Sexual Journey Between Voluptuous Aunt And Nephew – Part 8

Hi all, thank you for the fabulous responses for this series. I am Mrithav, and I’m back to describe my sexcapades with my aunt and mom.

A little introduction about my aunt. She is the wife of my mom’s elder brother, and her name is Shruti, age 36. Coming to the figure, the stats for my aunt are 36-25-38. She is a voluptuous horny young lady. At the same time, Mom is a 45-year-old angel with a stunning figure of 42-31-35.

As days passed, Shruti Aunty, Mom and I became bold. We took risks to fuck everywhere, whether in the house, balcony, Garden, or swimming pool.

Dad and uncle were, as usual, busy neglecting their beautiful wives. They were fucking their secretaries and other whores. Soon, both the men kept themselves occupied and travelled a lot to establish our business somewhere 150 km away.

Mom bought a master bed for their bedroom on which 4-5 people can easily rest. One day after an intense session with Mom and an hour later with Aunt, we all got exhausted and decided to sleep together on the master bed. This was the first time the 3 of us would sleep together.

I have been fucking my aunt and mom for some time now. But we never had a proper threesome apart from when Mom caught us. Now, we were all lying on the bed naked. Me in the centre with my mom and aunt on either side of me. I was exhausted from fucking Mom and Aunt for more than 4 hours.

It was 2 AM early in the morning when I turned towards Mom. She was lying on the bed, her face toward the ceiling. She turned towards me and gave a warm smile of satisfaction in her eyes. I smiled back and spat on her boobs. I moved my hands on her boobs and spread the saliva on them to make them glow.

Mom: Are you still hungry after all the intense sessions, beta?

Mrithav: What to do, Mom? My tool becomes a rock whenever I look at the boobs of both of you. I want to eat them now.

Mom: I don’t have any more energy left, beta. Do whatever you want to do with my body.

I obliged happily. Before shifting my attention toward Mom’s boobs, I turned to the other side and found my aunt drifting into sleep. Shruti Aunty looked very innocent and beautiful when she was sleeping. But I have an erection. I woke my aunt with a slap across her boobs, and she woke up in a split.

I then lay and pushed Aunt’s face to my cock. What a scene it was! I was lying flat on my back facing the ceiling, with my head tilted towards Mom’s boobs. I was sucking Mom’s right boob and pressing the left boob with my hand while Aunty was sucking my cock.

Shruti: I love this lollipop, baby. Give me the cream now. I’m so hungry.

Mrithav: Ahhh, a little gentle, Aunty, you are biting my cock.

She increased the speed and hit the bottom of her throat. I had an orgasm within 19 more minutes, and we all fell asleep. My phone was ringing past 9 AM and woke me up. Both the ladies are still asleep.

As soon as I woke up, my 6-inch manhood stood erect in full force. With sunlight hitting the room, both my ladies looked like 2 pieces of gold untouched. Pure magic.

This time, I came on top of Mom in a missionary position and gently kissed her lips. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and started to suck her saliva like delicious juice. I was kissing her rapidly without losing her mouth even for a sec.

Mom suddenly woke up gasping for breath. I could feel her warm breath on my lips. After 1 more minute, I let go of her.

Mom: (still breathing heavily) Come on, beta. You might kill me with your kisses. But you are such a yummy beta.

I left her like that and now came on top of Aunt, who was still asleep. Mom looked puzzled. I kept Aunt’s legs on either side of my shoulders and positioned my manhood at the entrance of her pussy. I asked Mom to suck my manhood and keep it lubricated. Mom did as ordered.

I started to rub my manhood on top of her pussy. After a few rubs, Aunt slightly started to moan. Her eyes were still closed. A couple of rubs again, and I changed my mind. I then positioned my dick a little below and pushed my 6-inch rock-like dick into her ass.

All 6 inches went in, one mighty push, and Aunt woke up screaming.

Shruti: What the hell, mother fucker! Ahhh, mmm. Sister, your son will soon kill us both with his wildness. Ahhh, hmmm. Not the ass again, please.

Mom and I laughed. I then took my dick out of her ass and lay on the bed again.

Mom: Wah, now we have a magician in our house. He just woke up his mom with a breathless liplock and his aunt with a mighty dick pushed deep into her ass. Bastard!

The three of us had a good laugh again. Mom got up from the bed to put some tea on. I pulled Mom to the bed and signalled both the ladies in the direction of my manhood. It’s still rock-hard.

Mrithav: Aunty, I want you to ride me now. And Mom, I want you to give your sacred pussy to me. Sit on my face and let me devour your delicious pussy while Aunty rides me.

Mom: I can’t believe this sex-driven animal came out of me! What a sex maniac you are, beta!

Aunt started to ride me. Mom positioned her pussy on my face, giving her back to me and facing Aunt. My two angels are on top of me. It was a sight to behold. Aunt was jumping up and down wildly on my tool and moaning a lot.

