Requiem of Lust- Part 2

Konnichiwa! (Hello) Before I begin this part, a call out to Arjun my brother who drafted this plot. (Drafted is a big word. Honestly, he just shared the idea.) He wanted me to write it on his behalf.

He has been sulking for not mentioning him or giving him credit in the first part. (Happy now? Asshole!)

Chapter 2

As the Swords Dance, Let the World Sing.

What I was witnessing was not an alien concept to me. Yes! I’ve read about incest and seen all of the porn. But I always imagined a blonde, white MILF as Mom or a Latina small-breasted sister in my fantasies to jerk. This helped with the guilt and kept things clean in my head.

Looking at my parents fucking and my sister fingering herself next to them had now erased the barrier between fantasy and reality. This was the moment of truth for me. I had a choice to turn away. I could easily ignore what I saw and end this with a jerk in the room. But I wanted to see this through.

My Mom already knew, so all that was left was for me to confront them, like they say, “In for a penny, then in for a pound.” I wanted to face my fears. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted them to know I existed. I slowly, confidently, and casually walked straight to the balcony.

To my surprise, they did not bat an eye. I looked at Priya and Mom, two women. I hated who suddenly looked like the most beautiful woman on earth. Their age difference was masquerading behind the poorly lit balcony and a calm moonlight.

In my head, I thought I’d startle them. They would stop doing what they were doing. We would have a family meeting with explanations, boy was I wrong!? I was way off the mark. They moaned, fucked, and cumm while I was standing there like my existence in that space was that of a fly on a wall.

Once they were done, Mom got off Dad’s lap. She was not completely naked. She had a white shirt on, and all her buttons were open, exposing her breasts. Priya looked at me and said, “What are you doing here, weirdo?” I was on moral high ground.

I snapped at her and said, “You filthy whore stop running your mouth.” She showed me the middle finger and turned her face away from me. The assertiveness in my tone surprised everyone. My Mom laughed and asked me to come to sit between her and Dad on the couch, but I declined.

Then both Mom and Dad insisted, and I wanted some answers, so I reluctantly sat between them.

Mom: What is it, my boy? Why are you so disconnected?

Dad: Son! Your Mom and I are very happy to see you full of energy of late. You’ve been spending too much time with your games. We don’t know how to connect with you anymore.

Priya was done fingering and was back to texting on her phone. She had both her legs on the chair and had spread her legs without a care in the world. I was still wondering what the fuck was going on. I decided not to lose my cool and calmly listened to my parents.

Me: Mom, Dad, am I really your son? I am in no way close to how you guys look. I think differently and act differently. I don’t feel like I’m part of this family.

Mom: Thinking differently and acting differently is just being yourself. That is the very definition of being human, honey. Come here, let me hug you, big oaf.

I pushed her away, pointing out that she was not decent. So Dad pushed me towards her and said, “Oh! Come on. She is your Mom, hug her.” I hugged my Mom and started crying. All the pent-up feelings, the rage, the anger disappeared.

It was not a pretty sight for a grown-up guy to cry. But I did not care. Both my Mom and Dad hugged me, wiping my tears. I saw Priya looking at us and smiling.

Mom continues: Of course, you are our child. You see, your Dad and I got married when we were young. We both had our parents dictate our lives. But we promised each other that no matter what our children do, we would support you. Even if that meant you or Priya decided to live a toxic life. Neither your Dad nor I Believe in religion. We believe in today. We believe in what we see, we believe in pleasure, and all that matters is happiness.

Everything my Mom said was rubbish. Poor justification for bad parenting creates a toxic ecosystem for children. Yet her words calmed my heart.

Dad: Priya, come close to us. Let’s sit together as a family and keep that phone aside for a minute, will you?

Me: So, Dad, what’s all this? Why would you have sex in the open like this? What the fuck is Priya doing watching you guys?

Priya: Fuck off, you dork! Mind your own business.

Me: Mom! You see how she talks to me. Even at college, she joins those bullies and laughs at me when they make fun of and humiliate me.

Mom and Dad together replied, “We know!”

“OK, Vinay, listen carefully. I thought I had already explained this to you. Your battles are yours. You can not come running to us for everything that happens to you. You, boy, are 19 now and must make your own decisions instead of relying on Priya or us.”

“Just look at her. She is your twin. Has she ever come running to her brother for help? Have you seen her depressed? Learn from your sister!”

Me: Yeah, she has a pussy, and I don’t really see a point in that comparison, Mom.

Dad: Haha, that was a nice one, buddy.

“Anyway, to answer your second question, you already know your Dad and I are very active. We like to experiment with sex. We enjoy the cold breeze on the balcony. Just like you, Priya noticed us once. She kept watching us again and again whenever we were having sex.”

“So your Dad and I decided to invite her to watch if she wants. But we have never touched Priya if that’s what you are asking. She quietly watches us and fingers herself. In fact, if you want to get a chair next time, we don’t mind, son.”

Dad nodded, stood up and lit a cigarette. I don’t think that was tobacco. It smelled funny.

Mom: Varun, I think that’s enough for today, honey. Why don’t you throw that off?

Dad: The last one for the night, Pooja, I promise.

While Dad smoked, Mom asked Priya to sit next to me. She came making that bitch face and sat next to me. Although there was enough space, she pushed me towards Mom and sat on the couch with folded legs.

Mom: It’s been so long since we all sat like this and talked. Truly a blessing to have you both as my kids. So, Vinay, what is your opinion about women?

Me: You mean in general?

Priya: This fool knows nothing, Maa. He can’t differentiate between a navel and a pussy.

I got really annoyed, and, in my anger, I touched Priya’s pussy. I pushed it hard and said, “You see, this is pussy, and I know where it is, you whore.”

