Marriage of Two Couples – Part 6

In Part 5, published seven years back, we had the two couples making out furiously on the same bed. This was loved by many of our readers, who said that swapping means doing it on the same bed. Seeing each other’s spouse doing it to a different person gave them a new high.

But the reality in the next episode was a little different. Shyam suggested that we retire into each other’s rooms with the other wife. We all agreed and went into separate rooms.

This episode is, in Gayatri’s own words, how Shyam screwed the daylights out of her. Thanks to Seema for helping Gayatri write this.

I entered the bedroom along with Shyam. He said, “Gayatri, let’s chat over a glass of red wine for some time. Shall we?’ I gave my consent with a smile. We both made ourselves comfortable sitting across each other in the chairs, a little away from the bed.

The red wine began to flow down our throats gently, warming our bodies to generate an experience of a lifetime. After admiring me silently for a few seconds, he said, “I like your name Gayatri but what would suit you the most? Rati, the goddess of lust and sexual pleasure.”

His compliment bowled me over, and for a few seconds, I actually felt I was a sex goddess. To celebrate this charmer’s accolade and company, I merrily guzzled some wine.  “Thank you, Shyam. You make me so special.”

“That’s because you are.” His eyes penetrated my saree and began to touch my nipples. After glancing at my big breasts, I could see him pausing at my stomach while his eyes widened out of joy. He took a large sip of the red wine and spread his legs while shifting uncomfortably in the chair.

‘His cock must have caused that discomfort,’ I thought. True to my guess, I could see a huge bulge on his groin within no time.

“Wow! Gayatri, I love the folds on your stomach. It can make any man insane. Can I count them? Almost three, you seem to cause them to fold at your will. Sometimes flat stomach, and sometimes these nice love handles.”

I could feel my satin panty getting damp because of the intense desire in his eyes. The bulge between his legs became very evident now. I decided to tease him further. So while placing the glass on the table, I plunged the saree pallu to reveal my low-cut blouse carrying my milk pots and the white folds below.

“Gayatri, Gayatri, look at you.” He sat straight at once. “Your melons are bursting out of the blouse. Damn, lucky Ishaan. He must be drinking you three times a day. What? Four or five litres?”

My nipples became erect immediately. “You are right, Shyam. He needs my milk every day. But he wants to fondle them right through the day. I find that uncomfortable and irritating at times. It’s not like this romantic setting with you, wine in hand, you admiring and not pouncing on me against my intent.”

Shyam’s light grey trousers slowly developed a wet patch on his groin. Obviously, he was delighted with what he was hearing. “I will make love to you only when you are ready and want to, Gayatri. So do tell me. I am feeling sticky inside.”

To which I hurriedly had to state, “Even I have a dam bursting forth below, Shyam. Eagerly anticipating that your long penis will invade me once again today. So shall we? What do you say?”

“I can’t wait to undress you. Let us finish this wine quickly so we can drink the juices from each other in the bed.” I followed his suggestion and finished the entire glass of wine at once. His glass got emptied at the same time.

“Now let us have the drink from one glass. Why don’t you sit in my lap, my baby?” Shyam modulated his voice to seduce me further. The next moment, I was in his lap to sip the wine from his glass. The wine gave us more than the required heat and the heady feeling.

I was in my senses to realize that my saree’s pallu had abandoned me long ago to display the boobs in my blouse. But I didn’t bother to cover myself. Instead, I adjusted myself in his lap so my breasts rubbed his face. Giving him a brief chance to gently grip my right boob with his teeth.

“What a tease you are, baby. My cock is desperate to settle deep inside your tight pussy. Oh, how I enjoyed myself fucking you last time. Let’s finish the wine and get into the bed.” He emptied half the glass and passed the rest to me.

He started mauling the folds on my stomach lustfully. I always wondered why my folds turned men crazy. I asked him, “Do you play with Seema’s love handles like this often?”

“Oh, Seema does not have such prominent love handles. She has two, so good but not as good as you.”

