NSA With Mom’s Friend – Part 3

Those days I would go to the library every day. Watching Sneh was my favourite pass time. I was infatuated with her to the point that I had to jack off immediately after meeting her.

She finally came to my house for dandia dance practice. When we were alone, I caught her wrist and asked her why she was avoiding me.

Sneh: You have a girlfriend now.

Avi: Look at her. She is much younger.

Sneh: then what do you want from me?

I was at a loss for words to say anything. My mind was full of lust. She looked like a low-hanging fruit in her red crepe saree and white half sleeves blouse. There was a moment’s pause. Then we kissed as if on cue. It was electric! She had visibly lost weight thanks to strict dieting and regular exercise.

I savoured her thick hair and felt Sneh’s ass with my hands. She held my cock and inserted it into her love hole. We had a quickie before anyone started asking for her. Surprisingly, she’d maintained her beautiful stats of 36-26-36 over the last year.

She looked taller than her height of five feet 5 inches, in 3” block heels. She pulled out my member before cumming and took the cumshot into her mouth. As I zipped my jeans, she spat the cum and smacked her lips.

She had used sexy red nail polish on her toes. The peep-toe sandals also gave a glimpse of her golden toe rings. I was tempted to fuck her again but held back as my mom called Sneh outside.

Before leaving, she told me to come for private tutoring on Saturday. She left as I tried to decide on the subject, especially since she’d been promoted to the post of librarian.

Come Saturday, I was outside her door, ringing the doorbell. Needless to say, it was hard to spend two full days without her. She looked scrumptious in a grey saree and matching blouse. We hugged in the corridor near the main door.

Without wasting time, I kissed her thick lips and gave her a hard squeeze to feel her body. She was buttery smooth with ivory-like skin that glowed like gold.

Sneh: Remember that you came for maths tuition.

Avi: But I don’t even have mathematics!

Sneh: Sshh! No one will ask, ok.

Quietly, I followed her to the living room and sat at the dining table. Her husband was on the sofa, watching TV. He said something about a barber when the bell rang. It was the guy Sneh’s husband had referred to.

The barber gave Sneh’s husband a super quick haircut and started packing to leave. Sneh asked her husband if she should get a root touch-up from the barber. After negotiating the price, Sneh’s husband gave the green signal.

This changed everything. I’d planned to twist Sneh’s silky hair and make love to her while her husband was taking a shower. Now Sneh’s husband waited for the hair dye application to complete. Sneh was enjoying herself as the barber did a customary head massage first.

I reluctantly removed my leg that was touching Sneh under the table. We started chatting, and our conversation veered towards love affairs. Sneh said she had a boyfriend before getting married.

The barber said something to Sneh, and she smiled shyly. The guy lifted her hand and held it while lathering her armpit. Once the foam was applied to Sneh’s underarm, the barber started scraping using short strokes of his straight razor.

Once satisfied, he did the other side, pinching the shaved skin and rubbing the back of his fingers on it. The whole scene was so erotic that I had to hold my dick to stop it from growing painfully hard. I was afraid that if I jerked, I would ejaculate instantly.

Meanwhile, Sneh’s husband asked her to get a fringe to avoid multiple touch-ups of hair colour. The young barber cut a wispy fringe and asked Sneh’s husband to confirm if it suited her. I enjoyed the visual treat as strands of hair slid to Sneh’s lap.

When the barber started applying talcum powder and brushing Sneh’s face, she asked him to wait a moment. We expected her to remove her blouse so it wouldn’t get hair clippings stuck. She surprised us by removing her bra (it was red) and leaving the top hook of her front-open blouse undone.

The blouse flapped as the barber blew air into her cleavage, giving me a glimpse of her smooth boobs. Sneh was turned on, going so far as pressing the palm of her hand in between her thighs. She touched her clit when the barber was busy.

At first, the guy used a dry shaving brush to dust Sneh’s cleavage. When no one said anything, he put his hand in the blouse and removed the hair clippings with his fingers. Looking at Sneh’s expression, I was tempted to touch her boobs.

She was about to say something when her husband turned to look for a fleeting second. Luckily everyone was keeping to themselves. Sneh asked him If it was ok to get her hair volume reduced. He was least interested and nodded his head.

I must have stared at Sneh’s tits because she smiled sluttily and told me to help with the blouse hook. I took the invitation and grabbed her boobs with both hands while doing her blouse hook. The barber asked to go to the bathroom to mix hair dye.

Sneh sent him inside and accidentally dropped her cell phone on the carpet. I bent under the table to retrieve it but had an idea looking at Sneh’s sexy feet. I held her pink calves and inserted my tongue into her freshly shaved pussy lips. She gasped to indicate uncontrollable pleasure.

I focused on her creamy stomach and licked around her pretty navel. She pushed my head gently to indicate that the barber was coming. I got up and sat in my chair. First, he trimmed Sneh’s hair and sectioned it from behind her ears to the top of her head.

He braided the back part and twist-cutting the front part from the nose bridge to the upper lip. Surprisingly, even the back hair made a decent braid, almost an inch thick in diameter. After the barber had reduced Sneh’s sideburns and neck area, he started mixing hair colour in a small dish.

Sneh’s makeover was drastic. She had lost half the hair volume to look sexy. A lot of hair was on the floor. From the sides, Sneh’s haircut looked like a mullet. But from behind, it looked like she had long hair.

The barber combed Sneh’s hair and applied colour. When I touched my dick, it was oozing with precum. The barber left, and soon Sneh also went for a shampoo.

When she came back, Sneh was unrecognizable. Her damp hair was rubbery-soft. She looked cute with big smokey eyes and a maroon satin shirt. Tights were in her hand as she sat down. Her husband turned back to see, but he didn’t suspect a thing.

She called me openly and asked me to show her my notebook. During that time, she opened my zip and started playing with my cock. It was hard to control my climax during the blowjob, and I came in spurts while ejaculating. Sneh was well prepared for this and applied lubricant after sucking me off.

I went behind and inserted it into her cunt in the doggy style. We fucked like that for ten minutes. She finally got an orgasm, and I came for the second time, smelling her hair. A combination of body lotion and shampoo, her smell intoxicating.

She wore her leggings and spoke as if nothing had happened.

Sneh: I’ll see your homework tomorrow.

Avi: Ok, miss, good afternoon!