My Strict Indian Mother – Part 3

Hey everyone, I’ll pick up just where I left off. I am travelling with my mother for a pilgrimage. On the first night, when she is sleeping, I try to undress her in the hotel. She wakes up and sees my hard 6-inch penis. Just as I finish masturbating, the cum hits her angry face.

“Beta, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she screams again. She slaps me again and says, “Is this what I’ve taught you? Is this what you do every night?”

I am so scared that no words come out of my mouth. This is not like a porn film where now my mother will be aroused by my dick. She yells at me to wear my full clothes and goes to the bathroom to clean up.

Thankfully, she is so angry she doesn’t notice the torn panty, and it doesn’t fall. She then makes me sleep on the sofa in the room. That night I only dreamed of my mother. I felt devastated that she didn’t like me as I imagined. I wanted her fat body more and more, and I could only think of it.

The next morning, she wakes me early, and I try apologising.

“Beta, this is natural, but you should do it privately.” She has calmed down, and she hasn’t caught on. She thinks I was watching porn on my phone and not lusting at her.

We went to a temple. During the pooja, she asked the poojari for a special service where one could devote and wash away sins. The poojari says there are no special services, but you can bathe in the holy Kaveri river. All this is barely registering in my head. I’m busy ogling at my mother, even in the temple.

She’s wearing a light pink saree, her fat navel is visible, and her hair is tied in a neat bun. She is also wearing pink bangles. Her cleavage is slightly visible, and the blouse seems tight to contain her huge breasts. I want to bury my face in them.

“Abhiram, you hear?”

I snap back into reality, “Ha, maa?”

“The poojari said go and dip in the river in the evening. Fewer people will be there.”

“Sure, ma, let’s go there.”

We waited half a day in the temple and also had lunch there.

After lunch, my mom tells me, “Beta, go to the hotel, pack some extra clothes and come. Let’s go to the river.” She asks me to pack her a chudidar and leggings but doesn’t mention anything about her underwear.

This was my second chance, I think to myself. “Sure, maa.”

I pick her up back at the temple. She tells me the directions to a spot where no people would be. She had got this from a local in the temple. We drive to that place. It seems quiet, and I only can hear the birds chirping over the sound of water. There is nobody around since it’s almost 5 pm.

We park our car about 100m away from the river as there is no road, and we start walking. I am carrying a bag with clothes. She is still in her pink saree and has trouble walking on the pebble road. She says, “Beta, let’s take a dip separately. Give me my clothes.”

I quickly think, “Maa, you go first. I’ll go second so that there will be someone with the valuables.”

“Ok, that sounds better. Pass me the towel and wait here.”

She takes the towel and goes behind a bush. I take a few steps back to get a better view. My mom starts stripping. She quickly undoes her pallu and puts the towel over her shoulders.

She now starts undoing her saree from her legs. She’s not wearing a petticoat underneath. I’m surprised to see my mom like this for the first time. She’s now only wearing the saree blouse and her white underwear. It’s one of those which I had earlier loosened the elastic!

She’s still away from me. She wraps the towel now over her stomach. It covers her knees now. She now turns towards me.

I quickly move back to where I was standing before and look away. She hands me her saree and bangles. Some bangles slip and fall, so I try to pick them up. I “mistakenly” drop the saree in the mud as well.

“Sorry, ma, it fell in the dirt.”

“No problem, Beta. We have a spare, right.”

“Maa, won’t you remove your blouse? It looks expensive,” I boldly say.

“I forgot to ask you to bring underwear, beta, so I’ll have to dip in this only.”

“Since nobody’s there here, you can remove it, maa.”

She looks around hesitantly and says, “Ok.”

I get an instant boner. She turns her back to me and asks me to undo her blouse. I touch her smooth skin and remove the hooks. She shyly extends her arms and quickly removes them. She adjusts the towel, and I glimpse her side boobs.

She says she’ll be back quickly and tells me to bring her kameez when she calls for me. I started taking this as a sign that Mom was open and would be ok if I had feelings for her. I could try again to seduce her now. I’m not sure how I would express it to her.

She calls for me, and she has now already taken a dip. Her hair is wet bun, and she is back in her towel. I go to her with the kameez and again “mistakenly” drop the top in the mud.

She says, “Beta, watch where you’re going. Are you ok?”

I’m glad she hasn’t caught on. She sees the dirty top and says, “Aiyoo.” She says, “Beta, you go now. I’ll see what to wear. Did you pack another t-shirt for yourself?”

“No, maa, sorry.”

“Ok. Go and come fast.”

“But maa, I need the towel you are wearing.” I had only packed one towel.

She’s confused now and doesn’t know what to say.

“Beta, why didn’t you….? Leave you can come back here tomorrow then. Now let’s go back. No option.”

She has already worn the leggings and has the towel over her top. She doesn’t know what to do in confusion. She says, “Beta, can you tie this towel tightly? I’ll wait in the car. When we reach the hotel, you can get me another top?”

I take my chance now. She turns her back against me. I untie the towel first. She holds out her arms like a T, completely trusting me. I slightly fold the front of the towel to place on her breasts. My mom is fully unsuspecting that her son will even try to touch her sexually.

I place it firmly on her breasts. She moves her hands to try and stop me. I cup my hands on the towel on her massive breast and squish a bit. It feels like touching soft thick pillows.

I quickly tie the back, turn her toward me fast, and grab her arms below her shoulders. She’s fully confused. I blankly say, “I love you, mom.” Instinctively I try to kiss her lips. I feel her soft lips and an “mmm” sound. I close my eyes while kissing her.

I feel a push on my chest, and the kiss breaks.

This is the end of part 3. Please wait for part 4 to see how my mother reacts to this. You can write reviews at [email protected]