Priya, Sripriya and Me – Part 1

Please read the Priya and Sripriya series. This is a continuation of the story.

Sripriya didn’t come that Thursday afternoon as she had promised. Even her stepdaughter Priya didn’t come for tuition. I found their house locked the next day, too.

On Saturday evening, when I came back home, I found their house door open with some guests chattering inside. So, I didn’t bother to talk with Sripriya or her daughter Priya. I came to my home, fixed a drink and began to enjoy my whiskey.

Ten minutes later, I heard the door knock. I opened the door and was surprised to see Priya. She was looking cute in a white T-shirt and jean shorts. She came in and locking the door, stood before me. As usual, I was in a lungi and bare chest.

Priya grabbed my cock on the lungi and said, “Oh my poor Uncle, your cock should be feeling lonely without my slutty mom’s pussy to drill. I came to give you relief, shall I?” Even though I was angry at her aggression, I calmly asked, “Where have you been these last few days, Priya?”

Priya pulled my lungi and briefs down, baring my flaccid cock and said, “Sripriya’s dad passed away on Thursday. So this long absence. You didn’t answer me. Do you want me to jerk you? Because your love won’t be coming. Her sister and her kids have come along with us. You can masturbate, or I can give you relief.”

Priya had a kinky smile on her face. I could see her bra outlines through the thin shirt material. Holding the bottom of her shirt, I lifted it, revealing her flat tummy and navel. “Do you want to see my tits for inspiration, bad boy?” saying she left my cock and raised her hands.

I quickly removed her shirt, and I kissed her cleavage on the bra. While I was kissing her cleavage, Priya’s hands went to her back. Unhooking the bra hook, it slid it from her shoulders. I saw her firm C-cup tits proudly mounted on her chest with nipples already hard and pointed.

“What are you waiting for, Uncle? I know you are a boob’s man, feast on my tits as you like. I know mine are not massive like your slut Sripriya, but they are cute,” Priya said, shaking her chest and inviting me. The damn tits didn’t move a bit in spite of her body shaking.

What more can a man want when a cute sexy girl like Priya invites you to feel, lick and suck her young tits? Cupping both her tits, I kissed her chin, moved up and kissed her tender lips. Priya moaned in my mouth as I kissed her and thrust her tongue out to suck.

I sucked her soft tongue, tasting her sweet saliva while my hands were busy crushing her firm tits. Priya had taken charge of my cock and was jerking it gently. It had grown to a full size of 8 inches by now.

Priya, giggling, said,” Are you trying to arouse me, dirty old man? Then you are mistaken. I only came here to give you relief, not to fuck you.” Instead of answering her, my lips moved up, kissing her nose and cheeks. I took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it hard. I could feel Priya’s body shaking.

I kissed and sucked all over her face. After kissing both her earlobes, I asked,” Priya, will you please suck my cock?” Priya looked down at my cock and my face. She said,” I would have loved to, Uncle. But I just had my lunch late, and I am not in the mood to. Hope you can understand.”

“It’s alright. Make me cum with your hand,” I said, feeling somewhat despair.

“Oh, my poor baby. We can do one thing, my pussy and your cock have not met each other. Let’s introduce them, but no penetration. If you try to enter me, I will leave. Ok, Uncle,” Priya said, shaking my cock.

I didn’t understand what she meant by that, but I nodded anyway. Leaving my cock, Priya quickly unhooked her shorts and pulled them down along with her white panties. We both were in our birthday suits, totally naked. I saw a thin cum line on her pussy lips.

The lips were shut. I found a stubble of pubic hair as she had not shaved recently. Grabbing my cock again, Priya placed my mushroom head on her pussy lips and said, “Mr. Rajesh meet Miss Priya. You two shouldn’t fight and love each other always, no force, no violence, Understood Mr Rajesh.”

I was smiling at her childish behaviour. Nevertheless, I found her pussy lips soft and moist. Priya moved my head from the bottom of her pussy up to the clit a few times, making my cock head sticky with her juices. I saw her lips parting as my head moved up and down her wet slit.

