My Sali, My Dream Girl – Part 2

Hello everyone. This is Avi Maheshwari, back with a continuation of the last story. So read the other parts about me and my relationship with Anki.

As you all know, I am from Mumbai, aged 35. I am happily married with a kid. This story is from 2015, when I first had sex with my Sali. Since then, we have been in a romantic/sexual relationship. I love both my wife and Anki. At least, I think about it that way.

My wife is very happy about our marriage. Anki is also very happy with our side relationship. In the present day, she is also married with a kid. But that has not stopped us from being in a relationship.

Anki and I slept with each other after having sex the last night. We had put an alarm for 4:30 AM. We got up at 4:30 AM and quickly had sex. I went to sleep for the rest of the morning. I got up at 9:00 AM with Anki waking me up with a kiss. I groggily opened my eyes and was surprised to find Anki without clothes.

Alarmed, I asked her about her parents. She smiled and said they had gone to a friend’s place for a function and would come after lunch. Their household help was on holiday for a week. I also smiled. And grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

I said, “I don’t feel like going to the office. Just want to stay on the bed with you, suck your boobs and fuck you till your wit’s end. I feel so good with you.”

She also said, “I feel the same way, Jiju. I also don’t want to stay away from you when you are here in Delhi.”

I said, “Yes, Jaan. I have work for just 2 days in the Delhi office. But I have planned for 3-4 days to spend with you. Let’s do one thing. Today is Thursday. You and I both take a holiday from the office tomorrow. We will check into a hotel and spend the whole day with each other. What say?”

She replied, “What an idea, Jiju! It will be super fun. There is a 5-star hotel near our home.”

I hugged her tightly. I started kissing her and licking her face. Her face was glistening with my saliva. And she loved it. She removed my tees and shorts and made me naked too. My cock was hard, and she took it in her hands and started stroking it.

My hands invariably went to her breasts, pressing them hard. She was moaning loudly and tightening her hands around my dick. I made her lie down and started kissing her boobs. My hands were roaming all over her body. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking them.

My tongue was licking her nipples. They were so hard with all the stimulation. I alternated between both breasts for a short period. Her hands were between my hair and stroking them. Her nipples are her soft spot. She gets massively turned on when I play with her nipples.

While sucking her nipples, I took my hands down to her pussy. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers. It was so wet. One of my fingers slid in easily. A moan escaped her mouth as soon as my finger entered her pussy. She was very comfortable with my finger inside her.

I started fingering her. My lips were playing with her nipples. My tongue was tracing the shape of her areolas. She started moving up and down on my finger. I increased the speed of my fingering. She moaned loudly. I put my other finger inside her pussy. It was a tight fit.

I started folding my finger towards the outside. I have read that when you do this action inside the pussy, it stimulates the G spot. I don’t know whether it is true or not. But I have tried it with my wife and Anki. Both get very turned on when I do it.

I started stimulating the g spot with this action. Her pussy was wet, and it started secreting more pussy juices. My fingers were very wet. Puch puch sound was coming whenever my fingers were ramming in her pussy. She was close to cumming. I started smooching her.

Her tongue was inside my mouth, and I was sucking on her tongue. Suddenly her grip on my head tightened, and her body got tensed. And she moaned loudly. She had an orgasm. Her body was shuddering. So much juice was flowing from her pussy. The bed had got wet with them.

Then she relaxed and started smooching me back. She came over to me and started kissing me. Biting my neck and chest. Her hands were on my dick, stroking it. It was so hard. I wanted to fuck her badly. She realized it got a condom from her room and put it on my cock, and sat on my lap.

She adjusted the dick on her pussy lips and sat on it. Her pussy was so wet after orgasm that my cock slid in comfortably. She paused for a moment savouring the cock in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight. It was such a tight fit on my cock. Had to be. We both had sex just a few times.

After a moment, she started moving up and down. Her hands were on my chest for support. Her legs were beside me. I was playing with her boobs. Her boobs were bouncing up and down. We both love this position. I like her being in command of the speed. And she likes the dominance she has while having sex.

The pace was slow and sensual. She let the cock out until the tip of the head, and then she would sit back. I took hold of her hips, let her be in the same position, and increased speed. Her pussy was so wet that lots of noises were coming whenever my cock would go in her pussy. She was in ecstasy.

She arched her head back and was enjoying the royal fuck. I stopped and asked to reverse with her back towards me. It was a new position for her. I asked her to put her hands behind her back on the bed and, with the support, stay in that position. I positioned my cock on her pussy from below.

She was a little up. I adjusted her hip position with my hands. I started moving my hips up and down. It’s the reverse cowgirl position. She was suspended in the air with the support of her hands and legs. My cock was fucking her pussy from below.

