Naughty Wife’s Adventures – Part 2 (Erotic Long Drive)

Hi all, I am Aparnaa and I am back to share another experience from my adventures. Please read my previous story to know more about me.

So, after that session with my husband’s colleagues Manpreet and Rahul, we had multiple sessions. The more sessions we had, the more they made me more open and daring to do a lot of exposure and public activities. I’ll detail one such experience I had.

After a few sessions with Manpreet and Rahul, they grew bolder and hornier. They used to text me often and send me nudes to keep me also wet and horny all the time. Then they started coming almost every weekend and tried to get my husband drunk so they could enjoy me.

One weekend, they came early in the morning and convinced my husband to start drinking. They had plans of going out for a long drive and they told me about it. I was scared and knew it was risky. But these guys promised me that nothing would happen. I trusted them and was okay with it.

Then my husband’s colleagues started drinking at 7 am and Rahul and Manpreet only had 2 rounds. But they kept on pouring for my husband and my husband kept on drinking continuously. And by the time it was 9 am, my husband finished the entire bottle of vodka and was slurring.

I made some food in the meantime for my husband and served him. He was not even in a position to eat. So I fed him and he just blacked out while eating. Then we carried him to the bed and made him lie down there. I made some food and also kept water beside him and came back to the hall.

Manpreet and Rahul were already excited and asked me to get ready fast. I just wore leggings and a long kurta top with cuts on the side of my hips. We locked the house and I went with them in Rahul’s car. Rahul said we would be going to a place that was a 2-hour drive from my place and it was like a vast area. He said we would come back by 5 pm and he was sure that my husband won’t wake up since he drank a lot and even if he woke up, he won’t remember since he would have a severe hangover.

We then got into the car. Rahul was driving and I was sitting on the backseat with Manpreet. We were talking. Rahul said we had alcohol with us and while coming back, his driver would come to that place and drop us back at home since we would all be drunk.

I knew that we would be having fun, so I made sure to take my contraceptive pill so that I didn’t get pregnant. In a few minutes, Manpreet was all over me. He pulled my pants down and started to finger my pussy while kissing me. And I didn’t stop him at all.

We were still in the city and during traffic and all, people in other vehicles would peek inside our car and see what I was doing. My pants were only pulled down to my thighs. At the same time, I pulled my husband’s colleague’s cock out of his pants and started to massage it. He became hard in my hands in no time and started to leak as well. And Rahul was watching all this through the rearview mirror. Sometimes, Rahul would drive slowly so that the strangers could see what was happening inside the car.

After a point, my pants were an obstacle for Manpreet, so he just removed my pants and turned me around, spread my legs, and started to suck on my pussy.

It was amazing. I was just leaking like a water tap and Manpreet kept on saying how tasty I was. He was sucking my pussy and fingering it at the same time. In a few minutes, I had an orgasm and I squirted on his face.

Then he removed his head and let me relax for a bit. He then sat properly and asked me to sit on his dick. And I, like a slut, sat immediately. But I couldn’t sit properly because my head was hitting the ceiling of the car. So I bent down and sat on my husband’s colleague’s dick and started to move my hips up and down. It was embarrassing to do it in the car and now and then, people used to see inside the car to see what was going on.

After a few minutes, he cummed inside me and pumped my pussy completely with his cum. I just sat with his dick inside me for a few minutes because I was also tired. Then I got his dick out and sat beside him. I asked if we had something to drink and they said they only had alcohol in the car and we needed to get something.

By this time, we reached the highway. Rahul stopped the car at a small shop where they sell cigarettes and pans. Manpreet thought for a second and then gave me some money to get cigarettes and something to drink.

I took my leggings to wear but Manpreet pulled them away from my hand. He said, “Why don’t you go just like that and get everything?”

I just looked at him and said, “I can’t do that, it’s embarrassing”.

He said, “You try it and you’ll like it. And try to have a conversation with the shopkeeper.” Also he said that he would come with me.

Then I got out of the car, just wearing a kurti top and nothing below. While walking to the shop, I could feel Manpreet’s cum dripping through my thighs. Manpreet was following me and Rahul was in the car looking at my ass wiggling as I walked.

I reached the shop and asked the shopkeeper uncle to give me something to drink and also a pack of cigarettes. By this time, Manpreet was also standing near me, grabbing my ass from behind. The uncle asked what else I wanted and Manpreet without hesitation asked if they had condoms. The uncle looked at me and Manpreet shockingly.

Manpreet said, “I need some condoms to fuck her” and spanked my ass in front of him. The shopkeeper smiled at Manpreet and asked how much he paid for me.

Then Manpreet said: It’s free and at no cost.

The uncle was shocked to see a beautiful woman does not charge for sex. He just looked me up and down and smiled. We got all the things and I turned and started to walk to the car as I was shy.

This was the first time I did something like this and I enjoyed it. Manpreet came behind me and stopped me. Then he lifted the back of my kurta to my head exposing my naked ass to the shopkeeper. And shopkeeper was shocked to see me completely naked below. Then I immediately got inside the car.

To be continued.

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