Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 4

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It was 10:30 am on the second day of the cruise. Rahul entered the cabin after adjusting his hard dick which was erect after listening to those cleaners. He entered to see his wife Anju wearing an orange color gown.

Her gown was long from the bottom. It had a sleeveless top which was giving a very sexy shape to Anju’s boobs and cleavage. The top and bottom were joined by a small stitch which was just covering her navel. It was a backless gown, thus she had opened her hair. With her hair reaching just above her hips and light makeup, she was looking damn sexy.

Rahul was already hard and seeing his newlywed sexy Indian wife in that dress was giving him more ideas. Before leaving, he kissed Anju and told her she was looking stunning.

Then he asked, “You are not wearing a bra?”

“It is a backless dress, baby. I have put on silicon stick-ons on my nipples” Anju said. Rahul smiled and locked the door and left for the auditorium.

They reached the 5th floor for the show. There was not much of a crowd as it was a paid show. Then Rahul and Anju entered the auditorium and sat on a seat for 2. Beside them, there was another couple and in the front were some bachelors groups.

The Magic show started and it was all dark in the auditorium. In the middle, there was an act that wanted volunteers. 2 ladies were requested to come to the stage. One of them who was selected was Anju and the other was the girl sitting beside.

In the show, they were told to stand, facing backward. The whole auditorium was seeing Anju’s backless dress and the other girl was wearing a one-piece. Her name was Neha as announced by the magician.

Rahul started to look around to see the audience’s reaction to the magic which was on. He saw that the guys in front were zooming on to his wife Anju and clicking her pics and making videos of her. The focus light was falling on her from the top making her cleavage visible at max and her face was glowing like a sparkle.

To Rahul’s shock, he saw the guy beside him whose gf or wife was standing beside Anju was also clicking pics and videos of Anju. Rahul ignored it and looked in front of the magic act. Once the act was finished, the magician thanked the two ladies and told them to go back to their seats.

While Anju was on her way to the seat, the show’s end was announced. Rahul got up from the seat and looked at Neha’s bf who was taking Anju’s pic. He went to him and said –

Rahul: Hi, this is Rahul (shook hands).

Abhijeet: Hi Rahul, Abhijeet here. You can call me ‘Abhi’.

Rahul: I saw what you did, Abhi.

Abhi: I’m sorry, what?

Rahul: I saw you were taking pics of my wife on the stage.

Abhi was shocked and felt ashamed. He said sorry and by that time, Neha came. Rahul greeted Neha and they both left.

Then Rahul turned back to look for Anju. He was not able to find her. He went around the auditorium to see her but found her nowhere. Rahul then moved out and found Anju standing outside the auditorium talking to the guys’ group. They all were laughing. Rahul went near them.

Anju: And here he is. Meet him, he is Rahul, my husband. And Rahul, they are Nitin, Jitesh or Jitu (Anju laughed while saying this), Vihaan, and Sahil.

Vihaan: Hi bro, we were just talking about you and that you are so lucky that Anju is your wife.

Jitesh: Yes, the way she was fearlessly standing on the stage, it takes courage.

Anju: Oh, stop now, you guys. You know what Rahul, they all are on our floor only.

Rahul looked at them and he knew what was there in those guys’ minds. He had seen them ogling her on the deck when she came out of the pool as well as on the first day.

Rahul: Babe, let’s leave now. It’s time for lunch.

Anju: Ya sure! But baby, I need to change. I won’t be able to eat in this. Let’s go to the room and change and then go to the deck restaurant for lunch.

Sahil: Hey, you forgot to take your phone back.

Anju: Oh yes, I completely forgot. Thanks.

Rahul amusingly started to move along with Anju toward their cabin and asked Anju, “Why was your phone with him?”

Anju: Oh, nothing babe, while I was coming down from the stage, they stopped me and told me that I was so brave and all. I said thank you and then we started to talk. At that time, Sahil said that he had clicked a lot of pics of the act with me in it and could share it. It was not transferring and thus he took the phone to transfer the pics. That’s it, nothing else.

Then we both reached the room and Anju entered the room and rushed to the washroom, as she wanted to pee. Rahul immediately picked up her phone and opened the gallery.

He scrolled up her gallery as he remembered clicking her nudes and other sexy pics on her phone as well as on his own phone. He scrolled to find that Anju’s nudes were still in the gallery. There was a feeling in his mind that Sahil must have transferred those pics to his phone. Then, while scrolling down, he saw that along with her pics of the event, Sahil had sent his shirtless pics in underwear to her.

Anju flushed the washroom and came out. Rahul kept the phone and asked her what she would change into.

Anju: Baby, wanna wear something different. You say.

Rahul: Wear the black dress which we bought in Mumbai.

Anju’s eyes sparkled with joy and she ran and took out the dress from the bag. It was a black dress with some small flowers on it. It was a tight skirt that ended just below the hip and the top had a knot in front which showed that it was tied from front.

Anju quickly opened her gown. Within seconds and in front of Rahul, Anju wife was fully nude in a skin color panty and no bra. Only silicon sticks to hide her nipples. Rahul moved forward and held his sexy wife’s boobs and kissed her from behind.

Anju was holding the dress. She moaned and left the dress. Rahul turned her toward him and started to kiss her passionately. She also responded the same way.

Her hands moved towards Rahul’s dick and she unzipped his jeans and took his dick out and started to stroke it. Rahul held her boobs and kept pressing them gently.

He then removed one silicon sticker and started to suck his hot newlywed wife’s nipples. She got aroused and started to rub her pussy. Rahul then pushed her onto the sofa across the bed and made her in a doggy position to place his dick on her pussy.

Rahul then removed her panty which was wet and found out that her pussy was drenched with love juice.

“Put that fucking dick inside me. I was waiting since we went to the auditorium. I am so fucking horny since then.”

Rahul put his dick on the edge and rubbed it slowly, making all the juice stick on his dick. Along with this tease to her pussy, he also started to spank her ass slowly. Anju got hornier and caught his dick and put it inside herself.

Rahul slowly kept pushing his dick in and out. With this rhythm, he, without telling Anju, slid his thumb inside her ass with the help of juices. Anju was so engrossed with the sex that she was just enjoying the pain. She was unaware of where the pain was coming from. Rahul kept on fucking his wife’s pussy and thumbtack her asshole.

Anju left a lot of juice and fell naked on the sofa. Rahul picked her up in his arms and took her to bed and fell on her boobs. Rahul imagined that if Sahil had taken the photos from her phone, then they all must be having a fun time in their rooms and he must have shared it with others too.

After some time, Rahul woke up and saw the time. It was 3 pm and they both did not go for lunch and had each other instead. Then Rahul rushed and wore his dress and woke Anju up.

She woke up and sat in bed. Her naked body was fully red because Rahul was sleeping on it. One nipple was open and the other was covered with a silicon sticker.

Then she went like that to the washroom to wash her face and applied mild makeup. She wore the same black dress as chosen by her husband. But unfortunately, she couldn’t find her second nipple cover. So, with one nipple covered with a silicon sticker, she wore the dress and they were ready for the LAST MOMENT LUNCH.


What would happen now as they were already late for lunch? There was no such thing as called canteen on the cruise. You have to come on time for meals or else you will miss it. Will Rahul and Anju get lunch? What more is scheduled for them tonight? To know, keep reading.

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