My Incest Family

My name is Abdullah. I am from India. Honestly, this is the best thing in my life. I am sexually active with my family. I am going to share everything, how it started, and then how my whole family got involved in this.

Let me begin with the introduction of my parents, my dad Ali (42), and his 2 wives Fatima (42), and Jannat (30) well my dad got married to Rubina and Abida last year only.

Now, let me start with the story. Well, my age is 23 now, when I was a teenager, my dad married Jannat and went on a honeymoon. At that time, my real mom Fatima and I were alone at home.

Meanwhile, my mom fell in the bathroom and got pain in her thighs. After consulting the doctor, he advised her to massage it properly, and the same day mom massaged it. But she was not able to do it properly due to which pain increased the next morning.

Then she asked me to massage her that morning, after which she felt really good. But I got really hard during that because it was the moment, I saw her pussy and started thinking to have sex with her. At night, after taking her medicine, she asked me to massage her. Then she went to sleep while I was massaging her.

As soon as I realized this, I thought this was the best time to fuck her. I already knew where my mom kept condoms. I got one and then moved my mom’s panties down and with a little fear touched her pussy. After 2-3 minutes and seeing no objection from her, I inserted my dick inside her and fucked her. I thought she would wake up, but she did not. After fucking her, I moved my pantie back and slept with her only.

The next morning everything was normal. I massaged her again in the morning. At night, again she went to deep sleep and I massaged her and again fucked her. This time, I felt she was not sleeping, but she did not react to anything. I fucked her on the second day also.

Now it was the third night. This time mom was completely naked. I loved to see her like that, but pretended to feel ashamed.

But she said: It’s fine my son, come and massage me, and sleep with me only.

I thought she would go to deep sleep again, but she did not. She acted like sleeping. This time, I thought mom was naked, and I could touch her as I wanted. I got the condom up and inserted my dick inside her and started fucking her. I was touching his boobs and fucking her hard, and I knew that she was awake. So I kissed her on the lips and said –

Me: Darling, I know you are not sleeping, let’s enjoy.

Then we both started kissing. I sucked my mom’s boobs and fucked her hard for 30 minutes. Then we both slept. In the morning, I woke up early. I could not believe what happened last night, but I was hard again. I started fucking her again and this time, without a condom. I released my cum in her mouth this time.

After that, we both had another session in the afternoon, and only 2 days were left for my dad and mom to come back. So we wanted to enjoy both days. We both had great sex for the next two days. When my dad returned, my real mom started sleeping with me and dad was slipping with my mom Jannat.

After 2-3 days, after having sex with Jannat, dad came to my room to call mom for sex. Meanwhile, me and mom were having sex and we forgot to lock our door. Dad caught us, but we were so enrolled in sex that we did not notice him. When I saw dad, I was terrified. But dad removed his briefs and inserted his dick in my mother’s ass and fucked her.

After that, we both fucked mom really hard and I cummed inside her pussy for the first time. After that, dad and I decided to take this forward and join mom Jannat in it. The next day my dad asked me to enter his bedroom at night, when he and Jannat would be having sex.

The next night dad was having sex with mom in a cowgirl position. I entered silently and inserted my dick in my ass and fucked her hard. After some time, my mom Fatima also joined us and I fucked her and dad fucked Jannat.

After I started sex with mom, I went to my grandparent’s place for the summer vacation. My grandpa’s name is Ahmad (62) and my grandma is Faiza (62). When I reached there, my grandpa was sitting under a tree in the fields. I wished him well and asked about grandma.

After that, I went to the house, where I met grandma and wished her. She advised me to rest. Then I went to the room and slept for some time.

When I woke up, I found my grandma was having a bath in the open area of our house. She was completely naked and her pussy was shaved. My grandpa is a retired army officer, so he was still fit and healthy. They must be still having sex and because of that, granny kept pussy clean.

After having a bath, she put on her clothes, came to my room, and served me snacks and tea. The next morning, she told me that she would bathe me.

I replied: No, I am older now!

But she said that she used to bathe me till I was 10, and  I didn’t need to feel ashamed. After that, she bathed me. Then I told her that I would also bathe her. She said no, but I said –

Me: If you can, why I can’t?! I want to help you while having a bath.

