Playing ‘Bigg Boss’ to seduce housewife mom

Note:- This Is purely a fictional story. All the characters involved are purely imaginative.

My name is Rikun. I am 23 years old and I am a software engineer. I completed my yearly contract at Wipro and made around 2 lakhs. As my first earning, I wanted to give half of my earnings to my parents. But sad said, “It’s your hard-earned money, so keep it for yourself.”

As the job was done, I decided to return home. Mom and dad were happy to see me.

Now, about my family. We are a small happy family of 3 members only.

My mom:- She is a typical housewife who raised our family well. She is around 45 years old. She looks average and has a fair body, straight hair up to her back, a pair of beautiful breasts, a plump belly, and a big round juicy ass. Her ass really strikes out when she wears a saree.

I have never seen her wearing modern dresses. She always wears a saree, salwar kameez, or nighty, nothing other than that. Also, she never had make-up on. She can look gorgeous if she tries to modernize herself. But she remains the innocent housewife mom.

My dad:- He is a typical bread earner of the family. He is around 50 and works as a government employee. He is a good man, but a workaholic person to be honest.

Now, a little bit about me: I have had a crush on mom since my childhood. I don’t like girls of my age. I always adore my mom. She is the ideal woman. It was formerly love, but as I grew it later turned into lust. But I never had the guts to reciprocate those feelings.

Now, coming back to the story. The day I came, dad had a meeting with his colleagues and they were given a training proposal by the Government. As a workaholic person, he agreed to take on the task along with his colleagues. And that night, he sat out for a 10 days training venture.

Mom told me to sleep early. I nodded and went into my room. But suddenly, a noise came from the living room. To my surprise, mom was watching the ‘Bigg boss’.

Son: Hey mummy, turn off the TV, it’s quite loud.

Mom: Don’t worry, it’s my everyday routine. Put on some earbuds and do something. It will be over by midnight.

Son (looking at the tv): It’s the ‘Bigg boss’ show. You too got addicted to this shit.

Mom: Yeah, son. Your dad too tells me that.

Son: What’s interesting about watching people fight?

Mom: It’s funny to watch them.

Son: Oh, how about you going to the ‘Bigg boss’ show?

Mom: I am a normal housewife, son. It’s just fun to watch, not to participate in this kind of thing.

Son (the naughty idea came into my mind): How about playing inside this house for 10 days?

Mom: What are you saying, beta?

Son: Like the show, let’s give each other tasks, and let’s see how funny it is.

Mom: Your idea does seem interesting.

She was hesitating but accepted as I was stubborn.

Son: We will start tomorrow. Fine, mom? You give the first task and then me, and so on.

Mom: Fine, but what will be the winner’s reward?

Son: How about 1 lakh, mom? I was thinking of giving it to dad. But he said no. So, if you win, you will get the reward.

Mom (with a grin): No backing off, son. I will be having that money.

Son: You have to win then.

Saying this, I went to bed. I was eager for the next day. If I got lucky, I could bang her.

Day 1:- Mom was given the task of doing the house chores.

I woke up at 7 and searched for mom. Mom was in the Pooja room, chanting mantras. I made coffee and waited for mom. Soon after she came, I rushed to her.

Son: Hey mom, what is today’s task?

Mom (gave a thoughtful look): Mister Rikun, you will be helping your mom with house chores.

Son: What? Such a silly task.

Mom: Silly, huh! Take that broom and start sweeping.

Son: Fine, mom.

And I started sweeping.

Mom: You are doing quite well.

Son: I do cleaning stuff at my apartment. So, this is a piece of cake.

Mom: I think I gave you an easy task.

Son: I said it is a silly task.

Mom: Okay, then let’s prepare breakfast.

So, we prepared breakfast, then gradually prepared lunch and dinner. The day ended soon. Mom and I had some talks, but they were normal regarding work. She was giggling and smiling the whole day. She seemed to have fun. So, day 1 ended with no results.

Day 2:- Son wished to see mom in t-shirts and shorts.

I woke up at the same time. Mom was watching the news. I sat close to her.

Son: Mom, today’s task is you will be wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Mom (put down the tea cup and raised her voice): No-no, nope. I can’t wear such a dress. It’s not right for me. I am kind of old. This nighty is fine.

