My widow, housewife mom in Mumbai

My name is Sadim and I am 23 years old from Mumbai, India. This is the story of my widow mom who is 42 years old. She is chubby, her size is 40-38-40. Her name is Maria, she is a housewife. My dad passed away before covid. We live in a 2-bhk.

Let me describe a little about my mom. She wears robes, bras and panties at home. She is a modern lady. My mom and dad were really active in sex, they used to have sex almost every day. But after the death of my dad, she started masturbating in her room during the night. She uses dildos to satisfy her. I used to hear her moaning every day at night.

We both have a habit of sleeping naked at night. So, many times, we have seen each other naked. My mom serves me tea every morning when I am naked.

Due to COVID-19, my college was closed, and I was having online classes, I used to stay in shorts the whole day and attend my classes. I had caught my mom many times fingering and fucking her pussy with dildo during covid. Because of the hot weather, my mom stopped wearing bra and panties and because of this, I was able to see her big boobs and clean shaved pussy every day. This was the reason I got attracted to my mom.

Me: Mom, can you give me a massage?

Mom: Why not. Let me grab some oil.

Me: Sure.

After that, my widow mom got oil and meanwhile, I got into my briefs and lied down on the table. Mom massaged my back and then she pulled my briefs down and massaged my legs and ass. Then she asked me to turn around.

Me: But I am naked.

Mom: That’s ok, you are my son.

Me: But mom, I am feeling shy.

Mom: No need, just turn around.

Me: Ok.

She massaged my whole body and even applied oil on my dick. My dick got erected by his touch, even her boobs were visible. She was looking at my dick continuously.

Me: Do you also need a massage?

Mom: Sure.

Me: Lie on the massage table.

She removed her robe and was completely naked. Then I massaged her back and legs, and then massaged her ass.

Mom: You are doing really good.

Me: Thanks, mom.

Then she turned around and I started massaging her boobs and then I moved to her pussy. My dick was rock hard. She was also really horny. I became naughty and inserted my one finger in her pussy and started fingering her. She had not responded anything but she took my dick in her hand and started masturbating me. We both cummed at the same time.

After that, there was complete silence. We both went to our rooms.

During our dinner –

Me: I am sorry for what happened in the afternoon during the massage.

Mom: It’s fine, son. After your dad’s death, it was the first time someone fingered me.

Me: Was it not wrong?

Mom: Not at all.

Me: Does that mean we can do it again?

Mom: Yes, but we should not take this further.

Me: Means?

Mom: We can masturbate together because we both need it.

After having dinner, my widow mother showed me her and dad’s recorded sex. She showed me her first night of sex too. We both masturbated by watching those.

For a week, after dinner, we used to masturbate together.

Suddenly, one day she asked me to lick her pussy. I was really excited because I was really waiting for this movement. I licked her pussy and drank her cum. Then she sucked my dick and drank my cum. Again for a week, we both sucked and licked each other and satisfied ourselves.

My birthday was coming, I decided to ask mom for sex on my birthday. I was not aware that my mom was planning for the same. She asked me to go out for some time on my birthday so that she could manage everything.

When I came back, the whole house was decorated with flowers and balloons. They even ordered food and drinks. We both celebrated my birthday, had food and drinks and then went to mom’s room for the next part.

After entering her room, she started kissing me. The room was covered with completely red rose petals and heart-shaped balloons and a lot of candles. Everything was feeling really romantic.

We both kissed for 10 minutes. Then I sucked my widow mom’s boobs and kissed all over her body. She started sucking my dick, and after a few minutes, we both came in 69 position. She started sucking my dick and I started licking her pussy.

We both sucked and licked each other for half an hour. I kept my dick on top of her pussy. I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her pussy hard. I fucked in the cowgirl, doggy and missionary positions. I released my cum deep inside her pussy. We both were so tired that we both went to sleep.

When I woke up, my mom was still sleeping. I was not able to control myself. I spared her legs and started fucking my widow mom. She woke up with my pushes, and then we both started kissing. I sucked her boobs and fucked her hard again and cummed deep inside her.

My mom told me that she had recorded everything at night with cameras to keep our first sex as a memory. Then we both took a bath together and had breakfast and then watched our last night’s sex. Then we both started having sex every day.

My mom showed me more videos of her sex with my maternal and paternal grandpa, and also with many other family members like her dad’s brothers and my dad’s brother and even some of his friends. They were really hot and sexy and in all the videos, she was moaning really loudly.

After a month of our sex life, she got pregnant. Then we got a baby boy as a symbol of our love. We continued our sex life and even after I got married, I continued fucked her hard.

After a year –

Mom: It’s time, for you to get married.

Me: But mom, I love you, I can’t marry someone else.

Mom: But you have to. Don’t worry, we will continue our life like this only.

Then I agreed to marry, but after the marriage, I was not able to fuck my mom for a month. But luckily, my wife went to her house for some days. So, me and mom both started having sex again. I fucked her twice every day during the whole week.

Suddenly, one day while I was fucking my widow mom, my wife came back and caught us! She was shocked and went back to his mom again as she was from the same city.

After that, I went to see my wife and bring her back. She had already told me everything about me and my mom to my mother-in-law. I convinced both of them that my mom also had needs and we both loved each other. I stayed that day at my wife’s house and fucked her hard that day. I caught my mother-in-law watching us and fingering her pussy!

After finishing our session and when my wife slept, I went to my mother-in-law’s (MIL) room. She was fingering her pussy and pressing her boobs.

MIL: What are you doing?

Me(started touching her): You are hot as your daughter.

MIL: This is wrong.

Me: You also have feelings, you also have needs.

MIL: No, it’s wrong.

Me: There is nothing wrong in it.

Then I started kissing her and fingering her pussy. She got horny. We both came in 69 position and she started sucking me and I started licking her. Then I fucked my wife’s mom in the cowgirl and doggy position and slept with her. My wife caught us in the morning. She was really angry but we both made her understand that her mom also had needs and it was better to keep these stuff inside the family.

Then we three came back to my house. I started to fuck all of them – my mom, wife and mother-in-law. They all got pregnant at the same time and gave birth to 3 boys, one boy each. I am still fucking my mom, wife and mother-in-law, we all have sex together.

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