My Sali, My Dream Girl – Part 5

Hello everyone. This is Avi Maheshwari, aged 35, back again with the last part of this story. As you can recall, Anki and I checked into a 5-star hotel. We planned to check in the morning and check out late at night by around 3 am.

We both work, so we told our in-laws that we had work. Then we will go for a movie and dinner. So we will be late. They anyways sleep early. So we planned to check out at 3 am. Come back in the morning while they are sleeping. Let’s continue the story.

After watching the hour-long video, we had a power nap for 30 minutes. It was 5:30 pm. And we both were hungry. We decided I would go down and get a takeaway for both of us. I went down and got us burgers and fries while she slept for some time. I came back, and we had our meals.

It was already 6.30 by then. She was fully naked the whole time. That is how we liked being with each other. Afterwards, I asked her to lay the towels on the bed and lie on her stomach. I also asked her to tie her hair in a bun. I took the scented oil and put it in the glass.

I sat at her feet, took oil in my palms, and massaged her feet. I wanted to take my time and give her a sensual massage. I had started with the base of her feet. Slowly I moved up to the ankle and then the calf. I was using circular motions to massage her calf.

She was feeling  relaxed and was saying that she was loving it. I massaged both her calves. Then I moved up to the thighs. I was  experienced with the massages because I had given quite a few of the massages to my wife and at least 2 times to Anki too.

So she was familiar with my massaging technique. I was using my strong hands on her supple thighs. I was covering the whole portion of her thighs with a single stroke. I would spread her legs a little and take my hands till her inner thighs were  close to her pussy.

Since her legs were spread, her pussy lips had opened up nicely. I could see the pink portion of her pussy clearly since her pussy was clean-shaven. I would deliberately go close to her pussy lips while massaging her inner thighs. She would give out a light moan. I massaged her thighs for 10 minutes.

My strokes were slow and circular, covering many of her thighs and inner thighs. I didn’t touch her pussy lips once. She was lying relaxed, enjoying the massage. Then I moved up to her ass. I took loads of oil and started with her ass cheeks. I would continue with hard circular motions.

Her ass cheeks were glistening gold with oil on it under the yellow light of the room. I would spank her ass cheeks in between, and she would smile at me. I had sat on her thighs and was using both my hands to work on her ass cheeks. I then spread her legs a little more and spread her ass cheeks.

Her asshole opened up nicely. It was dark brown and looked inviting. I poured oil on her asshole. And inserted 1 finger into it. It went in easily without any pain. I had soaked my finger with additional oil. I started moving out my finger and inserting it back again.

She was also enjoying my touch on her asshole. She had never been fucked in her butthole, a new experience. I started fingering her asshole for some time at a slow pace. It was sliding easily inside. I must have fucked her asshole with my fingers for 5 minutes or so.

She was fully relaxed and enjoying my finger in her ass. I decided to enter 2 fingers. First, I soaked my middle finger too in oil. Then I slowly went to her ear and whispered in her ears to relax. “I am going to insert my 2 fingers. It will pain a little. But try and relax.” She nodded.

I put my forefinger on top of my middle finger. Poured some more oil into her asshole and tried to enter my fingers. She got tense and clenched her ass muscles together, anticipating pain. I asked to relax. She relaxed a bit, and I tried putting both my fingers inside.

It went a little inside, but she again clenched her ass muscles. I again asked her to relax and put half of my fingers in her asshole. She sighed in pain. It was hurting her. I told her that it would pain a little. But afterwards, it will subside. She still had clenched her muscles tight.

I tried to take my fingers out and put them back inside. It was tight. But slowly, I managed to put 2 fingers inside by 75%. She had also relaxed. I poured more oil into her asshole. Her ass had become too slippery. After 10 minutes, she relaxed fully. Both my fingers were going inside with ease.

For 10 minutes, it had pained her a lot. But I kept at it; after that, it didn’t hurt her much. I had decided that I would fuck her ass this time around.

After 10 minutes of finger fucking her asshole, it had got smooth. She also started enjoying it. I wanted to fuck her asshole now only. But I controlled myself. I wanted to complete the massage and then fuck her ass. I took my fingers out, took oil in my palms, and then proceeded to her back.

I sat on her ass and started massaging her back. I started with her neck and went down to her shoulders. I give amazing shoulder massages. It relaxes the whole area. I started massaging her shoulder blades. I was using my thumbs to massage the base of my palm.

I continued with the shoulder and back massage for the next 15 minutes. She was completely relaxed. I asked her to turn and lie on her back. She had a satisfied smile on her face. I poured some oil on her breast. Then I started mauling her boobs.

I would cup her whole boob and then use my fingers to circle all over it. Or I would take her nipples between 2 fingers and rub them, causing all kinds of sensations in her. Her eyes were closed, and she enjoyed the tingling sensations throughout her boobs.

Then I went down and completed the massage on her tummy. The whole massage took about an hour. I got up and took out the vibrator. I wanted to try it on her. It had different speeds button. I selected the slowest one, spread her legs, and got in between her legs. I put the tip of the vibrator on clit. And started it.