Son: Please mom, I accepted yesterday’s request. Please listen to my request today. It’s today’s task.

Mom: Nope (like a stubborn kid).

Son: That means you lose and you will be paying me 1 lakh.

Mom: What! How do you win? I am telling you to change the task. Nothing more, okay.

Son: No mom, the task is set.

Mom: Why do you want to see me in a t-shirt and shorts, mister?

Son: I just want to see if you can look sexy.

Mom blushed a bit.

Mom: Ain’t your mother sexy (giving a sexy pose)?

Son: Yeah, you are sexy. But will look sexier in those dresses.

Eventually, after countless pleas, my mother accepted to wear my dad’s shirt and shorts. She told me to wait in the living room. Mom came in dad’s grey shirt and his blue shorts.

Mom: Hey beta, it is a bit embarrassing, but how do I look?

Her boobs and ass were tight in a shirt and shorts. Mom was more plump than dad. She looked erotic and sexy. Her morning glow with those exposed thighs, and I wanted to lick those thighs.

Son: Mom, you look stunning! I knew you would look good.

Mom blushed and walked toward me. Her boobs shook as she came close and turned over. I was looking at her hips and that juicy ass.

Mom: These really look good, right?

My dick got semi-erect when she posed and said it seductively. Then she moved toward the kitchen. While walking, her ass jiggled, which made my dick harder. Then I decided to show my erection to her. I helped her wherever she went and tried to be close to her to show my erection.

She noticed my bulge and just smiled sexily. I knew she was getting horny. I never thought my conservative mom would be this sexy. Then she laughed and teased me the whole day, but I could not bring about any sex topic. Then the night came.

At night, she said she had fun wearing clothes and watched the ‘Bigg boss’ show. I asked to sleep together that night, but mom refused. It seemed I still couldn’t cross the line.

Day 3:- Mom’s Revenge

Mom was in the hall watching tv.

Mom: You enjoyed a lot yesterday, ogling at your mummy.

Son (with a wide grin): We gave tasks to each other.

Mom: But beta, I am your mom.

Son: So, what? You are a woman also. You deserve to wear those dresses. Believe me, mom, you looked sexy.

Hearing the word ;sexy;, my mother blushed again but didn’t say anything.

Mom: Okay, so I will make my son sexy today.

I wondered if she wanted to see me naked.

Mom: Son, today you will be wearing my nighties.

Son: What, really mom?! Nope, nope, I can’t wear those.

Mom: You can’t say no. You are bound to wear it.

And she gave me 2-3 nighties.

Son: Uff, I don’t dare to wear that.

Mom: Why are you disgusted? It’s my dress. Like wearing mom shirts and shorts.

Son: No mom, I am not a girl.

Mom: Please beta, wear it.

Seeing such an innocent and sexy face, it was hard to say NO. The whole day, I wore nighties and mom took pics and sent them to dad. I was really embarrassed. I felt rage instead of horniness. Anyway, the day passed without any incident.

Day 4: Son’s Comeback

Son: Hey mom, today you won’t be saying anything. Let’s see if you can handle it.

Mom (smiled): Easy.

Son: The time starts now till midnight.

Mom just nodded her head. I went up to her and poked her waist. She didn’t say anything but just resisted moving her hands, but I too playfully poked her again. She rushed to the kitchen. That was when I grabbed and hugged her and whispered, “You are looking beautiful today.”

She blushed and now I moved my hand toward her belly button. She was still resisting, but still not saying anything. I decided to grab her breast and when I did, she shook a bit but accepted it.

I slowly started massaging them, to which she moaned. Then I kissed her back and nape. She moaned again. My dick got hard and started poking my mom’s ass. She was feeling my dick. She raised her arm and I started caressing her breast. She moaned hard, but suddenly, there was a knock on the door and we both separated. She saw my bulge and told me to go back.

Then she adjusted her dress and opened the door. It was the aunty next door. She wanted some sarees. Both of them had a long gossip and she left after an hour. Then I reached mom as soon as she shut the door.

Son: You smell so nice, mummy.

