My Wife Preeti – Part 1 (Cheating Sex Incident)

I am Karan and I am 32 years old. My wife’s name is Preeti and she is 31 years old. I am narrating the sexual encounters of my wife who was also my girlfriend right from my college days.

About Preeti, at that time she was dusky in color, short in height, and had dark smooth armpits, a slightly bulging midriff, and clean-shaven pussy. But her main asset was her big round ass. She resembled the Bollywood Actress Rani Mukherjee. I already had taken her virginity when she was 18 years and I was 19.

We were having a great sex life till I was 21 and she was 20. But then we had grown in our lives so I persuaded my choreography and film-line business. She decided to continue studying.

One fine day, I got a call from a friend Sanjay saying that he saw Preeti with another guy in college named Nikhil. He was equal to me in terms of looks and money. I didn’t believe my friend. I told him I will only believe if I see her in any kind of action that proves his point or else I would bash him up. Sanjay immediately got on to the work of spying on Preeti and Nikhil.

Though I did use to meet Preeti daily, I never discussed this with her. One day in the afternoon, Sanjay called me and told me, “You want proof? Then come to that beach where there are lots of villas and rooms.”

I left for the beach and met him. Sanjay showed me the villa where Preeti and Nikhil were in. After about 1.5 hours and to my shocker, I saw my girlfriend and Nikhil coming out of the villa. His hand was around her hips and her hands were on his back. I still didn’t do anything and I made sure they didn’t see us.

The next day I called Nikhil from Sanjay’s phone and invited him for a personal conversation. Nikhil, knowing about me and Preeti, agreed to come. I and Nikhil met at the coffee shop. I just asked him two questions. Why Nikhil and how?

He replied, “I always lusted for Preeti. Now with you away from her, I got a chance. I impressed her easily with my charm and money. This was my second session with her.”

Nikhil’s narrated the villa encounter in his own words:

We entered the villa. Preeti was in her light blue sleeveless t-shirt and black denim. We got into the room, locked the door and without wasting time, I started to kiss her neck. She reciprocated with a kiss on my cheeks. Soon, I started to suck her lips and she sucked my lower lip. After a few seconds, she put her tongue in my mouth and I started to suck her tongue like a vacuum cleaner. We exchanged our saliva for a while.

Then I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started caressing her boobs. She started to moan in pleasure. I removed my t-shirt and she removed her sleeveless t-shirt too. It was a hot sight to see – her dark sweaty scent mixed armpits.

She was in her bra and jeans, her sexy plump round navel was a dick-raiser sight. I undressed my pant too. I was fully nude now. We continued smooching while I was squeezing her boobs over her bra while she was holding my hard cock and stroking it slowly.

I unhooked her bra and Preeti looked like a dusky sex goddess in her jeans and nude upper body. She was still growing but was so hot. She undressed fully and became completely nude. And I untied her ponytail. She looked like a perfect slut.

Even without my instruction, she kneeled down and started blowing me off. Ahhh! The feeling was heavenly and at the same time, it was hot as hell. I started squeezing one of her boobs and caressing her nipple. Her speed increased and within no time, I cummed in her mouth. She was happy to gulp my cum.

Preeti wiped the cum from her lips. She lay down on the bed opening her pussy gates. I started sucking her wet precum flowing from her pussy. I sucked and sucked till she spurted her salty cum river in my mouth. I drank it all thinking it to be nectar.

Then I made her lie on the bed in the doggy pose. That was the best part of our sessions. Seeing her ass in that way hardened my lubricated cock.

I covered my cock with a condom and started thrusting my cock in her pussy. Man, it was so hot in there! The thrusting went on for a while and the “Fach fach fach” sounds increased as I sped up. Her ass was jiggling so were her midriff and boobs due to the vigorous movements.

Preeti was moaning like a sex-starved slut. While doing this, my fingers were playing with her round navel which was fully wet with sweat. Then as I was making her turn toward me for sucking her boobs, accidentally my nose came close to her armpits. Oh, the smell of her sweaty wet armpits mixed with her deodorant smell made me go nuts! She has given me a new fetish now.

I then made her lie on the bed. She spread her legs like a whore and I started fucking her in the missionary pose. I thrust my cock slowly into her hot wet pussy but something was missing. I removed my condom and continued the action. Preeti resisted but I promised not to cum inside her. Then we started smooching and the fucking continued.

I remembered her armpits smell and suddenly, I lifted her arms that were around me and kept my nose on her armpit. And the thrusting of my cock went at full speed. And after a few more hits, my cum flowed on her pussy but outside.

Please comment on how do you like it. I shall tell more about Preeti in the next part.