Sexual pleasure with office colleagues – Part 1

Hi friends, I am Ravi Shankar working in Software support as an assistant manager for the training and development department. I am 40 and I am 5. 5 ft tall with an average physique. Nothing more about me, and let’s get back to the story.

This is a real story that happened in my life that I wanted to share. It is a big story, so you should have a lot of patience to read through and enjoy each and every moment that I experienced.

This is an incident that happened between me and my office friend from the ex-office. I left the organization but still, we were continuing as good friends, very close friends. Let me introduce her. Her name is Fareeda, a woman of age 35. She was a charming woman but unfortunately, her marriage life was not good. She was separated and living alone. Tragically, they didn’t have any kids either and so her career was supporting her to be a good saleswoman.

She was into sales and marketing in our previous office and did a great job in her work. I changed the job and still maintained a good relationship with her as her dear friend. She always wore a pardha in black above her dress, so that only her face and sometimes only her eyes were visible. But whenever she was with me, she usually removes her hijab, leaves the fair freestyle, and stays cool when we both chill out together.

We used to talk about a lot of things and share our life stories whenever we used to be in touch. She lived in Bangalore and I was living in Vellore, so we used to meet in person sometimes.

One day, I was very upset about an incident that happened in my life and I was not talking to her much. She kept on asking me what happened, but I couldn’t share it with her.

One day she asked me to come to Bangalore and we met at a client’s place to complete her sales formalities. I took a leave that day and went to her place. I waited in her car at the client’s place where she was closing a deal with the client. After an hour of waiting in the car, she came out of the client’s office and entered the car. She knocked on my head (as she always does) and said, “Hey sweetheart, what happened? Are you alright da?” I smiled at her and said, “Yeah I am fine, dear.”

Then she asked me to drive the car and I got into the driver seat and started driving. She broke the silence and asked me, “Hey, what happened, are you alright? Why are you not talking and seem to be upset?” I said, “Nothing dear, just like that”. She found out that something was wrong with me, and I was upset about the incident that happened to me.

We were almost on the outskirts of Bangalore near Electronic City Road. Then she asked me to stop the car on the shady side of the road, took out a bottle of juice that she had, and asked me to drink. I had a sip and gave it to her which she also drank and asked, “Now, tell me what happened to you? You are not okay, you seem to be disturbed a lot.”

I said, “I cannot share that with you, because it is very personal.” But she didn’t leave me. She insisted I say it and said, “Don’t worry no matter how personal it is. We are best friends and it will always be within me only.” She also said, “We have shared many issues and personal things about life. So why do you hesitate so much?”

She kept on waiting for me to open, looking at her mobile phone messages. After 5 minutes, I broke the silence. I started sharing that issue with her.

Me: Hey Fari, I got into serious trouble, very personal, and dirty.

Fareeda: That’s okay da. Whatever personal it is, share it. I will listen to it.

Me: I happened to get into a dirty affair with one of my office bosses. She is using me like her slave, FEMDOM slave. She used me on an opportunity and now she is continuously using me as her slave. (I will share about this incident in the next episode)

Far: Hey, what are you saying da?

She was dumb and stuck with what I had shared with her. She was shocked about what I shared with her. Then she saw my face and I was too shy to look at her. She broke out laughing and started laughing loudly in the car and started teasing me. I was hesitant to share with her openly about that incident.

(Just a glimpse of what happened with my boss, she made me her femdom slave and used me, to lick, suck and eat her pussy and ass. Will talk in detail about this experience in the next episode.)

She kept on laughing and I tapped on her head to stop it. She still kept laughing and teased me calling ‘pussy eater’ and continued laughing. I was so terrible and I told her to stop teasing. But she won’t and kept calling me, ‘Pussy Eater!’ Then I said –

Me: Hey, I trusted and shared with you about my upset, but you are teasing me now.

Far: Okay baba, don’t worry, leave it, it’s just an experience with a gorgeous woman (and laughed again).

Me: That’s why I don’t want to share.

Far: Ok-ok, let it go and leave it. Now, tell me about that pussy-eating experience.

