Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 7

Hi, readers welcome back to our world of 5 nights of cruise story. To remind you all readers, this is a real story of me and my newly married wife. It has 5% fantasy just to spice up the story. And I am very happy that all readers, be it guys or girls, all are liking the story and are predicting the ending. But just to let you guys know, our cruise had an amazing ending. You all will love the ending which is not far. Till then, keep showing your love to Rahul and Anju in the comments and my email.

Now, coming back to our story.

It was the second night of the cruise and Rahul and Anju were sleeping on the balcony of their cabin. Anju woke up in the middle of the night at around 2 am. She was still in the effect of the drink which she had last night. She wanted to go to the washroom to pee. So, she got up from bed and moved toward the washroom.

She opened the door and closed it behind her. Then she turned and realized that in the effect of drink, by mistake she had come out of the room and closed the door behind her! And now, she was in 2 problems.

First – At 2 am, she was fully naked and locked outside her cabin without her husband Rahul knowing that she was outside. Her nipples were erect because she was feeling very cold.

Second – She wanted to pee so badly.

Anju looked here and there and walked toward one side of the corridor. She hid her boobs and pussy with her both hands while walking. While walking she luckily found room of the housekeeper. The door of the housekeeper’s room was open and she walked inside to look for the washroom. By good fortune, she found one. Then Anju rushed and went to the washroom and pee.

While she was peeing two housekeepers walked in the room and closed it behind them.

Housekeeper 1: Bhai, upar pool pe kya mast party chal rahi hai (Bro, what a rocking party is going on upstairs). Mast maal-maal ladkiyan hai, wo bhi thodi geeli-geeli (Hot girls are there with wet bodies).

Housekeeper 2: Haa bhai, ek do ne to mere se aake towel maanga tha (Yes bro, one or two of them asked for towels from me). Jab wo apne badan ko ponch rahi thi, tab maine bahut photos click kar liye (When they were wiping their bodies, that time I clicked many pictures). Kapde pehne hue the unhone, par bahut hot lag rahi thi (They were in clothes, but looking very hot).

H1: Waah bhai, dikha-dikha (Wow brother, show me).

Then they both looked at the pics and started to say horny words for the girls in the photos. Anju was already very horny and listening to their words she got more horny and started touching her pussy.

Listening to them, she kept on rubbing her clit and controlling her voice. One of the housekeepers left by saying that he was going to his deck to sleep. The other one closed the door behind him and took out his dick and started to masturbate looking at those pics. Anju also kept on rubbing herself till she flushed out a stream of love juice in their bathroom.

The housekeeper then started to sleep after he finished his imagination and stroked his dick. Anju then quietly came out of the washroom. She found many washed bathrobes in the room. She picked one and wrapped it around herself and left the room. Now her one problem was temporarily solved and her naked body was not exposed to the public. Still, her second problem was there, and she was locked out of her cabin.

She tried to knock on her room, but she was fully aware that Rahul was in deep sleep and won’t wake up. By her knock, Abhi from the room beside woke up and came out to look who was knocking. He thought that it was his room that was being knocked. Abhi looked out to find that Anju was in the bathrobe outside her room knocking for Rahul to open the door.

Hr immediately took out his phone and clicked photos of her in that position and even made a small video of her knocking. He then came out of the room and came near her.

Abhi: Hi Anju, what happened?

Anju (adjusting her bathrobe so that he doesn’t know that she was naked from inside): Amm.. Actually Abhi, I locked myself out of the room by mistake.

Abhi: Oh, but why are you in this dress?

Anju: Actually, I was sleeping like this. Then I felt someone was knocking on the door and came out to see who it was and locked myself out.

Abhi: So, what are you going to do now?

Anju: I have been knocking for a long time, but I think Rahul is in deep sleep. And I don’t want people to see me in this way. Can you help me in someway?

Abhi: Amm.. Sure, but I am only getting one idea to let you sleep in my room till morning. But what will happen when Rahul wakes up and doesn’t find you in the room?

Anju: That we will see tomorrow. Now, can we go inside? People are coming after the late party.

Then they both entered Abhi’s room. Neha was sleeping on the bed. Abhi told Anju to sleep in the bed and that he would sleep on the sofa. Anju was damn tired and was still under the influence of the drink which she had last night. She fell on the bed and went inside the blanket on which Neha was sleeping and went off to sleep.

While covering herself with a blanket, she looked at Neha. Neha was wearing a night dress which was transparent from the top. Her nipples were partially visible from it. The dress was purple in color and was silky. She had nothing below. Anju got a feeling that they also must have fucked each other before Neha slept. She then turned around and slept. Abhi slept on the sofa.

The next morning (3rd day of the vruise) came. The cruise was hitting the Cochin Coast at 8 am. The mobiles started to ping as they all came on the network. Rahul woke up with continuous messages on his and Anju’s Phone. He found himself alone naked on the balcony. Then he went inside and called for Anju and found her nowhere.

