My Slutty Family – Part 7

Hi, this is Dhruv again with the continuation of the next part of ‘My Slutty Family.’

When I returned home in the evening, I saw my wife’s face glowing. I understood that my son had successfully drilled his mom, which was the reason for the glow on her face and her happiness.

While having our dinner, I noticed Rohan and Ranjitha looking at each other. Ranjitha blushed every time her son looked at her, teasing her with his eyes. I noticed it and acted as if I was not aware of it. Sheela was sad and looking at them.

After dinner, my wife told me that she was feeling sleepy and went to our bedroom to sleep. I let her go as she was fucked hard by my son, so she definitely needed some rest.

Me, Rohan and Sheela sat in the living room with our phones in hand.  I was browsing some incest stories when Rohan said good night to us and left for his room.

Sheela’s phone rang around 10 pm while she was still there. I asked who it was that. She showed me the phone saying it was Leena, her friend. She answered the phone. After some time, I noticed that she was not speaking that freely. I told her to go back to her room and talk.

I noticed something strange in my daughter’s behaviour, and I followed her. She banged the room door. I think she continued her talking with Leena while she was still leaning on the door.

Sheela: No, Leena, I can’t do this anymore. Do you know how many times he has asked me to come to his place? Every time I go, I need to do things that I have never imagined doing myself.

I was not sure what Leena asked from the other side. But later, I heard my daughter saying.

Sheela: Promise me that you don’t tell this to anyone, ok. Thanks, as you know I was sick and was unable to attend the lab sessions. Shiva asked me to do it after college hours. He said it should be done in the next two days. That evening, when I went after the college there was no one at the lab.

Even the lab was locked. I saw Sir coming, and he had the keys to the lab. Once inside, he gave me the tests to perform while he sat on the chair and surfed his phone. For the next 45 minutes, I tried to make it work, not aware that Sir was looking at me.

Sometime after, Sir came and sat behind me after asking how far I could go in experimenting. I told him it’s almost done, Sir. I was unaware that Sir came behind me to look at my thighs while I was doing the experiment. I think he also had a glimpse of my ass.

I had leaned over the table a few times to get the things which are spread all over it. So it was almost an hour, and he came and stood behind me. He said that I would fail as I didn’t do the experiment completely. I begged him to give me another chance by folding my hands.

He grabbed my hand and said he couldn’t. I was unaware that in that tension, I pulled my hands over my boobs. His hands were still holding my hands. Thus his hands also felt my soft boobs. It turned me on instantly as his hands touched my boobs, and my nipples were hard.

He felt it, too, with his hands. But I jumped back, and he said tomorrow was the last chance. If I couldn’t complete he would fail me for sure. I couldn’t sleep after feeling his hands over my boobs. That night, I fingered myself, imagining him playing with them and squeezing them.

The next day I avoided bras and just wore my shirt with a smaller skirt. As I began to do my experiment, Sir came and stood behind me. Every time I moved to get the things, my boobs jumped. It was clearly visible to Sir. After half an hour, Sir came behind me.

He said I was not following the process and it would fail again. I asked him to help, and he stood behind me and started to instruct. While I was pouring the liquids into the test tubes, he held my hand, and thus he came closer. His bulge was touching my ass.

As his rough hands held my hands, I was turned on, and my nipples were erect in no time. He saw them and asked me to continue. While I was doing this, he started to press his bulge over my ass. He placed it exactly at the centre and pressed it. I couldn’t resist myself from moaning.

He then said that we can negotiate this. I asked him how. He said that I could not stop him for the next 15 minutes whatever he did. If I could do that, I would get top marks. I felt that was easy, and what was going to happen in the next 15 minutes. I said ok.

He pushed me to the table and raised my skirt. I am not sure when he pulled his dick out, but he placed it at the centre of my ass. I could feel its warmth even though he placed it above my panties. I moaned a little as my pussy started to ooze juices.

His hands came forward. He held my boobs with both his hands, and he pinched my nipples. I was losing control over myself and was moaning whenever he pinched them. He moved my legs apart and pushed my panties side making his dick tip touch my wet pussy lips.

As the tip touched my pussy lips, I felt current passing all over my body, and I started to move my ass. That made his dick tip rub all over my pussy. Sir was pressing my boobs, and my rubbing his dick tip made me cum within 10 minutes.

While I was still in that pleasure, Sir raised my leg and placed it on the table. In a quick stroke, he entered my pussy. His dick tip slid in easily as I was leaking with the orgasm. But as he pushed further, it became tight as I was a virgin. Sir slapped my ass twice before pulling his dick to the entrance and pushing it in.

He placed his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. His half-dick went in, and it was hurting me. But he made sure to pin my head on the table with his left hand. His right hand closed my mouth. With the next two strokes, he was in completely.

He then removed my shirt buttons, pulling my boobs out. He started to fuck me while pressing my boobs. I was bleeding, and he didn’t show any mercy to stop. While fucking he bent forward and sucked my boobs. As the pain subdued, I started to enjoy his fucking.

I started to moan, and then he pulled his phone out and started to record. I was giving sexy expressions and moaning while he fucked me harder and harder. After 20 minutes, he made me kneel and cum all over my face. He recorded and took pics of my cum filled face.

He then asked me to clean his dick which I did like an obedient slut. We cleaned in the washroom that’s there in the staff room in the lab. I was unable to walk and he dropped me home. I got a fever for the next two days. From then on, we were meeting almost every week in the lab.

Now he is asking me to help fuck one of our juniors, and I cannot do that, Leena.

Listening to the story of my daughter losing her virginity made me turn on. I was stroking my dick. I slowly moved to my room, where Ranjitha was sleeping. She was sleeping with her right leg folded and left leg straight. I moved her nightgown and looked at her pussy which seemed to be wet.

I started to lick her pussy. After some time in deep sleep, Ranjitha moans, “Rohan slowly.” It turned me on more, my wife moaning my son’s name while I was eating her pussy. I couldn’t hold anymore as I pushed my dick into her pussy which went easily.

Then I started to fuck her till I filled her pussy with my cum. I fell on her and slept. I had no idea when Rohan visited our room, which I forgot to lock and took Ranjitha out. It was around 3 am when I got up and didn’t find her in bed. I went slowly down to find my son and wife fucking in the living room.

She was riding him while he was playing with her boobs. She was moaning slowly in pleasure. They changed positions after some time, and now he fucked her doggy style, making her scream a little. He filled her hole with his cum. I came back when they started to get dressed.

My wife came and slept beside me. I acted as if I got up for the moment while she lay down on the bed. I asked her where did she go. She said she went to have some water. I placed my hand over her pussy and felt it wet. I slid my finger in, and my wife moaned.

What a horny woman, I thought and spread her legs wide. I started to eat her pussy. It tasted so different with their cum together. But I ate it all clean and then fucked her again. We slept after cumming together.

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