Naughty Wife’s Adventures – Part 3 (Risky Open Space Fuck)

Hi all, I am Aparnaa and I am back to share another experience from my adventures. Please read my previous stories to have a background about me. Also, please read the previous parts of this story for continuation and context.

So, after my husband’s colleague Manpreet exposed my ass to the shopkeeper, I ran back to the car immediately. I could see the shopkeeper smiling and winking at me. I smiled back and asked Manpreet to come to the car soon. Rahul asked Manpreet to drive the car because he also wanted to have some fun with me for some time. Manpreet agreed and sat in the driver’s seat and Rahul came back to sit with me.

The moment Rahul came inside, he just started to kiss me and finger me at the same time. His finger was covered in Manpreet’s cum and my pussy juices. He took it out and asked me to suck his fingers clean.

Then I took his fingers in my mouth completely and sucked it clean. He then lifted my top and removed it. I was sitting inside the car completely naked. That was when I noticed that Manpreet hadn’t started the car yet and the shopkeeper had an amazing view of me being a cheating slut! I then asked Manpreet to start and he started the car immediately and we were on the road again.

Rahul asked me to climb on top of him which I did and started to rub my pussy on his pants. I could feel how hard his dick was and that turned on me even more. But this time, Manpreet’s cum was all over Rahul’s pants. Rahul wanted me to remove his pants and ride him like a bitch.

I quickly sat beside him and removed his pants and underwear. Immediately, Rahul grabbed my head and pushed my head to his cock. I understood what he wanted me to do. Without hesitation, I took his cock inside my mouth and started to suck him. And while I was sucking my husband’s colleague’s cock, he was fingering my pussy from behind. In a few minutes, I had another orgasm.

I squirted all over the seat of the car and I was tired after having an orgasm. Rahul now wanted me to get on top of him and ride him. So I slowly climbed on him and placed his dick outside my pussy. And I gently inserted it inside. Rahul then grabbed my hips and started to move me front and back.

In a few minutes, Rahul couldn’t control and he just flooded my pussy with his cum.

I was sweating and tired. So I just hugged him in that position and sat for a few minutes. Then slowly, I took his cock out of my pussy. My pussy was leaking again and it was his cum. I sat completely naked beside Rahul.

Manpreet said we would have to get some food. So we stopped at a nearby dhaba and Rahul got some food for all of us. I was so tired that I was sleeping in the car.

After an hour, we reached the place and they woke me up. It was a small hill area where we needed to trek. But it was empty, because no one knew this place and we couldn’t even see one person in our sight.

Manpreet said that no one used to come to this place and that he and his friends used to come there to drink and chill. Meanwhile, I wore my kurta top. Manpreet asked me not to wear my pants, so I left the pants in the car and walked with them.

This place had trees and was also rocky. Manpreet led the way. After 15 minutes walk, we reached a small open space and I could see alcohol bottles here and there. Manpreet took out a big towel and we all sat there. Rahul followed us with the food and alcohol and we started to drink. We only had shots and Manpreet said that he had called his driver and he would be there in an hour. So we continued drinking. Since I was drinking after a long time, I got drunk so quickly.

Manpreet started to pinch my nipples while I was drinking and Rahul was massaging my thighs. Automatically, I spread my legs. My husband’s horny office colleagues removed their pants. Manpreet pushed me down and climbed on me. He also pulled my top off. I was lying down completely naked and drunk.

Without thinking twice, he inserted his hard cock inside my pussy. He looked at me and said, “Damn! You are so wet. How badly do you want to have sex with other people than your husband?” I just smiled and moaned.

He started to thrust harder and harder. In the meantime, Rahul came near my face and placed his cock and balls on my face. I started to suck his balls and slowly moved toward his cock. I could smell my pussy juices and his cum on his cock from our previous session.

Once I took his cock in my mouth, he started to move his hips as if he was fucking my mouth. I was also drunk and horny as fuck that I had a squirting orgasm in a few minutes. I squirted all over Manpreet, but he didn’t stop. He just kept pounding me hard and fast.

