Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 2

Hi everyone again, I am back with the second part of the story! Thank you all for a good overwhelming response to my first story. Coming back to the second part of it. Do read the last part to know the back story.

Just to catch you all up with the story till now, Rahul and Anju went on a cruise where they entered their cabin and had steamy sex in their balcony. Anju went for a safety drill demo without a bra and only in a gown and then was back to the room to change and hit the bar. Now ahead..

Rahul saw Anju and was very excited. She was wearing a purple translucent shirt which revealed her black bra inside and denim shorts that finished just above her knees. She had a high ponytail and was looking ravishing. Rahul sees her and says, “Let’s go to the bar.” And they both close their cabin door behind and hit the bar on the 6th floor where there was a live music performance going on.

The bartender offers Anju and Rahul drinks and they both start with Teachers on the rocks. With 4 drinks down, Anju gets excited and asks Rahul to dance to the romantic hit which was being played by the musician. Rahul joins her and Anju forgets all and was deep in song and dance.

After a while, they leave the club and go for dinner. Rahul notices everyone on the side was clicking photos and making videos of their dance.

After dinner, Anju wanted to hit the deck on the 9th floor for some cool breeze. They then go to the deck and spend some time there. Rahul notices that the drinks they had was now hitting hard. Anju was going crazy in the cool breeze.

Before Rahul could just gather his thoughts, he sees his wife opens her shirt and jumps in the pool in her bra and shorts. He rushes to her and sees that she was enjoying in the water. She opens her ponytail and starts to put her face in the pool and swim. Rahul was in some sense and was watching his wife in the pool.

After two minutes, she starts to come out of the pool. The pool lights were shining on her wet body. Anju was in a bra and putting her hair behind. She was looking damn sexy. It gave a hard-on to Rahul who was her husband, so god knows what other people on the deck would have got. She was still drunk and comes and sits on a chair beside Rahul. Rahul stands up to fetch a towel for her.

When Rahul comes back, he sees that his wife was at the pool bar sitting and having drinks. Rahul rushes to the bar and asks the bartender, “How much has madam drunk?”

The bartender with a wicked smile replies, “3 large teachers.” Rahul then wraps Anju and takes her to the room. When they reached their deck room, Rahul sees that the room was arranged and a champagne bottle in the middle of the bed, and a note, “Welcome aboard, lovely couple.”

Rahul takes off all the wet clothes of Anju and makes her sit on the chair. He then keeps wet clothes in the bathroom and comes back to clear the bed. He sees his wife sitting on the balcony on the chair. He then starts to clear his bed. He too being drunk keeps stuff here and there and just clears the bed to fuck and sleep.

It was already 12:30 am and was the first of the five nights of the cruise. Rahul then looks in the balcony to find his wife standing all naked on the balcony and looking at the sea. He again gets an immediate hard-on. He removes his clothes and catches Anju and throws her on the bed.

Anju being totally out on drinks and horny acts to call him onto the bed. Rahul jumps onto the bed and pulls Anju by her legs wide open. He goes up licking from her thighs and starts to rub and lick Anju’s pussy. Within seconds, she was all filled with water in her pussy.

He continues to lick her pussy and Anju holds his hair and pushes his head hard inside her pussy. She starts to moan, “Fuck!! Fuckk!! Don’t stop!! Ahhh ahh yeahhhh!!!” the sound of her moan filled the room.

“Come on, my husband. It’s time for you to get the devil inside me. I am dining for it!!” saying this, Anju pulls Rahul holding his 7-inch erect dick and puts it in her pussy. Rahul then fucks her hard for 15 minutes in all possible positions. Anju had orgasms twice and then she was tired.

She says, “Now the real party starts. Many more fucks to come,” to which Rahul with his kinky smile says with a wink, “World-class experience is planned for you.”

Anju kisses Rahul in happiness and sleeps holding Rahul.

At night Anju feels a hand on her naked tummy. She in love and drunk mode holds the hand and kisses it. She feels the hand going up to her boobs and grabs it. He pinches her nipples and makes them erect. She could feel an erect dick on her bum.

She says, “Baby, you are again exciting me. I will eat you.” Saying this, she holds his dick and starts to stroke. Now the hand goes down to her pussy and finds that it was wet. He starts to rub it smoothly. The second hand comes from below her head to hold her boob and pinch her nipples. Anju starts to stroke his dick hard. Anju realizes the dick is a bit smaller than usual. But then she thinks it’s her drunk mode which is making her feel this. And she continues stroking the dick!!

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And to my readers, all boys stay erect and all girls keep getting wet! See you all soon!