Sex With My Desperate Sister-in-law Sharmi – Part 1

Hello guys, this is John from Tamil Nadu. This is the story of my sister-in-law Sharmi and me.

To start with, let me give you a brief idea of me and Sharmi. I come from a well-settled family. My father is a Doctor and my mother is a Professor. Hope you guys would have got an idea of my social standing.

Being an only child, I always had a lonely feeling. Both my parents would come back home only after seven in the evening and would also leave by seven in the morning. Most of the household work would have been done even before I woke up. My lunch would have been packed and kept in my bag. All I had to do was, go to school, return, study, sleep, and repeat.

My life got even more boring when my parents transferred me to a boys’ school for high school. With only boys around me, I became the kind of person who we proudly call as ‘Morattu Single’.

At first, it seemed good, but as time passed by, I came to realize how much of a fool I was back in those days, and I was afraid to talk to girls. I would even avoid my girl cousins at marriage functions. I was too shy to talk to them.

As time passed by, my other cousins started making fun of me for this. One of my cousins, even thought that I was gay. Such was my condition! All this changed when Sharmi came into my life. Sharmi was the wife of my cousin. I used to call my cousin ‘Anna’, so I started to call Sharmi ‘Anni’.

Talking about Sharmi, she was a very beautiful-looking girl. She was four years younger than my cousin. Theirs was a love marriage, so they won’t leave each other’s side. After seeing them, I too wanted to do a love marriage, but I was too hesitant to talk to the girls.

After finishing college, I started working as a freelance content creator and graphic designer. I set up my office at my home. Now I was making a decent amount of money from my YouTube channel and freelancing. But everything came to an end when I got affected by COVID. I was admitted to Asaripallam GH.

I spent two days there which felt like hell! Then I got relieved on the third day as I saw Sharmi being admitted there. At least there was someone who I knew already. As soon as she was bought there, I rushed to her and asked how she got infected. She told me that she caught the infection from a random patient at her hospital. Since there was no one else with whom I could talk, I started to chat with her.

Then I talked to the hospital management and shifted to the same room as hers and even got the bed that was next to her. At night since we wouldn’t get sleep, we would go out for a walk inside the hospital premises.

Within a couple of days, we two got closer. We talked about our college days, favorite things, etc. We stayed there in the hospital for about a week and those days were really so precious because that’s how I got my queen.

After we were discharged, we went to our respective homes. We had exchanged our numbers so we started chatting on WhatsApp. She would even sometimes call me. This continued for a couple of months. We got even closer.

There was not a day when we both never talked. She would text me before going to work, during lunch break, and during her tea break. She would let me know as soon as she went back home from work etc. We talked like lovers, but neither of us realized it back then.

One day, I forgot my cell phone at home and went to a friend’s birthday party. I came home drunk and was too tired to check my phone. Then I woke up the next day and when I checked my phone, the notification showed around a hundred missed calls and a lot of WhatsApp messages and texts. I unlocked my screen to check who it was. I was shocked to see that it was none other than my sister-in-law Sharmi. I called her back and she picked up on the first ring. Even before I could say, ‘Hello’, she started to scold me.

Sharmi: Where were you the whole day? Why didn’t you attend my calls? Are you too busy to attend my calls? Where have you been this late?

I was shocked! I thought in my mind, “Why did she even care?”

Sharmi: Answer me, idiot! Where have you been for so long and why didn’t you pick up my call?

Me: I was at a friend’s birthday party.

Sharmi: When did you return?

Me: At night!

Sharmi: Why didn’t you text me as soon as you returned?

Me: I was drunk last night!

Sharmi: You drank alcohol?? Oh my god! How could you do this?

Me (still shocked): Why does it even matter?

Sharmi: Oh! You don’t care, right? Okay then, bye!

Me: Wait!

She hung up the phone. I recalled, but she switched off her cell phone.

At around 5 pm, I received a message on WhatsApp from Sharmi.

Sharmi: Meet me at Chunkankadai Gowri Shankar, sharp at 6:00.

I went on time as she had asked. She boarded down from the bus and walked toward me. Various thoughts were already running inside my mind. Then she came straight toward my car and sat right next to me. She asked me to take her somewhere.

I took her to the park in Veppamoodu Junction which was hardly a ten-minute drive from Chunkankadai. Those ten minutes seemed like ten hours. She didn’t talk through the drive. As soon as I parked the car, my SIL got off and walked toward a bench, and sat on it facing away from me. Then I went and sat next to her.

Me: Anni, what happened?

Sharmi was still facing away from me

Me: Anni.

Still no answer.

Me: Sharmi!

She turned back and told me that she won’t talk to me if I ever again called her, ‘Anni’.

I was getting an idea of where these things were leading.

Me: Sharmi, what’s all this about? Why are you throwing a fit over a missed call?

Sharmi: Act as if you don’t know anything! We have been talking to each other for a very long time and yet, you haven’t figured it out right?

Me: What are you talking about, Anni?

Sharmi: This is the last time I am warning you. Don’t you ever dare again to call me as ‘Anni’.

Me: But you are my Anni, right? My Anna’s wife!

Sharmi: Do you only see me as your Anna’s wife? Don’t you feel what I have for you in my heart?

Me: Are you kidding me, Sharmi? You are my Anna’s wife. How can I think of you like that?

Sharmi: So, you chatted to me only as a brother-in-law?

Me: Yes!

Then she started to cry and walked toward my car. She got inside as soon as I unlocked it and started to cry harder. I tried to console her, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen. Then I drove my car to her house and dropped her off.

Sharmi: Was that your final answer?

Me: Yes Anni, I see you as a mother figure. Not more than that.

Sharmi: Mm!

She went straight into her house and didn’t even look back. I went to my house and recalled the incidents that took place.

At night around 9, I received a message on WhatsApp. It was an image. As soon as I opened it, my body shivered. It was a topless picture of my sister-in-law Sharmi. Even though it was wrong, I liked how beautiful her body was. I was unable to take my eyes off her beautiful body. She had the perfect breasts, not too big nor too small. They sagged only a little, but that too added to her beauty.

Then came a text message.

Sharmi: Do you like this?

I didn’t reply.

Sharmi: Then, what about this one?

She sent another pic. This time, it was a full nude pic! I felt as if everything was out of hand now.

I replied: Yes.

Sharmi: Good! Come to my house, your Anna is out of town for a couple of days!

Without having a second thought, I rushed to my cousin’s wife’s house and as soon as she heard my hard horn sound, she came running out. Then I parked my car. We both looked into each other’s eyes. I took her and carried her to the bedroom. What happened next will be continued in the next part. Till then, stay tuned guys!

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