Prits teaches a lesson to Panty-boy James!

There was no denying it. James was the most embarrassed person on the planet. James Kinney will forever be remembered for his intense embarrassment. He blushed and blushed but was totally speechless.

Prits was a dynamic and beautiful woman. She had dated James briefly. And when she discovered that James had cheated on her, she decided to initiate some payback.

Prits was ingenious and powerful. And she was creative and determined. Her revenge against James would become an extremely popular story of female empowerment.

The story starts when Prits is dating James. She jokingly made him wear one of her panties under his jeans as they went out on a date. Prits playfully teased James and had fun with the fact that she knew his ‘little secret.’

It was just a few days later that Prits discovered that James was wearing panties again. She was surprised and amused. James had purchased several pairs of little panties to wear for her enjoyment.

Prits took James panty shopping and they bought the most adorable effeminate panties for him with lace and ruffles and bows. And Prits demanded that most of those panties were thongs so that she could grab James’ butt. Prits privately began calling James her ‘panty-boy.’

When Prits found out that James was cheating on her, she determined that she would let as many people as possible know that James wears little girly panties. She wanted him to experience humiliation. But revealing his panties was just the beginning of an elaborate plot for revenge.

Prits was able to secure the assistance of 4 of her guy friends. Those guys agreed to help Prits, and they recruited an additional 10 guys. The plan began with getting James in a very public place. They chose the very crowded Pitt Street Shopping Center.

Prits told James to meet her. When James showed up, a group of guys grabbed him and stripped him down to his panties. They then bent him over a spanking bench and tied his wrists to his ankles.

James wore only a pink lace stringy thong panty and was bent over with his butt cheeks pooched into the air. He wore a ball gag to keep him quiet. Prits stepped in front of him and announced, “James, you cheating, lying jerk, I am breaking up with you and will be teaching you a very public lesson!”

Literally 500 people watched as Prits pulled a large wooden sorority paddle from a bag. People held their phones up to record Prits as she began spanking James.

“Look at those girly little panties. He is so adorable…but we start with spanking him properly!” declared Prits.

As the paddle landed firmly on James’ butt cheeks, a thunder crack rang out with each powerful swing. Prits performed a powerful panty-pounding. James was shocked and embarrassed. He whimpered through the ball gag.

After 100 firm swats, the crowd was giggling, and James was moaning. His butt cheeks were so hot that it felt as though his little thong panty might burst into flames any moment. A handful of girls in the crowd, upon hearing that James had cheated, wanted to participate and got in some swats of their own.

Prits then unleashed the guys to do their part in the revenge. The first guy stood in front of a blushing James and removed the ball gag. The guy pulled his cock out of his pants and let his huge manhood hang in front of James’ face.

Seeing the large size of the cock caused James to gasp and drop his mouth open in surprise. The guy took the opportunity and stepped forward, pushing his cock into James’ mouth.

The look of embarrassment and shock on James’ face made Prits burst into hysterical laughter. The guy in front of James began pumping his hips as the cock pushed deep into James’ throat. The embarrassment was staggering for James.

It took a few minutes, but James received a huge mouthful of cum. James swallowed and grunted in humiliation. To the entertainment of Prits, James then cleaned the guy’s cock with his mouth and licked his cock clean.

James glared at Prits with narrowing eyes and grunted between clenched teeth. Prits covered her mouth and laughed. Then the next guy in line pushed his gigantic cock into James’ mouth.

The slurpy sounds filled the air once again. James had his throat hardcore fucked in front of a large crowd of cheering onlookers. While James sloppy slurped eight manly cocks and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum, a few guys kept James’ butt cheeks well-spanked.

Prits danced around James and cheered as she led the crowd in a chant of “Gobble, bob, and suck it hard!”

James blushed with embarrassment as his lips sucked and slurped, and his throat gurgled with the powerful plunging. His eyes watered and fluttered as they rolled back. The crowd applauded his humiliation.

Prits grabbed a handful of James’ hair and pulled his head backwards and demanded, “Open your mouth slut!” James opened his mouth, and Prits spit in his mouth. James swallowed and whimpered in defeat.

Prits raised her arms above her head and hooted in victory. She shouted, “Girl Power Rules!” A cheer arose from several of the girls in the crowd.

James’ brain reeled in unbelievable embarrassment. His butt cheeks were on fire, and his tonsils had been fucked so hard that he saw stars. He licked his cum-drenched lips and blushed.

Prits laughed so hard that her shoulders shook. She gave high-fives to several other girls in the crowd as she announced, “Served as deserved, you cheating panty-boy! I will remember you gagging on cocks!”

James whimpered and blushed, “Oh! You are not funny!”

“Actually, I am hilarious! Seeing your mouth stuffed with cock has been so very satisfying for me!” replied Prits.

“Ugh! You!” grunted a flabbergasted James.

Prits danced and sang,
“Panty-boy cheater…
becomes a cock eater…
Panty-boy cheat!…
Your ass I beat!…
Panty-boy cheat!…
Goes down in defeat!”

James was so embarrassed that his eyes watered profusely. The remaining six guys lined up in front of James and ran a brutal face-fuck train on him. They shoved their cocks so deep down James’ throat that he became dizzy.

As cum poured down James’ throat, slobber dripped off of his chin. His eyes crossed and fluttered. Prits was so pleased to hear the repeated “GUH! GUH! GUH!” sounds coming from James’ mouth.

She snapped the string of his thong panty and patted his red hot butt cheeks. Prits smiled and loudly proclaimed, “This is what happens to a guy that cheats…Girl Power will make you a public spectacle!”

By this time in the revenge plot, Prits noticed that James was controlling his gag reflex, and his lips were sensually slurping the cock in his mouth. Her mouth dropped open as she declared, “Oh my god! He likes it! James likes sucking cocks! I’ve just outed him!” She then burst into hysterical laughter.

After James was finished sucking all the cocks, he panted to catch his breath. He was so intensely embarrassed. Prits untied his wrists and ankles, and James fell back on his butt with a firm THUD! He sat on his tiny panties, staring at the large crowd of onlookers.

Prits loudly announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is James Kinney! He is a panty boy and a blowjob-specialist! He is willing to suck any cock! Isn’t that right, James?”

James sat dumbfounded and blinked and stammered, “I…I…it is so embarrassing! Yes! Yes…I admit! I will suck more cocks!”

Prits and the crowd erupted with laughter as James blushed bright red. James began to bounce up and down on his sore butt, his butt cheeks slapping the hard street over and over. He bounced and blushed.

Prits patted James on the head and declared, “Happy cock-gobbling!” James rolled his eyes and whimpered in defeat and resignation. Because of Prits and her Girl Power, James would be continually sucking cocks non-stop!

Prits walked away triumphantly as her revenge plot was more successful than she could have ever imagined. Prits would become an international heroine for girls everywhere. She felt a deep, enduring sense of satisfaction.

James was left bouncing in his sore butt until a group of rugby players surrounded him and took him to their locker room, where James became their personal panty-boy cock-sucker. James wore girly thong panties and was given about 32 blowjobs per day.

Prits heard that he was regularly dressed as a flirty French Maid and would cook and clean for the Rugby players, men and women. He would suck cocks for the men, and the women would spank him.

Prits was able to observe James dressed as a French Maid and sucking cocks. James then bounced on his butt in front of Prits while claiming, “Prits, you made me do this. You turned me into a French Maid cock-slurper that bounces on my sore butt!”

Prits laughed so hard and then stated, “Welcome to your new life, panty-boy!”