He quickly put on clothes and found out that Anju’s clothes were still in the bed. He looked for her in the bathroom but found nothing. Then he opened the door and looked outside.

Meanwhile, Anju and Neha were both sleeping on the bed. They both were in deep sleep. Abhi woke up first and stretched himself. He looked out that they had reached Cochin. He then turned to the bed and was mesmerized by the view he was seeing.

Both the girls were fully visible to Abhi and the blanket was in the middle covering no one. Neha’s one boob was hoping out of her dress and her pussy was also visible. Her other boob was partially visible through her transparent dress. On the other hand, Anju’s bathrobe was fully open and she was laying in deep sleep exposing her both boobs and pussy to Abhi’s eyes.

Abhi became hard immediately, but controlled himself and took out the phone again and clicked multiple photos and videos on other occasions. He then covered Anju with her bathrobe and quietly woke her up.

Anju woke up and held her head and remembered what happened last night. She got down off the bed quietly and tied her bathrobe and thanked Abhi for letting her stay.

Abhi: You can now go to your room before Neha wakes up.

Anju: Can I ask you another favor, please?

Abhi: Yes, sure. Tell me.

Anju: I don’t wanna go out like this. And also I am not aware that Rahul has woken up or not. So, can you go and knock on the door and if he is awake, then call me and I will rush inside the room.

Abhi agreed and did the same. He went out and found Rahul’s door open. As soon as he kicked the door, he found Rahul standing there. Then he called Anju. Anju rushed inside the room. She then thanked Abhi and Abhi left for his room.

Anju then explained what happened last night (of course, excluding her masturbation part which she told Rahul later for this story on ISS).

He kissed her on the forehead and told her to freshen up. Anju went to the washroom. Rahul then imagined if something happened between Anju and Abhi. He was pretty sure that a guy like Abhi won’t leave a chance to see Anju naked which he has seen many times in his eyes since the magic show, and now that he had her fully naked in the bathrobe, then he must have by somehow seen her naked body which Anju was not aware.

He then asked Anju about going out to Cochin or not. Anju said she wanted to go and see around. Then they both got ready and moved out for breakfast with the day packed to explore Cochin. Anju was wearing a purple flowery gown and purple leggings below. They both hit the 5th deck for breakfast and then planned to go out.

By 10 am, they both left the ship to roam around in the city. (Being an erotic story, we will skip the shopping and exposing the city part.)

They both reached back the ship by 4 pm as the shore excursion was till 6 pm and the ship was to sail for Lakshadweep at 7 pm. Anju had shopped for a sexy bikini to be worn tomorrow at Lakshadweep beach. Rahul bought Red Bull and many more things.

They both entered their room and find everything cleaned by the housekeeper. There was a note on the bed which said –


Anju and Rahul looked at each other and smiled. They changed their dress to bathrobes and hit the shower for a sexy shower together. Anju with her open hair walked to the shower and opened her gown and dropped it down near the washbasin and entered the shower. Rahul followed her and opened his gown and entered too.

Then Anju opened the shower and went inside it and got wet. Water dripped from her nipples to her tummy and finally to her pussy. She held her husband’s dick and started to stroke it. Within no time, Rahul’s dick responded to this view and started to salute Anju’s slutiness.

Anju sat down and took his dick inside her mouth and started giving blowjob to him. Rahul held her head and kept pushing her face inside and outside. Anju sucked it well by licking Rahul’s balls.

Then Rahul cummed all over his sexy wife’s face. Anju then stood up and washed her face in the shower. Rahul was done with his part of the shower and left the bathroom leaving Anju to wash her hair and body.

Rahul soon changed into jeans and shirt with sleeves rolled up and got his hair settled with gel. He was all set for sail-away party at Deck 10 near the pool. It was to start at 7 pm. While waiting for Anju to come out from the shower, he opened his phone and scrolled down the photos he clicked today of Anju in Cochin. He then stopped at the photos and videos which he took of Neha in that room. He saw the full videos again and relived the moment again.

Anju: Babe, you are already ready?

Rahul (closed his phone and settled his dick): Aaamm… Yes, baby. What are you gonna wear for the sail-away party? It’s 5:30 pm. Get dressed, we will go at 6:30 pm to the pool.

Anju: I’m thinking of wearing shorts, what say?

Rahul (with a kinky smile): Yeah baby, sure. And I have a perfect top for you.


It is the 3rd evening of the cruise and the night was still awaited. What is gonna happen next? A pool party and many events are awaiting at night. What is planned in the destiny of Anju? To know all of it, keep reading the story.

Be rest assured that you will get horny in each part and will live a cruising life with us. If you are a girl, then imagine yourself in place of Anju and if boy then Rahul is you. Also, keep showering your comments below and also in my email [email protected]

Till then, all boys keep getting erect and all girls keep getting wet. See you all soon in the next part.