My first fuck with my crush ?

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Hi all, Radhika here. Thank you for the amazing response to my previous series, ‘Office Manager Destroyed My Newly Married Pussy.’ It was an amazing experience with my manager and the lesbo with a colleague.

However, people asked me to share my previous experiences. So here I would like to share my first encounter with a dick in college.

I completed my intermediate and joined a degree at a college nearby. I was raised very strictly. My dad made me study only in girls’ school and college till then. I joined a co-edu college for my degree, and my happiness has no bounds.

I had a friend named Sandhya. She is a bitch like me as well. She is so hot and loves to explore. Now she got settled in the USA and experiencing big black cocks.

So the first week went very smoothly. The third-year students started to come. There are these two guys, Vinod and Akash. They are rich kids, and they have good looks as well. I instantly had a crush on Akash. He is around 5’8 in height and fair in colour. Vinod is a rough guy who is dark and around 6′ in height.

When they came to our class to welcome us, they had an eye on me. They even asked me to get up from my place and answer their nonsense questions. I was answering only for Akash, but Vinod had his eyes on me all the while.

So we had this freshers’ day on one weekend. As the program started in the afternoon, I informed my parents I would be late. I was so happy I left for the party in my best dress. It was a dress that I bought for my birthday.

At the party, seniors asked us to propose to one of the seniors for fun. When my turn came, I went directly to Akash and proposed to him as he was my crush. He took the rose, caught my hand, and kissed my hand in front of everyone. OMG, it gave me goosebumps, and everyone whooped for it.

At the end of the party, there was this DJ dance. I was dancing with Sandhya. Vinod came to me and asked me to dance with him. I rejected him, and when Akash came, I gave him my hand. So Vinod went to dance with Sandhya. But Vinod was jealous of me and Akash.

While dancing Akash held my waist as he slowly pushed my dress up and caught my waist directly. It sent goosebumps, and I was wet below. I asked Sandhya to join me in the washroom. I said I liked Akash and would love to be his girlfriend.

I also said that his touch was making me horny. I showed her my wet and soaking panty. She, too, showed hers. She said Vinod was pressing her everywhere, sticking his hard dick between her ass cheeks and rubbing it. We both giggled and went back to dance.

After the party, Akash introduced Vinod as his best friend and offered to drop me home. But as I was scared, I said no. Vinod offered Sandhya to drop her home, to which she said yes. While in auto, she called me and said if her parents call me, I should tell them she is with me.

I felt jealous of her and felt pity for myself. I could not sleep as I was eager to know what was happening between Vinod and Sandhya. After an hour-long pestering from me, I got an image from her. There was some long black, wooden type of thing in her mouth.

I didn’t know it was a dick. I had never seen a completely hard dick. I didn’t bother her that night. In the morning, I called her. She said she was not well and would not come to college today. I went to her home. As her parents were working, she was alone and in her night dress.

She looked so tired. I showed her the pic she had sent and asked her what she was sucking at night. She laughed so loud, catching her stomach. Then she said it would give us pleasure. She showed me a video where she is on her four, and Vinod is fucking her from behind, catching her hair.

The mobile was in her hand, and she was smiling, looking at it. Her boobs were jiggling, and she was moaning in a sexy tone. “Ah, Vinod, fuck me hard. I love your hard cock. Fuck me like a bitch.” Then she handed over the mobile to Vinod.

He started to zoom in and show how his dick entered her little pussy and stretched it. God! Looking at it, I started to leak below and showed it to her.  She smiled and said she had the best night, and Vinod fucked her three times that night.

I asked her whether she was a virgin. She replied yes until yesterday and got her cherry popped last night. I was listening to her moans. I wished I would moan for the pleasure I get when someone fucks me. I then decided to get my cherry popped by Akash.

So we started to chat and slowly started to do sex chat. We decided to meet one night. I asked Sandhya to cover me at my home, which she was happy to do and wished me all the best.

I shaved my underarms and pussy. I dressed sexily and left my home. Akash was ready with his car as he started the car and drove towards his home. He took my hand and placed it on his bulge. It was big, and the area was so hot. I felt that his dick was burning with lust. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

He asked me to unzip his pants and take his dick out. He didn’t wear any underwear, and he was in his tracks. I was holding his dick in my hands. I can’t tell you my feelings. It was the first time in my life that I was holding a solid hard cock which is hard. His dick was throbbing.

I played with it till we reached his home. He asked me not to get down and came to my side. He opened the door and carried me to his room. Every woman wants to be treated like a queen, and he treats me so. I was unable to control myself.

We started to kiss there and pushed the door closed as there was no one. We didn’t waste time. I was so eager to watch his dick closely I pulled his pant. His dick popped out like a spring as I pulled his tracks down. It was also a white dick like the one I saw in the porn videos that Aakash sent me while we chatted.

I knelt and went closer to it to watch it. It was moving up and down. I know he was also waiting for this moment. I smelled his dick. I saw a drop at the end of his dick which was white. I took it with my finger and licked it. It was the first time I tasted the precum.

He moaned loudly, calling my name, “Aah, Radhika, yes, suck my dick, please.” I looked at him and saw the desperation in his eyes. I started to take his dick inside my mouth. As I had no experience, my teeth were touching his dick. He asked me to stop after some time and then threw me on the bed.

He started to kiss me from the toe, coming up slowly. As he came over my pussy, he saw my flawless white clean, shaved pussy. As he could not control himself, he started to lick my pussy. Oh God! It was the first time someone touched my pussy.

I cannot define my feelings. I just loved the moment. He started to explore my pussy with his tongue. My hands reached to my boobs automatically. I started to press them and pinch my nipples, increasing my pleasure. I pushed him into my pussy as he started to fuck my pussy with his tongue.

I cum within seconds. He started to fuck me, and my pussy became so wet. I can see my pussy opening and closing. I remember how my pussy is reacting. He came on top of me and started to rub his dick at the entrance of my pussy. A moan escaped my mouth.

He started to suck my 30-sized boobs. He pulled my nipples with his teeth, making me go crazy and moan louder, “Aakash, yeah. fuck me, please.” he gave an evil grin as he pushed his dick in a single stroke. I shouted my lungs out, and I passed out.

After five minutes, I came back to my senses. Akash was fucking me, trying not to put his whole weight on me. His dick was going in and out. I got up to see if my pussy had taken his dick completely in. OMG, and yes, he was giving it to me as his dick completely in.

Pressure started to build within me. I started to moan, “Ah, yeah, fuck me and make me your slut. I will stick your dick everywhere when you ask me. I will be your bitch.” He got a new kick with my words. He turned me into doggy style and started to fuck me by pulling my hair and slapping my ass.

I started to enjoy his fucking and submitted myself to him. He started to bang me hard as I moaned louder with each stroke. A new pleasure started to form within my pussy. I thought I was going to pee. But he held me and fucked me hard and cum deep into my pussy. I got my orgasm and felt numb.

He laid on me as we slept. After a while, we woke up to a burst of big laughter. “Man, Akash, you nailed this bitch before me! Wow, what a cute pussy, man.” By the time I opened my eyes, Vinod was nude, holding his hard dick in his hand and stroking it.

I think you will like my first experience. I will let you know how Vinod used my holes. Even though I had a crush on Akash, I became Vinod’s bitch. He used me for one year as his slut.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback at [email protected]. Till then, bye.