Mom: Ah, you are quite a misogynist. Your language says a lot about your opinion of women.

I should have known that was a trick question. But it was too late to back off and change my opinion, so I continued,

Me: Look, Mom, I respect you, Priya, not so much. But in my opinion, women are weak. There is no competition. Gender equality and feminism are a load of crap.

Mom: Interesting, go on

Priya: You sexist Bastard!

Mom: What is your opinion based on?

Me: You see, Mum, there are things that only men can do. I’m not saying this to discount women. It’s just that we men are created differently. We are stronger, and women are weaker.

While listening to my opinion about women, Mom started to massage her boobs and gently pinched her nipples. She looked at Priya and said, “Would you like to help Mommy?”

Priya then started to lick Mom’s nipple. Then Mom looked at me and said, “Cat got your tongue?”

“Go on, don’t mind these two little weak women.” I could see Dad standing and finishing his last fag and smiling at what was happening. I realized I was in a situation where I thought my opinions and voice were heard. Only to realize nobody gave a rat shit about what I was saying.

Priya: Maa, why don’t we show Vinay how strong we are?

Mom looked at Dad and said, “Varun, our little boy thinks women are weak. You don’t mind if we show our strength to him, do you?”

Dad: Do as you please, ladies. Don’t get me involved. Just so you know, I’m with team women. I’ll be the witness to the Girl Power. Let me grab that drink.

Mom: Be a sweetheart and pour me one, too, honey.

Dad: Yes, mam!

Mom: Priya, why don’t you bring those big candles we have in the kitchen loft?

Priya: Candles? We can switch the balcony light on, Maa.

Mom approaches Priya and starts pinching both Priya’s nipples real hard and says, “When I ask you something, you just do it without any questions.” Priya nods and runs towards the kitchen to bring the candles.

Mom then asked me to get naked and sit on the floor next to the plants on the balcony. With Dad’s help, my hands were tied, and Priya returned with those candles.

Both Priya and Mom were now naked. Mom whispered something in Priya’s ear, to which she giggled. Mom sat on the couch, and Priya lay on the couch with her ass protruding in a spanking position. I knew this. I had seen the BDSM videos.

I never liked cruelty. But sitting like an animal butt naked in the open balcony with cold air, watching two hot women, did the trick, and my dick was hard. I was in the position next to the couch. I could see Priya’s face from the open space between the armrest of the couch.

It was dark. I could not see Mom’s face, but I could see those hanging diamond earrings sparkling. Mom then looked at me and said, “Let me show you how strong women are.” I heard an echoing slap. Judging by Priya’s expression, I deduced where it came from.

Mom continued to spank Priya’s ass. But Priya did not make a sound. She seemed to enjoy it and was moaning. I don’t know if it is my hate for Priya or if I started liking her. But seeing her in that position being punished was priceless.

Dad was quietly sitting in the corner and enjoying how things unfolded. He was rubbing his dick gently. He would calm himself by touching the cold glass of wine to his dick now and then.

Mom and Priya then stood up and came close to me. I lifted my head, I saw two gorgeous women so identical in their bodies staring down at me. Mom suddenly pulled my hair and slapped me. I screamed.

Mom then said, “Did you see how strong your sister is? I slapped her ass so hard, and she did not make a sound. With a little hair pull with a little slap, you start to scream.”

In my heart, I thought, what kind of bull shit logic is that? I was convinced my Mom was a woman with a low IQ. But once again, that’s not something you say out loud.

I replied to her and said, “Well, I did not see you slap her. All I could hear was the sound.”

Mom lit the candle and brought Priya’s ass near my face. Priya’s ass was all red and bruised with all those slaps, but I had no empathy towards her. Mom then got onto her fours in the doggy style. She turned to tell me, “Now it’s your Mom’s turn to show how strong she is.”

Priya started to lick Mom’s ass and slid her tongue from her ass to pussy. Dad walked towards Mom and handed her the glass of wine. Mom sipped on wine while Priya tasted her ass. Priya then inserted the red-coloured 4-inch candle in moms ass without lube.

Mom bit her tongue but did not let out a sound. Priya then lit another. She kept dropping the hot liquid wax on Mom’s ass and her breasts. Mom then stood up with that candle still in her ass. She kept one foot on my head. I could see her pussy and that gorgeous ass hole.

I tried to stretch my neck to lick. Priya gently kicked my chest and said, “You just watch, Mr. Strong Man.” Mom slowly pulled the candle out. Priya and Mom started to lick the candle and rubbed their little boobs. I wanted some warmth. It was getting really cold.

My dick had reached its threshold. A little touch and I would explode. I told Mom I was feeling cold, too. She walked towards me and poured all the wine on my body. Priya then came in front of me and opened her pussy lips. Mom did the same thing.

They both tag-teamed and started to piss on me. It was warm and comforting. I looked at Dad and noticed he was recording all of this. I felt It was awkward to point that out when I was being showered with piss. The smell of red wine with yellow piss was heavenly.

Priya then dipped her feet in the small pool of piss. She asked me to open my mouth and pushed her feet in my mouth. I sucked her piss-drenched foot like a maniac and started to beg.

Me: Mom, Priya, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please untie me or jerk me off. I can’t take it anymore.

Both Priya and Mom held my dick, and I started to cum immediately.

Mom: So women are weak, hun?

Priya: Now that you’ve apologized and have been purified in my piss, I acknowledge you as my brother.

They kept me sitting naked in piss and wine. They wiped their hands full with my cum on my body to get cleaned up. Dad came close to take a final close-up of his recording. He then untied me and offered me a smoke. I usually don’t smoke, but I humbly accepted one.

As the night faded away, this experience was nothing short of an epic dance of desire and the song of lust.

This was my Requiem of Lust.

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