Seducing My Neighbour Sister Bhuvi – Part 2

Hi, this is Vinay from Bangalore. As you know from my previous story, I was chatting with my neighbour sister Bhuvi using my fake mobile number.

After asking about the color of her nipple, my heart was beating faster and I couldn’t control the excitement.

Bhuvi: Hey, this is too much!

Me: Please Bhuvi, you have already revealed your bra size. Please Bhuvi, I won’t ask for more.

Bhuvi: Chee, ok. It’s sort of brownish. I don’t know what color it is.

Me: Ok, let me see.

Bhuvi: Idiot! I’ll kill you.

Then I said sorry and cooled her down. I masturbated multiple times that day thinking about my neighbour sister’s boobs. We continued to chat daily and grew closer each day. I wanted to meet her and make love to my sweet Bhuvi. My lust for her grew more and more.

Me: Bhuvi, I need a favor from you.

Bhuvi: Yeah, tell me?

Me: Promise me you won’t deny.

Bhuvi: Depends on what you ask.

Me: I’ll ask if you promise me.

Bhuvi: Ufff..Ok I promise. Tell me what it is.

Me: I want to see your navel.

Bhuvi: I don’t have such pics.

Me: You can take it now, please Bhuvi. Please don’t say, no, please.

Bhuvi: Hmm, ok wait.

I couldn’t believe my luck. My cock was getting harder thinking of this situation I was in. Bhuvi was wearing a t-shirt. She lifted her shirt and sent me a pic of her navel. I couldn’t control and my precum was oozing when I saw the pic! My neighbour had such a deep and sexy navel at such a young age.

Me: Wow, Bhuvi! Thank you so much. You have such an awesome navel. I feel like kissing and licking your navel

Bhuvi: You are becoming too naughty nowadays.

Me: Yes, because of you. Bhuvi one more favor.

Bhuvi: What is it?

Me: I want to see your boobs. Please send one pic, please Bhuvi.

Bhuvi: Hey, please, I can’t do that!

Me: Please Bhuvi, you can trust me, please.

I couldn’t control and I sent her the pic of my fully erected dick.

Me: See Bhuvi, because of you I cannot control. Please Bhuvi, only one pic.

Bhuvi: My god, why is it so red?

Me: Because I’m thinking of you. I feel like kissing you and doing so many things to you.

Bhuvi: What do you want to do?

Me: You will know when we meet. Please Bhuvi, I wanna see your boobs, please.

I knew she badly wanted to know what I imagined about her. But I badly wanted to see her boobs and jerk off.

Bhuvi: Ok, wait.

I was waiting with my dick in my hand and my neighbour sister finally sent her pic.

(Guys, I can’t even explain how big and perfect they were. Her nipples were fully erect and her areolas were pinkish and perfectly round. It was the best moment of my life.)

I couldn’t even text her back. Then I masturbated to my heart’s content, but still, my erection wouldn’t go away.

Bhuvi: Hey, what happened?

Me: Thank you so much, Bhuvi. I just want to suck your boobs right now.

Bhuvi: Haha, please delete.

Me: Don’t worry, no one will know.

Bhuvi: Hmm, are they the same as you imagined?

Me: They are much better and perfect, Bhuvi. Thank you so much.

Bhuvi: I haven’t even seen you. But you are making me do all these things. I am a bit scared.

Me: Bhuvi, you can trust me. We will meet soon, please wait.

Bhuvi: You can at least send your pic.

Me: No Bhuvi, you can meet me and if you don’t like me, I won’t disturb you anymore. Please be patient.

Bhuvi: Ok, when are we meeting?

Me: I’ll tell you, even I can’t wait to meet you.

Bhuvi: Hmm, ok.

I masturbated multiple times that day looking at her boobs and I couldn’t wait to fuck my Bhuvi. Now, let’s continue with my chat with Bhuvi.

Me: Bhuvi, do you know about oral sex?

Bhuvi: No, what is it?

Me: Wait.

Then I sent her a porn video.

Bhuvi: You have become shameless with me, idiot! I have seen it but didn’t know it was called ‘oral sex’.

Me: Bhuvi, I want to do this with you. I want to spread your legs and kiss your pussy and lick all your juices.

Bhuvi: Chee!

Me: Do you shave your pussy?

Bhuvi: Once or twice a month.

