My Aunt Padma Showed Me Heaven – Part 13

Hi friends, I am penning down my memories after a very long time. I hope you like this story too, as in my earlier stories.

I am a 52-year-old man presently living in Bangalore. This particular incident happened in Mysore. During summer vacations, I had been to my dad’s younger cousin sister, Padma Aunty’s place. I was studying Engineering and was about 19 years old.

After lunch, I slept like a log. I was tired of two fucks in the morning, satisfying Padma Aunty and Mamta Aunty. I woke up in the evening when Padma Aunty came with coffee. She was wearing a kurta over her petticoat and was looking fresh.

Bending, she gave me the cup, her kurta top parted, showing her breasts hanging. She was not wearing a bra, bending slightly. I lifted her petticoat and saw she was not wearing panties either. Padma Aunty shrugged my hand, and her petticoat fell.

“You are getting naughty, Rajesh. Take a bath and come down. I have planned another surprise for you,” Padma Aunty said, winking. Today morning I had a surprise visit from Mamta Aunty, and I got to fuck her nicely. Wondering what the surprise was now, I drank coffee and bathed after Padma Aunty left.

I came down wearing a shirt and shorts. I was surprised to hear another female voice talking with Aunty in the kitchen. I peeped in and saw Babita chatting with Padma Aunty. I knew what the surprise was. Babita was wearing a shirt and jeans. Her back was towards me.

Padma Aunty was facing me. Seeing me, she winked at me and signalled me to go away and hide. Opposite the kitchen was the guestroom door. I hid behind the curtain. Babita was talking animatedly about her college. I could see both of them.

Suddenly Padma Aunty asked, “Have you ever been kissed, Babita?”

Babita was stunned and stumbled, “No, Aunty.”

Padma Aunty: Not even a girl?

Babita: No, never.

But I saw the hesitation in her voice, and I knew she was lying.

Padma Aunty: Want to try now with a girl and see how it feels, Babita?

Babita: I don’t know, Aunty. But with whom?

Padma Aunty: Of course, with me, baby. When I see your luscious lips, I want to kiss them. Shall I, Babita?

Babita was staring at Padma Aunty to see if she was joking. I saw her tongue moving across her trembling lips. Padma Aunty opened her lips to Babita’s and closed on the young girl’s lips. Padma Aunty was holding Babita’s face in her hands and started kissing her.

I saw Babita hugging Padma Aunty and responding to the kiss. Seeing two girls kissing, my cock struggled in my shorts. Padma Aunty brought her hands down, cupped Babita’s buttocks on the jeans, and pressed them. Later she lifted Babita’s shirt, baring her back and exposing her bra strap.

Padma Aunty hand’s fumbled with the back bra hook and released them. Babita was trying to push Padma Aunty, but she was still kissing Aunty. Padma Aunty moved her hands to Babita’s front, unhooked her jeans and pushed it down her ass. I saw Babita’s white panties cladding her round ass.

Babita pushed Padma Aunty and screaming said, “What are you doing, Aunty? I am not a boy to seduce me. I am leaving.”

Padma Aunty sat on her knees quickly, pulling Babita’s panties down her buttocks and mouthed her pussy. Babita was shocked to see Padma Aunty sucking her pussy and tried to push her head away from her crotch but in vain. Padma Aunty’s lips latched on to the young girl’s pussy and sucked her.

I couldn’t see the details because I was a bit far away. Padma Aunty grabbed Babita’s ass cheeks and was busy eating pussy. I saw Babita caressing Aunt’s head instead of pushing away. I saw her widening her legs and felt she fell for my Aunt’s trick.

As Babita spread her legs, it gave room for Padma Aunty and was sucking the young girl’s pussy. Padma Aunty once eyed in my direction and gave me a thumb sign. Sucking Babita’s pussy for a few minutes, she got up. Looking at her said, “Your pussy was yummy, and you cum a lot. Did you like my sucking baby?”

Babita looking confused at my Aunt’s aggressive behaviour, softly said,” Sort of liked it, Aunty. Did you really like my taste?”

Padma Aunty: I loved it, baby. Do you want to taste mine?

Babita: I don’t know if I will like it. Never tried before.

Padma Aunty: There is always a first time for everything. Just suck and see. If you don’t like it, I won’t force you, Babita.

Padma Aunty pushed Babita, lifting her kurta and petticoat and bared her shaved pussy to the confused girl. Babita is looking at the elder woman’s pussy, licking her lips. Padma Aunty spreading her legs wide and opening her lips with her fingers, asked, “How is my taste, Babita.”

“Not bad, Aunty,” Babita mumbled.

Padma Aunty: Put your tongue inside and suck, baby. You will find lots of juice inside, not on the lips.

I saw Padma Aunty flicking her clit, to get an orgasm so that Babita could suck her juices. Such a wild, horny and wicked Aunty I got. Babita was lapping up Padma’s Aunt’s pussy insides. By the way, she was eating. She loved it.
“Have you sucked cock, Babita,” Padma Aunty asked?