It was not a comfortable position for her. She tired easily and sat down. I started pressing her boobs from behind. The softness of her breast cant is explained with words. I made her lie on her back and put one of her legs on my shoulder. The other leg was on the bed.

I positioned myself between her legs and put my cock in. It slid in like jelly. And I started fucking her hard. She was also comfortable with this position. I fucked her like this for the next 5 minutes. I could feel my sperm rising in my dick. I increased my speed. And I came in the condom.

We both were truly tired of all the fucking. We just lay for the next 10 minutes. It was 9:40 AM. We both had offices. I asked her what time she does have to leave. She said she could leave last by 10: 30 AM.

I said, “Ok. Let’s go in the bathtub jacuzzi and have a bath together. No one is in the house. We wont get this opportunity again.” She also liked the idea. We both took our stuff and went to the 2nd-floor bathroom where the bathtub was. We let it fill. After 15 minutes, we both entered the bathtub.

We were playing with each other. Splashing water and roaming our hands on each other bodies. Our sexual desires were not going to be satiated easily. We knew we get such time once every 2/3 months. We didn’t want to waste a single moment. I made her sit on my lap. I was pressing her boobs from behind.

Playing with her nipples. I took a lot of liquid soap and started spreading it on her body. So much lather was generated. And I was rubbing her body with soap. Her skin is so soft. My hands were sliding on her silky body. I touched her pussy and played with her clit under the water.

I was kissing her neck and back. I was so much in love with her body. Her head was arched back on my shoulder, and my fingers played with her clit. I would rub them or circle my fingers on them. Or pinch them lightly. There is a shower over the circular tub.

My FIL gave up a room to build this bathroom with a massive tub. So it was the size of the room. After 10 minutes or so, she came with my finger stimulation. My cock was semi-hard. I had just orgasms 10-15 minutes back. I told her it would take a lot of time to make it hard and then orgasm.

“So let’s leave it like this. Don’t make it hard.” She agreed because we both had offices. We bathed each other and came out. We rubbed each other’s bodies with the towel and made them dry. It was getting late. We wore our clothes fast and then left for our respective offices.

I wanted to complete the work today and take leave the next day. As per our plan, I made a reservation in the 5-star hotel for a room with a bathtub. It cost a bomb, but I knew it would be worth every penny. I made the reservation in my name. Anki would come to the room later.

I completed the work by 9:30 PM and went home. On the way, I purchased chocolate syrup. I went home and spent some time with my in-laws. I had come last night but hadn’t met them yet. After spending time with my in-laws till 11 PM, Anki and I came to the room.

I got my clothes from my room, entered Anki’s room, and locked it. I hugged her tightly. And kissed her on her lips.

I said, “I love you, my love. I am so lucky to have you as my lover.”

She said, “I love you too, my jaan. You may be my Jiju. But I love you more than anyone in this life. Even after I get married, I want to continue our relationship.”

Me: Why not, my love? Till we both love each other, we will continue our relationship. Listen, pack the nighty which I have got for you. Same for the dildo and the vibrator. And wear the bra and panties which I have got for you.

Anki: Why do we need the dildo and the vibrator?

Me: We will try new things with them, which will be a new experience for both of us. So let’s try something new. And you have to use them after I go back. So you will get a habit too. Also, pack a bottle of vodka.

Anki: Ok. That’s a good idea. I will pack my old nightie too. And I also got that massage oil which you got last time. We are going to have a blast tomorrow. Being with each other in each other’s arms and making love the whole time. I am already wet thinking about it.

Me: Why are you teasing your pussy? I am here to satisfy your every need. That’s why I have got so many condoms with me. We are going to the hotel tomorrow. I have booked a room with a bathtub. It’s not as big as our house, but still, something is better than nothing. Saturday, I had already kept it for you. We will go shopping and movie.

Anki: Waah jiju. You are so thoughtful. I know we both are going to enjoy it a lot. But now my pussy is all wet. Please satisfy this bitch. My panties have been all wet for so long.

I made her lie down on the bed and came over to her. She was wearing denim and a top. I started kissing her. Her lips are so full. I took them between my lips and started sucking on them. At the same time, my hands were groping her boobs over her top.

I love her boobs. They are big but not massive. They are big enough to spill out of the palms when you cover them with your palms. And they are full. I put my hands on her back and unhooked her bra. I pushed the bra cups up from above the top and started pressing her breasts over the top.

Her nipples were stiff and were pointing out from above the tee. I took my mouth to her nipples from above the top and bit them. Because it was from above the top, it didn’t hurt her but gave her pleasure. I continued biting over the top. She started moaning with each bite.

I opened the button of the denim and pushed it down with my legs. Then I took my hand and started rubbing her pussy over her panties. Her panties were very wet. And since there was no hair over her pussy, I could trace her pussy lips over the panty.