Me: Hmm. Bhuvi, will you give me a blowjob?

Bhuvi: In your dreams!

Me: Haha, sure. When shall we meet?

Bhuvi: You tell me.

Me: Let’s meet at Vinay’s home. He is not going out for the weekend.

Bhuvi: No, let’s meet in a mall or something.

Me: Please Bhuvi, we won’t have privacy.

Bhuvi: Why do you need privacy?

Me: At least, I need a kiss from my Bhuvi, please yaar.

Bhuvi: I am scared, promise me it will just be a kiss. Even I want to meet you kano.

Me: You can trust me, Bhuvi. Don’t you know for how many years I wanted to make love to you? Please Bhuvi, be there at 3 on Saturday after your college.

Bhuvi: Hmm, ok. Can’t wait to finally meet you.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. Finally, I was meeting Bhuvi and I couldn’t help, but imagine all the things that might happen. I was scared and aroused at the same time. It was a feeling that I can’t explain in words.

Me: Bhuvi, I can’t wait to meet you. Please be there for me.

Bhuvi: Hmm.

Finally, the day came. I was looking at the clock a million times and waited for the clock to turn to 3. As time started ticking, my heartbeat increased and my cock was rock hard. I wore jeans to hide my erection.

Bhuvi: Hey, I’m on my way. I’ll reach by 3:10 or so.

Me: Hmm, I’ll be waiting for you, Bhuvi.

I couldn’t control it. Bhuvi would be here in 20 minutes or so. I just calmed myself and sat down.

Finally, my neighbour sister came and she knocked on the door. I went and opened the door. She was so shocked to see me. She came straight from the college and was wearing a black churidar. She looked so hot and so cute.

Me: Hey Bhuvi, come in. How come you are here?

Bhuvi: She kept silent for a moment and told me that she came to visit a friend and she dropped by.

Me: Ok, come in.

She came and sat and we started to chat normally.

In between, Bhuvi sent a message which I got on my mobile, “Hey, I’m at my brother’s home. He is home. Idiot, where are you?”

I had kept my phone in silent mode.

Me: Bhuvi, I want to tell you something.

Bhuvi: Haa Anna, tell me.

I told her to come and sit beside me. She came and sat. Then I held her hand. My heart was beating so fast. I was scared she might hear it.

Me: Bhuvi, what I’m about to tell you might upset you. But I had no other option. I was the one who has been texting you in the name of ‘Rajesh’. I loved you so much and had a crush on you for so many years. Please forgive me, Bhuvi.

My neighbour sister was shocked to hear what I said. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. She buried her face in her hands and started crying. She was in complete shock.

Me: Bhuvi, please don’t cry. I know I did a bad thing, but I was dying inside for so many years.

Then I took her hands away and wiped her cheeks. Her eyes were filled with tears. I stood her up and hugged her and asked sorry. My cock was so hard that it started paining. She tried to push me, but I hugged her tight asking for forgiveness. Then I loosened my grip and she was standing still. I released her from my hug and gave a gentle kiss on her cheek.

She was looking into my eyes with a sad face. This made me even hornier. Our lips were inches away and I couldn’t control it anymore. I held her face in both my hands and kissed her lips and took her lower lip in my mouth and started sucking softly. She tried to pushed me slightly, but I was in no mood to let go.

The kiss went on for 5 more minutes. Then I lowered my right hand and firmly pressed her hips and pushed her towards me. She was aroused too and started to suck my lips. This went on for ten more minutes. It was as if we both didn’t want to let go and face each other. I wanted to press my neighbour sister’s boobs, but there was no gap between us.

Then I lowered my right hand and placed it on her round ass and gently pressed it. She caught hold of my hand, but I wouldn’t let go. We kept on kissing and when she let go of my hand, I started to press her ass firmly. Bhuvi held my head from behind and started to push gently toward her lips. We explored each other’s mouths.

Then I inserted my tongue deep inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue. We were just lost. Then I started pressing her ass madly with both hands and started caressing her pussy from behind. I could feel the heat radiating from my neighbour sister’s pussy over the clothes.

Next I inserted my two fingers between her thighs from behind while still kissing her. I could feel her pussy getting wet even with her clothes on.


I will continue what happened next in the next part. And sorry for the delay. Be patient and wait for the next part. Kindly share your response at [email protected]