My Only Sex Experience With A Married Girl

Hey readers, this is my first story here and the incident I am telling you about happened with me before the lockdown of 2020. First, a little bit about me. I am a 30 years old good-looking guy from Indore. I have fucked 9 girls till date including this married girl. Let’s call her Vandana (by the way, it is not her real name).

So it all started in Oct 2019 when I received a DM on Instagram from Vandana. She had seen one of my comments on a reel that was related to wildlife and human encroachment and was impressed by that. About Vandana, she was 28 (at that time), a bit dusky girl, 5’6, and quite fit. She lived in Bangalore with her husband and used to work there.

Anyway, the conversation started and we kind of hit it off instantly. I mean within minutes we were talking as if we had known each other for years; it was something like an instant connection!

After a while, our friendly chat got a bit personal (because I came to know that she was married from her Insta and asked her about it). I got to know about her married life was not going smoothly (although it was a love marriage) and it was mainly because her husband was too insecure and did not want her to work and have male friends. He just wanted to have a child and wanted her to stay at home and raise the child.

Vandana, on the other hand, did not want to have a child at that time. They had a big argument over this matter and her husband even called her a “characterless bitch” who just wanted to enjoy her life (such an insecure piece of shit).

Things between them were so bad they used to sleep in different rooms (and that was the reason she was able to chat with me).

After listening to her, I felt sorry for her and consoled her. I told her that she did not deserve all this and that had I been her husband, I would have done this and that. She kind of liked it.

As days passed by, we started becoming more and more comfortable with each other and soon we started flirting. At first, it was just normal flirting but then it got sexual. She used to tell me what she was wearing and I would tell her what would I do to her.

Our chats had moved to WhatsApp and we had also started exchanging photos and GIFs (I guess you know what kind). The sexual tension between us was increasing day by day and we also started having phone sex We even had phone sex while she was at work.

One day I asked her if we should meet now and she was like, sure. She didn’t even give it a second thought. In fact, she cursed me for not asking her earlier. But there was one problem. We lived quite far away and she did not want to meet me in Bangalore nor she could come to Indore. This issue was anyway sorted out because her mom lived in Delhi. So, we decided to meet there. I still remember the date. It was 2nd Nov when we first met.

So, the day came. I had booked a club room in a 5-star hotel since she was not comfortable with the idea of going into OYOs. It was decided that we would meet directly at the hotel. I had got two 3-piece of Durex condoms and was waiting for her at the reception. And then the married chick arrived; I was like, Wow!

Vandana was wearing a black skirt and blue top and was looking like a sex goddess. I greeted her with a hug and gave her a naughty smile. She blushed and we waited at the reception since our room was getting ready.

At the reception, we utilized the time to make ourselves comfortable with each other (even though we already were but since this was our first meeting in person) so that we don’t waste any more time once we check in.

After a few minutes, the receptionist called and handed us the key. As we entered the elevator, we couldn’t stop ourselves from kissing each other! Now, we were even more desperate to quickly get inside the room.

Once inside, we started kissing each other madly. I was pressing Vandana’s boobs from over her top and her hands were running through my hair and we crashed on the bed.

We were kissing each other wildly, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. After a while, I slid my hand inside her top and started feeling her navel and her waist. Then I looked into her eyes and started fondling her boobs (from over her bra).

After a few minutes, I slid my hands inside her skirt and started caressing her thighs and her ass cheeks. She moaned softly and got up, unzipped her skirt and threw it on the floor. Vandana was wearing dark blue panty and came on top of me and started rubbing her pussy over my dick (from over my jeans) while kissing me.

As it was becoming difficult to hold my dick anymore under my jeans, I told the horny married girl to stop for a second. Then I removed my jeans. She had also removed her top and my t-shirt by then and again came on top of me and started kissing me on my neck and even kissed my nipples, and bit them softly.

My hands were on Vandana’s ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. I then slid my hands into her panty and started rubbing her ass crack and touched her wet pussy and rubbed it. This made her even more horny and she immediately went down and pulled my jockey and stared at my dick.

Without waiting for my signal, she kissed the tip of my dick and gave me one of the best blowjobs till date! I came inside her within a minute and she happily gulped all of it.

Now it was my turn to return her the favor. I quickly unhooked her blue bra, lied her on the bed and started kissing her inner thighs. Then I grabbed her panty by my teeth and pulled it down and made her completely nude. I saw her neatly shaved married pussy, begging me to lick her.

I kissed Vandana’s vertical lips and started smooching them. Then I opened them and inserted my tongue in it and started exploring her pussy with my tongue. All this while, Vandana was moaning heavily and begging me to fuck her. I sucked her pussy for a few minutes and was hard again.

Vandana: I can’t wait any longer.. just wear it (condom) already!

I obeyed her and took out the condom. As I was rolling it over my dick, I could see her staring at my dick with hunger in her eyes. After I was done rolling, she just came on top of me (as she had once told me she would do) and placed my dick on her pussy and went down and was like, “AAAAHH” and started fucking me.

Vandana was slowly going up and down, feeling every inch of my dick inside her wet pussy. Gradually, she increased her pace and started moaning. I was caressing her thighs and her boobs.

Then I sat up and started sucking her boobs as she rode me. After riding me for like 5-6 minutes, she got tired. But I was not finished yet (since I had already cummed once), we changed our position to missionary and I started fucking her again.

I started with slow and deep thrusts and with each thrust, she was like, “AAAHH.. AAHHH..” After a while, I increased my pace and started ramming the married girl’s pussy hard. She was now crying in pleasure and was telling me to better not stop!

Vandana: Yeah baby.. deeper..ahhhhh.. aaahh aahhh.. harder baby harder (almost crying in pleasure).

I fucked the married Indian babe for about 7-8 minutes before I came and crashed beside her. Both of us were breathing heavily and as we looked at each other, we started kissing again. After a while, I started sucking boobs and later we both dozed off.

We fucked 4 more times that day and Vandana went back in the evening as she could not stay during the night. The next day we followed the same routine. After that, I got a 1 BHK in Delhi on rent as neither of us could afford to spend 9-10K daily! 😀 We used to fuck at least once daily whenever she was in Delhi.

We were together until Modi ji announced Lockdown after which we were stuck in our respective cities. Soon, Vandana started feeling guilty for cheating on her husband and told me that she can’t continue this. I also respected her decision and let her go.

So, this was my only experience with a married lady and it was one of the best sex experiences I ever had. Please leave your comments at [email protected]