Saumya’s Unexpected Birthday Quickie ?

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Hello Readers. Sanjay here. This incident happened in June 2019.

It was my girlfriend, Saumya’s birthday. Back then, Saumya was 23, young and hot South Indian beauty. She had a light brown skin tone with beautiful black eyes. Her hair was long, black and silky.

She was short in height, but her body was well maintained 34-28-34. She had firm boobs and a tight curvy ass. As she had a flat stomach, her boobs we very prominent. All the boys would stare at her perfectly shaped boobs.

I was not in Mumbai on her birthday, so she was upset. On top of that, I was acting as if I had forgotten her birthday. She decided to party with her friends and constantly complained about me.

I had planned to surprise her with an unexpected visit. I entered the Bar at around 3:30 pm. She was completely shocked by my sudden appearance. She couldn’t control it. She immediately ran towards me, jumped on me, and hugged me tightly.

Today, she wore a white crop top and a high waist pleated skirt well above her knees. Her high heels made her posture more seductive. My chest was crushing her boobs while she hugged me.

When she jumped onto me, all the heads turned to look at her. She wore bright red lipstick, which made her look even more seductive. We ordered tequila and beer for all of us. After a few shots, everyone was drunk.

I was completely mesmerised by Saumya’s hot look. She looked a little slutty today. Anyone would want to fuck her then and there.  I saw Saumya blushing and biting her lower lip while I was staring at her. I could sense that something naughty was going on in her mind.

After finishing her drink, Saumya wanted to pee. She was stumbling on her way, so I rushed to help her. I held her waist and guided her to the washroom. While standing in the queue, Saumya said, “I was missing you so much. I would have killed you if you hadn’t come.”

I looked her head to toe and said, “Yes, even I would have regretted not coming.” She blushed. I slid my hand below her waist and gave her ass a soft squeeze. Saumya held my hand tightly to control herself.

Saumya said, “Please don’t tease me here. I won’t be able to control myself.” I said, “Same here, baby. I wish I could fuck you right now.” Saumya felt as if her bladder was going to burst, and there were a couple more girls ahead of her.

The men’s washroom was empty, so I suggested she use that instead. Her bursting bladder had taken away her sanity. She just rushed to the men’s washroom. She used the toilet, and I used the urinal.

When we were in, one more guy entered. I just hoped that he doesn’t find out that Saumya was inside. Saumy from inside, “Sanjay, So you were saying something about fucking me right now?” The other guy gave me a wicked smile.

I felt embarrassed. Saumya said, “I guess we won’t get a better opportunity.” I behaved as if I didn’t know anything. But the other guy tapped on my shoulder and said, “All the best, Bro. Go fuck her.”

Saumya unlocked her door, and I sneaked in as soon as possible. Saumya had already pulled off her panty. We started kissing passionately as if distant lovers had met after years. I sucked her red lips, and my tongue explored her mouth.

She sucked my tongue like candy. I pulled her head by her hair to get easy access to her neck and started kissing her neck. Saumya, “My pussy missed your cock so much, baby.” I said, “Sshhh, no talking,” and shut her mouth with a smooch.

Luckily her boobs were easily accessible due to her crop top. I unbuttoned her bra and started sucking her nipples. We met after a long time, so my sucks were a little hard. She pulled my hair to separate her nipples from my mouth, signalling me to go slow.

I started rubbing her pussy now. She was soaking wet down there. I rubbed her clitoris and fingered her while sucking her boobs. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we had to limit our foreplay and get to the main action. I licked my fingers to taste her love juice.

We had no other option but to fuck in a standing position. I turned her around and pinned her to the wall. I wanted to spank her ass but didn’t want to make noise. I just grabbed it tight to feel her soft and fluffy butt cheeks. I pulled out my cock and inserted it in her dripping wet pussy.

It went in easily as her pussy was well lubricated. I started fucking her slowly. I pulled her hair as if I was riding a horse. She arched her back to make sure that my cock was hitting her pussy at a perfect angle. I am sure she had taken a lot of cocks in to know this.

I started fucking her faster now. Whenever my balls used to hit her ass, there was a sound. “Chap, Chap, Chap.” Nobody was in the washroom, but my ears constantly listened for the door to open and close.

My cock was hitting her hard. Saumya was moaning softly but couldn’t scream, but her eyes showed the pain and pleasure she was experiencing. I held her boobs from behind and pinched her nipples while giving her long deep shots.

Her mouth was wide open, emitting soundless screams. I was about to cum. I immediately pulled out my cock and pushed her down to make her suck my cock. She was sucking it like a hungry slut, craving lollypop for a long time.

I tried to push my cock deep into her throat. She choked but continued sucking the cock. Now she started taking it deep herself. I couldn’t control myself and exploded my cum in her mouth. She immediately retreated and spat the cum in the commode, and slapped my thigh playfully.

She got up and gave me a wet kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth. She whispered, “I am not done yet, but let’s get out of here quickly.” The fear of getting caught made this quickie experience more exciting and memorable.

We had to sneak out of the washroom in a hurry. Saumya didn’t get a chance to check her makeup. Her lipstick was smudged, her hair was messed up, her neck had a hickey, boobs looked loose than earlier.

Everyone looking at her knew that someone had fucked her. One of her friends said, “I guess someone has got her birthday present.” Everyone laughed.

Thanks for reading and listening to this story. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments. Saumya’s thirst was not yet satisfied. I will write more if I get positive feedback on this.