Babita stopped sucking. Thinking said, “I don’t want to lie, Aunty. Yes, I have sucked.”

Padma Aunty: How was the experience, baby?

Babita: It was a nightmare. He came into my mouth after a few minutes of sucking.

Padma Aunty: How big was your BF?

Babita: He has got a 5-inch dick and always cum soon.

Padma Aunty: Would you like to see and taste a big cock Babita.

Priya: Are you kidding, Aunty?

Padma Aunty: No, I am dead serious, baby. Trust me. You will love sucking it. Come, let’s go to the living room.

Babita stared at Aunty in disbelief and followed Padma Aunty like a lamb being led to a slaughterhouse. Babita’s shirt was down, and she had pulled her jeans over her buttocks but not hooked them.

Padma Aunty made Babita sit on the dining chair and called me, “Come, baby. My young friend is curious to see your weapon.”

I came out of my hiding place, and Babita was shocked to see me. ”It’s Rajesh, your nephew. Are you serious, Aunty? I can’t believe that you are having sex with Rajesh. What if Raman uncle comes to know?”

Padma Aunty caressing Babita’s head, said, “Everything is fair in love and war, baby. My husband is impotent and knows I am getting from Rajesh, which he cannot give me.” Turning towards me said, “Undress and sit on the table before Babita. Let her enjoy your lollypop.”

I quickly removed my shirt and shorts, climbed the dining table and sat before startled Babita. She saw my cock dangling between my thighs and said, “OMG, he has a monster tool. It’s bigger than my forearm. I wonder how you took this big one in you, Aunty.”

“Practice, baby. Ask your Mom when you go back. She will tell you,” Padma Aunty said, winking at me. I had fucked Babita’s Mom, Mamta Aunty, in the morning.

Babita, now confused, asked, “How does my Mom know about Rajesh’s monster Aunty? Is she, too, having an affair with Rajesh.”

“No baby, your Mom saw Rajesh and me having a session in the afternoon from our bedroom window. So she has seen his cock and his fucking power too.” Padma Aunty lied and cleared Babita’s confusion.

“My Mom would have fainted if she had seen this monster. She is a timid lady, unlike me. I am really afraid, I have sucked 2 cocks, but they were tiny compared to Rajesh’s,” Babita said with fear.

Padma Aunty took Babita’s hand and placed it on my throbbing cock and made her caress it. Babita’s hands were tiny and smooth. To my surprise, she gripped my cock at the base. Her palm was covering 4 inches of my cock, and her tiny fingers couldn’t encircle my cock girth.

Babita was staring at my cock tip, which was dripping pre-cum. She brought her face forward, stretching her tongue out, licking the cum off my cock tip.

Padma Aunty asked, “How does he taste, baby.”

Babita thinking for a while, said, “Not bad, Aunty. I never got to taste pre-cum with my BFs, the moment I sucked their lunds (cock’s in Hindi), they would cum in my mouth, and it was too salty. But Rajesh’s cum tastes different.”

“Good then, suck him and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry. He won’t shoot until you ask him to. Don’t make her gag as you do to me. She is still a young girl,” Padma Aunty said, and I nodded.

Babita licked my tip a few times and closed her lips on my cockhead, holding my cock firmly at the base. So I can’t mouth fuck as I used to, as she had taken control of my cock. Her cheeks were pulled in as she sucked my cum. She looked up at me while sucking, and I saw mischief in her eyes.

Padma Aunty took Babita’s free hand, made her cup my balls and said, “Play with his balls, dear. He will discharge more cum for you to suck.” She was giving the young girl sex training as she trained me.

Priya sucked my mushroom head for a few minutes, holding my cock and playing with my balls. I saw her taking my cock inside her mouth inch by inch and stopped when her lips touched her fingers. She had half of my cock in her mouth, and her tongue was licking my head.

I knew she knew how to give a blowjob but did not get an opportunity to try. I looked at Padma Aunty, who watched Babita give a perfect blowjob with wide-open eyes. She had gagged when she first sucked me. I saw her kneeling sideways before Babita and pulling her zipper down.

Padma Aunty parted the jeans and inserted her fingers inside Babita’s panties. Babita moaned on my cock when Padma Aunty started fingering her. As Babita was sitting, Padma Aunty could not take full control of the young girl’s pussy. To my surprise, I saw Babita removing her hand from my cock.

She took all of my 8 inches deep into her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide, and my mushroom head was hitting the back of her throat. I admired Babita’s guts to swallowing my cock full for the first time.

With saliva spilling out of the corners of her lips, Babita’s mouth bobbed on my cock. Padma Aunty was fingering Babita’s pussy inside her panties, and I could only see a few strands of pubic hairs and not the pussy. Anyways I was going to see her in full nude glory.

