My Slutty Mom Fucks My Brother – Part 3 (Secret-In-Law)

My Mom, Yamini and Brinda were best friends even before marriage. Mom is the only daughter of the village head. My dad’s father is a wealthy landlord back in the day.

Dad knew Mom through his sister Brinda, who schooled together with Mom. Dad was the first graduate in the village. The village head is more than happy to wed his daughter to Dad. After Dad took Mom to the city, his link to the village was limited.

Brinda stayed looking after the family lands and farms. She married at the age of 21 and had a daughter my age. Unfortunately, her husband and daughter died in a bike accident 6 years ago. She lived alone with few servants, looking after the family’s inheritance.

Being equally beautiful to Mom, Brinda aunty looked more mature, given her large natural boobs and plumpy ass. She had a sexy face and a figure of a milf. She looks a bit like actress Abha Paul, who many masturbate imagining.

Rohit and Brinda came home a couple of hours after I woke up. Brinda was wearing a light red saree covering her body carefully with a tight black jacket. Her blouse is so tight that I can see the bra strap. She jumped and hugged me tightly, kissing me on my cheeks and forehead.

I could feel her nipples pressed against my chest. She has always been fond of me. Her hug and kisses were nothing more than affection. We four sat for breakfast. Mom asked Brinda about the three hours she spent with Rohit.

We went to the market to buy some clothes for Rohit as it was his birthday was their response. Mom nodded her head, giving Rohit a suspicious look. Brinda then invited us to stay a couple more days. Mom said dad would be late another week from Dubai as he is lining up another deal.

I felt sorry for dad. If only that man knew his wife had been fucked in both pussy and ass by his beloved son. Mom hesitated to stay first. But I insisted we should since we don’t know when we will come back again. We moved to my dad’s ancestral home after lunch.

It is situated in a nice location with a river flowing near it and beautiful landscapes. I remember coming here and playing with Brinda’s daughter. The house has six bedrooms with separate servant quarters.

Three bedrooms are situated on the ground floor, and three are upstairs. Rohit and I were given two rooms on the ground floor. Mom suggested that she and Brinda stay in one room as there is much to catch up on. We were served a delicious dinner that night.

Then we went to our rooms, saying good night. Brinda did not forget to kiss my cheeks, followed by Mom. Mom also kissed Rohit on the cheeks.

I did not sleep. I knew Rohit would make a move. So I stayed silent, keeping my ear in his room. Around midnight, I heard Rohit’s room door opening and footsteps creaking on the wooden stairs.

I was stunned by Mom’s and Rohit’s boldness to meet in Brinda’s room. I slowly came out of the room, went upstairs and climbed the lower attic. It will give a view of Brinda’s room through a small wall grill. There was the shock of my life waiting for me.

Yamini is in her pink transparent silky gown. She has her left hand through Brinda’s loose hair, kissing her lips passionately. Her right hand pressed Brinda’s left boob through her long white night dress. I can see Mom’s hands changing from Brinda’s left to right boobs.

Brinda was moaning softly. Brinda’s hands were around Mom’s ass, pressing them slowly while Mom moaned softly. They broke the kiss after a few minutes.

Brinda – Oh, Yamini. How long has it been? I almost forgot your soft touch and juicy kisses.

Mom (giving a slight slap to Brinda) – How can you forget your first lover’s touch?

Brinda – I am sorry, darling. It’s been so long. I can’t wait anymore. Please take me.

Saying that, Brinda slowly lifted her gown, exposing her milky thighs and clean shaved pussy to Mom.

Mom – Oh, Brinda, you shaved for me.

Mom kissed Brinda’s lips before starting to lick her pussy. She took her time with Brinda’s pussy, licking every inch while Brinda moaned crazily. Mom even left bite marks on her thighs while licking her pussy.

In a few minutes, I could see Brinda shiver, releasing an orgasm. Mom stopped licking and hugged Brinda. She was catching her breath and kissing her lips, and pinching her nipples. Then Mom moved to her neck, kissing and biting Brinda’s boobs and brown nipples.

Brinda has larger boobs than Mom. Mom was merciless, spanking Brinda’s ass while biting her nipple. Brinda was almost shouting in pleasure. Then Mom kissed Brinda’s fleshy navel and slowly inserted a finger, then two, into Brinda’s pussy.

Brinda – Slow down, darling, I’m yours all night…ummm…ahh…

Yamini – This is for not visiting me for the last two years.

Brinda (moaning) – ahh…punish me, darling. Ahh, I…am…cumming.

Brinda came again. Mom took her finger’s out from Brinda’s pussy and licked them one by one. Brinda jumped and kissed Mom’s lips, getting a taste of her pussy juice. Both lay on the bed kissing each other’s juicy lips.

Brinda slowly slid her hand through Mom’s gown, pressing her boobs. Mom left soft moans. Brinda licked and kissed her ears, neck, armpits, and between and under her boobs.

Brinda was like a hungry bitch enjoying a meaty feast. She kissed mom inch by inch. Mom was moaning softly. Brinda started kissing Mom’s pussy. Mom’s moans filled the room.

Mom – Ahh, Brinnda…lick me, honey. Lick me deep.

Mom was moaning and finally came after a few minutes. Brinda licked Mom’s pussy clean and kissed my mom’s lips. They hugged tight while kissing, and Brinda broke the kiss.

Brinda – I’m burning, darling. Tell me you bought your strap-on. I need a cock in me.

Mom (giggling kinkily) – Strap-on? I have something much better, sweetie.

She started kissing Brinda again. Brinda moaned softly, and their room door slowly opened.

To be continued.

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