While taking the glass from him, I tactfully tilted to spill a bit on my blouse. I must say, a perfect drop it was. The white coloured blouse got wet exactly around the nipple on my right. While I gulped down the drink, Shyam saw my dark brown nipple getting erect under the wet, white blouse.

Like a wild animal, he ripped my blouse’s buttons to suck me like a baby. We both went out of control. My moan was getting louder with each passing second. “Ahh, Shyam, suck me. Suck me, my baby. Drink my milk.”

While sucking me like crazy, Shyam whispered, “Yes, I am drinking your milk mixed with some wine. And what an awesome drink this is!”  Almost five minutes we spent enjoying the moment immensely. Then he immediately grabbed my lips, throbbing his tongue deep into my mouth.

The saliva flowed freely from his mouth to mine and my mouth to his. And down below, too, the juices began to flow. We got ready to touch the insides of each other.

Next, Shyam lifted me in his arms to place me on the pristine, soft bed. He then saw me sinking into the softness of the bed with my saree now displaced. “This has no place now. Let me get rid of it.” In no time, he untied my saree, leaving me in just a blouse and a petticoat.

“You know what? I make love to Seema, fantasizing about you very often. Believe me, I ejaculate a lot more semen when I do so.” He removed his shirt and pulled his pants down. Out popped his long lock, dripping and swaying a bit.

“Ah, what a lovely dick you have, Shyam,” I admired his tool. “It is fucking perfect for my hole. Come, get inside me.” He had a naughty smile. “Not till I get you naked, baby. I want to see your brown, protruding nipples and then drink the juice from your pussy.”

I can never forget the glint in his eyes while stripping my clothes, especially my maroon, laced bra and panty. “Your choice of lingerie is too good always, Gayatri. You like seducing a man, don’t you?”

I nodded, lying naked with my legs parted and ready to take his long cock into my wet pussy. Without wasting time, he gently rolled his warm tongue around my nipple. “Ah, Shyam, this feels so good,” I hugged him tight.

“But suck me, darling. Like a hungry baby. Drink my milk, please, Shyam, please.” I think my desire and desperation had turned him on immensely. He shoved his mouth with half of my breast at once to drag my nipple slowly.

I cried in pleasure, “Oh, baby, what a beautiful sucker you are. I was born to feed you all my life. Go on, Shyam, keep sucking me.” After obliging me for a while, he sucked my other breast too. My ear began to resonate with the subtle, rhythmic sound of sucking.

I moaned uncontrollably. He then kissed me all over my body till he reached my wet pussy. It has a craving to take him over again and again. His tongue was amazing. I wanted to get licked by him all day long. He knew where exactly on my clit to roll his tongue, stressing the right pleasurable points.

When his tongue touched my clitoris, I went totally out of control. He pressed his head against my pussy while my legs looped him to capture the moment. He had become my slave to give me ecstasy and obediently accept my command.

“Shyam, lick me. Slurp me. Shove your tongue inside my pussy. Eat me up.” I went on and on. My temporary lover followed all my instructions. With his hard, wet tongue, he rubbed me back and forth, back and forth. His fucking tongue gave me such a mind-blowing orgasm.

I went into a trance which left me numb. When I recovered, I pulled him up to kiss his forehead, cheeks and lips. “Oh, Shyam, that was simply beyond words. Will you be my slave forever?”

Shyam loved the fact that I was completely besotted with him now. “Sure, baby! I will be your slave lifelong, but only after we do a 69 position.”

I was a bit hesitant. “But I just cum. How can I come so easily again?” He whispered in my ear. “All you have to do is to trust me. Will you?” His words in my ears gave me a tickle in my pussy and made me say yes. The next minute, he was on my top.

His fuckable cock was in my mouth while my clit was under his face. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy when he smelled it. “Gayatri, your smell is such a bloody turn-on.”

Aah, I pressed his face against my pussy. I said, “Stop talking and lick me, you fucker. I want you to keep licking me with your fucking tongue.” I began to get aggressive, but he didn’t seem to mind. He obeyed me and licked me breathlessly.