I was shocked to hear this from her, that she wanted to know how much happened with that woman.

Me: No, that’s enough, leave it.

Far: No-no da… it’s really interesting, tell me.

Me: One day my lady boss caught me red-handed when my cock was erect and laughed, and teased me to go home with her (just sharing the outline of the story of what happened, I will share it fully in my next story). She made me lick her pussy the hardest and made me drink her pussy juices. Then lick her ass and legs, hairy legs and pussy and ass.

So now I was telling her everything in detail. I noticed Fareeda blushing and listening very silently to my talking. It took almost 35 minutes for me to share everything in detail and she was also listening very keenly and interestingly. I noticed her blushing and moving her body quite often to make herself comfortable as I could sense she was becoming hot and uncomfortable about my sharing.

I asked her, “What happened, are you okay?”

She said, “Hmm hmm, okay da, I am just thinking how you would have experienced that. Very hot da, OMG!”

And she was just smiling at me.

Far: Okay, now that is done, let’s go for a drive. I have one more client visit and then we can go for lunch. Is that okay for you?

Me: Okay, but please have this always between us, I trust you.

Far: Okay sweetheart, don’t worry. Sure sure.

And she pinched my cheeks. I was surprised because she pinched my cheeks and said this. We then left to meet another client. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and waiting for her to come back. After that client’s visit, she came back, sat on the front seat, and closed the car door. Sighed and drank water.

Far: Let’s go to Saravana Bhavan and have a nice lunch. It’s almost 2 pm.

Me: Hey, I have to leave at least start by 7 pm to reach my home. So, drop me back here on the electronic city road so that I can take some bus that passes by.

Then I drove the car straight to Saravana Bhavan on the highway. We went to a corner seat and ordered a veg meal. While eating, she was smiling at me and winking saying, “Pussy eater! Pussy eater!” and kept laughing. I was embarrassed by her teasing but still smiled and kept quiet. Now she took that curd cup and put her tongue inside the cup like licking it and winked at me. I got what she was saying and laughing.

Me: Hey, don’t do that and tease me.

Laughing continuously reminding me, she again kept licking the cup of curd and licking its rim, putting her tongue inside the cup like licking the pussy, teasing me with what I shared with her. I just smiled because I was thinking why I had told her about it. But she was a good friend of mine, so I kept quiet and laughed with her.

We left the hotel and moved to another place for a quick client’s call and almost by 5 pm, it started becoming dark because it was a winter season. You know how cold and dark it would become in Bangalore during the winter season.

We parked the car at a highway coffee shop and had a strong coffee. I was just relaxing and enjoying the drive with her though she had all client’s visits. After the coffee, she asked me to drive to a place (name not mentioned) which was slightly at the outskirts of Electronic City Highway. That place was a bit isolated area and I drove the car almost for 30 minutes, and we reached a client’s office where she had to drop a package. Now it was almost 6 pm and it was too dark when we started to return to Bangalore Electronic City.

She sat in the car and I started driving it. We bought some yogurt bottles to have them later. Now she removed her hijab and started drinking the yogurt. She gave me one also and when I opened it and started putting it on my lips, she tapped me and again teased me putting her tongue inside the bottle and started laughing, saying Pussy eater!

I became furious and she kept laughing and continued to act licking the bottle and putting her tongue inside to tease me. I just laughed along with her and she asked me this, which surprised me.

Far: Hey, tell me one thing da, how was the taste of your Lady Boss’s pussy, you didn’t describe that.

Me (I saw her surprisingly, and blushingly): Yeah, it was good, tasty, and salty, and what else? Nice and full of hair.

And I went on.

Far: So, she was not shaved?

Me: No, bushy, hairy, and sweaty when I did eat her the first time.

Far: Wow… so it was sweaty and salty, Is it? (she asked curiously)

Me: Yeah.

Far: But how? Did you like that taste, and did you eat it fully?

Me: Yeah dear, I did, I don’t know I got used now and it has been happening quite for some time now.

Far: OMG… Wow, da…

Me: Now why are you asking about this so much? I have already shared you enough, right?

