My Mom Pays The Debt With Sex!

Hello everyone, I am Raj from Mumbai and I am 19 years old. I used to stay with my mom and dad in a 1 BHK flat. My mom and dad used to run their own business. My mom Seema was 45 years old and my dad Ashok was 52 years old.

My mom still looked young and pretty as she had a lovely face and figure whereas my dad looked a bit old. My mom had a dusky complexion but her features were attractive and most importantly, she had maintained herself.

Due to my admission stuff, my parents had taken a loan from the market and also, and their business was not going well. There was some financial issue in the family. Often two guys would come to our house with dad who looked in their early 30s. They were the ones my parents had borrowed money from and they would have drinks with dad and return.

Soon, the interest started piling up and my parents were under huge stress because of it. Since they did not have money, something was to be done to ensure they kept quiet. Little did I know at that time what was going on in my parents’ heads.

One day, my mom was getting ready at home wearing her black sleeveless saree with quite a bit of exposure to her navel and heavy perfume on her body. I asked mom if she was going out somewhere to which she sweetly denied it and said dad and his friends were coming home for dinner and nothing else.

Dad arrived around 7 pm. Mom gave me dinner early and told me not to come out of the room as dad and his friends would be having drinks and dad didn’t want me to disturb them. I was quietly watching TV in my room with the door closed.

I fell asleep for some time but when I got up from my sleep at around 10:30 pm, I saw there were still sounds coming from the hall. I saw dad almost drunk and not in a good state and mom was sitting next to one of those guys whose name was Ashfaq. Her pallu was quite low, making her cleavage visible to him. Also, she was quite close to him and smiling.

Suddenly, dad gave some signal to mom and mom got up and pulled Ashfaq and came close to my room. She first checked if I was asleep and after assuring that I was asleep, she got him inside.

My heart was pumping hard and I was scared. Mom started removing her pallu and unbuttoned her blouse. She removed her blouse and then unhooked her bra and hung them on the doorknob. She had big 36D size boobs, her nipples were big and brown.

On the other hand, Ashfaq was removing his shirt and getting undressed. He removed all his clothes including his underwear and kept it on the knob. It was dark, so the scene was not clear but I could hear the sounds.

Mom had by then removed her petticoat and panty too. They both were nude and mom hugged him tightly. Mom started kissing his chest and biting his nipples. Ashfaq grabbed mom by the hair and started kissing her.

Mom was kissing him and since he was taller than mom (she was just 5″3), he lifted mom by her ass to kiss her. I was totally mad after seeing it. He then grabbed mom’s boobs and started sucking her nipples and playing with her boobs.

Mom slowly managed to control her moans as she did not want me to wake up and see her like this. Mom quickly made him lie on the floor. She bent down on her knees to suck his cock. She started sucking his cock like a pro.

I could not see but I could hear the sucking sounds. Mom was moving her hands on Ashfaq’s chest slowly, making him harder and harder. He switched mom into 69 and took mom’s pussy in his mouth. It was getting more erotic and steamier inside the room.

Outside I could see dad and the other guy drinking. After a few minutes, mom got up and took out a condom from the drawer and put one on Ashfaq’s cock. Then mom got on top of his cock in the riding position and slowly got his cock entirely inside her wet pussy. She started riding his cock hard and he was holding her boobs and pinching her nipples while she rode his cock.

The slow sounds of thap thap were coming from the room and it kept going on for a few minutes before he quickly got mom into the missionary position. Mom parted her legs and guided his cock back again inside her pussy and this time, because of mom’s ass rubbing against the floor, his pace of fucking increased. The humping sounds got way bigger and disturbing and I could hear my mother’s moans turning into soft screams.

After a few minutes, he lost control and cummed because of the extensive pleasure. Mom got up and pulled out his condom. She cleaned his cock and asked him to slowly go out and sit. Meanwhile, mom was in the washroom cleaning her pussy.

Mom started to wear her bra and panty. But before she could grab her other things, the other guy Sameer came into the room. He was instantly hard seeing mom in her undergarments. Mom unhooked her undergarments again and undressed him too.

Again, it all started with gentle kisses on the lips and mom kissing his chest and him playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples. In no time, both were hard and wet too. He was a bit better in oral as compared to Ashfaq.

He wanted to taste mom’s pussy first and he kept licking mom’s pussy for 10-15 minutes making mom cum on his face in pleasure. She was warm now and she got on her knees to suck his cock to get him hard too.

After some time, he got mom in the doggy style. He slapped mom’s ass hard twice before mom had to stop him as I was in the room. He wore a condom and inserted his cock inside her pussy and oh gosh, he was way hard and faster than Ashfaq.

I could see his balls slapping her ass and she was in extreme pleasure and pain. I could see her cum again and he too was going on her like a beast. Mom now got over his cock. She rode his cock so hard that he cummed so quickly. I could hear their climaxes.

Then after final kisses and cleaning, he too went out. Mom finally cleaned herself and wore her clothes and went out. Later when they left, I heard dad and mom talking to each other and saying we have got control of the situation for now but we need to pay them back quickly. I was a bit frustrated by the same.

Guys, it kept going for a few months before mom and dad paid their debt. If you guys want me to share more parts of the same story, do let me know on [email protected]