My Mom’s Milky Boobs – Part 2

The next day he left early in the morning. Mother gave him her number. In the daytime, my Mother had sex with my father’s employees and mated with the thief at night. He climbed into my Mother’s bedroom.  This continued for five days. Every night he fucked my Mother three times.

I saw his dark body joining my Mother’s fair body as their waists shook and hit. My Mother gave him lots of money on the fifth day, and they decided to end their relationship. He promised to move to a different city. Last day my Mother fed him lots of breast milk she had saved.

That night he wanted to have sex with my Mother as many times as he could. First, he fucked my Mother at 10 pm and climaxed in 15 minutes. He told my Mother to perform the move from the ‘Hontho pe bas’ from ‘Yeh Dillagi’ at part 2:46 from youtube.

Mother wore a blue bra and did the exact sexy move. Shaking her chest and shoulders and winking, singing, “Janam, I love you, you love me, Janam.” My Mother did this to help him get an erection. If you watch the video at 2:46, you can know what moves my Mother made for the thief.  Then he fucked my Mother at 11 pm.

Then they kissed each other. He kissed my Mother’s breasts. Then he fucked my Mother again at 12.30 am. This time he fucked my Mother for 30 minutes and climaxed. Both of them went to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear my Mother’s screams and banging sounds. They came out at 2 am in the night.

I saw semen dropping from my Mother’s pussy, and her breasts had red marks. He told my Mother to wear sexy nighty, and he wanted to tear her clothes and fuck her. Mother granted his wish. She combed her hair, applied powder and perfume, and wore the strap knee-length nighty.

He jumped on her, and Mother laughed, “Control darling, control.”He tore off her nighty and sucked her breasts as much as possible. He turned Mother on her back and fucked her anus. He used his finger to widen the anal hole of my Mother.

Then Mother told him she was anal fucked by her husband many times. So this is not new to her. The thief then grabbed my Mother’s two gaands and pressed them, pinching them. Mother said, “Wow, pinching my gaand is nice.” He held my Mother’s waist and inserted his dick inside my Mother’s anus.

Then he fucked my Mother’s anus gently, as the hole was smaller than her pussy. He faced difficulty inserting his dick. My Mother felt uncomfortable after 10 minutes. Then my Mother started to moan. He took out his dick. Then he grabbed her breasts from the back and fucked her pussy from behind.

Mother just let him do whatever he wants with her body. This was his last night with my Mother. He made my Mother give him a blowjob. He kissed her again, hugging her tightly.

He made my Mother sit on all fours in a doggy style and fucked her. Mother said, “Yes, I am your bitch, fuck me like a bitch.” He fucked Mother for 40 minutes. He slept in my Mother’s room from 4 to 6 am, and my Mother was in a deep sleep then. She was tired after a long sex session with a thief.

Then at 6 am, they wanted to have one last sex. He did not have an erection. So, my Mother went to her room and came out wearing a red sleeveless blouse and a red silk saree. Her red blouse was low cut, and she did not wear a bra. She had applied red lipstick and eye shadow, making her look hotter.

Mother danced before him, singing a Bhojpuri song and gradually taking off her clothes, seducing him. He got an erection watching my Mother’s vulgar sexy Bhojpuri dance song ‘Phat jaye choli ho.’ Mother did the exact eye expression and hip and chest movement for him.

The thief was happy, and they mated for the last time. Then they hugged and kissed each other. Mother kissed his penis, and he kissed my Mother’s breasts, nipples, ass, and pussy. He gave love bites on Mother’s breast and gently bit her nipples and went away, taking lots of money.

He took away all the clothes that Mother took off before having sex, saying he would keep them as her memory. Mother came back happy and slept naked. That evening my Mother found all her jewellery stolen and gold items missing, along with her smartphone and laptops.

She could not find her costly lingerie, and all her blouses, sarees, and petticoats were cut with scissors. Most of her costly sarees were missing. Her bras were cut in front. If she wears them, her nipples will be exposed. She found her panties cut in front of the pussy and behind also.

While wearing her panties, she found that the front cloth was cut. Her pussy was openly visible along with her butthole. Her blouses were also cut in the front area. Wearing them, the major part of her breast and her nipples were visible. She saw herself in front of the mirror, wearing her bra and blouse.

Her nipples were visible to others. She wore the saya, petticoats cut in the waist area, making it impossible to wear them. Not a single saree was in a single piece. Her costly salwar kameez and nighties were also stolen. The thief had cut all her clothes and left nothing to wear in front of others.

She could not go outside. Many of her bags were missing, and then we looked out and saw that the terrace door was open. He must have filled the clothes and jewellery he stole and kept inside my Mother’s bags. He had thrown them outside the boundary wall and later on taken them away.

Mother was crying and weeping, being cheated by the thief. She breastfed him, mated with him, and physically loved him. She also gave him lots of money. But he betrayed her, stole all her costly gold and diamond jewellery, and cunningly cut her clothes.

Mother wore a bra that showed most of her breasts and a blouse that exposed her breasts. She wore a panty that exposed her pussy and butthole. She said, “I will go out like this. I deserve this.” My father’s managers came at that time.

She did not tell them about sex with the thief. But told them that a thief had stolen everything and cut her clothes. She wanted to go outside in anger wearing a cut dress. Mother was angry and crying. They tried to calm her down by sucking her nipples and drinking her breast milk.

Mother sat crying about her gold and diamonds as they drank her breast milk together from both sides. Mother sat still, looking straight, showing no reaction. They were kissing and sucking her nipples. Mother was still wearing the torn bra, blouse, and panty.

Then they convinced my Mother to have sex with them and be happy. Mother lay on the bed as they had sex with her. Mother then bathed with them, and they brought her new clothes to wear.