Far: No da, just curious to know your experience. But how did you eat that pussy when it was sweaty and salty. (She asked this openly to my surprise.)

Me: I said, I got used to it di (I used to call her ‘Di’ or ‘dear’). It was almost more than 8 times that we are in this and I am used to it. Nowadays, I always get this desire to eat her pussy quite often and so she also uses this chance and takes advantage of me to do these femdom acts.

Far: Nowadays you get it quite often? How about now, you… get… it… now.. also… (she dragged).

I was surprised by the way she said and asked her, “What do you mean di? ‘Now’ means?”

She showed the yogurt bottle licked, put the tongue inside it, and asked again.

Far: You get it quite often, now also you get it?

Me (I just smiled and stared at her and asked): So, you mean..?

Far: I don’t know da, I am getting nervous and wet down. I don’t know what to say if you want now. You can take, mine.

I just stared at her. She smiled blushingly and pointed at her pussy. I was surprised she said this. But my desire started burning to eat this woman’s pussy also. I had no idea, what was ringing, but my desire burst out. Then I stopped the car at the side of the road, where there was no one on the road and it got dark also.

This was a kind of remote village highway full of trees that made the place very dark. I parked the car at a dark tree side of the road where no one could see our car from the rear or front. Only a few vehicles passed by rarely every 10 minutes and sometimes nothing at all.

Far: Sorry da, If I said anything wrong. But after we were discussing this since morning, my pussy started to get wet and burning itchy. You know I have not been having any sexual pleasure since my separation. Today, you triggered my desires.

Me: I don’t mind di, I know you are my dearest friend and we can share anything. I want it now if you wish.

Immediately, Fareeda touched my hand and placed it in her thighs. She pulled her seat fully back, turned slightly towards me, and gave me full control to do what I and she liked. I missed telling you about Fareeda. She was an average heighted, age approx 35, slightly padded physique, bit fair complexion, long hair that hides in her pardha and hijab scarf all the time.

Now she had removed the pardha and hijab scarf also because we were sitting inside the car at a remote place. Her boobs might be somewhat 34″-36″ because it was always hidden inside the pardha, but the big ass and nice thighs were clearly visible even in the pardha.

Now she slightly turned and opened up her legs and invited me with her eyes to take it up. I touched her nice muscular thighs and started going near it. She saw me nearing her thighs and closed her eyes. After hearing about the incident that I shared, she now wanted her desires to be fulfilled.

Then I touched her thighs, rubbed it, and slowly went near the pussy. I touched her pussy and she started shivering. I rubbed the pussy on her clothes and she started moaning. She closed her eyes and started enjoying not leaving a choice to miss out on anything. She closed her eyes but she was experiencing each and everything in-depth that I could feel.

I bent down to reach her thighs and started kissing them and giving them soft love bites. She moaned and pulled my head close to her pussy. Then I started kissing and moved to her pussy and kissed it hard on the top of the clothes, for more than 5 minutes. I could feel her pussy getting hot and wet, and the smell of the juices aroused me.

Then I hurriedly pulled her legs and made her half lay in the seat so that I could have full access to her pussy. She also slid back and stretched and spread her legs, eyes still closed. Then I lifted her pardha, and to my surprise, she was only wearing loose pants and nothing else. I didn’t know if she wore a panty. I loosened and pulled the pants in one pull. She was bare naked bottom and she knew that she was going to have the hottest time with me. She got nervous, and shy, covered her face, slid down in the seat fully spreading her legs, and gave it to me.

Now it was my turn, I could see her fair bright shaved thighs in the dim car light. Then I started licking her legs and then her thighs. She tasted so nice and salty because it was almost the end of the day and we had not freshened up till then right from the morning. It was very sweaty and hot inside the pardha and clearly, that made the taste of her thighs salty. Now I was curious how her pussy would taste.

I lifted the pardha full till her stomach and in the dim light, her bright thighs aroused me. I could see the bushy hairy pussy. Wow, what a sight it was, again a bushy hairy pussy.

