My Housewife Mom’s Hidden Desires – Part 2

Hello everyone, I am here with the second part of the incident. As all of you know, due to a lack of love in her married life, my mom befriended a 22-year-old boy on Facebook and I was shocked to find that she had sex with that boy when I and dad left.

I was feeling awkward since then but I kept quiet and thought that I will not discuss it with her because I know she was cheating on dad with a guy 23 years younger to her. I noticed mom looked happy and she had a glow on her face.

I was eager so I checked her phone once again and as usual, I saw the chat between her and that stranger boy whose name was Vishal.

Mom: Hi Vishal, when are you leaving for Bangalore?

Vishal: I am leaving this Sunday.

Mom: I want to confess one thing to you.

Vishal: Yes, sure.

Mom: I liked spending time with you.

Vishal: I too Kavita ji, you have a heavenly body.

Mom: Thanks, Vishal.

Vishal: So Kavita, when is your husband and son going out again? I want to make love with you again.

Mom: I too, Vishal. Tomorrow Raj will be in college and my husband too will go to work.

Vishal: Let’s meet tomorrow then.

I knew mom had got someone who was taking care of her needs. And for that guy, he was getting to fulfill his milf fantasy. The next day as usual after I left for college and dad went to work, my mom’s secret lover came home. After some time, I too returned to see them make out.

As soon as I entered and was moving ahead, I saw mom’s blue nighty on the floor in the living room! Next to it was mom’s black bra and her panty. The guy’s clothes were on the floor too. Mom was lying on the dining table. Her legs were in his hands and his face was buried on her pussy. He was licking my mom’s wet pussy!

Mom was moving her hands gently on his hair. He started fingering both her holes and licking her pussy at the same time. She was moaning softly, making horny sounds. She was apparently wearing her mangalsutra too.

My mom’s secret bf then wore a condom on his cock. Mom asked him if he wanted to go to the bedroom. He smiled and said, “Let’s try different things today.”

She kept her legs on his shoulder while he pushed his cock inside her mature pussy. Oh my god! She was sighing heavily with a lot of pleasure and was moaning, “Ahhhh..Vishal, fuck me faster! I love you..”

He was smiling and saying, “Kavita ji, your pussy is so warm.”

After a few minutes, he cummed and removed his condom and threw it into the dustbin.

They then started cuddling and while cuddling, my mother was biting his chest and giving him love bites. She then went down on her knees and started licking his balls and sucking his cock. He was pushing it deeper into her mouth as if wanting to choke her.

While all this was going on, Vishal took my cheating mom’s hands and tied them behind with the rope. Mom was breathing heavily and said, “Vishal, I have never tried this!”

Vishal whispered, “You will enjoy it, Kavita ji.” He took a cloth and blindfolded mom. He then erotically poured chocolate syrup on her 36DD boobs and neck. Vishal started sucking the chocolate off her nipples and it was giving immense pleasure to mom. I could feel her pussy getting warm. He slapped her boobs hard but she could not do anything as her hands were tied. He licked the chocolate off mom’s navel and pussy too.

My mom’s secret boyfriend then took her hand and asked her to quietly come with him. He took her to the balcony and made her bend in the doggy style. Without a condom, he started rubbing his dick on her pussy. Mom whispered, “Vishal! Wear a condom and fuck me, don’t tease me.”

He whispered, “I will but not with a condom. This time, I want you to feel my raw cock inside you.”

Mom screamed, “No no Vishal, please don’t fuck me without a condom.” But she could not do anything as her hands were tied.

He pushed his cock inside mom’s pussy. Mom was screaming in pain and pleasure, “Ahhhh Vishal, Please don’t do it without a condom.”

He started slapping her ass hard and asked her not to worry and just enjoy. Mom had no clue where she was getting fucked. She was moaning loudly and he was enjoying the erotic moments.

After a few minutes of fucking my cheating mom, her young bf grabbed her hand and took her to the kitchen.

This time, he opened her hands and also removed her blindfold. Mom was on top of him and she was riding his cock on the kitchen slab. I could hear the sounds of sex from the kitchen. His balls slapping against her ass were making sounds.

Mom was cumming like hell. Mom hugged him tightly and she was all blown up by the hot sex. After almost 1-2 hours of sex and cumming in her pussy twice, they both headed to her bedroom where they slept naked, hugging each other for some time.

After some time, mom woke up first and she saw the time. Mom woke him up and asked him if they can do it one more time and if he can get his cock up again. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry Kavita, I had viagra today so I can do one more round.”

Mom first started by sucking his cock and getting him hard. After that, she got herself licked and her boobs sucked to get her aroused. Mom was lying under him in missionary. She was telling him to fuck her slowly this time as she wanted to enjoy his cock in her pussy for a longer time.

He started fucking her in missionary slowly. Soon, the positions got swapped to mom on top. She first rode his cock slowly and then started riding it hard. He was slapping her boobs hard. I could see her mangalsutra swinging along with her big boobs. He fucked her so hard for at least 15 minutes. Mom had squirted thrice during this session and finally, he too cummed inside her pussy. Then they both cleaned up and kissed each other and dressed up.

Mom gave Vishal the best sex of his life and she too had the best sex of her life. He used to try new things every time he fucked my mother. Mom too did all the dirty things she could.


Guys, this was the second part and just the beginning. In the next part, we will share more actions from their relationship. You guys can mail me for feedback on [email protected]