Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 5

Hello readers, we are back with the next part of the story. It was overwhelming to read your comments and your suggestions on the previous parts. Thank you all for your response and the love that you show toward Anju. Now, without wasting any time, we will get back where we left off.

Anju was in that black dress that her husband Rahul told her to wear. She had worn a silicon cup to hide her hard nipples. They both went to Deck 10 for their lunch. As they reached, it was about to be closed. Rahul walked to the manager and spoke to him about the delay. The manager agreed and they both sit for lunch.

Then Rahul looked for a good place for them to sit. They sat on a table with only two chairs in it. Rahul went and picked up the meal for both his wife Anju and himself. While he was walking back to his seat, he saw that the manager was clicking some photographs of Anju.

Rahul walked toward Anju and they both started to have their lunch. They both finished their lunch and walked out to the poolside where they found the rest of the people enjoying the loud music which was being played by a DJ beside the pool. Anju and Rahul sat on the chair enjoying the music.

Anju: I wanna dance, babe!

Rahul: Oh no, I am damn tired after the session we had. Ab aur kuch nahi Karna (Don’t want to do anything now). I just wanna sit and enjoy.

Anju: I too am tired. But with this good music, I wanna dance.

Rahul: Do one thing, you go and dance. There are a lot of ladies who are dancing and I don’t want to be an odd one out.

Anju: Sure, my love.

Anju then walked to the center of the dancefloor and started to feel the music and moved her hips. With every beat, her hips were moving and her boobs were shaking. She was playing with her open hair and enjoying the music to the fullest. Rahul looked at her and felt that she was drunk without being drunk. While he started to walk toward Anju, he saw that the guys from the morning show also were walking toward her.

Rahul went and started to dance with his wife. Vihaan came near her and Anju looked at him and with excitement said, “Hi”.

Vihaan: Hi Anju, you dance so well.

Anju: Thank you so much, Vihan. By the way, where are the others?

Vihaan: They are all here. Sahil has gone to get you a drink.

Rahul was standing beside Anju and listening to the conversation. Then he told Anju that it was time for them to go back to the room and take some rest as there was live music planned in the evening. Anju remembered it and said,” Oh yeah babe, I forgot. Okay, let’s go to the room and grab some sleep.”

Rahul was not feeling good about the intentions of those four guys. He told Anju –

Rahul: Those four guys were ogling you and I have a strong feeling that they want to fuck you.

Anju started to laugh and said: You are overthinking. They are just over-friendly. I have handled such guys a lot and I can handle them too.

Rahul smiled and went back to the room. Once they were about to reach the room, Rahul remembered that the same couple who was there at the magic show was in the room beside them.

Rahul sneaked into the room as the door was open at a glance. Then he moved ahead with Anju and entered their room. He left Anju in the room and said that he would call the housekeeper to clean the cabin. Anju agreed and closed the door behind him and went to the balcony and sat on the chair and enjoyed the view.

Meanwhile, Rahul moved out of the room and again sneaked into the room of the other couple. He found that there was no one in the room and the door was open. Then he went inside and found that the guy had left his phone on the table.

Rahul opened his phone and saw what was there in the gallery. He wanted to check all the photographs he had taken of his wife during the magic show. No surprise, he found many clicks of Anju zoomed to her cleavage and thighs.

He scrolled his gallery more and he found out nudes of the girl he was with. He immediately transferred all the nudes and the video of the couple having sex to his phone.

When he was about to leave the room, he saw the girl entering the room and closed the door behind her. He hid himself near the curtain of the balcony. It was already evening and the sun was about to set. Thus, there was some darkness in the room.

The girl switched off all the lights and started to strip. She was wearing a dark blue top and jeans. She pulled down her jeans and removed them fully. Her naked ass with a panty that was light blue, was visible clearly to Rahul. He instantly got an erection in his pants.

Rahul immediately took out his phone and started to make a video of her. She then pulled up her top exposing her light blue matching bra to Rahul. She went to the dressing mirror and started to look at herself and her figure. She had an amazing figure. Her shape was just like an hourglass. Rahul could guess her figure was nearly 36-28-38.

Then she started to press her boobs over her bra and then within seconds, opened her straps exposing her naked round boobs to the mirror. Rahul was making the whole video along with his erection inside the pants.

The girl then took off her panty and got fully naked in front of the mirror. She saw herself in front of the mirror for a second and then walked towards the bathroom. Rahul could see her ass swinging and her boobs bouncing while she was walking. Then she picked up her towel and went inside the bathroom for a shower.

Rahul rushed out of the room and closed the door behind him. He quickly moved to his cabin and looked for Anju. He was not able to find her. Then he looked for Anju’s keycard and found out that she had left the room with her key card. He first went to the washroom and masturbated to the view he had just moments back.

Then he took out his 7-inch dick and imagined the girl and started to masturbate.

Once he was done, he came outside to the room to find where Anju went. It was already 7:30 pm when he left the room and went to look for Anju.

Where could she be? When Rahul left the room he closed the door behind and now she was not in the room. Will Rahul find out where Anju was and what she was up to? For all this ,wait for the next part.

It’s just the second day on the cruise and a lot has happened and a lot is awaited. But whatever it will be, I assure you all that it will be fun and will make you all horny.

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Till then, all boys keep getting erect and all girls keep getting wet.