My Aunt Padma Showed Me Heaven – Part 12

Hi friends, I am penning down my memories after a very long time. I hope you like this story too, as in my earlier stories.

I am a 52-year-old man presently living in Bangalore. This particular incident happened in Mysore. During summer vacations, I had been to my dad’s younger cousin sister, Padma Aunty’s place. I was studying Engineering and was about 19 years old.

Padma Aunty came to my room early morning and said, “I have a surprise for you, Rajesh. Take a bath, and don’t lock the bathroom door.” She went out. I was tired of the last night’s sex. So I went inside the bathroom, stripped my clothes and turned on the shower.

I felt relaxed when warm water hit my body. I saw the bathroom door open. I was shocked to see Mamta Aunty coming in. I tried to cover my crotch but couldn’t because I had a morning erection.

“Don’t bother, Munna. I am like your mother. Padma asked me to help you take a bath. She had to go to the market, and she said you hurt your hands last night.” Mamta Aunty said in her usual soft voice.

Mamta Aunty was my Padma Aunt’s Rajasthani Marwari neighbour and her close friend. She was around 40 and was a widow. She was living with her teenage daughter Babita, a junior in my college. I greatly respected Mamta Aunty and never sexually thought about her.

But I was fantasying about her daughter, who had a figure to die for. Even Mamta Aunty had not a bad body, but she was a very conservative lady.

“What are you thinking, Munna?” Mamta Aunty asked me. I came to my senses. She affectionately always called me Munna, her son’s nickname, who died a few years back.

“Nothing Aunty. I can take a bath myself. Why are you taking the trouble,” I replied sheepishly.

Mamta Aunty took the soap, scrubbed my back and said, “No trouble, you are like my son, Rajesh. Stand still and obey your mom like a good boy.”

I wondered how she would react if she learned what type of good boy I was. Mamta Aunty applied soap to my back and, kneeling, applied soap to the back of my legs. Then she turned me towards her and started applying soap to my chest. I was still covering my cock with my hands.

Mamta Aunty bending, apply soap to my legs, saw me covering my cock said, “Remove your hands, Munna. Why are you feeling shy with me? I am like your mother.”

I had to remove my hands from my manhood. Seeing my erect 8-inch cock swaying in front of her face, Mamta Aunty jumped back in shock and came directly under the shower. She was drenched under the shower, and her saree completely got wet.

Mamta Aunt’s wet white saree was hugging her body, and her curvy figure was seen. I saw her nipples trying to poke out of the wet blouse and saree. She was not wearing a bra. Her thigh outline was visible from the wet saree and white petticoat. Mamta Aunty was not wearing any innerwear, I observed.

Now it was Mamta Aunty feeling embarrassed and was more shocked seeing my cock jumping. I was feeling helpless in front of this lovely cute widow. Despite her age, I could see that she had a good figure under her saree.

“Did that get hard seeing me, Munna?” Mamta Aunty asked me in a motherly tone showing my erection.

“I don’t know, Aunty,” I lied.

Mamta Aunty looked into my eyes and asked, ”What will you do to soften it? I can’t bathe you with that thing looming in my face.”

“I will jerk, and it will come down,” I laid again, knowing that it takes hours to cool my cock down.

“Shall I help you to relieve you, Munna? I used to help my husband when he was alive,” Mamta Aunty asked softly.

So this was Padma Aunt’s surprise for me. I nodded sheepishly at Mamta Aunty and said,” I don’t mind if you want to help me, Aunty.”

Mamta Aunty dropped the soap and, holding my cock started jerking my cock furiously. Her breasts shook to her hand movements. I saw her nipples hardening inside her wet blouse. The breasts’ curves were visible, and to my luck, her saree pallo fell off her shoulders.

Her tight blouse was forcefully holding her breasts, and I saw her deep cleavage. Nice breasts for a 40-year-old lady, I thought. Mamta Aunty saw me staring at her breasts, didn’t say anything, and was busy jerking me. Five minutes passed, and my cock was getting harder in her tiny hands.

She was switching her hands often and was looking up at me. I couldn’t understand if it was affection or lust in her eyes. I saw her ripping her blouse material apart. Her boobs popped out from the confines of her tight blouse.

“Maybe this will help you cum quickly, beta,” Mamta Aunty said, jerking my cock faster. I was wondering why a shy, conservative widow was behaving like a slut. But who was complaining? I was getting a fresh buxom lady to play with.

I looked at her breasts. They were fully round like Kashmiri twin apples without any sag despite being 40. The areolas were huge, but the nipples were tiny, just poking out from the brownish areolas. They were swaying wildly due to her hand movements.

I cupped both her breasts and pressed them hard. To my surprise, I found them very firm despite being a mother of a 19-year-old daughter.

“Achha laga mere mumme, beta?” (Did you like my boobs, son?) Mamta Aunty asked with a twinkle in her eyes, and I nodded. “Mummy ko chodna chahogi kya?” (Would you like to fuck mummy?) She asked me without any shame.