I was teasing her by rubbing her pussy over the panties. She wanted more. So I inserted my hands in the panty. Now my fingers were playing with her bare pussy. It was so wet. Automatically, my fingers slid in, and I started fingering her.

Meanwhile, my mouth was on her nipples, and her tees had got wet because of it. I asked her to remove her top. She was fully nude now, barring her panties. I started sucking on her nipples, and one hand was on her pussy, playing with her clit or fingering her. With my other hand, I started playing with her other breast.

I would take her nipple between my fingers and twitch a little. She would gasp whenever I did it. She smiled widely, asking me to continue whatever I was doing. I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. I knew she was close to an orgasm.

As soon as she was going to cum, I took out my fingers and left her dry. She looked at me and smiled, knowing what was going to happen. I left her boobs and went down to her pussy, and removed her panties. She wrapped her legs around my head. And I started sucking on her clit.

While my 2 fingers were going in and out. I would finger her till she was close to an orgasm and then stop fingering her or licking her clit. Thus pressure was building inside her. She would exasperate whenever I would leave her close to an orgasm.

I could feel the tension building inside her. She was begging me to stop this and make her cum. But I wanted to tease her more and build towards a mega orgasm. I continued doing this for 30 minutes.  In this period, she was close to orgasm 5 times.

Each time, I stopped short of her cumming. Now she was fully flushed. Her cheeks had turned pink. I folder my fingers in her pussy, stimulating her g spot, and started fingering her fast. She was building towards a huge orgasm. While my lips were stimulating her clit.

She was very close to cumming. And after some moments, she cum in droves. She didn’t stop shaking for 2/3 minutes. She had a huge smile on her face. I was licking all the juices which were coming out of her pussy. I had stopped with the fingering. But my lips were on her pussy. She was amazing.

After a while, she relaxed. I lay beside her, and I kissed her, making her taste her cum. It was salty but very exciting to do it. Anki was very relaxed. I was still in my clothes. She came over to me and removed my tees and pants. My cock was saluting her. She gave it a good lick and a suck.

After 5 minutes, she was ready to get her pussy fucked. I put on a condom and made her doggy style. I inserted my cock in her pussy from behind. She gasped.
I was humping her from behind, and her boobs were hanging below. I took my hands to her boobs and started pressing them.

After 5 minutes of fucking her, I spit a lot of saliva on her open asshole. I tried to insert 1 finger in her asshole. She gasped, and her body tensed. I told her to relax. After some difficulties, I could insert the complete finger in her asshole. It was so tight. I wanted to fuck her asshole, but now was not the time.

I continued fucking her pussy for 10 minutes, and my finger was also fucking her asshole. She was enjoying herself a lot. I was close to cumming. She said that she was going to come. I slowed down but was fingering her asshole with the same speed. It was getting overwhelming for her.

After some moments, she had an orgasm. I continued, and after 10/15 strokes, I too had an orgasm. She lay on her stomach, and I lay on her. My cock had popped out. I was kissing her shoulder and playing with her hair. I took my hands below her and cupped her breasts. And we stayed like this for 5 minutes.

Then she wanted to go to the washroom. She got up, and I lay on the bed. After some time, she returned to the room and came and lay beside me.

Me: What have you told your parents about tomorrow?
Anki: I have told them I have to leave early as seniors from other branches are coming for a meeting. I have also told them that you were saying you have to leave early too for a meeting.

Me: What about late at night?

Anki: I told them we would be late at night. We will go for dinner and a movie. They were a little apprehensive, but I managed to convince them. So, they are ok now.

Me: Good, my jaan. Tomorrow we will leave at 8 AM. I will get the room by 9. After I get the room, you come in the room afterwards. Then we will be there the whole day. And we will check out the next morning at around 3 AM. Your parents will be asleep anyways. So, they won’t come to know when we return at night. And we will stay in the hotel room like a couple. I have some surprises for you too.

Anki:- What surprises, Jiju?

Me: Wait and watch Anki. You are going to love it, and you will remember it for your whole life. Do you have the hookah ingredients? Let’s have hookah right now. The alcohol we will have it tomorrow in the hotel room.

She got up naked, swinging her ass on my face. I slapped lightly on her ass. She smiled and got hookah out. We made the hookah, and we had hookah for an hour. It was already one in the night. We made love once again before sleeping. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

She came once again, and then I orgasmed. I always make sure that she orgasms once every time. Then we slept in each other arms like always. We put an alarm for 5 in the morning. Then at 5 AM, I got up, wore my clothes and entered my room. I had to get up at 7 AM.

This is the end of this part. Continue reading the next part to know about what we did in the hotel room for the whole day and what surprises I had for Anki. Please continue giving your feedback and comments to [email protected] It’s much appreciated. Thank you.