Seducing My Brother To Get Fucked By Him

I was confused because of the thoughts in my mind. I had taken the underwear of my brother and was smelling it. I got hot and horny. I knew it was a sin to think about my brother like that. But my heart and mind were encouraging me to sleep with my brother and take his cock in my pussy. I kept on massaging my pussy and felt wet between my legs. Oh God, save me from this sin! The more I think of moving away from this incest idea, my mind was not permitting me.

I am Sudha, 39 years old, married at the age of 25, and had a fantastic sex life with my husband for a long time. We enjoyed fucking like anything. I have a son who is a teenager. But since a few years, I am not satisfied. I wanted a harder fuck as I still enjoy taking cock in my pussy. Even at this age, I am fit with a nice maintained figure. I am 5.7 feet in height with 36 soft and firm boobs. I am sure lots of men get hard on seeing my boobs. I didn’t want to sleep with an unknown guy and I was thinking about what to do.

One year back, I went to my parents’ house to spend a few days. My brother was 27 and divorced recently as his wife was not educated and was short-minded. He was well-built and had a strong body with a height of 5.11 feet.

One morning, I went into his bedroom to wake him up and saw his erect cock. I felt it was big. It was a morning hard-on. I just started his cock and immediately started imagining his cock. I watched his hard cock for a few minutes and wanted to touch but I knew it was a sin.

I came out of his room but I was thinking the whole day about his cock. I went straight to the bathroom and started rubbing my pussy thinking about my brother’s cock. I was hot like anything and started fingering my pussy and moaning his name.

“Oh Raghav, give me your cock ahh.. Fuck your sister right now..Ohh ahhh Raghav.. my brother, I am cumming” and I cummed heavily. I knew it was a sin but I was not in a position to control myself. I badly wanted that monster in my pussy.

I kept on thinking about my brother. Even when my husband fucked me, I started imagining that my brother was fucking me. I started comparing my husband’s cock with my brother’s. I was sure my brother had a long and thick cock than my husband. Every day in the bathroom, I masturbate thinking about my brother’s cock. I felt that if I didn’t get my brother’s cock, I will die.

My mind was completely dominated by my brother’s cock. I was constantly thinking about the ways and means of getting my brother’s monster in my pussy.

Nearly six months passed and there was not a single day where I had not thought about my brother’s cock. After a year, I went to my parents’ house for a few days. I decided that this time I will seduce him and try to know what was in his mind.

The next morning, I went to his room to wake him up and saw his morning hard-on. My eyes were staring at his cock. It was tight and long. I stood near his bed, trying to gauge the length and girth of his cock.

I sat on the bed and was looking at his cock. He was sleeping and I tried to wake him up by calling his name. He was in deep sleep. I was feeling hot between my legs. I was confused and horny.

Then I placed my palm on his thigh and called him. I slowly moved my hand on his thighs. Oh my god, I was feeling hot and wanted to take his cock in my hand. I wanted to massage and press his cock. But I was in confusion that what my brother will think about me. The more I thought, the more I wanted his cock.

It was hard and tight and must be 6 inches long and considerably thick. I was wet in my clothes. My hand was moving on his thighs constantly. I felt his cock becoming tighter and harder because of my hand. I felt ashamed but my mind wanted his monster. It wanted to get fucked hard with this cock.

This continued for five minutes and then he opened his eyes. He felt awkward for a second as my palm was on his thigh. But somehow, he watched me for a few seconds and smiled. I smiled too and told him to come for breakfast.

He put his hand on my palm and pressed a little. A current passed through my body immediately. I pressed my palm more on his thigh and he did not move. He noticed that I was looking at his cock and he smiled again.

I was feeling happy and smiling at him. We were in that position for five minutes and then I asked him to get up for breakfast. He sat in the bed and hugged me. I was feeling great as his body was touching mine.

My hands were moving on his back and massaging there. He too placed his hand on my back. The tightness of our hands was increasing slowly. It became a tight hug.

Our body was pressed properly against each other and we felt the warmth. We sat in that hugged position and he was caressing my silky hair. I said, “Raghav, come, get up.”

“Yes, Sudha..feeling good.”

I didn’t know it was a signal to me. Was he interested in an incest relationship? Of course, I was desperate for this relationship. I wanted to get fucked and fucked hard by my brother. I was very much horny with his hug. I stared at his tight cock and wanted to take it in my hand. I wanted to play with his cock. I wanted my brother to play with my boobs hard and fuck me hard and harder.

I was about to kiss his lips and my mother called me.

I got up from the bed but he held my palm tightly. He wanted me to sit with him. He wanted me to massage his thighs. He smiled and freed my palm with a little press. I was sure he was thinking along my line. I ran away from his room.

Let me see what happens next.