Married Woman Ishika’s Sexual Invasions – Part 10

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My Mom said firmly, “No way, I won’t allow it. Are you mad?”

I said, “Come on, Mom. I am not a small kid.”

Mom said angrily, “You are not a kid, so behave responsibly,” and turned the heat on my dad. She told him in an icy tone, “Stop hiding behind the newspaper. Do you know what she is saying?”

Dad lowered the paper and said, “Yes, she wants to go to Rio for a two weeks solo trip, a backpacking tour. Why not? Let her go and enjoy. After she starts working, gets married and has kids, she cannot do it.”

Mom was stunned and blew a fuse. She shouted, “Nothing doing, you are the first irresponsible dad to talk such rubbish. I am going for a shower, and by the time I return, I want you to talk her out of it.”

Dad sighed after she left and asked, “You should have told her that you are going with Priya. You and Priya had covered for each other when you bunked classes for movies and parties.”

I looked at Dad sharply. His face was blank. Priya and I covered up for each other more for our fucking adventures than for movies. Could he have guessed?

I said, “Dad, Priya is in Canada to meet her would-be in-laws and fiancee. She talked to Mom, also. So it was not possible.”

Priya and I are best friends, closer than sisters. Only Priya can match my energy, passion, stamina and capacity to fuck. Her stories were also quite popular. Priya’s Journey Into Erotic Wonderland.

I had a few heart-stopping moments, and I was almost caught by my parents while I was fucking. Once, I was in a changing room in a mall with my classmate. I was in my panties and was sucking his cock. Suddenly, I jumped a foot and almost bit his cock, when I heard my dad’s voice in the next cubicle.

He answered the phone, and he was talking to his office. My friend shouted, “What the fuck? Why, you could have chewed off my cock?” I clamped my hand on his mouth and whispered that my dad was in the next room. His cock deflated instantly.

But my cunt flowed as the adrenaline rushed through my veins. I made him squeeze my tits, and I sucked his flaccid cock to bring it to life. After a few minutes, Dad left, and someone else entered. My friend fucked me in the doggy style, and later we cautiously came out.

On another occasion, I forgot my panty in the car’s back seat cover. Mom picked, and I struggled, explaining that it must have slipped from Priya’s shopping bag. I entered the present when Dad asked, “Think of another friend who will tell your Mom she is accompanying you.”

Suddenly, I thought of Sneha. She was married a few months back. She was also one of our fuck gang. She recently told me that she and her hubby were going to Rio for three months. Her hubby Sunil was on a business trip, and she was accompanying.

That triggered my desire to tour Brazil. But I did not want to infringe on their honeymoon and wanted to go on a solo trip. I called her and Sunil and told them to talk to my Mom and tell her I would be with them in Brazil.

When Mom came out of the shower, I called Sneha and asked my Mom to talk to Sneha and Sunil. Sneha told Mom after exchanging formal greetings that they were going to Rio for three months on a business trip, and she would be happy if Ishika accompanied them.

She and Ishika can go sightseeing when Sunil is tied up. Sunil also talked to Mom and requested her to send me. Mom reluctantly gave her approval. Later I called Sneha and Sunil, thanked them, and told them to enjoy their honeymoon. I would not disturb them.

I arrived at Mumbai airport much earlier than needed since I had to go to Delhi to collect my passport and to say bye to my parents. My Mom gave me a big list of dos and don’ts s and loads of advice. I nodded patiently, hugged Mom and Dad and took their leave and blessings.

In the cab drive to Delhi airport, the cabbie had a bonus apart from the fare. I changed into jeans, shorts and a vest. I put on a full sweater. I knew the cabbie was watching from the rear-view mirror and was adjusting.

His eyes almost popped out when I removed my top and was in a sexy bra before slipping on the vest. I reminded him to look at the road. My destination was the airport and not an emergency ward of a hospital. Cabbie was a middle-aged man.

When he dropped me, I hugged him and kissed him. I knew he would never forget that ride. The visuals would fire him up when he masturbated or fucked. As I walked into the airport, I basked in the admiration of male eyes and envy of women’s eyes.

While single young men looked at me, not bothering to conceal their emotions. I knew they stripped me and were fucking me in their minds. Married men, even senior citizens, were trying to steal a moment to look at me without being observed by their wives.