I kept sucking his long cock. Oh, how I loved sucking him. In and out, in and out. I was pushing his foreskin back and forth, licking the insides systematically. There was a lot of froth being generated from the wetness.

This is a rare elixir. A rarer taste that comes from sustained foreplay and resisting the final orgasm. So, my tongue started doing things I had never imagined I would do a few months back. I let my tongue slide along the length of his cock.

In an acknowledgement that he is longer than my husband, all the way to his balls, I took one at a time in my mouth and rolled around. I could hear him moaning in ecstasy and launching a stronger attack on my G spot with his rough tongue.

He was moaning in pleasure while licking my clitoris with his warm and stiff tongue. My vulva was bulging with the pleasure he gave me endlessly. I couldn’t wait to cum. So, I started sucking him to squeeze all his juice out to give him the best orgasm of his lifetime.

Wow, the lollipop felt so good in my mouth that it created a non-stop flow in my pussy. He moaned a bit louder now. “Oh, Gayatri, the canal has burst open. Come, my baby. I am ready to come as well. Let’s leak in each other’s mouths.”

‘Ah, this man is born to pleasure me,’ I thought, spreading my legs wider. Catching the hint, he immediately pushed his tongue into my fuckhole. “Shyam!” I screamed loud, ready to come into his mouth. Seeing me excited, he began to leak slowly into my mouth.

“Gayatri, my baby, my love. I am about to cum. Ah, I am ready to ooze.” Hearing him so excited, I could not control either. I was on my way to ecstasy. However, I would have loved to prolong the journey to paradise. I wanted to be with this man as long as possible, but some things are beyond our control.

So I let myself lose, and I allowed myself to orgasm. “Shyam, lick me, drink me up. I am ready to come. Let us fill our mouths with our special juices.” For two seconds, there was no reaction from Shyam. Then suddenly, he ejaculated in my mouth. A warm, thick juice which instantly gave me an orgasm.

I could immediately feel him licking off my cum. Fuck, fuck, the juices overflowed to give us the best time ever. When it was over, we remained in the same position. I was rolling his semen over in my mouth and feeling the taste. It is different from Ishaan. The load was good, thanks to the foreplay.

He was over me, and me under him! Smelling and feeling each other, exchanging semen between our lips. When we came back to our senses, he came and slept over my breasts like a long-lost baby. I loved him being in my arms. We slept in each other’s arms. I don’t know for how long.

I suddenly felt a hard tool jabbing into my semi-dry pussy. “Ouch,” I woke up abruptly. Shyam pacified me, saying, “Love, it’s me. With you next to me, how can I sleep? I want to screw you as many times as possible.” So, I spread my legs and, at the same time, parted my lips to allow his tongue in my mouth.

Fuck, he caught my clue immediately and pushed his tongue deep inside my mouth. What an understanding we have! And wow, what horny stuff! His tongue inside my mouth and his cock in my pussy. Suddenly he got a call on his mobile.

I could hear him telling Ishaan his cock was in me, and he disconnected quickly. He then started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. His saliva poured into my mouth. God, his long dick went deep inside my uterus.

Perhaps, to sow his seed inside me or perhaps to just give me pure fucking pleasure which my husband could not give me. “Come on, Shyam, fuck me harder.” My words provoked his manhood so much that he got aggressive and ripped my pussy apart.

I loved his long, thick dripping cock tearing my insides. “Aah, I am ready to cum, Shyam. Fill me up with your semen. Come on, use me. I am your slut.” My excitement created sexcitement in Shyam, and his tap burst open, filling my pussy.

I cum at the same time to fill the room with the smell of orgasm. Ufff, what an earth-shaking orgasm that was! “Shyam, my dear Shyam, you are the best,” I said, hugging him super tight. He embraced me with much love and affection, unwilling to let go of me.

But we need to separate since we do not belong to each other. So, after relaxing for about half an hour, we got dressed. We went into the room where our respective spouses were done with their share of fun and sex. Life can’t get better than this!

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