My Blackmailing Neighbor Uncle

Hey readers, this is Karan back with another sensational sexperience. Let me tell you my brief again. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall with a fluffy personality with dusky complexion but attractive. I have a tool of 6 inches, and I am a Pansexual from Hyderabad.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your huge response to my previous story, ‘How I Became a Slave to a Shemale!’  The messages and emails made my day.

Let me come into the whole story now. This happened in December 2022. I live with my mother in my Hyderabad flat in a high-rise building in a hi-tech city. We moved in recently.

Last month my mother decided to spend some time with my elder brother and sister-in-law, who are in the US.  So, cutting short, my mother went to the US on short notice for a long period.

Here the main story starts. My mother leaving on such short notice entrusted my responsibility to my neighbours. We were very close and had a long association with them. We moved to our new flats together by buying at the same time.

So Anu aunty and Rakesh uncle (their names) were happy to look after me. I used to have food and spend my leisure time with them.

Coming to the hero of this experience

My uncle has a well-built gym body and is a well-decorated merchant navy officer who retired a few years ago. He is a fair man who is 6 foot tall, perfectly structured body with a big tool of 7 inches in his pants.

I was, as usual, busy with my work all week and used to be free at the weekend. I just used to go to their place and have dinner with them. Then come back to my flat on weekdays, and spend time with them on weekends.

It was a Friday at 5 pm. I was making plans with friends for dinner. Preeti (shemale) was texting me over social media apps to have hot and steamy sex with her for the night. Many of you know who Preeti (shemale) is if you have read my last story.

I was dying to have sex because it had been a while since I got laid. I was playing cards with them at my neighbour’s place and having coffee. Preeti also responded to my texts, and I was happy that my plan was on. I went to use the bathroom while Anu aunty went to keep the coffee mugs in the kitchen.

It was Uncle’s turn to distribute the cards. Rakesh uncle got up and went to their room. Anu aunty went to the kitchen to keep the coffee mugs and returned. Then aunty got a call, and she was talking on the phone. Meanwhile, I was chatting with Preeti, and we were sexting.

It continued for 10 minutes, and I asked Preeti to send a sexy picture of hers. She finally sent a picture of hers wearing a bra, and she was holding her erected 9-inch cock. Her panties were barely holding her balls. I was excited and was enjoying what I was looking at.

To my surprise, Rakesh uncle was standing behind me. God knows he could have seen me the whole time. I was stunned that he was standing there, and I didn’t even know he had come.

I cursed myself so badly, thinking what a fool I was, not knowing that for how long he was standing there. I prayed he would not cause a scene as I was caught red-handed.

Anu aunty got off her call and said: “Rakesh, why are you standing there? Don’t you want to resume our game?”

Uncle replied: Why not, dear? I was just here peeking into what our neighbour boy was doing.

And he chuckled a bit.

Aunty replied: “Don’t do that, Rakesh! They are young people. Give them some space.

My heart raced from the second he spoke, and I was sure it would be my funeral. Surprisingly, he just came and sat in his chair as if nothing had happened and started distributing the cards. We resumed our game, and I was silent for the next couple of rounds.

Then suddenly, aunty asked me what I wanted to have at the dinner. I told nervously to her that I had some plans with my college friends. A couple of hours passed, and it was past 6 pm. I decided to go to my flat, get ready, and head out for the rest of the evening. I stood up and asked permission to leave.

Anu aunty asked me at what time I would be back home. When I was about to reply, Rakesh Uncle said, “He has plans for all night,” sarcastically. I stood there stunned for a minute and nodded to what he said awkwardly.

Anu aunty chuckled and said: “Okay! But be safe! Your mother put your responsibility on us. Don’t get too drunk.”

I nodded yes to her and went back to my flat. I got freshened up and was ready to go out. But in the back of my mind, I wondered why Rakesh uncle was silent.

It was past 7:30 pm, and I decided to give my flat keys to Anu aunty before heading out for the night. I rang their doorbell, and their daughter Amulya answered the door. In my next story, I will tell you about Amulya and how she is my best friend with benefits.

Anu aunty was inside the kitchen. I gave the keys to Amulya, and she asked where I was going. I told her that I had a dinner planned with my college friends. Anu aunty came from the kitchen and saw the flat keys in her daughter’s hand.