I was surprised at her invitation and nodded. For me, pussy was a pussy. Old or young doesn’t matter. Mamta Aunty lifting her wet saree and petticoat rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips. From my angle, I couldn’t see her pussy but felt the heat emitting from it.

She was rubbing her pussy using my cock for a few seconds. Placing my cockhead at her entrance, said, “Chodo mummy ko, beta,” (Fuck mummy, son.)

I pushed my cock inside her. She winced in pain as my thick cockhead penetrated, parting her pussy lips. I found her pussy tight for my thick cock, and I entered an unusual position. Only 4 inches of my cock was inside her, and she was 6 inches shorter than me.

I dropped my hands down, lifting her saree and petticoat. I grabbed her plump buttocks and lifted her off the floor. Mamta Aunty encircled her arms across my neck, crushing her firm breasts to my chest and hung on me.

Worrying she might fall, I had in a nice position to enter her. I pushed her ass towards me and plunged my cock into her. “Oi, ma, how long I waited for this, mere laal,” Mamta Aunty said, kissing my face like a puppy.

Pushing Mamta Aunty against the tiled wall, gripping her ass tightly, started fucking her. Sucking my lips, she was humping on my cock, trying to take all 8 inches. Shower water was flowing on us continuously. I fucked the sex-starved widow relentlessly.

After a few minutes, I was tired of lifting the buxom lady and ramming her. I saw Padma Aunty entering the bathroom stark naked. Winking at me, she came behind my back and hugged me crushing her breasts on my back. Now breasts were pressing on my chest and my back.

“Looks like Mummy and son are bonding well, isn’t it, Mamta Didi?” Padma Aunty asked her friend. Mamta Aunt’s face was glowing like a newly married girl. She said shyly, “Haan chhoti, my son is showing me heaven. I missed getting fucked for 10 years. Thanks for helping this widow, Padma.”

I sensed Padma Aunt’s hand at our union, and another hand was cupping my balls. She was flicking her friend’s clit and caressing my balls gently. I was busy fucking the horny widow diving into her moist pussy. A wicked thought came into my mind. I pushed my right hand’s middle finger into her ass hole.

Mamta Aunty shrieked loudly and sobbed, saying, “Udhar nahi, beta?” (Not there, son.) My finger and cock were separated by a thin skin membrane. I fucked her ass hole despite her protests. Padma Aunty was kissing her friend, trying to console her.

I fucked hard her pussy, finger fucked her ass hole and knew I was close. Pulling out my cock, I penetrated her fully, lodging my cock deep inside her, and started shooting my cum. By now, Mamta Aunty had 3 orgasms, her pussy flowed, and our cum fell on our legs.

Mamta Aunty was sobbing into her friend’s mouth, receiving my cum inside her barren pussy. I was holding Mamta Aunty until she sobered down from her orgasms. After 2 minutes, I let her down. Unable to stand on her feet, she slumped on the tiled floor.

My cock was hovering above her head, and I got another wicked idea. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head up, so her lips were close to my cock.

“Clean your son’s cock, Mummy,” Saying I pushed my cock in her mouth. Mamta Aunty holding my thighs started sucking my cock without any objection. Padma Aunty holding and caressing my balls, said,” She looks at you like her son, treat her like your mom, not like a bitch Rajesh.”

Pulling Padma Aunt’s nipple, I said, “A bitch in heat should be treated like this, Aunty.”

“Ok, Baba, stop torturing my nipples. If you want milk, I will call Indira to feed you. You can suck her breasts and drink her milk as much as you want,” Padma Aunty said, smiling.

Now I was pulling both her nipples, and it was stretching out like rubber. Down Mamta Aunty was licking my cock and tasting her and my juices. I said, “I want a fresh pussy, Aunty.”

“Hmm, my boy is tired of middle-aged women. Is Babita ok for my baby?” Padma Aunty said.

Hearing her daughter’s name Mamta Aunty stopped sucking and looked up at us. “Don’t you want your son to fuck your daughter, Didi?” Padma Aunty asked her friend.

Mamta Aunty looked troubled and said, “I don’t mind. But being a mother, how can I ask my daughter? She is still young.”

“Isn’t Rajesh young? Don’t worry about Babita. I will convince her as I convinced you, Didi,” Padma said.

Mamta Aunty nodded and began licking my cock, stretching her tongue out. My cock was getting hard again as she licked me. Padma Aunty observed it and asked her friend, “Your son is hard again. Do you want to get fucked again, Didi?”

Mamta Aunty got up quickly and said, “Nahi Padma, mera choot phadega mera beta. (No, Padma, my son will tear my cunt). I will come in the evening after Priya comes back.” She covered her breasts with her torn blouse, corrected her saree pallu, and rushed out of the bedroom.

“You have only your old Aunty to take care of your cock. What will you do now?” Padma Aunty asked mischievously. I lifted her up, carried her in my arms, and walked to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, I said, “Who said you are old? I never get tired fucking my Angel.”

Spreading her legs wide, Padma Aunty invited with her arms stretched. I fell on her, and she quickly guided my cock in her pussy. I started my second round of fuck in the morning.

Continued in the next part.

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