Mom: Hey, listen to me (pushing me aside).,

Mom: What did you do that time? What are you thinking about, beta? We shouldn’t be indulging like that.

Son: But mom, you like it, right?

She remained silent.

Mom: Don’t say such things.

Son: Mom, I want to have sex with you!

Mom slapped me right across the cheek.

Mom: Chee! Have you gone mad, beta? Never think of such a thing again and please don’t talk to me.

And after this incident, she avoided me the whole day.

Day 5:- Outing with mom.

Mom came out of the Pooja room.

Mom: Hey beta, I am sorry I slapped you yesterday.

Son: It’s fine, mom. It was my fault.

We both remained silent.

Mom: Can you take me to the temple?

Son: Sure, mom.

That day was Monday, mom was a Shiva devotee. I agreed and took a bath and we both went to the temple. Mom wore a sexy blue saree.

Son: Let’s go.

Mom maintained a gap while sitting together. Then we reached the temple. The pandit gave us some coconut as prasad and told us to tie the red ribbon on the tree. Mom refused as tying requires two partners and they must be in love.

Son: I love you, mom. Don’t worry, our bond will become stronger.

Mom: But.. You too know, you must be in that kind of love.

Pandit: Just tie it, madam. Other people are waiting.

We apologized and both tied the ribbon together and came out.

Mom: Hey beta, can we play the game outside too?

Son: Yeah, it’s possible.

Mom: How about an outing today? A full-day outside plan?

I agreed instantly and took her on a long ride. I took her to the malls and restaurants for lunch. Then we watched a movie and again had a night ride. Mom was having fun. I could feel her boobs on my chest. She also grabbed my chest. I was feeling horny. I knew that mom wanted the night to be special. Then I bought some condoms from the medical store.

After dinner again at a fancy restaurant, mom said –

Mom: Hey son, let’s go back home. The day has finished.

Son: It’s still 10. We have two more hours.

Mom: So, where should we go?

Son: Let’s go to a lodge.

Mom hesitated as she knew what it meant. She said no a few times.

Son: Please mom, only once.

Mom: I had a ton of fun with you, but I can’t accept this.

Then I took my mom’s hand and caressed her.

Son: Please mom, I love you, I love you, I want you, please mom.

Mom bit her lips as I caressed her silky smooth hands. Then she said –

Mom: Fine, but promise we won’t be doing anything.

Son: Okay.

Then I took her to OYO. There were unreserved rooms. I took her to a queen-sized bed for a night special. He gave us the keys. I kept my hand on her waist and escorted her.

We went inside the room. The light was good and had a night bulb. The room had a jasmine fragrance. Mom jumped to the bed.

Mom: Feels so soft. It’s fluffy and good.

Then I went close to her and pinned her hands and moved my face closer.

Son: Mom, you are really beautiful.

Mom: I know I am beautiful.

Son: I love you.

Mom blushed.


Then I kissed her lips. She resisted a little but opened her mouth and we exchanged saliva. Then I played with her tongue and we kissed for 5 minutes.

Son: Thanks, mom.

Mom: Anything for you, beta. I had a good day and now I have to make a good night also (she smiled seductively).

Then I released her and removed the shirt.

Mom: Beta, don’t think about it. You can just kiss me and play with my boobs.

Son: What are you afraid of mom? Sex?!

Mom: Come on beta, think logically. We are mother and son. Also, why do you little rascal want to see my old body? I am quite old and plump. Do you prefer a woman like me?

Son: Not a woman like you, but only YOU, mom.

(She remained silent and blushed.)

Mom: Oh beta, Your sweet words won’t work.

Son: It’s the truth, mom. I always wanted you. Let it even be one day. I wanted to be with you.

Mom: Ain’t we always together?

Son: Not the usual love, you know what I mean.

Mom: Uff (she bit her lips)! When did you feel like this? Is it recent? Like seeing me in those t-shirts and shorts.

Son: Nope, I have loved you for a long time.

Mom: Is your love for me more than your dad?

It was a hint and she wanted me too.

Son: Yes, more than dad does.

Mom: What is the proof?

Son: How about removing those clothes and sleeping right beside me?

Mom: Uff… you are talking so dirty.

Son: I can do more dirty stuff.

Mom: Like what?

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.