I could be a top model or an actress if I chose to. Rigorous Tennis, gym and judo sessions made my legs and body in excellent shape. Many men told me my thighs and shapely legs reminded them of Tennis superstars.

My milk-white complexion, smooth, glowing, blemishless skin, and hourglass figure with firm, big tits and ass captivate men. I like experimenting with hair, and today I had dark brown-blonde hair. The luxurious, bouncing mane enhanced my beauty.

Many beautiful and sexy women build invisible walls around them with serious, grim expressions. I have a smiling and approachable countenance, depending on my mood and vibes, with men flirting with me. I can be sweet and welcoming or scorch and burn them with looks, words and sometimes, action.

On a few occasions, I had to use my black belt judo skills to thwart the advances of a few male animals. As I checked in, I felt a familiar tingling sensation when a passionate man’s appreciative eyes caressed my body. I looked to my right.

One Pilot in his late forties was checking me out. He was signing at the next counter. He was of medium height, well-built and athletic. He had the natural confidence and grace all pilots seem to have. He did not look away flustered like most men do when caught.

He smiled and said, “Hello.”

I smiled and said, “Hello.”

I immediately felt the magnetism Behind him. His co-pilots were waiting. On impulse, I bent and put my boarding card in my handbag and let him feast his eyes on my cleavage. He waited for me, and we started walking towards security.

He asked me,” Are you a Brazilian?”

I laughed and said, “No. I am an Indian. What makes you think that I am?”

He smiled and said,’ ‘Your hair colour, posture and other things.”

I asked him, “What other things?”

He hesitated and said, “Brazilian women are fun-loving, carefree and feel complimented when men admire their beauty. Indian women are traditional, frown and feel insulted if men appreciate their beauty.”

I laughed and said, “Then I take it as a compliment. I am all excited to see Rio and see what it offers.”

He stopped and asked me, “Are you flying to Rio?”

I said, “Yes.”

His face lit like a thousand-watt bulb. He grabbed my hand in both hands and shook warmly, “Wow. That is great. I am the Pilot flying you to Rio today.”

His warm hard hands pressed mine. The touch sent electric pulses through my body, stiffening my nipples and wetting cunt instantly. I also pressed his hand back. He suddenly realized that we were in a public place.

He recovered, released my hand and said professionally, “Welcome to Rio. Hope you will enjoy flying with us. I am Antônio, your pilot.”

I smiled and said, “Thanks. I am Ishika.”

The chemistry between us was evident by the bulge in his trousers, and the knowing smiles on his co-pilots’ faces. They were following us a few feet back.
I said,” Oh, no,” when I saw the long queue at security.

He smiled and told me not to worry. He lightly touched my elbow and led me through a separate priority queue for the flight crew. I thanked him. He was waiting for me until I completed the immigration formalities. We started walking towards the boarding gates.

Antônio was walking quite close to me. I stopped at the display and looked at the screen, searching for my flight details as the list was scrolling. He looked around, but no one was around. He approached me, pressing his body to my back, and pointed it out on the screen.

His hot cock pressed firmly on my buttock. This was the litmus test. I can move away and throw an annoying glance. Or I can move back, rubbing my buttock on his hard-on. I did the latter, and his anxiously watching co-pilots smiled. Antônio quickly moved away as passengers were approaching.

As we resumed walking, I checked my mobile, and the battery was low. I looked around for a charging point. Antônio quickly went to a shop and brought a power charger. He said, “Let us have coffee in the lounge, and you can charge your mobile and return it to him.”

As we sat in the lounge and sipped coffee, he said, “I am so glad you are flying with us. It is a long flight, 27 hours.” I laughed provocatively and asked, “And how does it matter? You will be in the cockpit, and I will be in business class. You cannot leave the cockpit.”

He was silent for a few seconds and said, “But you can enter the cockpit.” I pressed his hand and said, “Wow. I would love it.” Antônio said,” I hope you are fun-loving. My co-pilots also would love to join and have fun. There is no privacy in the cockpit. It is not fair to ask them to be mute spectators. At the same time, we should not trouble you.”

I laughed and said, “Relax. I love fun and adventure. Let us get the ball rolling.”
He bent forward, held my face, planted a hard kiss on my lips, and said, “Ishika. Thanks a lot. Sorry, I have to rush to complete the checks and paperwork. See you later.”