There was an instant reaction. She folded her legs and gave out a moan. I kept the vibrator on her pussy. It was a new sensation for her. Hence the instant response. She got used to the sensation in 2/3 minutes and then relaxed.
She had her eyes closed and was enjoying the vibrations on her clit.

She was loudly moaning and moving her hips up and down. It was a sight to see. She was getting so much pleasure out of this. With the other hand, I was pressing her boobs and nipples. After 10 minutes or so, her pussy was dripping wet. I could see the amount of juice coming out.

She was close to an orgasm. She was moving her hips up and down and pressing her boobs. After 2 more minutes, she had a big orgasm. She moaned loudly, and a blast of pussy juices came out of her pussy. I was enjoying the way her body was moving around.

And how she had shut her eyes and the ecstasy on her face. It was an amazing experience, more so for her. She must have plasms from her orgasms for literally a min. She was moving and shaking. After a minute, she relaxed and had a huge smile on her face.

I let her relax for a while and started sucking her breast. She took my cock and started shaking it, making it fully erect. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her ass. Anki hesitated a bit and said it would pain a lot. I said yes, it will pain a lot but for some time and then you will enjoy it.

It pained me a little when I inserted 2 fingers. But later on, you enjoy it. It will be the same. If you agree, I will continue. But if you don’t want to, I will never force you. She said ok. Let’s try it.

I asked her to turn around again. I again took a lot of oil and put it in her asshole. I started fingering her asshole with a finger. Then after 5 minutes, I inserted my second finger. She tensed a bit, but it didn’t pain her like the first time. I was preparing her asshole for my cock.

I fucked her asshole with my fingers for 10 minutes. She was fully relaxed. I put a condom on my cock. She was completely lying on her stomach. Her ass cheeks were of medium size. I got on top of her and spread her ass cheeks. I put more oil in her asshole and put some on the tip of my condom-covered cock.

I placed it on her asshole. She was visibly tensed. I asked her to relax and told her not to clench her ass muscles when I entered. It will pain a lot. If you relax, it will pain some when your ass hole is stretched. But when the muscles are acclimatized to my cock inside, you wont feel that much pain.

For that, it’s a must that you relax when I enter. She nodded in agreement. I placed the cock on her asshole and gave it a little push. But It didn’t go inside. I spread her ass cheeks to the limit and tried to insert with some push. The head of my cock went inside, but she cried out in pain. It was hurting a lot.

She asked me to stop and telling to remove my cock. I said, “I would not remove it, but I won’t move. You try and relax and let your asshole acclimatize to my cock.” I stayed like that for 5 minutes. Until then, I was cupping her boobs from below and kissing her neck and back.

After 5 minutes, I saw an opportunity when she was slightly relaxed. I gave another push, and half of my cock was inside her asshole. She again cried in pain. I could feel her pain from the voice of her crying. Again I stopped and let her relax. Tears were coming down from her eyes. I waited for 5 minutes more.

And again started kissing her neck and playing with her boobs. Then I removed some portion of my cock and put it inside again till the same level. Slowly I started with the to and fro motion. It was painful for her. But I knew it wont pain for much longer.

I continued like this for 2/3 minutes. I would remove my cock till the top of my head was inside and then slowly put it back inside. Her asshole was acclimatized to this action. I increased my pace a little. She was still moaning in pain. It was 15 minutes now.

I put the whole cock inside her asshole in one quick motion. She cried again in pain. But I didn’t wait now. I made her in the doggy style and started fucking her asshole. It was hurting. But I continued. It was a matter of time now. I knew the pain would subside after a while.

I was removing my cock and putting it back inside with speed. I had put my hands on her hip and was fucking her from behind. After some time, she relaxed, and the pain subsided for her. She also started matching my strokes. Her boobs were hanging from below.

While fucking her, I was cupping her boobs with one hand. The pain had reduced considerably, and now she enjoyed it a little. I had spread her ass cheeks and increased my pace. There was a ‘chap chap’ sound whenever I entered her. She also started enjoying and moaning.

I continued fucking her for 10 minutes and was close to cumming. I told her, “I am cumming. Would you like to drink my cum?” She said yes. I removed my cock from her ass hole and took off the condom. I started stroking my cock, and in 2 minutes, I orgasmed and put all the cum in her mouth.

She took the whole of it inside and gulped it down. I don’t know whether I had so much sex with anyone in such short days. I must have come at least 7/8 times in the past few days. We both lay down. Both our bodies were covered in oil. We would need to have a bath before leaving the hotel.

She got up and turned the tap on for the tub. It took 10 minutes for the tub to fill to a certain level. We both headed to the bathroom and entered the tub. She was on one side, and me on the other side. We were splashing water on each other.

Me: So how was the ass fuck?

Anki: It was so painful, Jiju. More painful than the first time you fucked my pussy.

Me: Yeah, anal sex is more painful. But when you get used to it, it gives a different kind of pleasure. Did you enjoy it in the end?

