Satisfied my sexy elder sister-in-law to the core – Part 2

Hello all, this is Danish again. Please read the first part before proceeding with this one.

Manju: Do you guys indulge in oral sex regularly?

Me: Of course. Always. I love eating her out and she loves it too. In fact, she is so fond of me eating her pussy that she will not hesitate to offer me even in the middle of her work. I ate her here in the kitchen when she was cooking.

Me: I also ate her in her office, on her chair, in a car, and of course, in the bathroom, couches, and bedroom all regular places and she also does not hesitate in giving me a blowjob. However, all this has changed in recent times. But yes, we did all that to each other.

Manju (took a deep sigh): Ashish does not like oral sex, especially sucking me. In all these years of marriage, maybe 4-5 times he has agreed to suck me. He says he feels like vomiting. Though I like sucking him, but he is not too fond of that as well.

Me: Oh, really? I can’t imagine a man refusing a blowjob and eating pussy is erotic and arousing. I get hard merely by the thought of it.

Manju: Not every man is you, Danish, and not every woman is as lucky as Anju.

My elder sister-in-law was looking straight at the TV but was not watching it. Her hand was in between her thighs. I was sure she was wet and horny and pressing her pussy with her hands.

By this time, I had made up my mind that I will take it to the next level on the first green signal itself. But of course, I needed to be absolutely sure that she too was ready for it. But before all that, I had to ensure that the boys were off to sleep.

I told her that I would check the boys and ask them to sleep now. Then I went up to their room and told them to wind up. In another 10 minutes or so, the boys were all lying down in their beds with the lights switched off.

Then I closed the door of the guest room and came back to the lobby. I poured some wine for her and took another pint of beer for myself. This time, I sat so close to her that my feet were touching hers. We again started talking and I kept the conversation alive by telling her about our sexual adventures (I had to exaggerate a bit to make her reach the stage where she simply surrendered herself to lust and pleasure).

I think we must have spent half an hour more sitting there talking making sure that the boys would be asleep by now. When she finished her drink, I asked her if she wanted more to which she said no. Then I asked her if she wanted to wind up or wanted to sit sometime. She said we could wind up now, as it was quite late. I told her that she could sleep in the children’s room upstairs.

Manju: You will have to help me climb the stairs. I have had too much wine.

Me (smiling): My pleasure. I can carry you upstairs if you want.

She blushed and smiled at the suggestion and her face turned red.

Manju: I know you are quite strong. But I don’t want both of us to fall down.

I noticed that she blushed and was totally red in her face. Her face was glowing and my eyes were totally fixed on her. She also noticed that and kept her eyes down. I was somehow convinced that she was just waiting for me to make the first move. So I decided to take it forward.

Then I went near her and offered her my hand to stand up from the ground. Since my wife’s sister was already tipsy, she had to put a lot of effort into standing up. So I grabbed both of her arms with my hands and helped her to stand. As soon as she stood up, I wrapped my arm around her waist to support her stand and pulled her towards me.

Our faces were now next to each other and my eyes were fixed on her face, noticing her eyes, lips, and the glow on her face. She was looking very pretty and sexy. She was unable to make eye contact with me and kept looking down. I noticed a lash (eyelash) on her face near her eye and proceeded to remove that. Then I asked her to lift her face a bit so that I could remove the lash.

She lifted her face and closed her eyes. Now her face was pointing towards me, with her eyes closed and her juicy lips right in front of me. I removed the lash and kept my hand on her face and started to feel her cheeks. She did not react and kept her eyes closed. Her breath was increasing and I could feel her heartbeat going up. That was my moment and I just grabbed it. I went ahead and placed my lips on hers.

Then I started kissing her and sucking her pink juicy lips. She also responded and put her arms around me. We kept kissing each other. It was an intense and passionate kiss. My hand was still on her cheek. We kissed for about 5 minutes or so and parted a bit.