Shruti: What a slut you are, sister! Getting your pussy eaten by your son. (looking at mom, who was also moaning in pleasure)

Mom: I know. Eat me as you wish, beta, and tear your mom’s pussy hard.

I pushed my tongue inside Mom’s pussy and sucked her vertical lips, pulling them up. Mom smelled so good. Her pussy is intoxicating for me. I held Mom by her waist. I got hold of her boobs and pressed them so hard, pulling her nipples to and fro. She was moaning like a bitch.

Aunt and Mom are a few inches apart from each other. Aunt looked at Mom and grabbed Mom’s face while still riding me. Aunt coupled Mom’s delicate lips and started to savour them. Mom also started to reciprocate, and they got lost in each other’s mouths.

I could feel saliva dripping from their mouths and landing on my stomach. I could not see them as my face was completely buried in Mom’s pussy. It was making me go mad.

With all the 3 of us busy with pussy and kissing, Mom and Aunt couldn’t control much and had a shuddering orgasm. I drank Mom’s juices flowing from her pussy. It’s very tasty!

Shruti: Fuck, oh god! I can’t hold any more baby. I’m nearing my orgasm. Ahh, push it harder, baby.

Shruti aunty soon had her 2nd orgasm and fell on the bed beside me. Mom also had a 2nd orgasm and bent forward on my stomach, resting. I still haven’t cum yet. My manhood is still strong and hard. They both couldn’t believe it.

Together they whispered: What kind of a monster you are, beta!

Mom was resting on my chest. I let go of her pussy and kissed her for a few minutes. Aunt got up from bed and took her clothes to make some tea.

Mrithav: Aha, no one’s going to wear anything today. Stay naked all day, my ladies.

Aunt teased me with her smile and went to the kitchen to make some fresh tea. The time was already 11 AM.

I pushed Mom onto the bed and made her stand on her knees in the doggy style. I pushed my hard dick into her pussy. With all the lubrication, my dick went inside Mom’s pussy smoothly. Mom gasped for air and started to moan again.

Mom: Come on, fuck me, bastard, fuck your mom. Tear the hole you came from.

I started giving small and deep strokes to Mom; she was on cloud 9. Mom’s pussy walls started to grip my dick, and it was a great sensation.

Mrithav: Mom, your pussy is breathing fire on my dick. It’s so good, Mom. I love you, momma.

Mom: Ahhh, I love you too, beta.

I was pumping Mom for nearly 20 minutes, and she had her 3rd orgasm. I was trying hard not to cum. My mantra to hold myself is to shift my attention and focus completely on enjoying the pussy and nothing else.

Soon Aunt called to have our tea. But I was in no mood to let go of Mom. Mom was pleading to let her go and give some rest to her pussy. It was on the receiving end of getting rammed by my manhood.

Mom: Let’s take some rest, beta. We will have some tea, eat some food and then continue. Please show some mercy on my twitching pussy.

I don’t want to listen to anything. At that time, all I wanted was her pussy. I didn’t pay any heed to her and lifted Mom with my hands. Mom looked puzzled. I pushed Mom to the wall and lifted her. I got hold of her ass and made her wrap her legs around mine.

I inserted my dick now in her ass and started to fuck her in a standing position. Mom was going crazy with all these new sensations. I carried Mom like that to the kitchen, where Aunt sat on one of the dining table chairs, sipping her tea.

Shruti: Mother fucker, let go of your mom for a few minutes and let her take some rest. You’re ripping out pussy and ass so hard, bastard.

I also sat on one of the chairs and made Mom sit on my lap. We finished drinking our tea. I looked into Mom’s eyes. She is a mix of emotions.

Mrithav: Sorry, Mom.

Mom: Beta, what happened? I know you might feel bad for not listening to your mom’s pleas and ripping off her pussy and ass. I want you to ravish my pussy and drill me so hard, no matter how painful it makes me feel. Fuck your mom so hard, beta.

I came close to Mom’s face and gave a little smooch on her lips. Then buried my face in between her boobs. I made Mom rest her back on the edge of the dining table and took some honey.  I poured a couple of spoons of honey on Mom’s boobs and started to eat the honey.

I’m sucking her left boob, trying to take a lump of the boob into my mouth and slurping so hard. I continued the same treatment to her right boob. I could feel I would cum soon. So, I placed Mom on top of the dining table and brought her to the table’s edge.

Mrithav: Aunt, give mom your tasty pussy while I feed her pussy with my dick.

Aunt, who was fingering herself looking at us, agreed happily. I pushed my dick inside Mom’s pussy while Mom’s mouth was busy eating Aunt’s pussy. I started to drill Mom again so hard with quick strokes. I was kissing my aunt so hard, exchanging tea-flavoured saliva.

Aunt was spitting her saliva in my mouth and drinking the same from my mouth. In about another 15 minutes, we all came together with great orgasms. I filled Mom’s pussy with my sperm while Mom breathed heavily after drinking Aunt’s juices.

We all were sweating a lot and completely exhausted after what turned out to be 4 hours of nonstop sex marathon.

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