Priya was biting her lower lip as she caressed her pussy using my cock. “Hmmm, it feels so good, Uncle. Better than using my fingers when I masturbate. How are you feeling, Uncle?” Priya said, rubbing her pussy vigorously with my dickhead.

Tweaking both her nipples, I said, “It will be even better if Mr. Rajesh enters Miss. Priya’s tight tunnel.”

Priya, laughing, said, “Your Mr. Rajesh is too greedy, Uncle. Let Miss Priya decide. If she has no objection, I won’t mind. First, let them get acquainted, as this is their first date.” Saying Priya rubbed her clit for a few moments with my cock with her eyes half closed.

I was gently pressing her tits and was watching her getting aroused. After a few seconds, Priya opened her eyes wide and stared at me. She said, “Do you need a special invitation, mother fucker? Can’t you see where your dick is, bastard?”

It was not new for me. Priya used curse words when she was horny. I looked down and saw my cock at her pussy door. It had spread open her lips, and my cock head was almost inside her. Without wasting a second, I gave a gentle push, and her tight pussy walls pushed my cock back.

I pushed her again, and the result was the same. “Dumb head, did you think you could penetrate me easily like my bitchy stepmom? Now push hard, bastard.” Priya shouted as she pushed her mound towards me. I, too, pushed my cock using all my force in her.

My cock went inside her tight channel a few inches, and found her pussy tighter than I expected. “Omg, after a very long time, I am having a cock in me. I missed cock very badly. Fuck me bastard. Drill me hard,” Priya was shouting. I pushed my cock more into her.

By now, almost 6 inches of my cock was embedded in her. Considering the standing position and her tight pussy, it was a great achievement. I started fucking her in slow strokes, and Priya gripped my shoulders for support. She was shaking very badly and sweating a lot.

My cock was creamed with her cum as she had an orgasm again. Thus making my strokes easier as it was fully lubricated. I fucked her in this standing position for 5 minutes and found her legs trembling as I hammered her. “Uncle, I can’t stand anymore. Please take me to the bed and fuck me,” Priya said in a whisper.

I let go of her tits, grabbing her cute buttocks lifted her off the floor. Priya was startled when she was lifted, quickly embraced across my neck and wrapped her legs across my back. She was clinging to me like a baby monkey hugging her mother.

But I was not able to move my cock much due to her weight. I tried moving her up and down on my cock, placing my hands below her buttocks. But that was tiresome. I carried her to the wall and pushed her back against the wall. I made sure that my cock was still lodged in her and in perfect position to drill her.

Priya looked at me and said, “Won’t it be comfortable in bed, Uncle?”

“We will do that later, dear. Now don’t loosen your hands and grip your legs on me while I fuck you,” I said, gripping her ass tightly.

“Do whatever you want, but don’t drop me down, Uncle,” Priya said, hugging my neck tightly.

“No way, dear, just enjoy the ride,” I said and pulled my cock to the head and rammed into her again.

Priya’s whole body shivered at my stabbing. I looked down as my cock moved in and out of her wet pussy. I fucked her, carrying her for five minutes like a man possessed. I, too, was sweating a lot in spite of the fan running at full speed.

We both were soaked in sweat, Priya had her eyes closed and was like a puppet in my hands. My legs were getting weak as I was not that young anymore. I fucked her for another two minutes. Embracing her, carried her to the divan and laid her on the bed gently.

Thus, my cock was pulled out from her. Lying on the bed, Priya opened her eyes and said, “What happened, Uncle? Did you cum?”

“No, Priya, I was tired,” I said, looking down at her sexy, sweaty body.

“Oh my, He-man is tired. Do you need any protein, baby?” Priya said and giggled like a little girl.

Holding her hair, I pulled her up and said, “Lick my cock clean before I enter you again.”