My sister-in-law opened her eyes and looked at me in the eyes. Her eyes told me that she too wanted it and she was mine now. Then she looked at the door of the guest room and then again back to me indicating that it was not safe to continue there in the lobby.

Then I grabbed her in my arms and we went upstairs to the children’s room which is right next to the stairs.

I bolted the door and pushed her to the wall and we resumed our kissing session again. Her hands were now behind my head and mine were exploring her body. Then I mauled her ass and felt every inch of her back. I inserted my one hand in her t-shirt and opened her bra clap and my other hand went inside her pajama and panties. Her skin was so soft and her ass felt like a cotton cushion. I next pulled out her t-shirt and she started pulling mine.

Manju was now standing topless in front of me with her bra straps hanging from her shoulders. Without waiting for me to make the next move, she just removed her bra and threw it aside. Her boobs looked firm and her body looked that of a young woman, perfectly shaped. I was in awe of her sexy body and how she has maintained that. We again started kissing and our bare chests met.

I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest. We were literally eating each other now. Then I pulled her hair back and started kissing and sucking her neck and face. She was moaning heavily. I licked every inch of her neck, shoulders, and face and proceeded to eat out those melons.

Then I grabbed them and started feasting on them. They were firm, not saggy and she had big nipples. I kept nibbling at her boobs and simultaneously my hands kept playing with her ass and back. In between, I would kiss her and go back to sucking her boobs.

I love sucking boobs and I am sure that most of the men do like it. But I can actually take a lady to orgasm by sucking her boobs! I have done it with my wife, I have done it with my girlfriends. It is altogether a different experience for them and me also.

So I kept playing with my sister-in-law’s boobs, sucking them, biting them, pinching them, pulling her nipples, and then shaking her boobs. She kept pressing my head to her chest indicating that she wanted more. She was moaning loudly now. I must have sucked her boobs for a good 20-25 minutes and she was now twisting and twitching in my arms.

I then pushed my hand deeper into her panty and reached her pussy, which was drenched by that time. As soon as I touched her pussy, she let out a deep moan and came. I felt her juices wet my hand. It was a long orgasm and she kept hugging me tightly. She kept kissing my head as if thanking me.

I started pulling down her pajamas and panties and removed them. Then I stepped back a little to take a look at her standing naked in front of me. She was a sex goddess with a perfect figure. She was looking so fair and her boobs were perfectly erect. Her pussy was shaved and shining with her juices. It looked so tempting.

I went closer and smelled her aroma and planted a kiss on it. Then I went up and kissed her flat belly and sexy naval and started coming down toward her pussy again.

I kissed her thighs and squeezed her ass and again went to plant kisses on her pussy. Then I started inserting my tongue and she started to moan. I parted her legs a bit and put her right leg on my shoulder. Now her opened-up pussy was right in front of me and it looked delicious, ready to be devoured.

I parted my SIL’s pussy lips and found her clit. The moment I touched her clit, she shuddered! I started playing with her clit with my tongue and in between, I was taking her whole pussy in my mouth and slurping it. She started pushing my head onto her pussy and was finding it difficult to stand straight.

Then I made her lie down on the edge of the bed and started to eat her again. I took one of her nipples in my fingers and started pinching it simultaneously. Manju’s pussy was so yummy that I kept eating her. Soon, she was again reaching her orgasm. After a few seconds, my sister-in-law exploded on my face and it also continued for some time. I kept licking her and drank all her juices.

Manju was panting like anything. Then I stood up and removed my shorts. My dick was hard as a rock and ready to rock her pussy. I wanted to use a condom but for that, I had to go to my room to get it. So I just went closer to her face and told her that I didn’t have condoms there. She said, “Don’t bother, just fuck me..”

Immediately, I placed my dick on her pussy and started to massage it with the tip. She said, “Don’t tease me please Danish, just enter me, I want it so badly!”

I obliged and entered my horny sister-in-law’s pussy. She was tight but my dick slid inside smoothly. I felt so warm and could feel her pussy tightening around my dick. I bent forward and kissed her while moving myself rhythmically in and out. She held my face and kissed me passionately while moaning like anything. I increased pace and with that, she increased her moans.

