told her to carry her ID proof.

She left and then within 10 minutes, I left stating I had a meeting. I reached the hotel and checked into the room. Within 20 minutes, Ragini called me and said she was down. I told her to come to the room.

She came within a few minutes. She was nervous and shy. I told her not to worry and she would get what she wanted and I will get what I wanted. Then she said yes and came and hugged me. I embraced her hard and started kissing her. I kept her dupatta aside, and started to lick her ears and neck, to which she started moaning.

Then I made her lie in the bed and started to kiss her full body with clothes on. She got up and then jumped on me and started to kiss my body the way I did to her body. She was kissing me in all places with my clothes on. She noticed my junior getting ready and kissed there too.

Then I said: Let’s have a shower.

I made her naked and she made me naked. Ragini had a great curvy body, lovely and healthy boobs to suck, clean shaved pussy, clean armpits, a beautiful navel, and a tight asshole. She saw my body and said –

She: What a lovely body you have, sir.

We went to have a shower together. After the shower, we wiped each other dry and then came to the bed. Immediately, I started smooching her. She was also too hungry for all that.

I licked her neck, ears, eyes, nose, and armpits. Then I reached for her nipples. Wow! What a tiny nipple she had, which got erected once I took it into my mouth.

I was sucking one boob and playing with the other boob. She was fondling my head and was enjoying every moment.

I went to her navel and started to lick and bite smoothly which made her crazier. Finally, I reached my sexy employee’s pussy. Aww! What a lovely clean shaved pink pussy she had. I started to lick it like a hungry bear and she started moaning like anything. I was also at my full speed in licking. Soon, I could feel her dripping juices from her pussy which made her cool down.

Then I got up, wiped my mouth and kissed her. She said it was the first time she enjoyed licking this much. Then I lied down beside her for a few minutes, fondling her boobs. She got up and started kissing and licking my body the way I did to her.

Ragini started to bite me softly while licking my body and then when she reached my cock, she held it and said –

She: Kitna bada aur tandurust hai aapka (how big and healthy it is).

Ragini started kissing on its tip, all around and then suddenly took it fully in her mouth and started giving me a great blowjob! It was like a junglee girl sucking me. Suddenly, she started licking my balls. Then she went down to my ass and started fingering. So nice I was feeling it with her fingers.

I was shocked because she started to lick my asshole, giving me the ultimate pleasure! I was not able to bear more, so I made her lie down in the missionary position and pounded on her. I started fucking her and she was holding my back like anything. So I just had to do digging in her pussy, which she seemed to be enjoying more than me pumping her.

After that I told her to be in the doggy position. When she was ready in the doggy position, I got a clear view of her beautiful tight asshole. I fingered and kissed her asshole and started to lick it with my tongue. She started to shake her buttocks, and then I held her buttocks and started licking her ass.

Ragini said she needed it in her pussy (jaldi chodo sir, tadap rahi hai meri chut aapke lund ke liye).

I adjusted my position and entered her pussy. I was thrusting her in and out and her moaning sounds filled the room. I was holding her boobs and squeezing them one by one and giving good strokes and enjoying her pussy.

Suddenly, Ragini discharged, and I could feel the liquid on my dick. Her movements slowed down. But I increased my speed and told her to be ready as I was about to shoot.

But she said: Pleaseeee don’t cum inside my pussy, sir. We have not used protection.

So I asked: Then, where should I cum?

She said: Cum inside my mouth.

The next moment, I removed my dick from her pussy and she turned around. Then she took it into her mouth and soon, I ejected my cum inside my sexy workshop employee’s mouth. Ragini was showing me her tongue full of my cream. She then moved her tongue covered with my cum and said –

She: It’s tasty and salty.

Then I asked her: What’s next? Will you eat it?

And she said: No baba, ye koi khaane ki cheez thodi na hai (No dear, it is not an edible thing).

And she went to the washroom and had a gargle. I followed her to the bathroom and told her that I wanted to see her pissing. But she said no. Then I told her I would not go out unless I saw her pissing.

After a long wait, she agreed and pissed in front of me. After that, she said she would also like to see me pissing. Then we both relieved ourselves and had a shower again.

Then I handed over the envelope with the amount that she had asked for. On accepting that amount, she asked me how should she return the amount and how much she should pay per month.

I asked her: First tell me how was the time you spent with me in that room?

She said: For the first time in my life, I had a great time with such privacy and a calm ambiance. (She was living in a chawl system, and everyone knows how the chawl systems are. The next-door neighbor can hear you if you shout or moan.)

She said it was like she was in Paradise as compared to her house. I told her not to worry about the amount, but she had to assure me that at least once or twice a month, we should meet up and have fun.

She said: Sir, whenever you need me, just inform me. And I will adjust my schedule and will be with you.

This amount was a great favor for her. Once her husband starts going out for work, she would not be beaten by him. I asked her what will her husband do with that big amount.

Ragini: Actually, he is a very good cook. Earlier, he was having his Chinese food stall, but after the corona, all his savings are over and he had to sell the stall and utensils for a living. And after everything finished, he was frustrated and became a heavy drunkard.

Me: Don’t feel alone now, I am with you. You have pleased me like anything. So, don’t worry about the money. Make sure your husband is busy with his work. Be relaxed and we will keep on meeting as and when needed.

I also told her if she also needed me, she could tell me in the workshop and then we could plan accordingly. I told her the next day in the workshop when I come, I will appreciate her work in front of everyone and will tell her that henceforth whenever there is field work, I will prefer Ragini to take it up. This way, no one will doubt our relationship.

She smiled, smooched me again, and said she had to leave now. I pressed her boobs, gave her taxi fare, and told her to meet me the next day in the workshop.

I told her in the workshop we had to behave normally as we had been all these days. She said yes and left the hotel.


Friends, it was a great experience with such a good lady, who had a beautiful body, but totally unsatisfied. Well, now I am there to satisfy her.

The next day when I came to the workshop, she came to me and said that the fieldwork was done and I praised her in front of others and said I will prefer her to go on fieldwork henceforth.

Me: I hope you have no problem, Ragini.

To which she said: No issues sir, I will try to discharge my duties without any complaints.

Then I went to my cabin, and all was normal as usual. I hope you all enjoyed my real passion meet-up.