Aunty: Giving the keys, huh? So, I guess you will be back in the morning?

Me: Yes, aunty

Aunty: Have fun, kiddo! But be careful, okay? Are you going by cab?

Me: Yeah, aunty

Rakesh uncle: So, your ride is waiting for you, huh?

I was stunned and stood there awfully struck by the silence. That’s the confirmation. He saw it all. I got a call from the cab driver that he was waiting near the gate. I hugged Aunty, told her I would be okay, and finally came out.

I got into the cab, thinking about what would happen when I returned in the morning. I then decided not to think about what happened there. I met Preeti at a restaurant, and we had dinner and went to her flat.

That night, Preeti fucked the wits out of me all night. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her on her bed. You all know how good she was when I mentioned her in my last publication.

It was morning. I woke up and got dressed. I booked a cab and got back to my flat around 7 am. I wanted to sleep for some time as my body was still exhausted because of last night’s fun. I slept till the afternoon. It was around 12:30 pm.

I got a call from Anu aunty. She woke me up and asked me to come to her house for lunch. I got up, freshened up, and went to their house for lunch. Uncle was not at home. He had gone out to his usual club as it was the weekend.

I had lunch with Aunty and her daughter, and she asked if I had enjoyed last night. I nodded yes, and we had some random conversations throughout the lunch. After lunch, I told aunty that I had a bit of work and needed to finish it. She said OKAY, and I was back to my flat.

An hour passed. I was watching my favourite anime on TV when I heard my bell ringing. When I answered the door, to my surprise, it was Rakesh uncle. He was standing there, and I let him inside. He straight away headed towards the sofa and sat on it.

I asked him if he would like to have some water. He nodded yes. I went into the kitchen, brought him a glass of water, and gave it to him. I asked if he wanted some more. He said no.

I nervously sat on the sofa adjacent to him and was thinking about last evening and was shit scared as fuck. There was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes. He broke the silence.

Uncle: I need to talk to you.

Me: I nodded okay and was nervously listening to him.

Uncle: I will straight away come to the point. I saw what you were doing yesterday.

I was stunned, kept my head down and sat silent. I did not know how to react. He snapped his fingers, grabbing my attention towards him and making me scared as fuck.

Uncle: I am talking to you!

Me: Yes, uncle.

Uncle: Does your mom know?

I started to plead with him not to tell my mother, as she would be very upset.

Me: Uncle, please! Don’t tell my mom. She will be so angry and upset.

Uncle: you are a grown-up person, and you should know what is right and wrong.

I nodded yes to him and listened to him.

Me: I am sorry, uncle. I would not repeat it. Please don’t say anything to my mom.

He nodded okay and asked me: So, are you gay?

Me: No, uncle! I am Pan sexual

Uncle: What is Pan sexual?

Me: Pan sexual means sexually attracted to people irrespective of their gender.

Uncle: Oh! So you are attracted to men also?

Me: Only if they are good, uncle.

He came towards me, stood before me, and said: If you want me not to tell anything to your mother, you have to please me anytime and anywhere, pointing towards his pant.

Uncle: your secret will be safe if you continue to give me pleasure as long as I need. Otherwise, your little secret will not be a secret anymore.

I realised where this was going. I was in a situation where I had to obey whatever he said. I was looking at his pants and noticed a small bulge.

Uncle: What are you looking at? Open my zip and start pleasing me.

I put my hands on his pants and, slowly, without much of a choice, unzipped his pants. I was stroking his cock with his underwear on. He asked to take off his pants, and I obeyed him. I then pulled his underwear down to his knees and touched his cock gently.

It was cleanly shaved, and his balls were in great size too. I started to stroke his cock with my right hand. I held his balls with my left hand and looked at him simultaneously. He was smiling at me when I was doing that. After giving a few strokes with my hand, I put his cock in my mouth.

I was slowly sucking him, playing and fiddling with his balls at the same time. He was breathing a bit loud and was letting out a relaxed moan. As I was sucking his cock slowly, his dick was getting bigger and hard in my mouth. He put his hand on my head and pulled me towards his cock for a deep sucking.

As it was getting hard, it was difficult to suck in one go. I pulled out for breath. He got annoyed and slapped me, and asked why did I stop? I said I had to catch my breath. I noticed that his cock had become fully erect. From my experiences, I was sure his cock was about 7 inches.