Then I bathed her and touched her ass, pussy, and boobs. I got a hard-on during that. I masturbated by touching granny’s boobs and fingering her pussy. We both released cum at the same time and then cleaned ourselves and went to the fields without saying anything to each other.

That night, grandma and grandpa slept in the open area of our house, and I slept in the room.

At night, I heard some moaning noises, when I looked through the window, they were having sex. I got horny again and masturbated again. In the morning, again we both bathed together and masturbated each other. My grandpa went to the city for some work.

Meanwhile, due to the extremely hot weather, my grandma removed her clothes and became naked in the afternoon and told me we should have a bath again. This time, I licked her pussy and drank her cum. Later she pissed on my face and I pissed in her mouth.

At night, after having dinner, we both went to sleep naked. At midnight, while she was sleeping, I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her. She was acting like she was sleeping but she was awake. Then I cummed inside her and slept.

The next morning, after having a bath, Grandpa came back and was surprised. Because we both were naked and having a bath. Then he joined us and at that time, I was able to see how hot and sexy my grandpa was.

After that, I washed my grandpa’s complete body and then we had our brunch. Then Grandpa and Grandma went to their room. They did not close their door.

When I heard the moaning sounds, I went to their room and saw them having sex. Grandpa saw me and said I could watch them if I wanted and masturbate too. When they finished sex, I touched both of them and then grandma sucked me and drank my cum.

At night, grandpa went to the fields. After that, I had a bath and went to sleep. After grandma slept, I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her. I knew she was awake, and I whispered in her ears –

Me: I know you are awake, let’s enjoy this sex.

Then I kissed her and sucked her boobs and released my cum inside her. The next morning, I got up early and again started fucking her. Meanwhile, grandpa arrived and saw us. We were in cowgirl position. Then grandpa inserted his dick in grandma’s ass and started fucking her. We both released cum inside pussy and ass. After which we also celebrated our honeymoon.

We arranged a bed in the open area of our house, with a white bed sheet, and decorated it with roses with a royal theme.

Grandpa and I fucked grandma hard that night. We went for 3-3 rounds. After that, my grandparents decided to come and live with us and to get involved in sex with my parents after they got to know I was having sex with my parents.

After that, I went to meet my maternal grandma. Her name is Ataya (62). She was the mom of Fatima. She was a nudist and she lived in her farmhouse in a village. After visiting my paternal grandparents and staying for 15 days, I went to her house. When I rang the bell, Grandma opened the door and she was naked! She hugged me and told me to get in. Then we had some snacks and tea while learning about his nude life.

Then she removed my clothes, and then I had some rest. After that, I saw my grandma having a bath in the open bath area of our house. She was also fingering her pussy. I got hard, and without wasting any time, I went down and asked grandma to bathe me. She got up and started applying soap to my body. Even I applied soap on his back.

After that, she asked me to massage her. While massaging her, I touched her big boobs, pussy, and ass. I applied oil all over her body. Then we had our lunch and we both went for horse riding. She taught me horse riding in just a week.

After getting back home, we had dinner and went to sleep. She asked me to sleep in her room only. I was really horny and was not able to sleep, Even though she was naked near me. Then I tried to sleep and I closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I realized someone was sucking my dick. I opened my eyes and told her thanks and to suck it.

Then I got up and hugged her. We started kissing and I sucked her boobs and got shocked as they were full of milk. I drank her milk, licked her pussy, and fucked her for a whole hour. After that, we both slept. In the morning, I asked her how her boobs still had milk. She told me it was due to some hormones.

After that, I drank her milk for breakfast and we both went to the farm. There we went horse riding and also had sex in the soil. We both were completely covered with soil. Then we had a milk bath. She cooked lunch for me. Then we had to rest for some time. In the evening she taught me how to milk a cow.

I drank cow milk directly from the udder (breast). Then we came back and again had sex and slept well.

The next day, we celebrated our honeymoon in the open. She arranged a tent which was open from all sides with dim lighting and a lot of flowers. That whole night, I fucked her.

Then I decided to stay here only and asked my parents to come and live with us. My dad decided to move to Indonesia for his work, but I don’t want to go. So, we decided that dad and Jannat would go to Indonesia and my mom Rubina would come and live with us.

After my mom came to live with us, she got pregnant. And after 9 months, she gave birth to twin boys, who are 7 years old now.