Seduced & Impregnated the Gorgeous Jayashree

Hello Friends. This is Venkatesh. I’m 19 years old. I’m here to share with you how I managed to seduce and impregnate my house owner’s daughter-in-law, Jayashree. She is 32 years old, has a dark brown skin complexion, regular body with a 34C bust.

Jayashree is so gorgeous that I fell for her the very first time I saw her. I completed my junior college in 2023. My parents stayed in Kolkata as my dad got transferred to his office. I am staying with my elder brother and his friend in Chennai.

Both my brother and his friend work in an IT firm.  All 3 of us shifted to the outskirts of Chennai near OMR as it was closer to their office. I chose to undergo a professional course where I had to undergo self learning predominantly.

It was my brother and his friend who searched and finalized this new house in June 2023. Our apartment was on the 2nd floor. Our house owner resides on the 5th floor. When we shifted to the new house, myself and our friend went to the 5th floor to collect the keys.

It was on that day I saw Jayashree for the first time. My friend was talking to her father-in-law, who is the house owner. At that time, Jayashree came out of her room. I saw her and was awestruck. I literally could not take my eyes off her.

Jayashree also saw me and smiled at me. Maybe she was feeling a little awkward as she smiled at me. She looked here and there and looked back at me as I was constantly gazing at her.

The next day, at around 5 pm, I went to the terrace. Jayashree was walking on the terrace. She was walking alone, but a few others were also around. Some were sitting on the chairs, getting some wind, and some were walking.

Jayashree noticed me. She smiled with a tight lip and nodded her head, asking me to join her. I started walking along with her. We got introduced to each other.

As we were talking, she asked, “Can I ask you something?” I said, “Yes.” With a smile on her face, she asked, “What were you doing yesterday when you came to get the keys?” I understood what she was asking. Instead of pretending, I asked her, “You mean I was looking at you constantly?”

She said, “Yes.” I replied to her, “I was actually helpless. You are so gorgeous that I could not take my eyes off you.” She gave a surprised look by enlarging her eyeballs and raising her eyebrows with a broad smile and asked, “It’s a compliment?” I said, “For now, yes, you can take it that way.”

Jayashree chuckled and said, “You seem to say a lot in the very first meet.” I said, “Yes, this is the first time we are talking. Though I’m a little nervous, I need to admit that I fell for you the moment I saw you.” She stopped and looked at me with a blank face.

Then, with a narrow smile, she asked, “You know that I’m married, right?” I said, “I know that, but I’m only saying the truth.” She looked into my eyes, smiled with a tight lip and started walking again. We walked together for another 30 minutes.

She changed the topic and enquired about me, my age, my education and my plans. We also discussed some general things. As she was about to go back to her house, I asked for her mobile number. She looked at me and said, “So soon? Be a little patient,” and left with the same staring smile at me.

I was confused if she liked me or if I should stop approaching her. But then I felt she did not get angry when I told her that I fell for her.

My brother and his friend would leave to office at 8 am and would be back around 7 pm. I started going to the terrace every day around 5 pm looking for Jayashree. Almost every day, she comes to the terrace to get some wind and walk for a while.

I started asking her questions about her likes, dislikes and her personal life. I understood that she got married 5 years ago. She and her husband were not planning a kid for the first 3 years of their marriage. In the last 2 years, she said that they were trying for a kid, but it was not materializing.

Over the next 3 months or so, I tried building a friendly relationship with her. She was very receptive and friendly. But I felt she was a little reluctant to cross boundaries. It took me more than a month to even get her mobile number. Every time I asked for her mobile number.

She would give me a doubtful smile at me with her tongue in her cheek. In July 2023, when I asked her number again, she asked me, “What are you going to do with my mobile number?”

I said, “To chat with you beyond meeting on the terrace. Also, looking at your dp, I can save on my imagination effort to some extent.” Not understanding what I said, she stared at me for a couple of seconds. Looking at her, I made a subtle hand gesture.

She then understood that I was talking about masturbating, thinking of her.

Opening her mouth wide open in shock, she slapped my arm with a shy smile and said, “This is too much.” I asked her to give her mobile number. She chuckled and said, “No. I won’t.” Looking at me from the edge of her eye, she gave a broad smile, closing one side of her face with her hand.

She then said, “You are talking too much. Mind you, I’m 13 years older than you. You are talking to me as if we are classmates.”

I replied to her, “I cannot see your age in your forehead or your neck. I have not had the privilege to check if your age is written anywhere under your neck. So, I don’t think of things which are not visible to me.”