Uncle: Like what you’re seeing?

He proudly told me it was 7 inches. And I was right. By this time, I was only thinking about having fun with him. I decided to sleep with Rakesh uncle for now. He held my head again and put his cock in my mouth. I was sucking his cock with pleasure this time.

I started to play with his balls as I was sucking him.

After 5 minutes, I pulled out and started to suck his balls. I loved it. I pulled off his underwear and made him sit on the sofa. He put his legs wide and sat in between his legs before the sofa and again started to suck his cock. He was moaning like he was getting his feet massaged.

He started to unbutton his shirt and took off his shirt. He even pulled his vest (banian) off and was completely naked. I was sucking his cock, and I was as excited as he was. Then he bent forward and pulled my t-shirt, and took it off.

He saw my fluffy chest and started to squeeze my chest as I was sucking him at the same time. He made me stand up and pulled my track lace. I took off my track pants. He stood up, came around and made me stand on my knees on the sofa like doggy style.

He said: You have a nice ass, and I will play with it now. Let us have real fun now.

I was excited as it was my first time with a man, an actual gay sex. Without any delay, he pulled off my underwear. He spat his saliva on his right palm and rubbed on my asshole. He then directly spat on my asshole and pushed his index finger. I was moaning with pleasure as he was fingering me.

After a few strokes, he slid his middle finger. I was moaning loudly and ecstatically while he was finger fucking me. Then we came onto the 69 position. He was licking my asshole, and I was sucking his dick. After that, he said let us continue in the bedroom, and we went in there.

He sat on the edge of the bed and told me to suck his dick again. I obeyed him. After sucking his dick again for about 5 minutes and licking his precum, he pulled me onto the bed. He came on top of me. He started to kiss me passionately. We sucked each other’s lips, and our tongues were wrestling.

Then he went down onto my neck and started kissing me all around. Slowly he went down to my fluffy chest. As I am a chubby guy, he was squeezing my chest and pinching my nipples with his fingers.

He then started to suck my nipples, and I was going crazy. I held his bald head and pulled him harder to make him suck my nipples harder. He was loving in what he was doing. My nipples became tomato red after he sucked them wildly. He then got up and spread my legs.

He sat between them and made me pull my legs up into a missionary position. He then adjusted his cock near my asshole and started rubbing it around and teasing me. I was begging him not to tease me anymore and asking him to put his dick in my ass.

He then asked me if there was a lubricant so it would be easy to penetrate. I showed him the drawer beside our bed and told him it was there.

He said: Oh! Lubricant, no wonder you have a bubble butt.

He then took out some lube and massaged his dick. He took some and rubbed on my asshole.

He then, with one go, pushed his entire dick inside me and screamed out in pain. Because his dick is thicker than any of my other partners that I had slept with. My other partners had longer dicks but not thicker than my uncle’s.

He then thrust slowly, and my pain turned into pleasure with each thrust. He was kissing me. He started to increase his pace. I put my legs around his waist and enjoyed every push he made.

After about ten minutes, he got up and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. He made me sit in a doggy-style position. He pinned my face and upper body to the bed, making only my knees and my ass up.

He took some lube and again rubbed it on my ass and pushed his cock inside me. He started to bang me harder and was spanking my ass with force. He banged me with rhythm and spanked my butt cheeks, making them red.

I was enjoying my first gay sex. But also, at the same time, I was upset that I was blackmailed into submission by my neighbour uncle.

After fucking me in doggy style, he laid on the bed and made me sit on his dick. I jumped and rode his dick for some time. He filled my hole with his cum, and we were exhausted.

I slipped into sleep, and by the time I woke up, he was not there. I  found a note on the desk written by him. It said, “Your aunty asked to take us all for dinner. I hope you’ll be ready by 7:30.”

I was glad I got laid again. But I was upset by the things that turned out where I was blackmailed. I decided to turn things my way and took my revenge on him by fucking both his wife.

Stay tuned for my next publish, where I seduced Rakesh uncle’s wife to take revenge on him and satisfy my ego. But there’s a twist here.

That’s it, guys. I hope you liked this story. You can reach out to me through my mail, [email protected].