Babita deep-throated me for a few minutes and removed her mouth from my cock, and sat up. Her face was smeared with her saliva and my pre-cum. Padma Aunty got up and, wiping Babita’s face with her kurta, asked, “Do you want Rajesh to return the favour, Babita?”

Priya looking confused, asked, “Like how Aunty? I don’t know if I am ready to have sex with Rajesh.”

“Sex is still a long way, dear. He will suck you as you suck him. If you want to get sucked, exchange places,” Padma Aunty said.

Without saying anything, Babita got up, and I knew she was eager to get sucked. I jumped down from the table and took her seat. Padma Aunty pulled her jeans down, and Babita removed them from her legs. She had lean, tender legs and thighs without any ounce of extra flesh on them.

Padma Aunty tried to pull her panties down, but Babita holding the waistband, said, “No, Aunty, I need some time, please. I think you understand.”

Padma Aunty nodded, and I saw Babita’s panties wet at the front. The girl was aroused, and I knew I would get lots of juices from her teen pussy. Babita got on the dining table and sat where I was sitting before. I placed my hands on her thighs, spread her knees wide, and licked at her panties.

Until now, no words were spoken between us. My Angel was the mediator.
“Do you want Rajesh to lick your panties or pussy, Babita?” Padma Aunty asked.

I saw Babita sliding her panties aside, revealing her young fresh pussy. She had sparse pubic hairs, so her lips were visible, and her little clit throbbed. Spreading her thighs still wider, making room, I licked her pussy from bottom to top and sensed her body shivering.

I gave a few licks from bottom to top, never touching her clit. I wanted her to be comfortable with me first. I saw Padma Aunt’s fingers opening Babita’s lips and saying, “Lick her nicely, Rajesh. Your tongue should go deep and fuck her with your tongue.”

Nodding, I pushed my tongue into Babita’s love canal, swirling it felt her soft insides and lapped at her juices. Babita was holding my head and pressing it to her mound.

“Yes…yes…Rajesh……suck…suck it……more…I want more…Aunty, come…come ..” Babita was screaming at the top of her voice. I rolled my eyes to see Padma Aunty pulling Babita’s shirt up and pulling it from her head.

Since the bra was unhooked, bra cups were above Babita’s breasts, exposing her young firm breasts. I thought she should be B cup and found her pinkish areolas and tiny sharp nipples. Padma Aunty cupped Babita’s boobs and closed her lips on hers. So there will be no more screaming.

I got busy sucking Babita’s pussy and swallowing her juices. I thought of finger fucking her but controlled myself. Seeing her navel, I moved up and licked it holding her curvy hips. I licked all over her soft tummy skin and brought my head down.

Seeing Babita’s clit from the hood, I flicked it, and she thrashed her legs. Holding her thighs firmly, I began licking her clit furiously. I knew Padma Aunty would struggle to cool the over-aroused girl. I knew Babita would be ready to offer her body.

Her panties were a hindrance to my licking. Holding it, I tore the panties. I could feel more of Babita’s skin, thumbing her love hole. I was licking her clit. Babita’s pussy was dripping juices abundantly, and she knew she was having multiple orgasms.

My mouth and cheeks were smeared with her juices. I was having a good time with cute Babita, courtesy of my Angel. I didn’t care to see what Padma Aunty and Babita were doing. I was busy licking and lapping her juices. I came to my senses when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I looked up to Padma Aunty topless, asking me to get up. I saw bite marks on her breasts, which were swollen red due to sucking. Babita might have mauled Aunt’s boobs, and I looked at Babita’s breasts. They, too, had turned reddish, but no bite marks. Padma Aunty might have taken care of it.

Padma Aunty asked me,” How was Babita’s pussy, Rajesh?”

Licking my lips said, “It was tasty, Aunty.”

“Hmm…tastier than mine, boy,” Padma Aunty asked jealously.

“Yours has a different aroma which no one can match, Aunty,” I replied.

Padma Aunty said, “Both of you have enjoyed oral sex. Do you both want to try the real one.”

Babita looked nervously at me, and I nodded eagerly. I saw Priya thinking for a few seconds and nodding shyly.

“Hurrah, it’s time for the two young lovers to mate. I can’t wait to see two novice teens fucking, but Rajesh is well-trained, unlike Babita. Take good care of her, Rajesh. Babita is still like a virgin even though her hymen is torn.” Padma Aunty said.

Babita was nude and had discarded her panties. She had her arms across her breasts and thighs locked to hide her womanhood. My cock danced between my legs, ready to pounce on the young pussy. Padma Aunty brought two glasses of water for us. We drank water, cleaning our mouths from the cum juices.

“Shall we go to the room, Aunty?” I said, eager to fuck Babita.

Padma Aunty thought for a while and said,” Not in the room, Rajesh. We will do it here on the sofa. In the bed, Babita can’t have control of you. Let her decide how much she wants you inside her. After she gets comfortable, you can go all the way inside her.”

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