She giggled for a while, and then she said, “Bye, I need to go.” She did not get angry at me for talking things openly. But something was pulling her back from committing anything. Finally, I got her mobile number in August 2023. We started chatting over messages. It was mostly friendly chats.

I picked moments where I could cross the border a little bit, trying to hit at her. Jayashree neither discouraged me from hitting at her. Nor did she take the discussion to the next level where I could propose to her for a physical relationship.

After about 3 months, in December 2023, we met on the terrace. I took up the topic, asking her, “What is your opinion about me?” She asked, “Meaning?” I replied, “Like, you like me?”

She thought for a couple of seconds and said, “Yes, I see you as a good boy. Trustable. That’s why I share my personal life topics with you.”

I asked her, “When you say that you like me, how should I take that? Like, I have very strong feelings for you. To put that straight, I have actually surrendered my soul and thoughts to you. Putting my tongue out, the only thing remaining to be surrendered to you is my body and my virginity.”

Jayashree chuckled out loud and said, “Thanks for clarifying the point that you are a virgin. I can clearly see you want to get physical with me with the way you see me and talk to me. But understand the age gap between us and also the fact that I’m married.”

I tried convincing her by saying, “See, I have already told you about the age gap. It’s unnecessary to think about things that are not visible. Also, when it comes to topics like extra-marital affairs, I would say let’s not overthink. We like each other. Let’s keep things just between us and not think of anyone beyond us.”

She looked at me for a few seconds and said, “I need time to think.” I then said, “On a lighter note, you are trying for a kid, and I’m trying for you. We can satisfy each other.” Jayashree laughed out loud and asked, “So, your thoughts have gone to the extent of getting me pregnant with your kid?”

I tried to make my previous statement, I made on a lighter note, a little serious and said, “I’m just saying, let’s be normal like proper girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse and not control our emotions or hold ourselves back. Let things happen on their own.” She gave me a staring smile and said, “Let’s see.”

We gradually started chatting beyond general things. Jayashree was also getting romantic with me in her chats. I could see the change in the way she looked at me, with a romantic stare and even taunting a kiss or a wink at me from a distance. But when it came to getting physical, she kept thinking for a while.

On 5th January 2024, I got a little desperate and messaged her, “I’m getting too strong emotions for you nowadays. But I also want a physical relationship.” I wrote this to her at around 1 pm. Jayashree saw my message but did not reply. At about 2:15 pm, I was watching TV.

Jayashree called me and asked, “Where are you?” I replied, “At home.” She said, “Open the door.” I was ecstatic. I rushed to the main door and looked through the eye lens. Jayashree was standing outside. I quickly opened the door. She came in, giving a staring smile at me. I closed the door and turned around.

My house is a 2BHK with a living room right after the entrance, a kitchen to the right and a passage to the left. Halfway down the passage, there is a small bedroom and straight down the passage is the Master bedroom. My brother and his friend use both bedrooms, depending upon whichever is free.

Jayashree was in a red sleeveless kurti and black leggings with a black dupatta. I was wearing a blue T-shirt and track pants. She went into the living room and turned towards me. Latching the main door on the top, I went close to her. As I stepped closer, Jayashree grabbed my T-shirt and pulled me close to her.

She seemed to be equally desperate as me. She whispered to me, “I know I have made you wait a lot. But neither was it easy for me.” Saying that she gazed at my lips for a second or two. Before I could realize it, she jammed her lips over mine. She kissed me tight for a couple of seconds.

She then pulled her lips back from mine and whispered, “I love you.” We slowly started smiling at each other romantically for a moment. We then opened our mouths wide and started kissing sloppily. I rolled my arms around her waist.

Jayashree grabbed my cheeks with one hand and the hair on my head with her other hand. We kissed lavishly with our mouths wide open, digging our tongues into each other’s mouths. Kissing each other, we slowly moved inside the living room.

As we reached the 3-seater couch, Jayashree slowly withdrew her lips and tongue from my mouth. She pushed me on the couch. I sat on the centrepiece of the couch. She climbed the couch and sat over me, resting her knees on the couch on either side of me.

She sat over my already-hardened dick. We started kissing intensely again on the couch. Actually, Jayashree dominated the smooch. I was enjoying the texture of her soft lips, drinking her saliva and the smell that was emanating as we kissed deep. This was the first time I was getting intimate with a woman.

I slowly lifted my hand from her waist and groped her boobs. As I pressed her soft boobs, Jayashree moaned a little bit but continued to dig her tongue into my mouth. Squeezing her boobs with one hand, I slowly pulled her dupatta down her shoulders. I removed it and slipped it beside us on the couch.