He left in a hurry. I waited until the boarding announcement, gave the shopkeeper the power charger, and boarded the flight. The air hostesses received me with more than normal courtesy. Antônio must have given instructions.

The flight was almost empty. In business class, I was alone, and in economy class, there were about 20 passengers. After taking off, the youngest Pilot came to me after the seat belt warning was off.

He said pleasantly, “Good evening. Pilot Antônio sent his regards and asked me to inquire if you would like to see the cockpit?”

I smiled, said I would be happy to see the cockpit, and asked his name. He said, “My name is Paulo.” Paulo was in his twenties and had a chocolate boy charm. I followed him, and I was stunned when I entered the cockpit.

It looked like a setting for a spacecraft movie. A huge screen and many blinking lights on the console, various instruments, and gauges. It was quite impressive. The starry night was looming on the horizon.

Antônio called from the cockpit pilot’s chair, “Hi, Ishika. Welcome. Please feel free. I will join you in a minute after completing all checks and putting on autopilot.” I told him it was okay and noticed that one more man was there in the cockpit.

I asked Paulo, ” I thought there would be three pilots on a long flight?”

Paulo introduced the fourth man. “Ishika, he is Lucas, a deadhead pilot.”

Lucas was built like a WWE wrestler, with bulging biceps, rippling muscles and a slightly bent nose, indicating he was a boxer also. I shook hands with him and asked, “Deadhead pilot? What does it mean?”

Antônio said, “Lucas is a qualified pilot but is taking a lift. More like a passenger.”

Lucas was flustered, “I am sorry, I will sit in first class. I will not disturb you.”
Now, Antônio was standing next to me, and Paulo sat in Pilot’s chair.

Antônio hugged me tight and kissed and said, “We don’t want to impose on you. You are young and may be uncomfortable with a fourth partner. I will ask him to go to the bunk.”

I laughed. I found it amusing as I recalled the numerous occasions when there were more than four cocks in my fuck sessions. Antônio kissed me and fondled my tits.

I said with a provocative smile, “Antônio dear, I am young, but I am very experienced. You cannot imagine my energy, stamina and capacity for fucking. Lucas, get out of your dress and join us.”

Antônio undressed me without breaking the kiss. He gently pulled down my shorts and panty, tingling me with his hard fingers. Then, he removed my vest and bra. I gasped when my hardening nipples pressed into his hairy chest.

Meanwhile, I undressed him. We hugged and kissed passionately. I felt Luca’s throbbing, red-hot cock press between the crack of my buttocks. Lucas started kissing my neck, back and playing with the sides of my tits and squeezing my buttocks.

Antônio cupped my cunt mound and inserted his middle finger, and exclaimed, “Why Ishika, you are soaking wet.” I bit his ear and told him,” I didn’t stop flowing since you pressed your cock in the airport.”

Antônio groaned, “Ishika darling, I am dying to fuck you.”

I asked, “So? Who is stopping you?”

He lifted me easily while he was sucking my tit. I laced my ankles around the small of his back. Antônio guided his cock into my slippery cunt. Lucas gripped my buttocks and lowered me on Antônio’s cock. I started jumping up and down on his cock by pressing my toes on his back.

Lucas gave additional thrust by cupping my buttocks in his large wrestler’s hands. Antônio was moaning loudly. I was in heaven, with each downward stroke shuddering me violently. Antônio was trying to catch my nipple in his mouth and sometimes missed and was licking.

I slowed down and pushed my tit in his mouth. Lucas was rubbing his cock on my buttocks and playing with my tits. I heard so many times, cockpit doors opening and closing. I turned my head and looked back and saw air hostesses bringing and arranging many bedsheets, blankets and pillows.

After everything was arranged, Antônio gently lowered me on my back and started fucking vigorously. Lucas now had full access to tits and was mauling as I licked his shaft of cock. I closed my eyes and sucked Lucas’ cock as Antônio pounded me hard.

I was jolted when I felt a mouth on my tit. I orgasmed countless times as they washed over me like waves. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Carlos join us, naked. I smiled and asked, “Pablo didn’t join?”

Antônio said, “No, darling, one of us has to be on a console chair at all times.”

I asked, “Oh, it is not fair. Can I ride cocks when Pilots are seated at the console?”

Paulo turned back, smiled and said,” Ishika, that would be wonderful. I am sitting naked with a stiff cock.” I told him that I would come after completing the task here.

To be continued.