Fareeda slowly lowered my head toward her pussy to eat it. I bent down and slowly rubbed the pussy with my fingers. It was already wet and I could see the beads of sweat and pussy juices on her bushy hair.

I smelled it right away and gulped it in one mouth. She jumped by this because she couldn’t take it. I started swallowing the juice drops from her hairy pussy fully in my mouth. I could feel the full bushy hair filling in my mouth, but my tongue reached out to her clit and started triggering it.

As she was asking me again and again about that incident, her pussy also was no different, a bushy hair with a taste of sweat and salty urine. I could sense the taste of urine for she had passed urine and now washed before leaving the restroom in that client’s place.

Now, her full pussy was in my mouthful and I started eating it like a hungry dog. I kept on ticking her clit, sucking her cunt lips moving the hairs with my lips. My tongue was playing and licking her clit faster and faster when I heard her moaning loudly.

We were left with no one and no disturbances because that place was so alone, with no vehicles passing by or anyone walking that way. Luckily our car got hidden in the tree side and that big banyan tree covered us from outside the road view also, and the bushed couldn’t have any clue that a car was parked there.

I continued to lick her clit and sucked her labia, cunt lips hard. She still closed her eyes and thoroughly enjoyed not leaving my head and pushing it hard to her pussy, moaning loudly. She kept on pushing my head so hard to her pussy and not sparing me to breathe sometimes. I also kept on licking, dipping my tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her juices.

A lot of juices started to ooze out from her pussy, covering my lips with her juices. Some juices even flowed down her cunt and dripped on the seat, but I didn’t stop and kept on eating it. From the lower lips of the pussy, I dragged it with my tongue and reached the top clit, sucking the clitoris. Her clit was a little big and cunt lips extra to suck nicely. Her juices still kept on dripping and I licked it every time.

I didn’t know but she still slid on the seat and I now understood her intentions. Then I reached out my tongue to her ass hole and tickled it. She moaned loudly, “Yes da! Yes da! there only..” I knew what she wanted, and started licking her ass. Her ass was clean with no hair and tasted like yogurt. She had gone for shit in the hotel and so it smelled more of what we had in the afternoon, smelly and sticky. I didn’t mind but kept licking it along the vertical movements from the ass to the top to the clit.

Now she straightened her legs and grew more hot. I could sense something more pussy juices were coming out from her pussy. She also pressed my head so hard and close to her pussy, that she was reaching for her orgasm. Her legs shivered and her hands pressed my head tightly to her pussy.

After a long drag, she squirted on my mouth and all her pussy juices were in my mouth full of her pussy juices. I didn’t leave a drop-down because I wanted that and also not dirty her car. She squirted burst out all her pussy juices in my mouth and filled it fully with juices and relaxed with a loud moan. She said, “Sorry da, I couldn’t control it. I had squirt all my pussy juices in your mouth.” The pussy juices tasted all like that yogurt that she had and urine, she had gone for a piss at the client’s place and not washed her pussy, so it smelled of urine and pussy juices.

I couldn’t talk because my mouth was full of her juices and loose hair pulled and sticking to my lips and around my mouth. Then she lifted my face, looked at my eyes, and smiled lovingly. I saw her face and opened my mouth to show her pussy juices, fill my mouth, and close at once to stop dripping in the car seat. She blushed and kissed my forehead when I was still having the juices my mouth full.

Then she pulled out the hair that was stuck in her lips and outer mouth and asked smilingly, “What are you going to do now? Spit it out, honey!”

I just smiled and gulped the full juices that were in my mouth, swallowed it, and closed my eyes. She was shocked and said, “Hey, what are you doing?! Go and spit it”, but then I had already swallowed the mouthful juice that was in my mouth.

Fareeda was dumbstruck and looked at me so surprised when I swallowed her whole mouthful of pussy juice. Her juice had a salty and metallic taste with a tint of salty urine taste also. She had not washed her pussy and so it was sticky and wet all over her pelvic area and I had to lick it all to make it clean. I liked all of it and made it clean with my tongue and she loved it. Then I spat the excess liquid in my mouth and looked at her smiling.


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