After kissing intensely for a while, Jayashree slowly withdrew her lips from mine. She immediately pulled her kurti up, removed it and threw it behind her on the floor. Seeing her, I removed my T-shirt parallelly and threw it on the single-seater couch beside us.

I had a fair skin complexion. Jayashree was a dark chocolate. She was so aggressive. I loved her intense emotions, which she completely hid for the last 7 months. She had a very good rack with a deep cleavage. She was wearing a light rose-coloured bra.

The inner side of her boobs was visible outside the bra cups. Sitting on my lap, Jayashree went down to kiss my jaws, and my neck and went down to lick my mammae. As she bent her upper body and sucked my mammae, I unhooked her bra on her back. I then slowly slid her bra straps down her shoulders.

Jayashree pulled her hands out of her bra strap. I picked it up and slipped it on the handrest of the couch. Licking and sucking my mammae for some time, Jayashree slowly came up, kissing my upper body and my neck. As she came up to my face, we gazed at each other’s lips for a second or two.

We opened our mouths wide and started kissing again. I gripped her boobs with both my hands as we kissed deeply. After a few seconds of sensual kissing, we slowly withdrew our lips from each other’s. Breathing heavily, Jayashree raised her buttocks from my lap and sat straight, pressing her knees on the couch.

Her boobs were right in front of me. I was amazed seeing her big breasts. It was like three-fourths of a musk melon dipped in chocolate syrup. Her mammae looked even more dark brown with fat nipples at the centre. I was about to suck her nipples.

Jayashree grabbed the hair on my head and pressed my face into her bust. I grabbed her big spongy left boobs from underneath, licked and kissed it all over. I then ran my tongue around her big dark brown mammae and licked her hard nipples.

I slowly engulfed her boob into my mouth and sucked her nipples. I was excited about what I was going through. I squeezed both her boobs hard and took turns to suck both her nipples one after the other. Jayashree allowed me to play with her boobs for some time.

She kept making hissing sounds and gasping whenever I bit her nipples hard. After enjoying her big soft boobs for quite some time, I slowed down and kissed her right between her boobs. Jayashree slowly sat back on my lap. We hugged tight, with her spongy big boobs pressing hard on my chest.

I started to kiss her shoulder, her ears, her cheeks. As we slowly came face to face, with a deep breath, Jayashree whispered to me, “So, what do you say? You want to do it?” I got a little nervous. Everything that happened in the last 30 minutes was totally new to me.

From seeing a woman’s body, not in a porn video but straight, kissing her, groping her boobs, licking and sucking her nipples. And now, she was asking for sex. My excitement peaked on one side, but I was equally nervous. I blinked for a second but gathered my thoughts and nodded my head.

I said, “Yes, I want it.” Jayashree looked at me with lust, biting her lips and asked in a whispering tone, “Bedroom?” I immediately tucked my hands under her buttocks, lifted her and carried her to the Master bedroom. I got on the bed on my knees, carrying her and slowly placed her on the bed.

Jayashree laid back on the bed, resting on her elbows. She looked at me with a staring smile. I stepped back, got on the floor, pulled my track pants and underwear down together, removed them and dropped them on the floor.

Jayashree looked down at my dick. She looked up at me and taunted a kiss at me sensually. I got back on the bed. Sitting beside her, I slowly rubbed my hands over her leggings, going up on her legs, her knees, and her inner thighs. Getting my face closer to her face, I slowly dragged my hand further above.

I pressed my fingers on her pussy over the leggings. Jayashree lifted her upper body, rubbed my thighs and slowly grabbed my hard dick with her moist hands. I loved the feeling of a woman’s hand over my dick for the very first time. She slowly started to stroke it.

It hurt a little as my foreskin was reluctant to go down. I tried tucking my hand into her leggings. Jayashree slowed down a little on my dick. He lay down flat on the bed, allowing me to put my fingers inside her leggings. I sneaked inside her leggings and her panty.

I had to go through a forest before my fingers could reach that wet, slippery portion between her legs. I dipped my middle finger between her pussy lips. Jayashree gasped mildly, closed her eyes, took her hand off my dick and placed it on my thighs.

Biting her lips, she started to moan in a mild tone. I rubbed her pussy flesh. I ran my fingers over her pussy flesh for some time. I stuck my middle finger into her tiny pussy hole. I dipped the top portion of my middle finger to the nail inside. Jayashree opened her mouth wide and gasped loudly, holding her boobs.

