Married Chennai woman’s first sex affair with gym trainer

Hi friends, nice to meet you all through another story of mine. This again is not my own story but one of my female chat friends. Any woman with interest in sex or wants to chat about sex can reach me at [email protected]. Secrecy assured.

Let’s get into the story from the words of Catherine herself without wasting much of your time.

Hi dears,

Myself Catherine, working as a Dentist in a private hospital in Chennai. I am 31 years old now and I have been married for 7 years. My stats are 34-32-38. So, you can imagine how I will look (of course beautiful) and I am always proud about my structure. The incident which I am going to tell now happened a couple of years ago with a guy whom I met in a gym.

I will give you a brief about my sexual desires. I am very much open in sex and want to explore many possibilities. I have had multiple lesbian partners when I was in college and there are no days without someone licking my pussy. My friends used to tell me I had very good round-shaped boobs and they used to keep pressing it regularly, sometimes even in risky situations.

When I got married, I had lots of hopes about my partner and how we can have intimate sex with no limits. But what happened was the exact opposite. I got a nerd who was mostly into his works and went to the church regularly. We did have sex, but it was mostly one dimensional. He will kiss, grope me for some time, ask me to suck him to raise his 5 inch cock and once it raises, he will lie on top of me and fuck me for 3 minutes and release the cum inside me.

I didn’t want to spoil my family name and hence didn’t dare to try anything (until I met Sam). After 2 years of marriage, we had a child and the next 3 years, we were busy raising the kid.

Coming to the year 2021, as I said earlier, I had a very good body structure. After the childbirth, I had put on some weight here and there. So, to get back to normal, I wanted to go to the gym.

I found one gym near my house and joined there. After a week or so, I happened to meet the owner of the gym who is also the hero of this story, Sam. I felt like I had seen him somewhere already. He too smiled at me, introduced himself to me and said he visited the same church which I went to every week. Then I realized this was the same guy who ogled at me very often in the church!

Sam: You have a very good shape, if you do the right exercises, you will become much more beautiful and guys like us will have to go mad on the streets!

I was stunned by the way he approached me directly on the first meeting itself. But I liked how he complimented my looks and structure. So I blushed and went to do my usual workouts.

For the next few days, he will come and give suggestions to everybody. I thought this guy was jovial with everyone and it was my mistake to think bad about him in the first meeting.

After a couple of weeks, I got a friend request on my FB page and his photo was there in the DP. I was mesmerized by how he looked in that photo showing his abs and wide chest. I think I fell for him at that moment itself (I didn’t realize at that time). I accepted it without thinking twice.

It started with casual good morning messages. Then he started praising my looks and the dress I wore that day to the gym. He also used to send some random forward pictures. It went for 2 months like that and one such day, he sent a picture which changed our lives altogether.

It was a picture of an actress who was blindfolded and the caption goes like this in Tamil, “Pathiniya iruntha pondattiya kanna katti inooruthana vachi thoda vakira feel iruke” (It’s a kick to blindfold the wife and make someone else to touch her).

Sam: Sorry, sorry.. My bad, it was sent to you by mistake.

Me: Who was it intended to be?

Sam: It was to be sent to my friends gang.

Me: Don’t lie, Sam. I know how you look at women who come to your gym, I am sure you have someone in your life.

Our conversations started like this and we started discussing our intimate things. This is how it went after a week.

Sam: You looked happy today in the gym, looks like your husband made you happy today.
Me: No Sam, nothing like that. I am always happy to come to the gym.

Sam: Why?

Me: Because I get to see you and be with you.

Sam: Be with me? You don’t even talk to me.

Me: You know what, I ogle at you whenever you dont look at me!

Sam: Oh, so you like me?

Me: Of course, I like you, Idiot. Which girl won’t like a guy with such a built body. You are 6.1″, fit with a proper structure.

Sam: Oh, you have noticed so much about me?

Me: Still there are things which I don’t know about.

Sam: Like, what?

Me: There are hidden things.

Sam: You want me to unhide them to you?