Anki: Yes, in the end, I was enjoying a little. My asshole was feeling so full and stuffed. Will it come back to normal again ever?

Me: Obviously, It will come back to normal. Don’t worry. I want to enjoy everything with you. I still haven’t started having sex with your sister post her delivery. So I am enjoying this sex with you a lot.

Anki: Doesn’t she ask to have sex? I don’t think I can leave without sex now.

Me: We have discussed it. She said she wanted to wait for 2-3 months. She doesn’t feel like having sex right now. And I respect it. So I don’t force her, and more so, I have you. 4 times a week, we do some sexting or video call and masturbate. So I don’t feel anything amiss.

We chatted while washing each other of oil for 30 minutes. After 45 minutes in the bathroom, we returned and rubbed ourselves dry. I ordered dinner. It was already 8.30 pm now. The food came (She was inside the bathroom when the waiter was putting out the plates).

We had dinner, and it was already 9.30 pm now. I asked her what does she want to do now. She said, “I had enough sex for today. I am tired now. Let us sleep. When the time comes, we will check out.” I said ok. We laid down in each other arms and slept off. I had put an alarm for 3 am.

But my sleep was disturbed at 2.30 am. I woke up and found her sucking my cock. I smiled and asked her, “You had your fill of sex, no. How much are you waking up the monster?” She said, “I woke up to go to the washroom. When I came back, I saw your cock. I just wanted to play with it.”

I smiled and told her to come in 69 position above me. She obliged and came over to me and put her pussy on my face. I adjusted myself and started sucking her pussy. It wasn’t wet yet. So I was playing with her clit with my tongue.

Meanwhile, she had taken my whole cock in her mouth and was sucking it fully inside. She knew how to give a blowjob. She would tease my cock with her tongue in between or lick the whole length of the cock. She was playing with my balls, too, with her hands.

When she would enter the cock in her mouth, she would keep on playing with the head with her tongue. I also started licking her pussy now. Her pussy had got wet, and juices started flowing out. I inserted my thumb in her pussy and licked her clit with my tongue.

While I tried putting my forefinger in her asshole, it wasn’t going in. So I inserted my forefinger in her pussy and got it wet, and then inserted it in her ass. It went easily. So now I was fucking her pussy with my thumb and ass with my finger.

With the simultaneous fingering, she started enjoying herself a lot. And with my tongue action on her clit she came in 5 minutes. The 3 frontal attacks on her pussy had driven her crazy, and she came so fast. I told her to stop sucking my cock and put on a condom.

She did it and came over to me and lay down on me. I took my hand down and inserted my cock into her pussy. In one swift motion, it went inside. She sighed deeply and started fucking me. We had so much sex but didn’t want to let go of each other.

I fucked her for 10 minutes from below, and I came in the condom. We relaxed for the next few minutes, got up and wore our clothes. The honeymoon was over, and now we had to check out and go home. So much stuff was lying around. Condoms, vibrators, dildos, bras and panties, and nighties.

We gathered our things. Put the used towels in the bathroom, took a last sweep of the room, and left the room. We reached home in 15 minutes and cautiously opened the gate. I asked her to put the things properly in their place.

It was Sunday the next day, and my flight was at night. So we thought to hang about for some time together. When her parents wake up, I will go to my room. We got in our night suits. But I asked her not to wear the top. When we sleep, we will wear it. So we both were topless.

We were fooling around for the next hour. Sometimes just kissed each other a lot, or I licked her boobs. She would sometimes take her hands on my ass inside my shorts and try and finger my ass. The hour passed away fast. When I heard my in-laws’ door open at 5 am, we wore our tops.

I tiptoed to my room and closed the door without making any noise. I got up at 10 in the morning. She told her parents that we had come home at midnight. We had breakfast and told my in-laws that we were going shopping. We went to the mall.

I took her to the lingerie section and asked her to get herself some sexy bra, panties, and a nightie. We selected bras and panties. She went into the changing room, wore them, clicked a pic, and sent it to me. We finalized 2 of them and 1 nightie.

Then I took her to outfit sections and asked her to purchase some sexy-looking tops and clothes. We purchased 3 tops and 2 outfits, which were 1 piece. She looked ravishing in them. We had something to eat and came back home by 3 pm. Now my time was coming to leave.

I was supposed to leave the house by 5 pm. We both didn’t want to leave each other. She asked me when I would come back again. I said maybe next month. It will be quite cold in December too. So we will enjoy ourselves.

I transferred the video we had taken of her strip tease to her laptop. I jokingly told her to use the dildo and vibrator less, or she wont feel the need to have sex with me. She said that it could never happen. I smiled and said I know. I was joking. It was 5 pm, and it was time for me to leave.

With a heavy heart, I left from there. I saw tears building up in her eyes too. She shook it off and smiled, and said bye to me. I left for the airport.

So this was my last story of this series. Your comments and reviews are much appreciated. I will continue to write about our experiences. Hope you like it a lot. Please give your comments and reviews to [email protected]