Mother Son Love During The Quarantine – Part 2

This is the second part of ‘Mother-Son Love During Quarantine.’

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The next morning was the same as usual. Except for the fact that there was a new sense of excitement inside Sarika. After completing her daily exercise and yoga, she called Raj and said, “Could you give me a massage today as well?”

Raj’s face lit up, and he said, “Sure, Mom!” Yesterday’s memories about the massage were still fresh in his head. Sarika sat on the couch sideways, and Raj sat behind her. Just as he was about to begin his massage, she said, “I hope that you don’t mind.”

He removed her top. Raj had not expected this at all. Sarika wanted to turn around to look at a possible spark on Raj’s face, but she didn’t. Calmly she said, “Yesterday you said it was a bit trouble to massage me with my T-shirt on, right? So, I thought this would be better. “

Momentarily, he was in a state of shock by looking at her bare back. First, he never thought his mom would ask him for a massage the next day. Certainly not without a bra again. He also feared that Sarika felt his intentional touches on her breasts during yesterday’s massage.

Hence she would avoid it. All his thoughts halted when Sarika asked, “Raj, are you okay?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he stammered as he replied.

Just like yesterday, both enjoyed every second of the massage. Running smooth hands on the bare back of Sarika and her soft moans were turning him on. Sarika, too, was in a trance as her son’s firm hands were gliding on her. After 10 minutes, Sarika asked him to stop and wear the T-shirt.

As she turned around, she saw Raj’s face beaming with joy. Holding his face, she brought him close and kissed him on his cheeks. “Also, as today’s massage was even better than yesterday, you get this,” and Sarika gave him a short peck on his lips.

Raj had not expected that at all. Sarika smiled, got up and went to her room. She had made the first move. Now it was Raj’s job to take it forward if he wanted to. She hoped he would. As soon as Sarika went to the bathroom to take a shower, Raj rushed to his bedroom.

The little one was dying to come out of his shorts. He locked the door, jumped on the bed, and took out his dick. He closed his eyes and started to relive the warmth of his mom’s back. Her soft moans and her soft cherry lips.

Even though it was just a small peck, it felt like an eternity for him. Never had he shot this much amount of loads.

Later that afternoon, Sarika was reading magazines in her room. She was sitting on her bed with her legs stretched. Raj entered her room and complained that he was getting bored. Sarika signalled him to come to her. He rested his head on her thighs and lay on the bed. They got into chit-chatting.

One topic led to another, and soon Sarika started talking about his childhood stories. They were both laughing and enjoying as Sarika narrated his naughty childhood. “You would always bite me, especially while breastfeeding. You were such a difficult child to handle,” she said laughingly.

“Hahaha, I don’t believe that,” he replied. “You should, Mister and I don’t think you will ever change!”

“Give me a chance and allow me to prove you wrong, Ma’am,” Raj turned his face towards her breasts which were now only inches away. Sarika understood what he was trying to do. “Go ahead, Mister. What’s stopping you?”

Raj’s response to this was exactly what she expected. “This piece of fabric, in case you don’t realise.”

“I see. I will make it easier for you,” saying this, Sarika winked and removed her top. Raj’s mouth dropped in awe. Sarika’s breasts were in perfect shape, better than any pornstar’s. He knew he could not just lunge on her breasts and blow off any future chances.

He slowly cupped her left breast and took it in his mouth. He sucked like a baby. Sarika was rolling and ruffling her fingers through Raj’s hair. After a few minutes, he let go of her breast and said, “See, I proved you wrong.” She let out a small laugh and kissed his forehead.

“But now the other one would feel left out, wouldn’t it?” Raj said, pointing out to her right breast. “It would be unfair if it does not get the same treatment.” Even before Sarika could say something, Raj adjusted and took the second breast in his mouth. But this time, he was not going to suck like a baby.

He gently kissed the hard nipple several times and then slowly liked with his tongue. It was like how he would lick off the lid of the ice cream, but sensually. Every time he would take a bigger size of her breast in his mouth and lick and kiss all of it. Sarika threw her head back.

Her hand gripped the bed sheet while the other grabbed Raj’s hair. With each successive lick of her breast, she would moan and increase her grip on his hair.