Saying so, he sent a picture of his cock. Wooooww! It must have been 8 inches, thick and huge. I madly, deeply wanted to get fucked by this gym trainer no matter what. Now that everything became very open between us, there was nothing else to hide. So, we started having sex chats and were waiting for the right time and place.

The day came after 2 weeks when he told me that his apartment will be free.

Me: What will happen if someone in your apartment sees us together?

Sam: I will introduce you to them as my girlfriend. Is that fine?

Me: As long as you keep me satisfied in bed, I don’t mind if you even call me your whore.

Sam: Of course, you are my whore, which no one else will get to know and I love this whore.

After that, we often used to have some fun in the gym itself (I started going in the ladies only time where there used to be 2 or 3 ladies only). In the pretext of helping me, he will press my boobs and come behind me to dry hump me with his 8-inch cock.

The D day came, I took leave and met him in a nearby cafe. From there, we went to his apartment. I guess he must have heard my heart beating fast and asked me to cool down.

We went inside his room and he made me sit on the sofa and asked to feel comfortable. But both of us were aware of what we felt inside and that we wanted to fuck the shit out of each other.

After some time, I started feeling comfortable in the new place and started to kiss him. The gym trainer reciprocated and started to kiss me passionately. Then we started to undress each other, things moved faster and within no time, we were in the bed with only our inner garments. I could see the bulge in his pants and was eager for him to take it outside.

But he was teasing me with a lot of foreplays, kissed and licked me from my toe to head. And then he turned me around, did the same on my back. He removed the bra hooks which were disturbing him and he removed the panty which was disturbing him while licking my asshole. My husband never licked my pussy but my gym trainer was even licking my asshole and it was a different sensation. I started moaning and kept increasing my sound.

He then pulled me and gave me a strong hug. I rested my head on his shoulder. He was really attracted to my bum and breasts as he kept caressing one after the other. Suddenly, he inserted his fingers into my pussy and started to finger-fuck me. I became lustful and was having a great time.

Then I removed his shorts and saw his cock. Though I had seen it in photos before, seeing it in real was more mesmerizing. It was bigger than I expected and stronger too. He pushed me down and I knelt down to suck my gym trainer’s cock. I took hold of it in my hands and began sucking it while massaging his balls.

After a few minutes, I got up and we started kissing again. Then, using the window as support, I stood in doggie position and asked Sam to insert his cock into my married pussy. He was teasing me by rubbing the walls of my pussy and letting it in an inch or two only. I begged him to start fucking me mercilessly and wanted him to treat me like his whore. Before I finished the sentence, Sam pushed his 8-inch cock deep into me! Since I was penetrated only by a 5-inch cock of my husband, it gave a heavenly pleasure to feel the depth of my pussy.

Tears started to come out of my eyes. I didn’t know if it was the pain of going deeper but I was enjoying it fully. The hot gym trainer fucked me for almost 10 minutes in that position. I was a little tired but he didn’t seem to be tired at all. Not sure if it was the stamina from the regular exercising or because he had a lot of experience in it.

After resting for a few minutes, we went into 69 position and I started sucking Sam’s cock. He was licking my pussy and eating the cum from it. After the intensive licking, I kind of squirted my cum on his face! He took some of it and put them on his cock as a lube.

This time, he wanted to take my ass-virginity. He inserted a couple of fingers which filled with my cum and I was feeling great initially. Then he slowly and smoothly started to insert his cock into the ass. I felt a lot of pain as I was a virgin in the ass and my hubby hadn’t even entered his fingers into it. But after a few minutes, the pain subsided and it all turned into pleasure. I started to moan in pleasure and I guess he too was enjoying the anal sex as his cock was tightly held by my virgin ass. (I guess a tight pussy/ass is what makes guys more horny.)

After that, I rode him in a normal cowgirl position and standing cowgirl where he was lifting me entirely for 10-15 minutes. I was looking like a kid in front of his gym built body. We had sex from 10 am till 3 pm that day and had 4 rounds of intense sex.

From then on, we had sex whenever his or his friend’s place was available and tried sex in every inch of the house. After a year of our relationship, he got married. Though we loved each other, we knew it was short term and can’t continue it forever as it could affect any one of our family lives.

Sam is happily living with his wife now and I have moved on from that chapter now.