Priya bringing her lips closer to my cock said, “No worries, baby. Let me clean Mr. Rajesh before he meets Miss. Priya again.” Saying she began to lick my cock from the base to the top, stretching her tongue out. She was savouring her cum as she licked my cock. I knew she had a fetish for female cum.

“I never thought you would be so tight. You are not a virgin, either. Are you not getting enough cock to fuck, Priya?” I asked her.

By now, she had licked my cock clean. Looking up at me, she said,” A lousy bastard popped my cherry. Another two boyfriends were lousy, too. All boys wanted was to grope my tits and get their cock sucked. And to drill me to pour their cum inside me in a jiffy.”

“So, I stopped dating boys and started dating girls. Now I am lesbian. I saw you sucking my stepmom so caringly and gently, so I thought of getting my pussy sucked by an elder man. You were worth it and satisfied me thoroughly. So I thought of offering my pussy for you to fuck as a reward.”

“You were a good fuck, too and didn’t disappoint me. Now shall we start as I have cleaned your dick. Please fuck me like a bitch, Uncle.”

Priya quickly got on her knees and hands. Turning back, she said, “Pound me as much as you want, Uncle. I am really charged up now. Quickly, Uncle.”

Seeing her unturned pussy, holding my cock, pointing at the door to heaven, I pushed my cock. It went in smoothly this time without any resistance.

“Aah, good, this is really good, Uncle. Fuck me as hard as you can. Show no mercy thinking I am a little girl,” Priya said with her head down.

I saw movement outside the window and saw Sripriya standing outside at the same position where Priya had stood a few days before and watching her stepmom getting fucked by me. I was in a dilemma as my cock was fully inside Priya’s pussy.

Staring at Sripriya, I began to fuck Priya in slow strokes without bothering about the reputation. “What are you doing, Chetta?” Sripriya almost shouted, seeing her stepdaughter getting fucked. Hearing Sripriya’s voice, Priya lifted her head and saw her stepmom outside the window.

“I thought you were dumb but not blind. Can’t you see that your Chetta is fucking me,” Priya said calmly and, turning back at me, said, “Don’t worry about that bitch, Uncle. Fuck me nice and good in front of her.” Sripriya came to the main door and opened the door using the spare key.

Once inside, Sripriya, fuming, came near me and tried to push me away from her stepdaughter. But I was too strong for her, stood still with my cock firmly lodged in Priya’s tight pussy.

“How can you use my daughter for your selfish deeds, Chetta? Do you know what will happen if her dad finds out about this,” Sripriya said and was almost in tears.

“Stop these crocodile tears, Sri. Do you know what will happen if I show the video to Dad of you getting fucked by your Chetta right in our kitchen,” Priya said with a smirk on her face.

Sripriya and I were stunned to hear her. The little bitch had taken a video of me fucking Sripriya in her kitchen. That’s why she invited me to her home that day. What a scheming girl, I thought. Sripriya looked at me, despairing and helplessly.

“Start fucking me, bastard, or I will go and show the video to dad. Let her tell me about me, too. I don’t care,” Priya said, hissing.

Sripriya, wiping her tears, said, “Do what she asks, Chetta, or she will ruin my life and yours too.”

Hesitating, I moved my cock in and out of Priya’s moist pussy and, pulling Sripriya towards me, hugged her trying to console her. Her breasts were crushing my left arm as she, too, hugged me tightly. To break the ice, I pulled Sripriya’s saree pallo down, baring her blouse.

Cupping her left breast, I said, “You don’t know how much I missed you these last few days, dear.”

“Chee, what is this, Chetta, in front of my daughter? I came here to say sorry for missing the Thursday afternoon session. I can see you are not missing me much. Enjoy yourself with Priya. I will come tomorrow,” Sripriya said, trying to get away from my embrace.

“Where are you going, Mummy? I want you here and want to taste you again,” Priya said, looking back at Sripriya.

Sripriya confusingly looked at me and Priya. How can I tell her that her stepdaughter licked her pussy while I was fucking her in the kitchen in a doggy position?