This turned on Raj even more, and he sucked her breast with more intent. After a good five minutes, Raj released Sarika’s breast. He looked at her eyes and realised that it was a good start. Sarika’s slowly opened her eyes as she gasped for breath and smiled at him.

“See, I have changed,” he said playfully and winked.

“You sure have, beta.”

The same night after dinner, Raj asked Sarika, “Hey, Mom, I am craving for a dessert. Do we have anything?”

“No, beta, I do not think we have a dessert.”

“In that case, I would love to have that again for dessert,” Raj said sheepishly, pointing towards Sarika’s breasts. Sarika laughed and questioned, “And why would I let you have it? What will I get in return?”

“A special massage tomorrow. Something which you have never experienced before.”

“Oh, is that so? That sounds tempting. Why don’t you go to your room, and your dessert will arrive in a few minutes?”

He ran to his room and sat on the edge of the bed. Sarika entered the room shortly and quizzed him, “So where would you like to have your dessert, Sir?” He patted his lap. A ballsy gesture from him, but he still took the risk. Sarika was both surprised and impressed by his move.

Slowly walking towards him, she undid the buttons of her night suit. Her shirt was completely unbuttoned as she reached, with only her blue bra holding back her breasts. She put her shirt on the floor, wrapped her arms around Raj’s neck and settled her soft ass on his thighs.

His eyes could not believe what he was looking at. His dick was screaming to get out of the cage. Sarika surely felt the same when she ground herself on him on the pretext of adjusting. “The dessert is here. Please help yourself,” she said, tilting her head to her left.

Raj placed his hands on her waist. He then grabbed her and brought her even closer. It looked like even air could not pass between them. He slowly moved his hands towards her back and upwards to remove the hook. Sarika took a deep breath, closed her eyes and threw her body back.

His fingers reached the hook, and he freed those delicious melons in one swift motion. Raj cupped both of them in his hands and gave them a gentle squeeze. Sarika bit her lips. He took one breast in his mouth and gently sucked them. He let his tongue do his magic on one melon.

His hand caressed, squeezed and pinched the other. He alternated between the two breasts, giving them the attention and love they deserved. On one side, Raj’s tongue was working, while on the other side, his hands were moving up, down and around her hips and back.

During all this, Sarika was in a state of trance. She was constantly moaning and letting out deep breaths. She was feeling a constant current through her body. After 15 minutes, Raj stopped feasting on her breasts and caressed her hips. Sarika came back to her senses. Raj knew that he one-upped his afternoon’s performance.

“Uff, that one was the best dessert of my life. Delicious.,” Raj said.

“Glad you liked it,” replied Sarika and gave a small kiss on his cheeks. “But now, it is my turn for the dessert.” she got up. She told him to remove his T-shirt and lay on the bed. Raj was not expecting this. He got excited and followed her orders.

Sarika placed her knees on either side of him, flipped her hair to one side, locked her eyes on his, took out her tongue and licked his small and pointed nipple. Raj let out a huge moan. Both got aroused. She was kissing, licking and sucking his chest.

She would go from one side to the other in one motion, and every time, Raj would moan. It was almost like she was teaching Raj how to do it the ‘perfect way’ so he could repeat it next time. Sarika then reached his neck. Raj let out a huge moan.

Sarika held his hands and moved them upwards, almost like she was about to tie them. He had never experienced this feeling before. However, this was just the beginning of what was about to follow. She kissed his neck and rolled her tongue towards his throat.

She then moved to the other side of his neck. Then she reached his ear and whispered in a sensual voice, “This is for all the biting you did as a child.” Sarika placed her lips just above his left collarbone. She planted a kiss and rolled her tongue a couple of times.

Like a doctor applying to rub alcohol before an injection, she dug her teeth into his skin and bit him hard. Unable to contain himself, he let out a huge moan and clenched Sarika’s hands firmly. She then moved to the other side and repeated the same. This time with more intensity.

Sarika released him. Just when he thought it was over, she moved to his chest and gave a series of bites. Raj absolutely loved it, which could be heard in his moans and felt by his grip on Sarika’s palms. Sarika then finally rose and rolled to the side of the bed. Both were gasping for air.

To be continued

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