Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 4

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So, on a Monday morning, once you left for your work, I arrived along with Priti. Amy saw me, and I could feel her shy away.

Vincent: Hi Amy, how are you?

Amy: I’m good, Vincent. How about you?

Vincent: Me too, my wife here tells me that you want to have a taste of my dick

As soon as I said that, Amy’s facial expression changed. I could see lust in her eyes.

Amy: Yes, it is true. Priti told me about her adventures, and I would like to rejuvenate my sex life with a dick. It’s been ages since my pussy was penetrated with a real man’s dick.

Vincent: Good. So before we start, I would like to tell you I love to dominate my bitches. If you want to have my dick, then you will have to submit to me just like my wife.

I pulled Priti and tore open her dress in front of Amy. Priti quickly went down on her knees in a submissive position and knelt next to my legs.

Amy saw this in surprise, and her eyes wide open. She had never been part of any submissive acts before, but she wanted to be now.

Vincent: Are you willing to submit, Slut?

Amy: Yes, Master.

Saying this, she knelt next to Priti. I then grabbed her face in my giant palm and squeezed her cheeks between it.

Vincent: Good, Slut. Now, get naked, and you, Slut, undress me.

I then ordered both my whores. While Amy was removing her clothes, Priti quickly undressed me.

I then grabbed your mother’s hair and pulled her up. With the other hand, I slapped your mother’s face hard. Amy was taken aback by this attack, and her eyes started tearing up.

Vincent: You want to be my slave, then this is how I treat my whores.

Saying this, I slapped her again and made her bend down while standing so that her face was near my waist. I held her head with both my hands and shoved my dick in her welcoming mouth. I fucked her mouth for the next 10 minutes roughly.

Priti got behind her and started eating your Mom’s juicy cunt. Amy took my cock in her mouth with pleasure and was enjoying the mouth-fuck like a whore. I made sure to spit on her face multiple times and make a mess out of her beautiful face.

After I was satisfied with the oral pleasure, I switched places with my wife. My wife made Amy suck her pussy now. While I lined up my huge cock with your Mom’s awaiting pussy. Amy squirmed as I touched her pussy with my dickhead.

I penetrated her wet pussy as it welcomed my dick inside of it without any resistance. My dick was too big for your Mom’s pussy, as it didn’t go further in after a certain point. I didn’t like that. I grabbed Amy by her waist and pushed my dick until my ball sack hit the bottom of her cunt.

Amy screamed in pain and pleasure as my dick filled her womb. She increased the pace of licking Priti’s pussy as I stood there adjusting to your mother’s fuck-hole. I then gave a hard spank on Amy’s ass and started fucking her with my rod. I was going balls deep into her pussy, and she was loving my thrusts.

Amy was moaning all the way while licking my slut wife’s pussy. I grabbed my wife’s face and slapped her a few times out of my adrenaline rush. I destroyed your mother’s cunt. After a few minutes of fucking that delicious cunt, I then grabbed a fistful of your mother’s hair and pulled her back.

She groaned in pain as I did that but didn’t complain. I grabbed her neck from behind as my cock still stayed inside her pussy. With the other hand, I slapped her face so hard that she felt like a sting on her cheeks. I slapped her continuously as I increased my pace once again.

I grabbed onto your mother’s body like a plaything while I fucked her brains out.

Priti: You are fucking the daylights out of this bitch.

Amy: And this whore is loving it all. Fuck me, Master. It has been ages since someone has devoured my pussy, and you are reaching the depths that have never been explored before. Oh, fuck me, Master.

Vincent: That’s right, Bitch. You are the same as my Whore Wife. I will make sure to fuck you both as much as I can.

Amy: Yes, Master. Never leave me. I am your cumslut now. I will do as you tell me.

Amy surrendered herself completely now, and my devil mind started building up ideas to make her explore her sexuality. After a long session of sex, I finally came all over your whore mother’s face. She took it with pride and exchanged it with my wife as well.

Our sessions got wilder day by day, and Amy loved every bit of it. There were times when I and Priti double-penetrated your mother as well. Priti wore a long strap-on and took her ass while I pounded her cunt.

I made sure that Amy’s holes were always full, and she never left them empty. Then one day, my evil mind came up with the idea of making her get fucked by you.

As soon as I pitched this to your Mom, her pussy started dripping with pre-cum. She agreed to it without a thought, and we then came up with this master plan.

Vincent: So, did you like my plan?

Me: Whoa, I never thought I would say this, but my mother is truly a whore. And yes, I love being her Master.

Vincent: Then show her how Master treats her.

Saying this, Vincent picked my Mom by pulling her hair and threw her over me. I grabbed her and slapped her face. I spat in her mouth and continued slapping her until her cheek turned bright red.

Amy: Oh, Master. Slap your whore, Master. I deserve to be treated like a piece of shit. Use me, Master.

Amy kept on begging for more, and it charged me up

Me: Let’s double penetrate this whore with 2 manly dicks. And Priti, wear a strap-on, I want you to stuff this slut’s mouth shut

As soon as I said this, Amy’s eyes widened in fear and excitement. Vincent sat on the sofa, and I threw Amy over his lap. Without wasting any time, Amy shoved his dick in her pussy. I lined up myself behind my mother and pushed my dick inside her shit-hole.

Amy moaned in pleasure, but Priti was quick to stuff her silicon dick in my mother’s mouth. We 3 fucked the brains out of my mother. I then got a bit more excited and removed my dick out of her ass.

I lined it up against her pussy, and after adjusting it a bit, I stuffed it inside along with Vincent’s cock. Amy screamed in pleasure as she felt her fuck-hole tearing up.

Amy: Oh god, you are going to tear my pussy. Fuck

She screamed and screamed, but we didn’t listen to her. We carried on fucking until we dumped our cum deep in her womb. As soon as I pulled out, I grabbed Priti and kissed her. I made her go down on her knees and suck my slimy dick.

Vincent then shoved his dick in my Mom’s mouth and continued peeing. Amy reacted quickly and swallowed his golden shower. I, too, shoved my dick deep into Priti’s oesophagus and started urinating directly into her belly.

Priti choked on it for a bit and was drowning in my pee, but I showed no sign of mercy. My pee even came out of her nose, but I made sure to empty my bladder before pulling it out of her mouth.

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