Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 6

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Now, without wasting any more time, let me get back to the story. I hope you all remember what all have happened till now. If you forget or are a new reader then get reading the previous parts to know what all have happened to Anju and Rahul.

It was 7:30 pm and Rahul closed his cabin door behind him to search for Anju. He walked past all the cabins on his floor and looked at a glance in all the cabins if any open rooms and if Anju was inside. He remembered that they had planned to go to Chairman’s Club for the live music. Then he rushed to the 5th deck at the chairman’s club to look for her.

When Rahul reached there, he saw his wife Anju sitting on a chair with a drink in her hand and enjoying the music. She was wearing a pale yellow color top which was sleeveless and ended just below her boobs, with a gap in between which showed her belly and then stared at her tight denim jeans. She was looking like a ravishing yellow dish ready to eat. Then he moved toward to surprise her.

Rahul: Hey baby, how come you are here? I was looking for you all over the place. Why did you leave without telling me?

Anju: Oh, no-no, babe. Actually Nitin, Jitu, Vihaan, and Sahil came just after you left. They asked me what the plan was. So I told them that we have plans to come to live music. They told me to change fast and then come up. They were all here, I didn’t know just went to take their drinks.

Rahul: Oh, but you could have texted me before you left. Ok, no issues. What are you drinking?

Anju: I don’t really know. They only got one. It tastes good.

Just with this entered Vihaan.

Vihaan: Oh, hi Rahul, what’s up?

Rahul: Hi, Vihaan!

Vihaan: Where were you yaar? We came to your room to invite you both and you were not in the room. How can you leave such a beautiful sexy bride of yours behind unattended, hahaha?

Anju: Stop it, Vihaan. You don’t leave a moment without praising me.

Rahul: Nothing like that bro, I went to call the housekeeper for cleanup.

Anju: Where are the others, Vihaan?

Vihaan: Just coming. By the way, how is the drink?

Anju: Amazingly great. Just loving it. Babe, come na, let’s dance.

Anju pulled Rahul and they started to do a romantic dance to a romantic song played by the live musicians. Then Rahul pulled her closer and dances intimately.

Looking at them, many more couples joined the floor. Rahul and Anju were engrossed in each other’s eyes and were all over each other. Soon, the floor was full of couples of all ages dancing to the music. Anju then came out of the occasion and asked Rahul for dinner.

Rahul said: Let’s go to the 4th deck for dinner tonight.

Then they moved to the restaurant for dinner leaving all couples on the floor and also leaving all four boys waiting for Anju to be back to them.

After dinner, it was 9 pm and they headed to the reception to know of the plan for tomorrow as they were to hit the Cochin coast tomorrow. Then Rahul went to the receptionist and asked her-

Nikita (receptionist): Yes sir, how may I help you?

Rahul: Madam, may I know about the plan for the cruise tomorrow?

Nikita: Sir, the cruise will reach the coast by 9 am and then everyone is free to go outside for site seeing till evening 6 pm. The ship will sail at 7 pm tomorrow. If you have no plans, then you can book the excursion from the other side reception desk.

Rahul: And what if anyone doesn’t want to go out?

Nikita: Then sir, you can stay back in the ship and enjoy all the events that are normally planned inside. The meals will be available and all facilities will be open including the pool.

Rahul: Oh thanks, Nikita.

Then Rahul explained all to Anju while heading back to the cabin. When they were crossing their neighbor’s room in which Rahul had views in the evening, the couple came out of their room.

Anju: Oh, hi Neha, how are you? Baby, do you remember them? They were sitting beside us in the magic show and we both had gone on the stage.

Rahul: Yes, of course I do. Hi Neha and hi Abhi. (Abhi and Rahul shook hands.)

Neha: Anju, you didn’t meet him that time. He is Abhijit, my boyfriend.

Abhi came closer and hugged Anju which Anju did in return. Rahul was just ogling Neha as he had just masturbated seeing her naked some hours back. Then they both headed to dinner. They greeted each other and moved on their way.

Rahul and Anju entered their room. Rahul switched on the lights. Anju looked at Rahul and jumped on him.

Anju: Babe, what a honeymoon. This is so best. Meeting so many new people, enjoying every moment, no phone calls, no work, no worries.

And she kissed Rahul.

Rahul smiled and put her on the bed. She sat on the comfy spring bed and bounced back to the other end of the bed and took off her top. She wasn’t wearing anything inside. Not even her silicon cups.

Rahul didn’t even notice it prior. For now, seeing Anju in dim light on the bed in only denim jeans and topless with her 36″ sized boobs wanting to be sucked he got a hard-on. He was opening his shirt when Anju came closer and opened his pants and took out his dick.

Then Anju started to stroke Rahul’s dick crawling on the bed and Rahul was standing in front of her. Anju sucked his dick vigorously and was stroking very hard. Rahul also jumped on the bed and got in the 69 position and started to lick her pussy. He did it so well that within no time Anju started to scream and released all her juice on Rahul’s face. She still kept on sucking Rahul’s dick. He was fully erect with his 7 inches dick saluting Anju’s lips. Then Rahul came behind Anju and placed his dick on her pussy in doggy style.

With no time to waste, he then put his whole dick inside her and started to ram inside. Anju kept on screaming, “Oh baby, fuck me hard. Fuck me! Keep fucking me!!” She was behaving like a horny bitch tonight. She was all wet with her juice flowing continuously from her pussy.

After a good session ended after around 45-50 minutes, Anju said she wanted to see him masturbate and ejaculate in front of her. Rahul sat on and Anju started to rub her pussy and Rahul started to masturbate looking at her.

Anju stopped him and got a kinky idea. She said, “Babe, let’s go to the balcony and do this. What say?” Rahul winked and they both ran to the balcony naked. Then Rahul sat on a chair with his legs on the table and started to masturbate. Anju kept on moaning and rubbed her pussy while sitting on a chair and keeping her legs wide open for Rahul’s view.

Rahul ejaculated looking at his wife naked rubbing her pussy in the open air on the balcony with all the darkness around and water on the other side. Then they both kissed each other and planned to sleep on the balcony naked.

Rahul went and got the extra blanket from the closet and put it on the balcony floor and with one blanket on themselves they started to sleep.

Rahul: What will we do tomorrow? You wanna go out to see Cochin?

Anju: Babe, I have no clue what I am doing right now. I’m just happy I don’t know why. I’m just enjoying our fucking and views. You know I’m still horny. I may tell you to fuck me in the night also. So don’t ask anything now. We will decide tomorrow morning.

Rahul: I am all here to fuck my sexy horny wife.

Anju: Yes, but now let’s rest and I’ll try to sleep. Good Night Babe.

Rahul said good night and Anju turned to the other side and started to sleep. Then Rahul turned toward her and from behind held her boobs and slept.

While he closed his eyes, it struck why his wife was so horny tonight. Maybe it was the drink she was drinking, or had they planned to fuck her and thus they gave something mixed with the drink to her. And I came and ruined their plan.

Rahul kept on thinking that there might be a possibility for them to take her outside alone without informing him. While thinking he slept.

Tomorrow was the thirs day of the cruise and they were to hit Cochin tomorrow. Two of the five nights of the cruise were over and many things had happened.

What is coming up tomorrow? Will they go to visit Cochin or enjoy the cruise only? Or something starts from the night only. Anju is already horny and sleeping. To know all this, wait for the 7th part.

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