My moans were echoing around the area. In a few minutes, Manpreet stopped and asked Rahul to take his place. Then Rahul without hesitation took his cock out of my mouth and inserted it in my pussy. He started to fuck me and Manpreet asked me to give him a handjob. I was looking like a proper slut, servicing 2 guys and my husband didn’t know that I was cheating on him.

I was about to have another orgasm. I moaned and told Rahul that I was gonna have an orgasm. Then Rahul immediately increased his speed. He fucked me faster and deeper by spreading my legs. And in a minute, I had an amazing orgasm! My entire body was shivering. Rahul also at the same time had an orgasm and he cummed inside my pussy again. As soon as he cummed, he just lay on top to catch his breath.

Then Manpreet pushed Rahul aside and his cock came out of my pussy which was already red now due to so much fucking since morning. Manpreet then grabbed my hand and made me stand, holding a small tree. He then turned me over and made me bent by showing my ass to him. He spread my ass and spit on my asshole. He came to my ear and told me that he wanted to use the other hole as well and I didn’t even say a word.

Slowly, he inserted his dick inside my asshole using his spit as lubrication, but it didn’t work. So he inserted his cock inside my pussy so that my pussy juices and Rahul’s cum would lubricate his cock. Then he pulled it out and inserted it into my asshole slowly. I was also moaning like a slut.

He slowly increased his speed. While thrusting, he used his hand to punch my clit and he was very rough. He would pull my clit and spank my ass too. He was very rough and I loved it.

Suddenly, I saw someone walking toward us! But I was so into sex that I didn’t care at all!! The guys walked in and saw Manpreet and Manpreet asked him to wait for some time. It was the driver that Manpreet had called. He sat in one corner and was watching us fuck. And I was enjoying the session.

Manpreet then removed his cock and turned me around. He lifted me and placed my back on the tree and started to fuck me like that in my pussy. It felt so good because that position was perfect for his cock to touch my G-spot and also my clit. And without my control, I was squirting with each pounding. My eyes just rolled back and he just kept on fucking me harder and harder until he just flooded my pussy with his hot cum.

I could feel his dick twitching and his hot cum flowing inside my pussy. He was in the position for a minute and then he removed his cock. He could see my pussy was stretched wide and his cum was leaking from my pussy.

Then he made me lie down on the ground and went to grab a smoke with Rahul and the driver. After like 10 minutes, they all came back and I was still lying there tired and with no energy. I then sat up straight and saw that my ass was red and my pussy was also red and a bit swollen. It was so sensitive that if someone would have touched my pussy I would have another orgasm.

Then Manpreet asked me to get up so that we can leave. He said it was already late and that we could have food in the car while on the way. I was so drunk that I couldn’t even stand straight. So Rahul grabbed me and we started walking toward the car. I was still naked and I didn’t even have a sense that I should wear clothes.

Manpreet was carrying the clothes and we walked straight to the car. Then Manpreet and Rahul sat with me behind and the driver started the car. I just passed out in a few minutes, and when I woke up, we were somewhere near my area, but in a lonely street.

The driver had parked the car and all of them were talking. I woke up and Manpreet said –

Manpreet: We’ll drop you home now. So, wear your clothes.

I slowly wore my clothes and then the driver drove me to my apartment. We got out and the driver was waiting. Manpreet and Rahul slowly carried me to my house and we opened the door. My husband was in the same place and position where I left him.

They put me beside him and told me that they were leaving. They gave me a good kiss and left home. I had an amazing sleep that evening and woke up at around 2 am to drink some water and fell asleep again.

The next day when I woke up, I couldn’t even walk. My legs and my pussy area were hurting. I had a little hangover but my husband was so sick. He asked me when they left and all and I told him –

Me: Once you passed out, they left. And I did all the work and slept early.

He noticed that I was walking weirdly and he asked me –

He: What happened?

I told him that I sprained my thighs while working yesterday and that was why I was not able to walk properly. But only me, Manpreet, Rahul, and the driver knew what really happened.


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