Manju: Oh, fuck, oh fuck, this is so good, oh fuck.

Me: Do you like it, baby?

Manju: I am loving it, it’s been ages since I have not fucked, fuck me harder.

I increased my pace and started ramming her pussy. Now my hands were on her boobs squeezing them.

After ramming her for some time, I asked her to turn around. I turned her doggy and inserted my dick again. Then I held her hair, pulled it and started banging her. She was literally screaming now with every push.

I started saying, “Oh oh..” and I knew she was about to come now. In a few seconds, I felt her body getting stiff and with a big “Oooooo” she came again. I was also almost there but needed some more push to reach orgasm. So I kept fucking her like that. Soon, I also came and loaded all my cum inside my wife’s sister.

I too had sex after a long dry spell, so I threw out lots of cum. But it was an amazing experience that I had with her. Then we laid down on the bed for some time, and she went to the washroom to clean herself. She came back and hugged me and lied down on my arm. Her one leg was on me.

Manju: I have never cummed so many times in a single night! It was the first time ever that I experienced something like this.

Me: I too loved every bit of it. It was one of the most delicious pussies I have ever eaten.

Manju: Pussies? How many have you had?

Me (smiling): Will tell you in due course!

Manju: After marriage also?

Me: Yes.

Manju: Oh!

Me: Yes. It’s like any other need that we have. It is important for your physical and mental well-being. Whether we accept it or not, our bodies need sex. If it doesn’t get enough of that, it starts showing in different ways. Like, how you were becoming frustrated and irritable over some time. If you had got what you wanted, you wouldn’t be like that. Isn’t it?

Manju: Maybe you are right. I am feeling full and happy. I don’t even remember when I last time felt like that.

While talking, Manju was playing with my chest hair and was moving her leg over my dick. I lifted her face a bit and kissed her lips again. She responded and it was a good, long, wet, and slurpy kiss. My dick started to rise again and when she saw that she looked at me and said, “Is it getting hard again?”

Me: You had 2-3 orgasms, I have had only one as yet. Time for you to show some skills now.

Taking the hint, she took my dick in her hand and started playing with it. She then took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it hard.

After playing with my nipple for some time, my sister-in-law started moving south. She kissed my stomach and went down to kiss my dick. It was hard by that time with precum oozing out. Then she pulled the foreskin and started kissing it. She licked it, kissed it, and rubbed it on her face. I could see my cum getting rubbed on her face and it was so erotic.

Manju then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She was definitely very good at sucking dick and took the whole of it in her mouth and give it a hard suck. My dick was taken in her mouth by her and she rolled her tongue over it. Then she sucked my balls in between and again started sucking the dick nicely.

I held her hanging boob in my hand and started playing with it, pulling it, and pinching the nipple. Feeling her warm mouth over my dick was totally unexplainable, but seeing her sucking was even more erotic. I find looking at my partner taking my dick in her mouth to be very sexy and erotic.

I told her to suck me harder and try to make me cum. She started sucking so hard that I felt like my dick was going into some kind of vacuum pump.

My wife would have got tired if she had sucked me like that. But Manju was definitely a pro in this. Maybe it was because of her Yoga and all that she had such a good stamina in sucking. She started increasing her pace and squeezing my balls at the same time. Then she shifted her position and came in between my legs and started sucking me vigorously. She was able to take the whole of it in her mouth.

My orgasm was building up and I told her that I was about to come. But she did not stop, rather she increased her pace! Suddenly, I exploded in her mouth and kept squirting my liquid. It was very intense for me and I actually found my body crumbling with such an orgasm.

My sister-in-law kept sucking me for some time and cleaned my dick. I was surprised that she took all the cum in her mouth and drank it. Then I lay there exhausted by all that action and she was laying on my arm. We again kissed and I could taste my own cum in her mouth.

She was going to stay with us for another two days which would come in the next part of my story.

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