I got completely turned on seeing her sensual moan. I quickly pulled my fingers out of her leggings and got up on my knees. I grabbed her leggings on either side of her waist and pulled them down. Her thighs were fleshy enough that her leggings stuck onto her thighs.

I pulled it down harder and managed to remove it and slip it on the floor. As I pulled her leggings down, I also pulled her maroon panty down to her thighs. I pulled her panty as well, fully down her legs. I removed it and dropped it on the bed beside us, getting her completely nude.

Jayashree lay down with her feet on the bed and her knees up, facing the ceiling. I tried getting between her legs. Jayshree got up, hugged me and pulled me down on the bed. We cuddled on the bed, rolling over each other and kissing each other randomly.

Both of us started sweating as we hugged tight and rolled across the bed. After some intense cuddling, Jayashree got on top of me. We were breathing heavily. Her legs were tangled with mine, and her boobs pressed to the side of my chest.

She slowly grabbed my dick, stroked it, looked up at me and asked with a heavy breath, “Moments away from losing your virginity. How does it feel?” I replied, “Waiting for this moment for the last 7 months ever since I saw you.” Jayashree giggled and came closer to my face.

She licked and kissed my cheek romantically and whispered in my ears, “You want to come on top of me? I said, “I want to try all possible positions with you. But for now, we’ll do it the missionary style.” Jayashree chuckled and said, “Just see that you don’t go into the wrong hole.”

Kissing my jaw, she whispered to me, “It’s time. Come.” She lay down on the bed. I rolled over her. Jayashree spread her legs wide. I got between her legs. I raised my upper body. She grabbed my hard dick and rubbed it on the pink flesh between her dark pussy lips.

I placed my dick on her tiny pussy hole. Jayashree spread her arms wide across the bed and closed her eyes, anticipating the intercourse, exposing her shaven, rough underarms with a greyish oval patch at the centre. I was equally excited, thinking I was on the verge of losing my virginity.

Pressing one hand on the bed to her side, I held my dick at the centre. I tried pushing it slowly inside her pussy. Only half of the head of my dick was out of the foreskin. As I tried penetrating, it started to pain a lot for me. But with just the tip of my dick sneaking inside her pussy, Jayashree started to moan.

Sensually with her eyes closed and holding the matress tight. Her sensual moaning aroused me. With all the pain, I pushed my dick in harder with some difficulty and penetrated deeper inside her slowly and steadily. With almost three-fourths of my dick inside her, I slowly started to fuck her.

I was pressing the bed hard with my hands on either side of her bust. Jayashree started to moan out loud every time I pushed my dick inside her and pulled it back. I felt pain, tickles over the inner flesh of my dick as it rubbed against the walls of her pussy.

I loved the way her hot and wet flesh gripped my dick tight from all sides. My lust knew no bounds hearing her sensual loud moaning. I slowly increased the speed and started to fuck her deep and hard. Our dick and pussy flesh making a sticky noise, the bed squeaking loudly, and Jayashree groaning and moaning.

I loved the emotions all around. The feeling of deep and tight intercourse. The sight of Jayashree’s body and boobs moving up and down in waves every time I drilled her pussy deep.

After a few seconds of intense deep sex, I felt a strong tickling sensation running through the length of my dick. I could not control my emotions as my semen gushed out of my dick. This time I started to moan out loud, splashing my semen deep inside her pussy.

I literally fell over her, banging my head on the bed beside her face. Jayashree hugged me tight and rolled her legs around my waist. She rubbed my back, whispering to me, “It’s done. It’s OK. It’s OK.” After I completed cumming, I slowly lifted my face and looked at her.

We smiled at each other. I kissed her cheek and proposed to her, “I love you.” I lifted my face upright over her. Jayashree held my cheeks and replied, “I love you too.” We kissed sensually, sucking each other’s lips a few times. My dick became softer, shrunk in size and oozed out of her pussy.

I rolled and slept beside her on the bed. We slept for a while on the bed. At around 4:45 pm, we got up, dressed up and went to the terrace to get some wind, as usual.

From that day, Jayashree and I made it a regular affair to fuck, almost every day except weekends, till 2nd February 2024. Then she messaged me, saying she was pregnant. I could not hold my excitement seeing her message.

Unable to tell any known person around directly, I decided to share this with the entire universe through this story.

So, friends, this was my real-life story of how I managed to seduce and impregnate Jayashree. Please let me know your feedback. You could also write to me on my email id [email protected].