My Mom, My Crush: Part 1 (The Beginning)

I am Rohan and my mom’s name is Shalu. My dad works in Dubai and comes once in 4-5 months for 10 days.

I am 18+ years old boy and studying in 12th. I know that this is a very critical period of my life as I need to score good marks on board and in competitive exams for admission to IIT. My mom is always concerned about this as well and keeps asking me about my performance in class tests.b

My mom and I have special bonding and we are very much close to each other emotionally as mom and son. Many times mom is sad about dad’s prolonged absence but then she controls her emotions so that I don’t become upset. I loved my mom like a son who cares about her.

Life was going on like this and then suddenly it took a sharp turn and my whole life changed.

It was Friday and I had two days of holiday. In the evening, I told mom that I was going to my best friend’s house to play a video game. When I reached my best friend Rajiv’s home, he welcomed me very warmly and I sat on the sofa. Then his mom Seema came and she was in a saree looking very sweet.

Rajiv introduced me and I said ‘namaste’ to her. Then, to my surprise, Rajiv asked her to bring snacks and tea for us in a very authoritarian tone which surprised me. I can’t even imagine talking to my mom at this time.

When his mom went to the kitchen, I scolded Rajiv, “Hey! Why are you talking to aunty like this?”

Rajiv said laughingly, “He he, this is how I talk to her. She is very obedient to me.”

I was horrified and said, “What do you mean? She is your mom, yaar.”

He smiled mischievously and said, “I am the man in this house. Both dad and mom are obedient to me.”

Before I could say anything, aunty came in and kept a tray on the table.

Rajiv said harshly, “Don’t keep it there. Serve us in plates.”

Aunty started serving both of us and while she lowered her body to serve, I saw my friend’s mom’s cleavage and big boobs peeking out of her blouse. Suddenly, I noticed that Rajiv caught me peeking. I was ashamed and turned away my face.

Rajiv: Yaar, why are you becoming red? Nothing wrong in looking at those big melons. They are really big and soft. Hahaha.

I was embarrassed and thought how any boy can talk like this about his mom!

Suddenly Rajiv said, “Mom, come and massage my head.”

Aunty brought the oil and started applying the oil on his head and started massaging his head. Rajiv bent his head and it started resting on his mother’s big boobs. I could see that he was pressing his head on her boobs. Aunty was not reacting to his move.

Suddenly, Rajiv said, “Mom, your blouse hooks are hurting me, remove the blouse.”

I was shocked. But aunty simply faced her back to me and removed her blouse and then covered her bra with the pallu of sari and restarted massaging his head. My head was spinning at the show.

Then there was a knock at the door. Rajiv asked me, “Please see who is there?”

I opened the door and uncle (his dad) came in. He smiled at me and I greeted him.

When he saw the scene, he didn’t react at all as if it was a normal situation that his wife without a blouse was massaging his son’s head in front of me!!

Rajiv talked to his dad, “Bring water for me.”

Uncle immediately got up and brought water for him. Then he asked his dad, “Press my hands as I am feeling pain there.”

Uncle started pressing his hands after sitting beside him. I was stunned at the turn of events.

Rajiv: See Rohan, am I the man of this house or not?

I nodded my head.

Suddenly, I noticed that uncle now started pressing the thighs and legs of Rajiv.

Rajiv: Did I ask you to press my legs? Keep pressing my hands only.

Uncle followed the instructions.

Rajiv: Mom, now you massage Rohan’s head.

I was shocked, I said, “No no I don’t need it.”

But Rajiv said to his mom, “Do as I told you!!”

Aunty now came behind me and applied oil on my head before I could resist. Then I felt her soft melons on the back of my head and my cock started to become hard. Then I noticed a big bulge on Rajiv’s pants. I clearly saw his dad was watching the bulge and his tongue was on his lips making it wetter.

I felt weird as if something was wrong in this house.

Suddenly, I felt aunty pressing my head harder on her melons and I felt her nipples pointing to my head. Now I was fully hard and was trying to cover my bulge with my both hands. I raised my head and saw uncle watching my bulge too.

Rajiv: Mom, why don’t you rub his cheeks and hands too, he will feel good.”

My best friend’s mom lowered and started rubbing her hands on my cheeks and then my hands. Now her melons were rubbing on my shoulders and back. Uffffff, what a feeling I had!

Now I met her eyes, she was looking relaxed and I was tensed. I saw her looking at my bulge and she smiled. I saw Rajiv was also seeing her noticing my bulge. God, I felt strange. But three of them were perfectly normal.

Suddenly, I noticed uncle’s hand again pressing Rajiv’s thighs and his hands were very close to his bulge. Rajiv ordered his mom, “Open his shirt and massage his chest.” I was shaken and said, “No no yaar, it is ok.”

Rajiv: She massages very well, enjoy yaar. Later on, let your mom also massage my chest. Hahahah.

I stared at him in shock.

Then I saw uncle’s hand was now on his cock and he was slowly rubbing it. I almost fell from my sofa in shock. At that time, aunty’s hand started unbuttoning my shirt and her hands were unable to reach the lower buttons from behind so she came in front of me and opened the buttons and her pallu fell.

Now, she was in front of me with her breasts clearly visible to me in a tight small bra. Her white belly was also with deep navel open to my gaze. I felt like kissing that soft belly and navel and wanted to press her white mounds. I raised my head and saw both uncle and Rajiv smiling at my discomfort.

Aunty was now staring at my erection unashamedly and smiling too.

To be continued.