“Close that damn window. I don’t want your sister Srileela to come up and see us like I did. Come and kneel before me,” Priya ordered her stepmom.

Sripriya climbed the diwan, closed the window shutter kneeled before her stepdaughter. Priya looked up at Sripriya and said, “Can’t you see I am busy? Lift your saree and show me your pussy mummy.”

“What?” Sripriya said in disbelief, hearing Priya.

“I said, lift your saree and show me your pussy so I can lick it. You tasted nice that day. Let me taste it again,” Priya said, nuzzling her face on Sripriya’s mound through her saree.

Sripriya looked at me with confusion. I meekly said, “Priya was licking both of us while I was fucking you in the kitchen, Sri.”

“Oh, God, did you allow her to lick me? How can you do this to me, Chetta? My daughter licked me when we were…OMG!” Sripriya was again in tears.

“Hurry up, mummy, I don’t have all day. Look how your Chetta is pounding me,” Priya said with urgency in her voice to see her mom’s pussy again.

Sripriya sighed and said, “Will you promise me to delete that video if I show you my……….oh chee.”

“Pinky, promise I will delete the video in front of you. But you should keep my secret too, mummy,” Priya said, looking at Sripriya.

“Ok, I will show you, but not for your blackmail. Because you are calling me mummy for the first time. Will you address me as mummy from now onwards, baby?” Sripriya said, hoping to bridge the gap between her stepdaughter with this illicit sex.

“Ok, baba, I will call you mummy. You should not poke in my affairs and behave like a good mummy. I won’t mind if you come up here again and again to Uncle. I will be good to you if you are good with me. Now show me your pussy, mummy. I can’t wait to taste it again,” Priya said with urgency.

Sripriya, looking at me, lifted the hem of her saree and petticoat. She raised both to her tummy level, revealing her pussy to her daughter. As usual, she was not wearing any panties. Surprisingly her pussy was leaking, and her slit was moist.

Priya quickly latched onto Sripriya’s pussy with her tongue stretched out. Savouring her mom’s cum she said, “You taste good, mummy, that’s why your Chetta was lapping your pussy like an ice cream on Onam day. It’s yummy mummy.”

Sripriya, too, was enjoying her daughter licking her, staring at me asked, “Did she see us on Onam, Chetta?” to which I nodded. “Oh God, did she see us fucking too that day,” Sripriya asked to which I nodded again fucking Priya now in long strokes.

“Then what is there to hide now? Let’s enjoy together,” she said. She pulled her saree from her body and, untying her petticoat, removed it over her head. Sripriya was just in her blouse, placing her hand on Priya’s head, pushing on her pussy.

She said, “Suck mummy’s pussy nicely, baby. I thought of getting sucked by Chetta, and I am glad that my daughter is sucking me. Do you want mummy to suck you, baby?”

Priya stopped sucking her mom and, lifting her head, said, “I would love it, but it’s filled up mummy. Let Uncle fill his cum in me, and you can taste both our juices from my pussy.”

“Chee, that’s gross. How can I eat his cum from you, baby? I will suck you like you did when Chetta was fucking me in the kitchen,” Sripriya said, wiping the sweat from her daughter’s forehead.

“I promise I will suck you after your Chetta has fucked and cum in you, mummy, if you suck our juices out from me,” Priya said, laughing.

“So you don’t mind Chetta taking me. Or do you want us to have a threesome every time, baby? I don’t mind if Chetta agrees. I want to have my darling daughter with me every time Chetta fucks me. I will be with you when he takes you. I like hearing mummy from you, baby. You don’t know how long I waited for this, Priya,” Sripriya said, touching Priya’s lips.

“Yes, I will call you mummy always. Now, shall we get back to what we were doing, mummy,” Priya said, licking her mom’s fingers.

Sripriya, bending her head down, gave a peck on Priya’s lips and said, “Yes, baby. Suck mummy’s pussy and let Chetta feel what he is missing.”

The story continues.

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